Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Orange Star, Some Call it the Sun, I Call it the Future

Where was I.......Good morning British Columbia......My lack of posting has been family related, Dad wants to go fishing this weekend, what better way to celebrate a birthday, not mine but Dad`s....A day of scrubbing, a day on the boat ramp, electrical, bottom paint, a spring cleaning ritual....

Now hopefully the salmon cooperate.....Oh how we long for a screaming reel and a seafood bounty and as for politics what a week, I turn my back for a few days and slippery Jack Layton is knocking on the prime minister`s office, what is happening, could it be...

I look back to a recent post we did, the one titled "Brave New World", we talked about the Conservative voters dying off in droves, older people who relied on the printed news, radio news and television, an older group of citizens who have been systematically brainwashed by the corporate elites, with the polling I have seen, the legitimate polling, I am talking about Ekos polls.....

Before I get ranting and raving we need to examine polling, the last federal election Nik Nanos polling was a nightly  feature on the non-partisan CPAC political channel, Nanos polls were the most accurate in the last federal election but something has happened to Nanos polls, for whatever reason when polling outfits get connected or tied to corporate sponsors the results go goofy, I saw that happen with Ipsos Reid when they hooked up with Global television, Mustel provincial polls in BC have become useless with a capitol U....Compas polls, innovative polls, the fraudsters are not reporting results they are manufacturing results, the Nanos polls have become useless ever since they got sponsored by CTV, Nanos like the other corporate pollsters have been bought off and are now totally useless...

Nanos polls have been stagnant, no movement, a continual over inflated Conservative poll number designed to influence the election, no longer is Nanos a credible source for polling, Ekos poll is the only one that is truly reflecting voter sentiment from ALL age groups, the Conservative majority is dead, the Cons will lose many seats.

In watching CPAC and viewing the leadership tours, the Harper crowds are ghosts, old tired white haired ghosts who rely on printed news and radio for information, others at Harper rallies appear angry and or brainwashed, at the Federal Liberal rallies the crowd is different, there is more life, more hope and definitely more future vision and yes, there are many of the same white haired ghosts knocking on heaven`s door and then there is the NDP rallies...

The Jack Layton rallies are amazing and shocking, the Layton crowds are alive with life and truth, youthful ideologues with a message of hope and justice,  I saw weakness in the Federal NDP campaign early on, a pale Jack, a cane, questions of health and fitness but then something happened, young people, university students, middle class voters who receive news online, what we are witnessing is a change in the old guard, Federal  Conservatives and Liberals have been taking turns ruining the economy, lying, cheating, stacking the senate, kowtowing to the corporate elites and yes, maybe under Michael Ignatief the Federal Liberals will change their old ways of betrayal and backstabbing, I myself have been thoroughly impressed with Michael Ignatief`s personal performance, he comes across as real and believable but I don`t blame anyone for having misgiving about voting for Federal Liberals.....So what is really happening?????

Jack Layton`s message is no different from the last 7 Federal elections he has run in, the platform, more support for seniors, more health care, more education funding, better stewardship of the environment so what happened, why is the NDP`s message resonating, the reason is the youth, the internet, blogs, web sites, in other words it`s you people online telling stories, relaying real life situations without spin and distortion, it`s young people who live online, unpolled untethered clear thinking youthful ideologues coming out in droves and their voice and message is loud and unaffected by media spin, unaffected by campaign rallies, these people have access to the truth, youtube, facebook, tweeter and the like....

The Federal Conservative wanted this election because their time, their people, their voters are dying off, this election was the last chance grasp for a Federal Conservative majority and it`s their last chance of holding power at all, the message machine from Harper has died, the Trojan horse of technology has destroyed corporate parties phony lying messaging machine, the gears have ceased up, leaking oil, smoking and smoldering on the side of the highway waiting for the wrecker to tow the dead hulk to the dustbin.

Today there is hope, maybe with their third place showing the Federal Liberals will rebuild from the ground up and put the people first, there is still much resentment against that party, the political landscape has changed for the better!

Only political parties who stand for people, environment, human rights will succeed in the future, corporate parties will find themselves in the wilderness, the world is swinging left, far left and it`s time...

It`s time for the New Democratic Party of Canada and British Columbia to take power.

Can you imagine, Canada has never had a NDP Government in charge or even the official opposition, the NDP will not only be the official opposition but with this wave of change building like a tsunami wave who knows.......

Meanwhile, I have some fishing lures to tie up, the sun is shining, the water is like glass, Dad wants to catch one more salmon, Mom wants that to happen too and so do I.

Hope springs eternal.........Change is coming........History will be made.....I`ll talk to you a little later.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you are right Grant.

Harper has involved Canada in two wars now. The bill so far is over $18 billion. The bill will be billions more, Harper has extended our troops time in Afghanistan. Then there is the fighter jets, with no engines. That debt, will also go into the $30 billions. I don't really think, a billion dollar fake lake, was necessary for the tax payers to pay either. Canada is a peacekeeping nation, since WW11. We assist people in war torn nations. We did not bomb innocent civilian families, until Harper. There will also be a $11 billion budget cut. It is said, our health care will take the hardest hit, because of Harper's stupidity.

We do know, Harper gives giant corporations, billions of our tax dollars. This was seen on, the House of Commons TV channel.

Conservatives stormed Guelph University, to stop students from voting. They even tried to seize the ballot boxes. This is fascism and dictatorship. There is no longer any democracy left in Canada. We have no Civil Rights and Liberties anymore. Canadian citizens, have no say in anything, we are forced to comply.

Campbell, Hansen and Harper we now know, colluded on the HST, in March before the BC May election. The HST was designed for big business. What the BC people gained, was the bill and nothing else.

I am happy the BC NDP, are such a strong team. The BC Liberals, work for Harper and his Conservative Party. The BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives, I will never trust. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. That should say a lot to BC people.

Anonymous said...

The way the 2 "main" parties have run Canada it is time for change. The cons have increased the debt expeditiously and tremendously. And to think what they have in mind for health care and are doing now by igonoring the Canada Health Act is scary! I see privatization they're #1 priority. They have done nothing for education except raise fees. And the infrastructure in this country sucks, yet we pay more and more in taxes, tolls, levies and whatever else they dream up. They don't give a rats ass about the environment. They are selling our assets/resources out from under us to the multinationals. It's time for a new government and I'm not talking about the 2 that have been in power over the years.

Anonymous said...

There are country's that do have successful health care plans. Even the Canadian doctors say, we pay an outrageous amount for prescription drugs. But, does Harper have a study done to see why Canada fails and those other country's don't? Absolutely not, he will privatize. It is said, Norway, Sweden, England and France, have excellent health care plans. I had just read this, but, haven't researched this info yet. Maybe, Grant will do this. I have, too little experience, regarding research.

We have to hope Layton wins the election. If Harper wins this once good country of ours, will be given entirely to the big company's, Harper works for.

Another item I read is, Bornmann will be practicing law in Ontario. It must be ok in Ontario, for lawyers to bribe.

cherylb said...

Time for a change.

Crankypants said...

Although I participate in three different online polls and rarely refuse to participate in a poll presented to me by telephone, I put very little stock in the validity of their findings. Their sample sizes are generally so small, that it defies logic to assume that they can deliver trusted information. The other problem is the questions and choice of wording they utilize, and in the online versions, the choices one gets to choose one's answers from.

Then there is the way the MSM portrays the results of the many polls. If the results they get are contrary to their views, they tend to downplay them, or if they get acceptable results, they treat them as gospel. My opinion is that polls are used more to sway opinions rather inform. It's human nature amongst many people to back a perceived winner rather than be on the losing side of anything.

I find it interesting that the Conservatives and the MSM have been babbling for months that Canadians do not want a federal election. From my observations, it seems that this election has actually lit a fire under the butts of many to actually get involved, especially the younger voter eligible types. If you combine this with the cocoon campaign the Tories are running, which is alienating more and more voters everyday, with the fact that the federal Liberals have never been spanked for the sponsorship scandal, you have many looking for an alternative. That leaves the NDP, Bloc and Greens or sitting out this dance. It looks as if the separation card being played by the Bloc is being rebuffed by many of the voters in Quebec, the Greens are still not able to gain any traction, and the youth seem to have become engaged. The benefactors of all of this seem to be the NDP.

Where this all leads will not be known until May 2, but I find it very interesting listening to all the political pundits tripping over their tongues trying to pretend they know what will happen election day when they have no better handle on the outcome than you or I.

Finally, I have no doubt that the strategists for the BC Liberal Party are watching this election with an extreme interest. If the federal NDP wind up getting around 100 seats or more don't be surprised to see that Christy waits until the fixed election date to face the electorate. Good lawyers only ask questions of witnesses when they know what the responses will be. Good politicians only face the electorate when they have a reasonable expectation of getting re-elected. Otherwise, they play out the string and hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

Harper's war debt is now at $26 billion, and growing. This is getting scary. I read, the cost of the fighter jets with no engines, will also be billions.

Harper is right out of control. He speaks of unsustainable health care, it's more like unsustainable war costs. Canadians will end up with private health care, while Harper kills this country with, the asinine waste of our tax dollars. Is the man insane?

Anonymous said...

Today's Tyee article by Tieleman brings tears to my eyes and a sick feeling deep in the pit of my stomach.


A Harper majority, given all the dirty tricks (the latest a swift-boat style smear against Ignatieff by American trickster and pmo insider: Muttart).

Harper will in his next term, do to Canada, what Campbell did to BC. The damage will be untold.
Add to that Harper's proposal to invade on-line privacy (see Geist).

I will vote NDP not just because I always have but they have the best chance in my riding. I believe Mr. Ignatieff is a sincere man and would have no qualms supporting him if it were necessary.
They say all is fair in love and war. I believe we are in a struggle of good against evil.
I would vote Lib. for the first time if that is what it would take to prevent King Harper from assuming his throne.

Anonymous said...

Harper and his accolyte moonies have seemingly been impervious to the truth of his record, damage to Canadian values, environment and economy.

The NDP have the best chance to take this riding so I will vote for them yet again. However, I urge, with all my heart, for those in ridings were an other party can take the seat from Harper to vote strategically.

It has never been of such utmost importance to vote strategically. Grant, as you say the Harperites are dying off, but one more Harper win could leave us with a very different Canada. At least the Liberals left us with a recognizable country.

We can debate Liberal versus NDP policies once the looming spectre of Harperland is neutralized.
The Harper coalition has developed an super-bug-like immune-resistancy to truth and justice with each small victory.

The toxic virus of this fundamentalist Reform-Party Evangelist Coalition needs a strong dose of defeat.

spellcheck said...

Even Nanos is having to admit the obvious:

Headline from the G & M: Layton jumps well ahead of Ignatieff as voters get off ‘the political couch’


Anonymous said...

Everything old, is new again:


cut and paste to address bar

Anonymous said...

Of course we can't afford healthcare, there are P3 prisons to be built for billions of dollars.
Harper is a lying kook!

Anonymous said...

I admit it! I haven't read the article (although I generally enjoy Grant's articles) But I am am so perturbed at thetyee that I would like to voice my complaint immediatley. and my complaint is that they are now separating the comments from the article being commented on. Worse than that, they are divvying the article up into several pages. So, looking at it from an alternative point of view such as mine, they have articles much shorter than Grant's (Oh Great Prophet of the West, and etc, etcetera) Yet they now subjugate them into separate pages, AND separate the comments from the article which more or less propagated them. Okay, it doesn't seem like much, but what they are doing is making the comments of average BCers one more step removed from the media and the final decision. Excuse me! Did I miss something there? Are the comments of the average BCer of less weight than the comments the bought and paid for articles of the Controlled Media? Are the comments of the average person as seen here and in the comments of even the grossest misrepresenters such as the Province and the Sun and in short the media controlled opinion of the capitalist press which controls us somehow insignificant in this; our last real chance at democracy? You know, I hate to say, having been a follower of thetyee for the last few years, but god damn, they shifted the last provincial election out of the hands of the NDP with faint praise, and now in their panic to defeat the federal NDP they resort to the same kind of tactics which papers such as the Globe and Mail have been using since the beginning of Internet Time. Very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Ah, what the hell, while I'm commenting here I'd just like to say that the advent of private prisons for profit is the last nail in democracy. Especially when Stevo is bringing in new mandatory sentences for people who even smoke pot as a way out or their confusion over a government which doesn't and never has represented the people of Canada. (sigh) I don't like pot and don't represent it in any way. But there are people who do, and their right to enjoy it should not condemn them to mandatory prison terms in the light of a 'Planet of the Apes' government which will do anything to hold on to power until their pension and other dreams have been fulfilled.
I don't want to reduce our 'national election' to a playground, but it is pretty obvious from the way the party Apparatchiks vote that they always vote for the 'partee' and thus could care less about us when it conflicts with their personal interests. Which should be a good indication to the thinking person that 'representational democracy' will never work for any but those who have been elected under it.
Close your eyes. Wake up! You are surrounded by monkeys who would bend your opinion to the idea that they are worth far more bananas than you are. That is the world we live in.

Grant G said...

The Tyee are wimps...Having been banned like 50 times for speaking the truth I can relate.

Dave Beers is a coward, he claims he`s worried about a slaap suit...WTF..He hasn`t got anything thing worth suing for.

The Tyee is dead, they wimped out and became meek mice and yes..

Beers refused to touch BC Rail, like Holman...

Holman is a backdoor Liberal as is Beers.

What I mean by that...They are scared shitless to enter through the front door so they slither through the back.

That`s why I started this site...

Fuck the Tyee.

You need the Straight Goods...

Drop by anytime.


Anonymous said...

"maybe under Michael Ignatief the Federal Liberals will change their old ways of betrayal and backstabbing,"

Very much doubt that the Liberals will change their spots. They are controlled by old money (the Desmarais family) and they know which side their bread is buttered on; and it not the side you or I would like to represent us. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a new kind of government which would actually give the best of education and health care and pensions. Well, there is only one change of that magnitude coming down the pike - and that is the NDP. You can fool some of the people some of time, and you can fool part of the people all the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of time, and that is why we should all go out in the street and spray champagne and cheer if we can finally, finally, elect a government which represents us instead of the banks and corporations which control us. It would be one small step for democracy, one giant step for the continuation of Mankind. Hell, we might even get a government which actually tests for the radiation which any savvy internet watcher knows is even now falling on us, instead of the panty stained assholes in our current government who put their future above the future of our children. Vote NDP, or vote whichever party which will defeat the corporate 'neoconservative' which is presently ruining your life! Let me take you under the rainbow, my friend, a vote for the 'Harper government' as he likes to call it and has so branded even the government of Canada sites, is a vote for private education and its inherent pull to far right propaganda, is a vote for private health care and its inherent pull towards benefits for the rich at the expense of benefits for everyone else, is a vote for 'globalism' which is only a buzzword for exploiting poor people the world over and making you as poor as the rest of them so you won't have to think, protest, or vote for a democratic society.

Harper, with his absolute denial of anyone in his government to speak to the press, his absolute denial of allowing anyone into his political rallies who has not been 'vetted' by the 'party', and his absolute denial to respond to questions from the people or the press, HAS CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED his contempt for democracy in favour of the monetary and para-military powers which control him.
I suggest that if we give this lying far right neocon bastard control of our government, we will look on back these days of our discontent, and wonder how we could have gone so paradoxically wrong, even as we then labour under a matrix which we have no hope of controlling and even less love of. Let me put it simply: Vote for Stephan Harper and you can forget about even the idea of having your own fish boat to make a living, your own farm to sell to anyone you wish, your own restaurant to feed those who appreciate good food, your own chance of making a living for yourself outside of working for Walmart or MacDonald's, because this fucker is about big business and the end of the world as his religion sees it, and nothing else. Nothing like what a rational government like the NDP would offer you in spades if you would only vote for the one party which actually represents you instead of representing the failed paradigm of fatty foods and nuclear catastrophe which we now suffer under. I mean, goddamn it, I would even vote for Wacky Bennett and the Socreds of his day, because they were way to the left of this current neo-nazi party which would subject us to private prisons and insane laws to further their objectives. So if you vote for them, and find your internet access precludes sites like this one, find your Canada pension will no longer support you in your old age, find that your very though processes have been blankets by 'neothought' media, you will have only yourself to blame.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives totally control their message and often do not show up for the media or local debates. Yet, their base feels the sun shines out of their asses and this can not be rationalized, unless you are multinational receiving unnecessary tax breaks. The evangelical true believers supporting Harper, who is a murderous liar, are beyond understanding. Really, who in their right mind could vote for Jason Kinney or John Baird, when as soon as they open their mouths, one thinks Goofball!

Anonymous said...

Lots of comments to cbc and globe and mail online re royal wedding obscene over-kill over-coverage during one of the most critical election periods in Canadian history.

Make your voice heard. It's easy to log on.

Anonymous said...

Con-bots out-smarted and out-numbered today on cbc and globe and mail on-line.

Last Sunday's con-bot flooding of the globe and mail has not been repeated.

According to these sites the election takes high precendence over the Royals.

Grant G said...


Michael Levy was on cknw with Simi Sara(10:00am, to 10:30am..and..

And Michael Levy was freaking out about Layton..

Levy was crying and moaning how big business and offshore investors will spurn Canada.

They are freaking out..The orange surge is real, despite what AGT blowhard has to say.

Canada is turning left, youth, middle class, no one believes the corporate shills, this my friends means the HST in BC is going down...Christy Gordon Campbell Clark Liberals are going down too as is the Ontario Dalton McGuinty Liberal Government.

"Go left or be left out"

That is the new Canada.

As for the corporate fear mongers...I hope they keep it up, every time they open their mouth more people head to the..

"Big Orange Star"


Anonymous said...

con-bot low-brows commenters on g &m and cbc must be desparate, they're trying to scare us with the spectre of Euro-style socialism.

Should we be so lucky!

If only we had Norway's oil and gas strategy we wouldn't be at the mercy of the oil barons.

Online commenters aren't buying Steve's warning that gas will go up under ndp.

Most are saying Steve had his chance to do something about it.

I have never been so proud of my fellow Canadian commenters who aren't letting anyone forget about:
income trust
tim horton health care
co-ed hosp beds/co-ed hosp hallways
endless war
hst on items never taxed before like veg plants
scandal and corruption
lust for power at any cost
dirty tricks
bloc/conservative proposed coalition

Anonymous said...

Today on the Tyee:

"Harper's 'Visceral Hate' for Liberals"

(Interesting to read Emerson's take on the Cons.)

By Lawrence Martin, author of "Harperland"

Worth it if only for the beauty shot of classic Steve sans glasses.

Anonymous said...

Frustrating to hear several callers to BC Almanac offering their support for the Royal wedding on BC Alamanac today.

To hear this drivel on our already drastically shortened Almanac boils my blood.

The CBC brass knows who its masters are.
Two full hours of Almanac was for BC what Cross-Country Check-up is for Canada. One more venue for free speech taken away.

Does Heather Hiscox and her fellow reps from the CBC really need to cover an already over-hyped wedding from London?

Anonymous said...

"Final campaign push before Royal Wedding"
CBC online

this commenter expresses my frustration and dismay well:

1:26 PM ET

"royal wedding takes over the airwaves." Glad to see the MM will be over looking Canada for a wedding most Canadians don't care about. Just ignore who will be in government, Ignore taxes, ignore the poor, ignore the military, ignore the vets, ignore jobs, ignore economy, ignore the debt, ignore cap and trade, ignore the seniors, ignore the criminals, ignore the victims of crime, ignore the markets, ignore the inflation, Great morals, ethics and values Canada. Good thing you know about that wedding dress that is certainly more important then where this country is headed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY???? .

Anonymous said...

Globe endorses Cons

Highest rated g & m comment:
(where would we be if it weren't for independent thinkers?)

Score: 1038
Gary Wilson
10:56 PM on April 27, 2011

So with your endorsement you are saying that you're okay with this dysfunctional approach to politics. Personal smear attacks? The Globe is okay with that. Lying to Parliament? No problem. Lying to Canadians? The Globe finds that just fine. Obstructing justice? Bulling government workers? The Globe sees no serious issue there. Weaer a Harper t-shirt to a Prime Minister's event and you can stay. Wear an opposition t-shirt and be physically removed. Or simply have an opposition photo on your Facebook and get kicked out. Or a bumpersticker. It's all fun, the Glove says. Unimaginable and unaccoutned for billions on jets with no engines? The Globe's okay with that. Billions more on prisons with no convicts. Keep spending, says the Globe. Get in trouble, shutdown Parliament, the Glove thinks that's a good idea.

The Globe's message to Harper? We're okay with yuor approach to politics.
71 replies

Anonymous said...

Globe and Mail today:

Harper has the personality of a cold fish and never expected his destruction of Ignatieff would backfire so completely.

My response to TruerNorth:

Tom Shadyak on Oprah re his powerful new film:
"I Am". Central theme: cooperation.

Turns out fish have more personality and ability to form consensus than Steve.

Shadyak: "is competition the true essence of human nature?... [scientists] found...that democracy was being played out literally every day by ... animals,"...He recalls his own experiences of going scuba diving and seeing schools of fish dart around as a collective group... flocks of birds in his backyard fly together and change directions suddenly while still remaining together.
.. it turns out, when you do the slow-motion photography, they're all voting literally with every wing beat or with every gill beat. They're voting hundreds of times a minute. And [the scientists] said, 'We found this from insects all the way up to primates.' The basis of nature is cooperation and democracy. It's in our DNA."