Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gitxsan-Enbridge Deal is Null and Void(Breaking News)UPDATED

Breaking News, the majority of Hereditary Chiefs have voted and the Gitxsan-Enbridge equity deal is null and void...

And there is more, the Gitxsan treat Society members who inked this deal in secrecy and against the wishes of almost 100% of the Gitxsan Nation have been fired..

Here is the official release...

Gitxsan Unity Movement Press Release

Gitinmaax, B.C.

December 19, 2011

Majority of Gitxsan Chiefs confirm the shut sown of the Gitxsan Treaty society(GTS)

The majority of Gitxsan hereditary chiefs have put into writing their decision to shut down the Gitxsan Treat society(GTS). The Chiefs are supported by their houses and clans, and made this decision only after holding clan meetings. The decision to shut down the GTS and fire senior staff was made because the GTS was making decisions without consultation and against the will of Gitxsan houses and Clans.

The society was shut down on December 5th after Chiefs consulted with their clan members, Presently, 42 hereditary Chiefs (Two thirds of hereditary Chiefs) have signed a declaration stating the following.

  • The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Agreement is null and void;

  • The GTS no longer exists so it must cease operations and shut down;

  • The former executive director, and former Chief negotiator and negotiator are terminated;

  • That all other staff be given notice of indeterminate lay-off; 

  • And, all Pdeek representatives(GTS board members) are recalled.

The Gitxsan Chiefs are conducting on online poll to determine support levels in Gitxsan membership for the deal with Enbridge, preliminary results show that over

90% of Gitxsan people are against the proposed pipeline. Almost 100% are against the Gitxsan-Enbridge deal that was signed on December 2nd.

A petition is underway too, Volunteers collecting petitions against Enbridge have collected over 1000 signatures(600 Gitxsan, 400 supporters) and phone numbers since December 6th.

Gitxsan hereditary Chiefs note that the fired staff of the GTS continues to speak publicly and act against the wishes of the Gitxsan Chiefs and members. These staff members are the Executive Director, Negotiator, and Chief Negotiator. The Gitxsan Chiefs emphasize that the Gitxsan Treaty Society and these former staff members do not represent the Gitxsan people.

Former staff who continue to spend money from GTS accounts, will cease their activity and respect the will of the Chiefs and members. Their actions paying high-priced lawyers from GTS funds to sue their own Chiefs and members. This is further evidence of the complete lack of respect this office has towards Hereditary Chiefs who they claim to represent. The Gitxsan seek to settle this matter through their own law, the Gitxsan Ayookw, and wish to point out that remedies exist in Gitxsan law for those that bring harm upon the Nation. Therefore, in this matter, The Gitxsan hereditary Chiefs have exercised the Gitxsan Ayookw, the foundation of Gitxsan society and culture for millennia .

The Gitxsan Unity Movement began as Gitxsan against Enbridge in early December. The goal of the movement is to bring harmony between the Gitxsan Government and values, law, and will of the Gitxsan. The Chiefs shut down the GTS on December 5th because they were acting contrary to Gitxsan laws and value. The Gitxsan Unity Movement is 100% volunteer driven, with Gitxsan hereditary Chiefs and members in the best interest of our land, culture, and people.

If you would like more information or schedule an interview please contact the following individuals; Dawumuxw(Larry Patsey), Giskaat, Gitanmaax, home phone 250-843-0399, mobile, 250-842-3040; Guuhadakw(Norman Stephens), Lax Glibuu, Hagwilget, moblie, 250-842-8197, Trevor Morrison, Mobile, 778-202-1457

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As for these Vancouver Sun Headlines, they too are Null and Void.

Gitxsan supports Enbridge pipeline

First nation to generate $7 million as equity partner

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Gitxsan+supports+Enbridge+pipeline/5807283/story.html#ixzz1h7rCu7jC

We Got someone`s attention, better late then never

The Straight Goods

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Gitxsan Indian said...

Polls are used to form overall impressions. They lull people into thinking that their view is of no value since the "Majority" think otherwise. Some are reasonably accurate, but those with a vested interest, as in promoting the government need for "War Money", just pick a number out of a hat. The BC Treaty Commission has a result of Price Water House saying that $10 billion would be gained by completing "Treaties" with BC Aboriginals. This is the Government excuse to throw millions of Taxpayer Dollars at "Fake Groups" like the "Self appointed" Gitxsan Treaty Society. They are supposed to give up the Gitxsan Land Base and "Indian Status" to the Government. These scum are not our "Negotiators" and they sure as hell not "High Chiefs" of the Gitxsan People. Their pay is "Loaned" to the Villages. The government won't stop paying them even though they are "Fired" by the people and Chiefs of the Gitxsan.