Monday, June 13, 2011

Christy Clark Shuts Down BC Courts and Operating Rooms(updated at bottom)

These stories never stop, the complete and total incompetence of both Christy Clark and the BC Liberals, there are two ongoing shocking stories that again reared their ugly heads today...

4 courts rooms on Main street in Vancouver have been shut down again because of no court sheriffs, as you know Barry Penner, our useless Attorney General has laid off the equivalent of 34 sheriff positions because his ministry has no money, the Province just trained these sheriffs and already their jobs are gone, the Judge on the news today scolded the Provincial Government and lashed out with a harsh rebuke, the judge said and I quote...


Another frustrating day in provincial court in Vancouver, due to short staffing.

Case after case is being stood down with at least four courtrooms closed at 222 Main Street. As well, the courtrooms that are still open are waiting for court files to show up. It's all because the Sheriff's service is short staffed.

Judge Greg Rideout, clearly frustrated by the situation, told his courtroom the situation is unsustainable right now and for the next few days. He also says the situation demands attention from the Attorney General.

For the time being, cases involving people in custody are being given top priority


Court rooms all over the Province are shutting down with judges throwing up their arms in disgust, criminals are walking away scott free because the BC Liberals have gutted the court system, short sighted budgeting, incompetence on a grand scale, we have $7 million dollars for stick man ads but no money for sheriffs, there was $800 million dollars for a retractable roof but criminals walk free, .....4 court rooms closed, Barry Penner made the ridiculous statement on radio last week that....

"We now having roaming sheriffs that will move from court to court if needed" snip

And BC`s Chief Justice has had enough of these pathetic cuts amidst wasteful Liberal spending on roofs and Stickman ads

Well it appears like those roaming sheriffs got lost and couldn`t find their way to downtown Vancouver, how much are we $spending on flying and or driving sheriffs around the Province, are they buying carbon offset too from Pacific carbon trust...I think not, only our schools and hospitals have to pay those, not Encana gas or Lafarge cement, the incompetence is staggering and speaking of total disregard for the public`s safety and health...

Also on the news today,  anesthesiologists are screaming foul, there is a new out patient and operating center that has opened in Surrey, the Jimmy Pattison out patient and operating center, the facility has 2 operating rooms running, but...The Fraser health authority has no money to staff the new facility, so what this corrupt BC Liberal Government has done is....

Close down 2 operating rooms in the old Surrey memorial hospital and take that staff and open up 2 operating rooms in the new facility, another case of robbing Peter to pay Paul....The Surrey doctors and staff have called this BC Liberal move a..

"Shell Game"....

A group representing some BC anesthesiologists is slamming the provincial government, after the closure of more operating rooms at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Roland Orfaly says the decision to spend 237 million dollars on the new Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre is a sickening waste of money because Fraser Health Authority doesn't have the cash to recruit additional anesthesioligsts to work there. That  means two anethesiologists from Surrey Memorial need to be transfered to the new facility, effectively shutting down two OR's.

"So, in effect...there's no more operating rooms open in Surrey." Orfaly calls the move a charade, designed to make it look like the province is adding new OR's when it's n

The game of spin and distortion never stop with these BC Liberals, so under Christy Clark we are closing badly needed operating rooms in Surrey and our courts have grind to a halt...So we have criminals being let go, cases being backed up  to the point that hundreds of cases are being thrown out from delays...

"Justice delayed is justice denied"

And this isn`t the first time the judges freaked out over this idiocy...The below was a story from last week


A judge on Wednesday slammed the provincial government for imposing cutbacks to the sheriffs service and suspended the trial of a man accused of a home invasion.
Following a decision by the government to slash the equivalent of 35 sheriff jobs, not all criminal trials have a sheriff present at all times.
B.C. Supreme Court Madam Justice Elizabeth Arnold-Bailey said that she was advised that judges and lawyers now have to decide whether to ask whether a sheriff should attend court.
“This is the first day in these courts when sheriffs are not available to be in court to ensure the safety and security of all participants in the trial and members of the public,” she said.
“There have been many instances when the sheriffs have acted quickly to preserve the decorum of the court and to deal with unexpected security problems.
“Their presence does much to diffuse tensions and helps to create an atmosphere of safety in which the trial then effectively runs often without any or further interruption.”
The judge said she found the situation “particularly ironic” given that she was hearing a trial in courtroom 67 at the Vancouver Law Courts — one of the most modern and expensive high-security courtrooms in the province.
She said it is inappropriate for judges and lawyers to play a role in determining security requirements because it creates a “reasonable apprehension of bias.”
“It is simply not appropriate for a judge to receive that information either on or off the record.”
She added: “In my respectful view the cutbacks to the sheriff’s service is short-sighted. It is also completely misguided and wrong in principle.”
The judge suspended the trial of Duck Yoon, who is accused of committing a home invasion in North Vancouver

Read more:

So now we have court rooms closing around the Province, and we now have 5 closed operating rooms at Surrey Memorial hospital, today a group of Surrey Doctors called what the BC Government is doing a ..."Charade"

They also say opening up the new facility, the Jimmy Patterson outpatient and operating center a..

"Complete waste of money".....And I agree, how can this Government look themselves in the face, they`re playing games with courts, any new facility(as rare as they are) are being staffed by moving and robbing staff from existing facilities.

So much for Christy Clucking Clark`s "family first" platform....As long as families don`t need justice or surgeries, education or fair taxation...

Christy Gordon Campbell Clark, the pasted smile leader of the most incompetent Government in the history of British Columbia!

(Updated here ...Another trial has been suspended, a murder trial, and can someone tell me why a man who blew up buildings and caused $5 million dollars in damage received house arrest?)

We shall never surrender, we will TRIUMPH
(The triumph youtube video is dedicated to..Bob and Sue, old friends who went to the US Festival)

 Vote Yes to KILL the HST

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


JonH said...

And to think these freaks (BC Liberals)actually have the audacity to demand that they get paid for their incompetence while at the same time they rape this Province and it's future and present citizens of all it's assets and blatantly give it away to all their "friends". Like I said before,"wake up people before it's too late, let's kick these incompetent, lying, sleazy corrupt, just about any other negative adjective one can think of BC Liberals to the curb asap".

Anonymous said...

I can see citizens arming themselves, to protect their homes and family's. There is no deterrent for criminals, to think twice before committing their crimes. They will never see the inside of a courtroom, nor a jail. Of course, there is also no punishment, for corrupt politicians crimes either.

The terrible state this province is in, is entirely the BC Liberals doing. Our assets and resources have been thieved and sold. There is nothing left, for this province to recover with.

Christy and the Liberals only concern is, to fight to keep the asinine HST, which is killing this province and the people in it. That's exactly how stupid they are.

Many more restaurants are closing down. Despite Falcon's b.s....All the restaurants are calling him, and, are now loving the HST, absolutely to bits. Two BC chain restaurants, Mr. Mikes and The Pantry are closing down, the HST has killed them too. More jobs gone.

There are to be more mill workers laid off, as well. How are the BC people going to pay all the tax rip offs and survive? The carbon tax goes up, July 1st. Food costs have gone up 15%, and may go even higher. Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers, will put hydro up 53%. Gasoline prices are through the roof.

There is nothing in BC, that hasn't gone up in costs, because of the HST. Where is the money, the BC Liberals promised we would save, by the HST? The HST was forced on the people, a scam for big businesses benefit, and for them only. Besides which, Campbell gave our HST to his buddy Harper, the other snake in the grass.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Liberals are resorting to their old tricks. They intend to undermine sheriff services, then say that it needs to be privatized for better service. I'm, sure they have some friend waiting in the wings ready to be given some handsome contract with lots of profit for their continued support of their party. The only way to stop it is for loud public uproar before the election. Whatever happens don't expect to know the truth of anything that goes on behind closed government doors.

cherylb said...

Families First, eh Christy?

Gary E said...

Wake up folks. The province is bankrupt. And the bankruptcy has been caused by a bunch of fools that claim to be the most able to handle our economy. Yeah, right. What they actually mean is the most able to hide their own incompetence. Why do you think it is that they are fighting toothe and nail with their lies to hold on to the HST.

Vote YES to scrap the HST.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals never chose a leader, they chose a corporate logo. Christy Clark has got to go likkety split quick!

Anonymouse said...

The Straight Goods were bang-on back here:

It's well worth a (re) read.

Let me just pluck this gem out for a reminder:

"In the first Campbell term (@2001) one of the first things Campbell did was close down 25 courthouses and 9 prisons, all this to save money, because as you know, in 2001, campbell also gave high-end earners and big business $2 billio dollars in tax cuts--so what was the result of those cuts?"

Grant G said...

Thanks for that compliment, that was one of my better articles.

Nothing has changed, BC is still a cesspool of crime and corruption that goes right too the premiers office.


Jarrod said...

Google "Saskatchewan polygamy" because that's what is coming to BC as they emulate the Saskatchewan Family Law legislation.