Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

What will it take, blood, assassinations, imprisonment, too many are prepared to lay down and concede on most issues but not this time, perhaps I am missing something, the BC Government speaks and addresses the citizenry of this free Province like we are prisoners, those opposed to hideous taxation are treated like we`re a vocal minority, radio voices and advertisers act as if millions of British Columbians have never seen the inside of a classroom....

Over 700,000 people signed the tax revolt petition, the Province has been ungoverned for two years now, we had an election two years ago, a presiding Government that lied about a $4 billion dollar deficit, a Government that lied about an incoming tax, lied about planning the tax well before the election.....I of course can prove the Government lied about planning the HST, not only have employees from the finance ministry admitted talking to Ottawa early in 2009 about the HST....But, have you ever heard of the BC Progress board, they are a group of Gordon Campbell political appointees, that`s right folks, Gordon Campbell invented the BC Progress board, they didn`t exist before 2001, Gordon Campbell appointed his friends in business to be the BC Progress board .......And guess what, in December 2008 the Gordon Campbell appointed group said this in their annual report....

Below is what Gordon Campbell`s BC Progress board said on.....December 12th/2008,  6 month before our 2009 election__________________________________________________________________________________________

"The most profound area for improvement to productivity, but also the most difficult to achieve, is in replacing the provincial sales tax with a value-added tax, preferably a harmonized goods and service tax administered by the federal government, such a change would significantly lower the marginal effective tax rate on investment and reduce distortions across sectors. Harmonization would face considerable challenges, not at least of which would be public opposition as a result of a shift of the burden from businesses to consumers. However, there are policy tools available to offset the disproportionate impact on consumers.

The current treatment of the provincial sales tax is a particular disincentive to invest in British Columbia. Evidence from the Atlantic provinces, which harmonized their sales taxes with the Federal goods and services tax, suggests that British Columbia could experience a 12.1 percent increase in trend M&E investment as a result of adopting a value-added tax. These results imply that adopting a value-added tax could result in M&E investment as a share of GDP in BC of 6.8% in 2007(as opposed to 6.1 percent), thus closing 70% of the M&E investment intensity gap between BC and the national average,(7.1 percent). The potential public opposition to this measure should not be under-estimated, however, and there could be a protracted adjustment period."

The link is here for the December 2008 BC Progress board request for the HST .....So that is what Campbell`s cronies at the BC Progress board said in December 2008/ 6 months before our last election....Gordon Campbell screwed us over and lied about the HST ...The BC Progress board warned Gordon Campbell about the backlash from the voters, Campbell heeded that warning and lied and hid his taxation intentions through the election when the tax was a done deal PRE-2009 and if that isn`t true I dare the BC Liberals to sue me, they won`t because I have the Straight Goods on those corrupt lying bastards.....And look what else the BC Progress board said...Look at those highlighted sections in bold...They use words like COULD..IMPLY...SUGGEST....And the BC Progress board doesn`t say anything about jobs, nothing about lower prices, and absolutely nothing about accepting a Federal bribe to implement, the BC Progress board on December 12th/2008 6 months before our last general election says but one thing to Government, the people will freak out because you are shifting a "Disproportionate" amount of taxes from business and putting the burden on consumers, forget Jack Mintz, forget Jim Dinning, forget Sam, there it is in a nut shell, taxes being shifted from business to the consumer, and that last bit about a long protracted adjustment period, you know what that phrase means....It means the consumer pulls back and several years of job losses and that is exactly what is happening....Sheesh...

So we got sold down the corporate river for what?...."Could...Suggest...Imply".....And they strongly warned Gordon Campbell  of a public backlash in December 2008 and the lies that it wasn`t on our radar, there is no damn Government radar, man that phrase makes me sick, the big iceberg that sank the Titanic wasn`t on their radar either...

The Liberals lied and sold our railway for nothing, they covered up a farce corrupt trial, they paid off Liberal insiders and now they keep on lying about the HST, they are lying about lowering the tax, Christy Clark hasn`t stopped lying in years, she`s a foul mouthed liar, a gutter mouth and spoiled child, we have ads running right now, Government ads that lie, they use past tense and claim the HST is 10%, Falcon won`t stop lying, Christy Clark won`t stop lying and as one of my regular contributers pointed out....Who are they representing, who is the Government listening to....Do not people step in a voting booth and cast a vote, corporations don`t vote, where is our representation....I was reading comments from a story about the HST in Opinion 250, a Prince George based web news site, .....I think the commenter was Andyfreeze....Andy commented that in his entire life he had never seen any BC Government push so hard for something no one wants, he called it political suicide and I couldn`t agree more, for I too have never seen this type of propaganda before, ..Andy went onto say, what aren`t we really hearing about the HST, why won`t the BC Government let go.....

I go after Vaughn Palmer all the time, there is something funny going on there and I believe I have figured that one out too...For about 6 months after the BC Liberals introduced the HST Vaughn Palmer wrote against the HST, in other words Vaughn knew, Vaughn knew the tax was nothing but ideology, ideology Carole Taylor rejected,  Vaughn Palmer knew this tax would cripple the BC Liberals and he wrote stories opposing the HST....Now let`s be clear, Vaughn Palmer is a BC Liberal Pom Pom boy, he always has been, a Liberal I mean, what Vaughn Palmer was doing by writing against the HST was a warning to Government, Vaughn hoped the Government would take his advice and dump the HST but when it came clear to Vaughn that Gordon Campbell wasn`t backing down, the big business lobby had their hooks buried deep into the BC Liberals backroom, when Vaughn realized that the BC Liberals weren`t budging on the HST he had no choice but to assist in selling it.....Nice try Vaughn but no sale,....Even on the pathetic ledge show today on CKNW Vaughn Palmer and Baldrey admitted the HST referendum will scrap the tax, even Vaughn and Keith realize that a 15% point spread at the start of the referendum after about $15 million dollars in ads, on radio, on TV, in print, the Vancouver Sun, Global news, the economists, all those with vested interest in the HST have put up propaganda, false advertising, ads with lies, the spin, the bullshit and after all that there is a 15% percentage point spread if not more...78% of those in the North..60% of the interior...65% of all female voters throughout BC will vote YES to KILL the HST...Staggering numbers opposing the HST and still.....Why won`t the Government listen to the masses, the educated masses......What aren`t they telling us about the HST, how much money has the corporate world paid the BC Liberals for the tax.....What aren`t you telling us Liberals....

"When you fear your own Government the time for change has long passed"

And those stooges at CKNW, Bill Good, Sean Leslie, Christy Clark, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, Gord MacDonald, ....They disparage those opposed to the HST, they act as if we are diseased...Christy Clark while interviewing Chris Delaney last year on radio called everyone opposed to the HST Taliban....Christy Clark is acting as if we are a tiny minority, Bill Good is talking on air to radio listeners that are 70% against the tax..

And with all that industrial money attacking us "Taliban", the carpet bombing advertising, the lying false advertisements, the Jack Mintz lies, the Jim Dinning Lies, the Kesselman lies, 10`s of $millions of dollars up against a grass roots democratic majority of British Coumbians fighting with pennies, David versus an army of goliaths....

And with all that my friend Walter E had the city of Surrey illegally take down his anti-HST signs, Laila Yuile witnessed a Surrey by law officer throwing anti-HST signs deep into thick brambles, Chilliwak has sent their officers out to remove our signs, White Rock too...BC Liberal held ridings are tearing down signs, direct orders from Christy Clark to municipalities to remove every anti-HST sign,.....Who are you representing, what will it take, bloodshed, assassinations, Government buildings burnt to the ground, we are a Province of free people with free will, we are democratic, we are center left, we are lovers of Whales, of Salmon, we want clean water, clean air and we want honesty and democracy in our legislature.....

You lie on your high-priced ads, you paid Mintz to lie, revenue neutral, now it`s a $850 million dollar cash cow,  113,000 jobs in 10 years, now 22,000 jobs in 10 years, prices would come down, prices are up, we have lost 30,000 jobs since the HST came in.....And you send out Kevin Falcon to look us in the face and lie, this was after Colin Hansen looked us in the face and told his version of the lies, this is after a Gordon Campbell  televised 15% income tax cut that lasted all of two weeks....And today you Christy Clark say you have already completed negotiations with Ottawa to lower the HST in 2014....By chance when you were negotiating with Ottawa Christy did you negotiate what happens when we reject the tax....Why wouldn`t you negotiate both sides of referendum while in Ottawa...Who is your boss Christy Clark.....Is it David Mclean of CN Rail...Is it Patrick Kinsella...Is it Paragon gaming,....Is it David Hahn, who is your boss Christy Clark.....Here`s a clue....Your boss is those who have the ability to mark YES or NO...It`s those who can mark an X beside Adrian Dix`s name...An X beside John Cummins name...An X beside  Sal Vetro`s name...An X beside Jane Sterk...

Sign sign, everywhere a sign, long-haired freaky people need not apply!

We have a Province of heros, this post is dedicated too all those who fight for freedom and truth, Laila Yuile, Walter E...Kootcoot,...BC Mary...Doug Pyper.... Tony Parkin and My friends Jean and Kim and 700,000 others plus who are fighting for more than a tax removal, we are fighting for respect, for justice, for children, for truth, for life and the future.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

What a great article. This fight is about democracy, honesty and integrity.

I am a senior, born and raised in Victoria. I was involved in the original anti-HST petition and have been involved ever since. Never been political in my life. Never voted NDP.

The lies continue regarding the HST. The Smart Tax alliance, in a town-hall meeting the other night, continually referred to the HST at 10%. Even had phamplets printed up referring to the HST as 10%.

I was polled the other night - the question - Press #2 if you are voting no to keep the HST at 10%, or press #3 if you are voting YES to get rid of the HST and return to the GST/PST at 12%.

The lies from the pro HST side continue and their attempts to confuse and mislead people are offensive. I will not be bribed with my own money.

I will be voting YES to get rid of the HST and come the next election, I will be voting for anyone other than the lying, corrupt Liberals.

Progress Board To Be(e) Sure said...

Good post.

We are definitely coming down to it.

But, i reckon it's about time for a long mail strike (just kidding, to lighten the mood a bit).

Anonymous said...

Great commentary Grant, and thanks for the words of support. We shall overcome...this corporate agenda! Kim

Anonymous said...

Great post Grant, Way past time to remind Cluck Cluck and her gang that THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS repeat SERVANTS. Thanks!

The van will be coming on Thursday!!

See you there.


Anonymous said...

It's a given, the people of BC are against the HST. But, i think the BC Liberals will cheat the referendum vote. Craig James of Elections BC, isn't exactly lily white. He is a friend of Campbell's, and Campbell chose him, to do his dirty work for him. And, James certainly did use dirty tactics.

The HST was the worst thing ever, that has ever happened to the BC people. The HST has caused thousands of job losses.

The recession has carried on in BC, for the people. There is no "trickle" down money nor jobs, for BC citizens from big business, by merit of the HST. We are much worse of than ever.

On the news, they say the economy is tanking again. I know, there are more mill workers to be laid off. BC people are just not going to survive the HST, come winter.

Grant G said...

With all your help we are going to send Crusty Clark to Hell...Have you heard the latest, Doctors are being attacked now, they are being asked to RATION HEALTH CARE...And there`s more..

Les Leyne has reported that the BC Liberals cap n trade plan has been ordered dead by the corporations...Marc Jackass Jaccard who promoted cap n trade and the carbon tax on you the people...

Jaccard has sided with industry and says no to cap n trade...Jaccard says we have a carbon tax on the public,and that is good enough, leave business alone, as you know Jackass Jaccard the BC Liberal conman attacked the NDP for proposing a carbon tax for big industry(Oil n gas and the cement industry)...Jaccard snubbed that idea...

Yes indeed, Big business asks and big business receives.

Bring on the election anytime, July/August/tomorrow..Anytime is good..

From my sources, there are 7 BC Liberals preparing to jump ship and run as BC Conservatives..

And thanks for the kind comments, you humble me.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Lieberals/Cons. Not for the ordinary working folks.

Vote YES to extinguish the HST.

Hugh said...

Vaughn Palmer on the Clean Energy Act:

Grant G said...

Walter V E.....I removed your last comment...I can return it, anger sometimes gets the best of us, myself included..

Leave the real nasty comments for me.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant.

That`s o.k. thanks.

Walter v E.

Anonymous said...

I read today in the Province that it's not looking good for the HST in that they believe that the Libs jumped the gun.
My question will always be: I understand that the HST is good for business bookkeeping, but the Libs cannot deny that the combined tax was expanded to a wide variety of things that will cost all taxpayers a lot more than $350 per year.
Why was there not a third option and keep the tax without expanding it?
Is it because the Libs are in debt up to their asses?

Grant G said...

The HST push in Canada is only the beginning.

It`s a prelude to the elimination of all corporate taxes and a move to straight consumption taxes.

Interest rates will never rise again, the reason" Governments owe so much money that if interest rates rose by even 3% from current levels most countries would default and or use their entire tax base paying only interest payments.

Think about it, the USA owes roughly $100 trillion dollars if you count State debt, national debt, municipal debt, future obligations to medi care and social security.

Right now the interest on their just National debt alone is about $370 billion dollars per year, that`s at an interest rate of almost zero...

Imagine the interest payment alone if interest rates rose to even 5%.

Once the HST is in place they can raise it and raise they will, you will hear things like..

The HST in Canada is only 15%, it`s 24% in Greece, we are raising the HST to 18% but don`t worry, the HST is 30% Italy...And up and up it will go, and the economists will say that consumption is a choice and if you don`t want to pay don`t consume.

Until we rise up, until Americans rise up, Canadians rise up nothing will change.

The Air Canada strike is a perfect example, a piecemeal offer to the last few older workers and a gutting of pensions, wages, standards for all new employees, pilots and stewardesses are now MC jobs, what skill is required to smile and serve coffee, planes fly themselves.

Sawmills will be 99% automated, heck, we don`t even need employees at McDonalds, automation can do it all, or at least 99% of everything.

And if you don`t like there are billions of slaves around the world that will work for the privilege of eating.

That folks is what we are fighting for.

And it starts with the HST

Anonymous said...

Consider who's promoting the harmonized sales tax -

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, the Coal Association of Canada, the Council of Forest Industries, the New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia and the Railway Association of Canada. What do these organizations have in common? Well, for starters, each of them is a lobby group. That means they're responsible for promoting the best interest of their members. But there's one other thing they have in common.

Each of them - along with 38 other lobby groups - is a member of the Smart Tax Alliance.

That's the organization that's trying to convince you to vote in favour of the harmonized sales tax because they say it's in your best interest.

Now, I'd never claim to be an an expert on taxes. I'm not an economist. But I do have some expertise in dealing with sources, having been a journalist for the past eight years.

So if a source that gets paid to promote a private interest tells me something is in the public interest, I'd have to question that source's motivations.

And perhaps you should too, in the lead up to the referendum on the harmonized sales tax.

(Thanks to Sean.)

Grant G said...

Well well well, this is from Bill Gross from Pimco on how much debt the USA has..Bill Gross`s article was published Monday June 13th/2011...TODAY..Here is a little cut n paste from that article


When adding in all of the money owed to cover future liabilities in entitlement programs the US is actually in worse financial shape than Greece and other debt-laden European countries, Pimco's Bill Gross told CNBC Monday.

Bill Gross
Getty Images
Much of the public focus is on the nation's public debt, which is $14.3 trillion. But that doesn't include money guaranteed for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which comes to close to $50 trillion, according to government figures.

The government also is on the hook for other debts such as the programs related to the bailout of the financial system following the crisis of 2008 and 2009, government figures show.

Taken together, Gross puts the total at "nearly $100 trillion," that while perhaps a bit on the high side, places the country in a highly unenviable fiscal position that he said won't find a solution overnight.

"To think that we can reduce that within the space of a year or two is not a realistic assumption," Gross said in a live interview. "That's much more than Greece, that's much more than almost any other developed country. We've got a problem and we have to get after it quickly."

What did I say yesterday...$100 trillion...Hmmm

Grant G said...

Here is a link to the Bill Gross article.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks has said, the N.A.U. is coming. Is it not the giant wealthy corporations, who are behind all of this insanity?

Who owns all of BC's vast natural resources? The BC people certainly don't benefit from them. Do any of the politicians, we have caught thieving and lying to us, get punished for their crimes? Absolutely not. Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, went unpunished. The tax payers even paid Campbell for stealing from us. De Jong thieved our tax dollars, and paid the two patsies, who took the fall for Campbell, all of their legal fees.

What does BC benefit from, the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty oil tankers from China, in our beautiful northern coast? The U.S. also want to line their dirty oil tankers, along side of China's, for the dirty crude, from the dirty Alberta tar sands too. The U.S. will get the dirty crude, even if they have to train it there in tanker cars.

Who owns our many mines? Not the province nor the people. We should be getting a hell of a lot more than jobs, from our resources.

Who do you think, our clean drinking water is going to go to? Our clean water will go private too. Who is destroying our clean underground water, for hundreds of miles, by fracking for gas? Do you think, these greedy, monster company's give a damn, if they pollute this entire province. The hell they do.

We own nothing, we have no say. We have no Civil Rights and Liberties. Our Democracy and Freedom, is being taken away from us. We don't even own our own damned country. We have been given away. The entire globe, is being sectioned off into Unions. And, no-one sees what is happening, except the American people. They are going to fight the N.A.U. Canadians won't, until it's too late.

Crankypants said...

Very appropriate title. Signs was a protest song of the establishment put out by the Five Man Electrical Band in 1971 which made it to #3 on Billboards Charts in the USA.

The HST, sale of BC Rail and countless other atrocities foisted upon the citizens of BC by the BC Liberal Party since 2001 fit the message of the song to a "T".

No matter what obstacles the establishment puts before us, no matter how many mistruths they utter and no matter what sleight of hand they will no likely attempt utilize in tallying the ballots, WE MUST PREVAIL. To capitulate and accept the HST would do nothing but give our governing bodies, no matter what flavour, a signal that we are nothing but chattels to be used and abused.


Anonymous said...

I hated the GST when Brian brought it in. I hate it more now. Those who support the GST and pst must be some sort of neo bc conservatives. Vanderzame is all we need to know. Stay clear off this creep!
Vote no to GST +hst.! We will win despite the corporate agenda to continue taxing us at 12%. We need the HST fudge the GST for ever!!!!!