Saturday, June 25, 2011

"He might be an idiot, but he`s our idiot"

I have followed politics for some time now, even American politics, which by the way, never ends, the presidential campaign literally starts the day the new president takes the oath, Barack Obama, I had such high hopes for this man, unfortunately the hand Bush Jr the lesser dealt Obama was a full house, but a full house doesn`t trump a straight flush of brutal economic realities.....

George Bush won the 2000 election with an assist going to the Republican Jebonites of Florida, maybe things would have turned out different had 911 hadn`t happened, the phony fake campaign that the Americans foisted on the world, the UN meetings, the reports, the video, false facts made up out of whole cloth, the weapons of mass destruction, the fear-mongering on how Saddam Hussein is going to blow up the world, it pains me to even talk about that time in history, the build up, followed by an invasion only to find nothing, a depleted army, a pathetic military decades away from any nukes, but the tangled web of lies and blame that followed all in an attempt to justify a completely fraudulent and illegal act against Iraq was the biggest crime....

The world soon realized that they got guzzled by the Bush/Cons, most countries, most citizens knew before the Iraq invasion that Colin Powell and Bush hadn`t made the case, it didn`t matter, the invasion was on regardless, I remember the lead up to the 2004 US presidential campaign, John Kerry against the Bush...By this time the world not only knew the Americans lied, cheated, conned and bullied the world but they also knew that George dubbya Bush was braindead, no intelligence, a soggy perhaps booze stained brain, I remember reading stories from newspapers around the world, countries of all political stripes and the headlines were basically ..Dump Bush, Vote Kerry, there were stories calling Bush Junior mentally challenged, a proven liar and worse,.....

Surely I thought the Americans could see how they erred with electing a second bush and wouldn`t elect a second Bush a third time in 2004...I watched it all, read it all, at that time in my life I was almost dead from injuries, a year in a wheel chair and more, so I had a chance to watch the proceedings 24/7...I followed all of it very closely, but then something happened and the only way I can explain it is...Well maybe this headline from early 2004 will help..

"He may be an idiot but he`s our idiot" snip

And after the 2004 election there was another headline that I believe came out of Australia..

"How could the Americans be so stupid".....The headline was referring to the re-election of George Bush the lesser(courtesy da house/Kootcoot), and at that time, I had no idea of the real meaning and importance of those headlines.

Have you ever had a friend, boy or girl, a friend with relation problems, a friend with a wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend problems, maybe they were adulterers, druggies, boozoholics, angry people or suffering from many other moral shortfalls, have any of you weighed in or gave personal advice only to regret interfering, the human ego is a funny animal and I always go back to that headline about George Bush junior...

"He may be an idiot but he`s our idiot"

The Dumbed down Americans voted for George Bush in part because the world hated him! 

A direct quote from an article in the Times Paper.... (Mr. Jenkins ) ......

"Mr Bush's election will give the rest of the world a collective heart attack. It expected a Kerry win. At the very least it expected Americans to somehow rein in a man it sees as na├»ve and dangerously belligerent. … Americans declined to rein him in. They legitimized him. The rest of the world has been roundly snubbed"

A lot of people voted for Stephen Harper in British Columbia, a lot of people who despise Gordon Campbell voted for Stephen Harper and anger has erupted over Harper`s appointment of the disgraced Gordon Campbell, the image in people`s mind, an habitual liar, an habitual adulterer, an habitual abuser in fancy digs in a posh London area with a chef, a driver, expense account plus a salary of about $200 thousand dollars per year plus his gold plated BC Government indexed pension, it has so angered the BC public....

Meanwhile there are many angry people who of all things are furious with the Provincial NDP over the Federal Conservative appointment of a BC Liberal stealth con, does that make any sense, Carole James announced she`s running again in Beacon Hill, Billy Good interviewed Carole James at 9:30 am last Friday(yesterday) on CKNW..Billy Boy asked Carole James about the Campbell appointment, ...Carole James was respectful, not lauding of the appointment but respectful, she wished Campbell well and figured he would do fine in his DUTIES as commissioner,...What those duties are is to hob nob with elites and help Canadians abroad, and he probably will do a good job, .....I personally can`t stand Gordo, if he was in front of me now I would probably end up being jailed for life over my actions, ...Perhaps you remember the last election, the media attacks on Carole James for her and the party going negative on Campbell and the Liberals, negative on child poverty, education, school closures, BC Rail corruption, ...Negative on everything, remember the infamous Bill Good radio pause trick CKNW pulled on Carole James when she was asked about going negative in the radio leaders debate...I do...Bill Good set her up...So Friday, the day after Campbell`s appointment was announced, the same day Carole announced she was running again for the NDP was the same day Campbell`s appointment was announced, ...

Bill Good did the short Carole James interview on Friday morning and the last thing Carole wanted was to come across as a vindictive shrew....Am I making excuses for the BC NDP...No I am not....For I understand what the BC Liberals tactics are in goading Adrian Dix....Christy Clark and her slimy Liberals have come out swinging at Adrian Dix with tired old rhetoric, in the past under Carole James ...Carole would screech away in the legislature, sometimes like a screaming banshee, ...Adrian so far hasn`t taken the bait, when Cluck cluck or Falcon or any Liberal stooge comes out with the oh so 90`s tired rhetoric against Dix....

Dix responds with calm, cool and bang on facts, no emotion, cold calculated facts, his formula is working, he`s frustrating the Liberals to no end, they can`t rattle him, he`s not pulling out his hair over anything, .....

Adrian Dix is running a cold calculated fact based fully costed platform, he`s not slinging mud with verbal diarrhea, he`s slinging mud with facts, data, numbers and personal testimonials from the public....

If Adrian Dix had slammed Harper and threw mud, created a federal enemy, if that had happened, Adrian and the NDP would be spending the next month talking about Campbell in London, not the HST, not schools, education, seniors, carbon tax, ship building, children, for if Adrian Dix started a pissing contest the art of distraction would go on and on, there are issues, an election will come very soon, there is plenty of time to rip Campbell during the writ period...and...

And the longer I study politics and it`s unique nuances the more I learn, sometimes you need to let people be and let them come to their own conclusions....For once you start bashing the other team, even if they deserve bashing, start laughing, giving personal advice, warning people about their spouse, warning about booze, drugs, anger, possessiveness,  people will put their backs up, some call it using reverse psychology....

Some call it the human factor.....And I keep going back to those headlines after George Bush Junior won his second term...."How could Americans be so stupid"...And..."He might be an idiot but he`s our idiot"

It`s also reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Elaine, George and Jerry make the mistake of telling Kramer to break up with his nasty girlfriend, they made the mistake of not letting Kramer reach his own conclusion and before you know Kramer was wanting his girlfriend back

Reverse psychology, call it what you will, parents don`t like strangers bashing their kids, they`ll put their backs up, or criticizing someone`s wife, their job, their home sports team, and yes it extends to one`s political party, with Gordon Campbell resigning with a 9% approval rating means almost everyone in the Province is outraged.

However, if it makes you feel better to bash Dix, Carole James, Horgan, go ahead, tear them down, to what end...

One must come to their own conclusions, I think it was smart for Dix not to piss on the Conservatives and bash the other teams....It`s called being a professional leader, and I truly believe that this plum gift from Harper to Campbell will finally connect the dots between the HST and the BC Liberals, those who were on the ropes, the undecided on the HST, the 15% to 20% that are still undecided according to the polls, the anti-HST forces were just handed a gift, the Federal Cons just reignited the anger towards Gordon Campbell and the HST on the eve of Stephen Harper`s destroy Democracy agenda, you should have your ballot in the mail tomorrow!.....I`ll let you come to your own conclusions.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Hi friend

You just said it all in a nutshell , keep up your`e good work,
people will always make up their own mind whether right or wrong.

WAlter v E.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I agree Dix did the right thing in not going off the deep end - however, he lost a golden apportunity. He should have said "No comment - thank you" and just left at that.

Both Dix and Farnworth, saying what they did - gave the impression that they were fawning/grovelling for fear of some sort of intimidation from our provincial Liar in Chief -Gordo Pinocchio Campbell.

Campbell is probably chuckling drunkenly, into his pint sized martini thinking "I won again."

After a Decade of documented Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit - Campbell just does not deserve the compliments or good manners - a very neutral "No Comment - thank you " would have been more than enough.

Otherwise I agree with most of your post today.

Thanks for taking the time to write


Anonymous said...

The rage at Campbell and his BC Liberals, will never die. Nor will anger go away at Christy and her BC Liberals. They are all one and the same, distrusted and our contempt, is all they are going to get.

We really did know, Campbell and Harper had a very close relationship. They have just come out of the closet and made it official. I remember how Campbell's face would beam, when he was in Harper's presence. That very nearly would cause me to barf. The pair of them were that sleazy and slimy. They traveled together, they went to BBQ's together. Harper even gave a speech, in the BC legislature. They were sick.

I just wished Dix would have held his nose, when he answered that question. I guess I am somewhat a spiteful person. If I don't like someone, I don't like them and I don't care if they know it. A diplomat, I'm not.

I do like Dix, and all of the other, NDP team members. Anyone of them are a thousand times better, than Campbell or Christy could ever be.

I hope everyone e-mailing to England, sent Campbell's drunk mug shots too. The paparazzi there, will have a heyday with Campbell. He better not put a foot wrong there. They will rip him apart.

Anonymous said...

Harper's first choice was Conrad Black but he was otherwise engaged. Gordon got his payback for plowing the HST through; geez what a surprise.

Crankypants said...

First of all, for those that seem to think that Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth Carole James or any other NDP MLA should have issued a "NO COMMENT" response to Campbell's pending appointment, forget about it. A non-commital response would have been interpretted by the MSM as a negative response and garnered nothing but negative press for Dix etal.

The fact that someone from BC will be awarded this plum position paints those that object to it into a corner from which one can do nothing but accept it as graciously as possible. To do anything else would be political suicide.

Campbell's record needs to be exposed at the proper time which will be the next election. Until then, keeping one's powder dry is the most tactical approach.


seth said...

Personal Attack ads are extremely effective if not answered. That was the main technique
that Harper and Jack agreed on and used to destroy the stunned Iggy.

Sleazy Jack the used car salesman of the left sold us out for a free house at Stornaway giving us the Harper majority and condemning Canadians to a horror they are now starting to feel.

That election proved that retaliatory personal attack ads are vital.

Bully's must be met with massive retaliation right in the beginning or the voter see's you as a pussy and despises you. That's what happened to James, Obama, and Iggy.

Anonymous said...

The war is Iraq is now accepted as being based on lies, there were no "weapons of mass destruction". There are over one million dead Iraqis as a direct result of the bombing and ground troops campaign. Over 350 tons of depleted uranium munitions were used in Iraq and cancer rates continue to climb, including the birth of children with severe deformities. Doctors in Basra have recommended the women do not have children due to the high number of deformities.
In addition, the physical infrastructure of Iraq was destroyed, schools, hospitals, water systems, sewer systems, museums, universities etc. The country was bombed back into the 17th century all based on lies. My question is simple, does any one believe that this was the sole decision of George Bush? So, who really was behind this atrocity, what kind of sadistic psychopaths could order such barbarism? Who in Canada is really behind the current death and destruction through bombing Libya with more DU? Who is really behind the slow privatization of BC Hydro?
Bush, Harper, Obama, Campbell, Clark? Forget about it, they are simply puppets in the charade called democracy and free markets.

Grant G said...

Thanks 10:46....haven`t heard from you in a while, thanks.

That answer is easy....Corporations.

Haliburton, The maker of arms,Defence contractors, big oil..

oil was $24 dollars a barrel when Iraq was invaded, and think about this...

The tar sands were operating and profitable at that price....Who are the benefactors, looks like Alberta made out like bandits...?

Good Day

Grant G said...



Anonymous said...

If you have a chance, check out David Blume @ Even if you disagree with his ethanol solutions, he provides some fascinating history of the oil history.

Gloria said...

Once politicians allow corruption and greed, in their governments. The country ends up being owned by the very corporations, they took they money from.

Harper even gave a speech on, his plans for Canada and global government. He even said, global governance, has been worked on, since 1945.

Wikileaks has said, the NAU is going to be upon us. They will start slowly, so as not to alarm the citizens.

I agree with 10:46. The corporations are behind, every war and are behind every recession.

Campbell assisted Harper, to take every asset and our vast resources, to give them to these powerful corporations. Campbell lied, to the people, he has stolen and sold our assets. What do the citizens of BC own in this province? Absolutely nothing. BC's HST is a scam, to thieve from the people to give to these large corporations. The BC Liberals, then have the audacity, to try and convince the citizens, the HST is good. Good for who? We don't even own our water, that too is going to be stolen from us.

Anonymous said...


Today's Tyee - great artcile, a must read for everyone.