Friday, June 10, 2011

BC Loses more Jobs in Latest Stats Canada Labour Report(HST)

How long will this have to continue, how long will the BC Liberals hurt BC`s economy, the Jack Mintz ORIGINAL report on the HST, CD Howe and others reported BEFORE the BC Liberals brought in the HST that the HST would CAUSE JOB LOSES for the FIRST FIVE YEARS...

The fair tax alliance, the bold-faced liars Kevin Falcon and Christy Clucking Clark, where are the promised jobs, where the hell are they???????????

Stats Canada has come out with their latest jobs report, Canada has gained over 22,000 jobs, Quebec gained 25,000 jobs, Alberta gained 8,500 jobs, Saskatchewan gained jobs and British Cloumbia....

Ontario lost 16,000 jobs, the east coast lost jobs and British Columbia isn`t even mentioned in the latest stats Canada jobs report because nothing is happening, a stagnant province bleeding from every orifice, a wounded hurt Province infested with corrupt Liberals.....And considering the canuck playoff run has created jobs in bars and retail, that means that we are still bleeding jobs, we have lost 30,000 jobs since the Christy Clark Liberals jammed it down our throat...

More on this story later...Time to listen to the Pawn Palmer, Keith no balls Baldrey and racist Bill Good.

Here`s the latest Stats Canada jobs report.

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Anonymous said...

I also saw on TV. Two BC chain restaurants, Mr. Mikes and The Pantry are closing down, because of the HST. So, there are many more jobs gone. There will also be, more mill workers laid off.

That the BC Liberals, are still saying how good the HST is for the BC citizens, blows me away. It's absolutely the worst tax in history, for the BC family's, low income people and seniors.

July 1st, the carbon tax increases. Food costs are up 15%, hydro will be going up to 53%, gasoline prices are insane. How are Christy's family's first, going to cope with all of this and the HST too?

Christy and her Liberals, have not one iota of sense. The minimum wage in BC, is still the lowest in Canada. Seniors have no raises in pensions. BC is still a third world province. We have the highest number of children living in poverty, in Canada. BC has lost the most jobs. We have the highest cost of living.

BC is a failed province, as all of the HST provinces are. However, Christy and the Liberals, choose to not dummy in. There is no way, they can be that stupid.

Crankypants said...

Anon 2:10

I've read a couple of comments on different blogs about The Pantry and Mr. Mikes Restaurants closing down, but can find no corroborating stories anywhere using Google. I did find that a Mr. Mikes in Kamloops is changing from a MR. Mikes to an independent, but that apparently had something to do with not wanting to become a Steahouse & Bar as most of the others have become.

I suspect that many restaurants are hanging on in the hope that the HST gets extinguished, and if it doesn't there could be a tsunami of closures going forward.

There was an article in The Province on the latest job numbers stating that BC gained about 5,000 jobs last month. The author stated that this was minimal at best and the only reason the unemployment rate declined is that many people have quit looking for work. The article also made note that the new jobs were created in the lower mainland while the smaller communities are still bleeding jobs.


Grant G said...

Sorry Cam you are wrong..BC created no jobs in May..Click the link to Stats Canada..Once there click the links that take you to individual Provinces.

We lost many jobs Cam....And..There have been thousands of temporary jobs created by the Canuck run, those temporary Canuck generated jobs offset the regular permanent job losses, the Canuck run will end very soon and those temp jobs will vanish too..

BC LOST JOBS IN MAY...And that`s counting census jobs, election jobs.

I wouldn`t have put that title up Cam if it wasn`t true...All HST Provinces lost jobs...

Quebec gained 25,000 jobs, Ontario lost 16,000 jobs...The HST.

Quebec doesn`t have the HST, they have their own sovereignty, they get first count of the money and...

And if Quebec wants the $2.5 billion from the feds they have to surrender that sovereignty to Ottawa and lose their tax collectors and lose first count of the money.

Crankypants said...

I can't say for certainty how valid Statscan's assertions are simply because the same article stated that the employment numbers are generated by a survey. Maybe the members of the Smart Tax Alliance have coerced their members to fudge their numbers. Estimations are nothing more than a guess which questions the credibility of anything we are fed.

The reality is that not all jobs are equal. Whether a job pays a minimum wage or $50.00 per hour, it counts as one job. A part time job can be anything from a few hours a week to anything less than a commitment from a company to an employee of full-time employment.

It seems no matter what the source one must take all news with a big grain of salt.


Anonymous said...

The story of Mr. Mikes and The Pantry closing down their restaurants, was on TV. There used to be three Mr. Mikes in Kamloops, there is now only one.

I too, saw there were no jobs gained in BC, also on TV. There is no doubt, the HST is killing this province. Two of my favorite store's, and my favorite pizza place, have shut down.

I personally know two family's, who are going to suffer the mill lay offs. That's just in my immediate neighborhood. The evidence is all around us.

Christy's family's first mantra, is a sham. The HST has done severe damaged to family's, low income people and seniors. There is also price gouging on, gasoline, food, and hydro going way up. There is also the carbon tax, going up July 1st. Right now, the utilities are lower for summer. Next winter is going to be pretty damned grim for family's, put "first" by Christy.