Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dalton McGuinty, Court Jester and Soon to be Opposition Leader(updated at bottom)

Christy Clucking Clark has been busy smiling at the cameras and pretending too care about families, besides lighting the Olympic cauldron and cursing the Canucks with bad karma, the cost of burning the cauldron is $2000 dollars an hour in natural gas costs, when that cost was revealed the lying Liberals quickly declared..."Fortis BC is picking up the cost".....And where the hell do you think Fortis BC gets its money...From ratepayers, Christy clucking Clark  with her families first agenda is burning up taxpayer dollars lighting a huge torch on a bright sunny day with the sun and daylight until 9:00 pm or later, not to mention the greenhouse gasses that are spewing in the atmosphere(without a carbon tax) yet YOU pay a carbon tax on every fill-up .....

There is rumour abuzz that IF the Canucks win the Stanley Cup Clark will pounce on an early election call, maybe for July or even August, the BC Liberal pimps at CKNW have been busy trying to paint Clark as Mz popular when nothing could be further from the truth,......Interesting enough, pollster Mario Canseco (now political pundit)of Angus Reid just completed a poll on the popularity of different Canadian premiers and CKNW has been plastering the poll results all day, CKNW has been reporting..."Christy Clark is so much more popular than Gordon Campbell" snip.....And Mario Canseco has added commentary on how Christy Clark is connecting and bringing Liberals back in the fold, ....Gordon Campbell was at 16% approval rating in the last premiers poll Angus Reid did, Cluck Cluck has an approval rating of 36% in this latest.........Poll?

But what I find interesting, actually there are many facets of this that I find interesting, Ipsos Reid(partner of BC Liberal TV Global News) had a poll last week that CLAIMED the BC NDP and BC Liberals were in a virtual dead heat(NDP 39%...Liberals at 41%), I laughed, and I also mentioned at that time in a post how Ipsos Reid pre-election without fail over-states Liberal support by on average 7% percentage points, which my math puts the lying Liberals at 34% in BC..

Interesting enough, the same poll CKNW has been plastering on the radio about how popular the Clucker is has a rating for Christy Clark`s Ontario partner in crime Dalton McGuinty....And Dalton McGuinty has a paltry approval rating  in Ontario of 19% ....Yikes I say....Why does it matter about McGuinty, Dalton McGuinty and Ontario are having a general election in September(this year).....At 19% and floundering, Tim Hudak will be removing the scourge of phony Liberalism from the hallowed halls of Ontario, in other words Dalton is done like dinner and his demise is/was caused by same public betrayal as the BC Liberals inflicted on us...The HST and the Green energy fiasco and scam, like BC Ontario has Hydro rates skyrocketing out of control, a failed energy plan, just as notorious as Gordon Campbell`s clean energy act that was rammed through the BC Legislature with closure, a bill that removed all oversight and forced BC Hydro to rip off rate payers for shareholders of General Electric/Plutonic power and other BC Liberal party doners!.....In fact Marvin Schaeffer wrote an op/ed piece on the BC clean energy act and its brutal consequence for ratepayer and FAMILIES

So as for a snap election, bring it on.....And it`s not just the Angus Reid poll that shows Dalton and the Fiberals going down but this poll too.....

Still thinking about that early election call Clucker .....I hope you are....For unbeknownst to me at the time that I said that the true BC Liberal support in BC was at 34%(not 41%) there was another poll which confirmed my assertions.....This poll paints a DOOMSDAY scenario for Christy Clucking Clark....

The same Ipsos Reid  polling outfit that always(pre-election) over-states  the BC Liberal support by 7% percentage points also ran a poll last week that claimed that the NO HST and Pro HST were virtually tied, I totally debunked that poll when I explained how....When does a polling company conduct a poll where the POLLSTERS explain too the people they are calling what the HST fix is...When does a polling company state..."Does a 10% HST change your mind"....When there is no 10% HST, there is no 11% HST...We have an 12% HST and as for lowering the HST in ANY PART OR FORM INCLUDING THE PST SIDE OF THE HST the PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT MUST FIRST SEEK PERMISSION FROM OTTAWA ! That is in the agreement Gordon Campbell inked, we can`t do anything until the 5 year deal expires in  July2015..., There is one provision in the HST agreement for a 1 point reduction after 2 years of the deal, that date would be July 1/2012...In other words Christy Clark has done nothing on the HST deal that isn`t enshrined in the act...That was not explained in any Ipsos Reid poll....But as for those HST poll results the same scenario exists, Ipsos Reid is attempting too change the public`s mind through manipulation rather than reporting True numbers....In fact there was another poll conducted on the HST and coincidentally the TRUE number of people who support the HST are almost identical as the Angus Reid Premiers poll that gives Christy Clucking Clark 36% approval rating, and that poll is here

So according to the HST agreement Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen inked, a 1% percentage point reduction was allowed after two years of the agreement and no further rate adjustments will or can be implemented until after the 5th year of the deal, the fifth year is in 2015...July 1st 2015.....The Province by law, the law of the tax act that ALL BC LIBERALS endorsed and Campbell and Hansen signed, the Province of BC cannot by law reduce the HST to 10% before July 1st 2015.....That means that the BC Liberals are lying again, gosh, really, a BC Liberal lying..Ho Hum!

Well well well,  the BC Liberals are down too their hardcore supporters, a mere 35%...36 %...Despite the photo-ops, despite the BC media lovefest with Clucky Clark, the wool is being pulled over your eyes, the HST referendum will be won by those wanting a return to the PST/GST....Any other result will have been obtained through fraud, and if that happens the results will be even more devastating to Christy Clark`s election chances....

Do you still want that early election Christy?.....And I would like to remind you that when Dalton McGuinty sold out Ontario with the HST fraud he not only mailed out rebate cheques before the HST came in....Dalton McGuinty gave Ontarians every single dollar of the $4billion dollar bribe they received from Ottawa, roughly $1000 dollars per family regardless of economic status and still....

And still the anger boils, Ontario and their Green energy act and the HST....BC and the clean energy act and the HST...The similarities are there, the lies, the fraud, the tax n spend Liberals in BC and Ontario...What a Christmas gift for me....The Ontario Liberals and BC Liberals both gone to the depths of pergatory in the same year!

I think I`ll hang up my Christmas stockings early this year......Enjoy your lump of coal Christy.

There was another poll confirming the death of Dalton McGuinty and Christy Clark`s Ontario Liberal counterparts, you can read it here

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Anonymous said...

Mario Canseco has obviously now sold his soul to the BC Liberals. I disregard anything he has to say now.

Anonymous said...

I heard Falcon laying this blame on the BC people. He said, the $1.6 billion has to be paid back, if the people win the referendum. Harper said on his campaign, the $1,6 didn't have to be paid back. Falcon blatantly lied, right on TV. However, so did Campbell lie many, many times. Typical of the BC Liberals.

The BC citizens said no, to the HST, as we are overburdened with taxes. The BC Liberals forced the HST on us anyway. Even though Campbell and Hansen's election lie, the HST wasn't on their radar, it is the citizens fault, the HST has to be paid back?

I would say, Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, should not have lied to the people, to win the election. Why were they not honest enough to say, the HST will be brought in, if we win? What do the BC Liberals have against honesty? Now the entire BC Liberal party, has to lie and cover up for Campbell and Hansen.

Harper, Campbell and Hansen, colluded on the HST before the BC election. Hansen finally had to admit he was lying, the HST papers were on his desk before the election. We didn't lie, the BC Liberals lied. They are totally to blame, for their own damned HST mess.

Same with Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. There is another seething coil of snake in the grass liars. Christy's ex, her brother and herself, were implicated in that crime too. What a disgusting farce of a trial.

Then De Jong thieves our tax dollars, to pay for the two patsies, taking the fall for Campbell. And of course, that lying and covering up is still going on. The two patsies dare not open their mouths, they had a non disclosure to sign.

So the tax payers had to lose the BCR, all the valuable real estate that went with the BCR. Pay for the two patsies, to keep their mouths shut. Because Campbell said, if they kept their mouths shut, they would be looked after. So, we were forced to pay Campbell and the BC Liberals, for thieving from us?

And, now Christy and her BC Liberal have to lie and cover up for the BCR lies. AND, the HST lies too.

I just don't quite see, how we are to blame. And why the tax payers, have to pay for the BC Liberal lies and deceit?