Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No to Enbridge, Christmas Baby Edition

Boy oh boy, I feel`s like a birthday-Christmas combined, the story speaks for itself..

_This is British Columbia, sends the picture(below link) to the world, BC could generate  $billions in tourism dollars, all the spin-off money, when the world`s rivers, streams and coastlines are poisoned where will the wealthy nature loving tourists go, they`ll come to Super Natural British Columbia, if the new BC tourism board was on their game they would be advertising BC`s nature, like the birth of number 89.......

Where Enbridge would deliver BC next to nothing, $131 million over 15 years....$14.4 million dollars a year for rolling the dice.

New baby whale joins pod off Pacific coast

"We are really pleased to have another calf in the population," said administration wildlife biologist Brad Hanson.
"The numbers are slowly creeping up, but they're still a concern. They can drop back down just by losing a couple of animals."

The new calf is the third born in 2011 and brings the population in the three pods, which cruise the coast of southern Vancouver Island and Washington State, to 89 animals.

However, mortality rates for calves can be up to 50 per cent, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the J-Pod calf, known as J-48, will make it through the winter

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89 Orca whales in the Southern pod, that`s it, not 6000 , not 1500 hundred, 89 Orca.....How`s that for a margin of error, one big mistake and it`s over, these whales are already short of food, a more and more stressed environment, what will it take, how much money, how much would you pay to bring them back when they vanish...

How dare any oil company, Province or Nation even ask British Columbia to risk our coast.

And in thinking about something Mr. K recently mentioned, there really is no point in arguing with Enbridge, no argument would suffice, you could put a 1000 studies with the opinion of a 1000 scientists, biologists,and fishery marine specialists all citing the inevitable ecological disaster and Enbridge would still swear on a bible that they were wrong...

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Anonymous said...

We know who not to trust and believe. That is, Enbridge, oil and gas corporations, Harper, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, China, Alberta, Obama, P.M. Cameron, and the media. I mean this is BC, why in the hell should they care about our beautiful province?

What is good, the world is now seeing through Harper. Other country's are starting to shun him. At every meeting of Nations, Harper always manages to irritate everyone else present. If he doesn't get his own arrogant way, he has hissy fits.