Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brave New World

Canada comes alive. there are more people per capital online in Canada than any country in the world, tablets, Iphones and gadgets this dinosaur has even heard of, a tetherless mobile sea of unpolled young voters carrying trillions of bits of information everywhere they go.

This Federal election is different this time, the choices are clear and the lines aren`t blurred, two parties of hope and one party of fear, we all need a little something to hope for and what are we afraid of and what are the Conservatives fearing, yes Canada, it`s not Canadians that are in fear it`s the Federal Conservatives that are terrified of their world dying off, by that I mean their world of controlling the message, controlling the press, making up the rules for their gain, I talk about control and power in the same breath for they are intertwined and neither exists without the other.....

The naive voters are dying, thousands everyday are succumbing to time, both Conservative voters and Liberals voters are dying in droves, the generation of AM radio listeners and big printed daily newspaper readers are going the way of the VHS or early pong game,the generation of people whom are next to die is the generation that depended on honest print, TV or radio for news but what that generation never figured out was.....Their news sources were hijacked by corrupt bribe taking talking heads and corporations with buckets of cash and over time the message of truth has become lost in a sea of spin, lies and advertisnews, news is no longer reported but managed.

The Guelph university voting scandal, the angry Conservatives, the fear..........The fear is emanating from the Conservative party themselves, I couldn`t quite put my finger on it early on, what was different about this election, what was different about Stephen Harper, for the longest time I couldn`t put my finger on what was different this time around, why did Harper runs election ads for months before the election, why did Harper poke a stick in the eyes of the opposition parties, why indeed and then the answer came too me in a flood, like a tsunami it filled my mind and the answer stood before me, the above Michael Ignatief video, when I received that video there was but 30 views, that was early yesterday afternoon, I spread the link around, I placed it at the Globe and Mail, at the Tyee,  and less than 12 hours later it had gone from 30 views to 11,000 views, by morning(this morning) it jumped again to 18,000 views......

The students web sites, the harper web sites, sites about freedom, Democracy, sites about atrocities, about corruption and I realized just how scary the new untethered unpolled and now possibly voting youth is, the fear of self informed young people swarming the polls in record numbers, an army that can mobilize both people and data across the land in seconds, from Facebook to Twitter to blogs, millons of views in hours and it`s that power that has put the fear of god into the Conservative party.

The Guelph voting scandal has sealed the fate for the Harpercons, the story has gone viral and the youth are rising to challenge the status quo, stories of media and public relation firms hiring trolls to put Conservatives talking points in comment threads and social media which tells me that these people of those views don`t exist in reality and it also tells me that the new age online untethered unpolled unrestrained youth is left, center left, an entire generation of Canadian citizens educating themselves free from spin and charts, the Harpercons shut down or attempted to shut down the youth vote for one reason, they lose that vote badly and that bodes well for a bright future.

Technology, a Trojan horse of technology, our corporate masters have themselves sewn the seeds of Democracy around the world, young wired people around the world, Africa, Asia, the middle east, Europe, the Baltics, America, Canada, Home, everywhere young people are RISING UP too say no more, blood will run and ditches will turn red but Democracy will rise, darkness, fear and loneliness no longer exist in a wired world, cameras and I reporters are bringing stories of heroism and sacrifice directly into the young people`s world in seconds, no more smuggling out pictures of atrocities or burnt books, no longer is the African man blind too his surroundings, the child in the Congo can read the same stories as the Harvard graduate, no longer will minds be wasted because dictators burnt down the library, the sacrifices of one youth inspire two which in turn inspire thousands and in milliseconds millions of people rise up and that is what Conservative and other repressive Governments fear more than anything.

Put down that AK-47, don`t light that fire bomb, don`t strap on the martyr suit, pick up your Iphone, your camera, your tablet, film, record click and send.

How ironic, the planned corporate take-over defeated by the very technology they produced, the genie is out of the bottle and elections will never be the same, teachers, professors, facts can no longer be silenced.....

Hope and Fear, the youth of today have re-inspired hope and the fear, the fear exists only in Governments that can`t control the message, can`t control the stories and can`t control the truth.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Doug Pyper said...

A classic post Grant. Very passionate!

I watched the documentary "The End of America" last night and it filled me with renewed fear of the control tactics being displayed by Stephen Harper. He is rising fascist. Elements are surfacing in his personality and his approach to politics that MUST NOT be ignored.

The suppression of democracy in parliament (calling debate pointless unproductive bickering), demonizing coalition and our parliamentary process to promote his total control, instilling unwarranted fear about the economy into Canadians to promote his power, and of late beginning to utilize police state (i.e. mass arrest of innocents at G8 summit). Hence the need for more jails I suppose.

He is appearing more and more like a young Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini in his approach to governance, which is unquestionaby in line with the likes of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld (unpunished war criminals that he actually emulated and supported). We must remember that these were all democracies in the beginning...and all of these monsters were ELECTED.

It is time to 'rise up' against this frightening man. I am NOT OVERSTATING the case. If anyone thinks I am overstaing the only needs to read the history books, or take a long unfettered look at the controlling fear-based America corporate- political autocracy.

If Stephen Harper is elected, our freedom and civil rights are in big trouble...we must make no mistake about that.

We would no longer recognize Canada and our once respected place in the world after one term of Harper majority.

Your post this morning Grant gave me renewed hope and offers hope to all who read it and heed it.

Thanks for this masterpiece of vision. I have bookmarked it, to keep your hopeful thoughts and observations nearby.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with you Grant - Harper has overstepped his mandate, mark or whatever you want to call it. He has pretty much got himself into deep do-do and guaranteed, he will only make it worse with feeble excuses and fear mongering.

It is no doubt that both the Liberals and the NDP are putting a lot of worries on Harpers shoulders - an rightly so.

To try and stamp out democracy as the majority of people see and understand it, is to pit the government against the wishes of the people. A western version of what is happening elsewhere in the world.

I don't think it will take very much to upset the people to the point of general strikes and stoopages - throug out the country. In BC we have to fight not only the federal Conservatives but also the BC Liberal party - who doesn't seem to give a damn about anyone but themselves.

The BC Liberals had better quit before they get chucked out of power - they have caused so much damage and grief in BC, it just ins't funny.

Later today or at the latest Monday morning, we will know who the new NDP leader will be. My guess is that John Horgan will win - we will just have to wait and see what transpires.

I doubt very much, that the two local rags masquerading as daily newspapers in Vancouver, will be able to write an honest and unbiased review of the leadership convention - after all they get paid by the PAB to print propaganda - right !


Grant G said...

Thanks you both,..... Doug Pyper, that is one of the nicest comments I ever had.

Sometimes I get lucky.

Signed...Pacing in Garden Bay.

Anonymous said...

Google: Harper deliver his plans of, Global Governance for Canada. I am so happy, people are realizing the terrifying danger of, Harper and his evil agenda. Remember too, Hitler had a plan for, a thousand year Reich, which was also a Global Governance. I has three brothers, two brothers-in-law and a sister, who all served during WW11. That's why our young Canadians boys were blown to hell. We didn't want our country under a, thousand year, fascist dictatorship Reich.

I really like John Horgan, he is so well respected, even among the opposition. However, all of the NDP candidates, are good people. We are very fortunate, no matter who wins, they will work together, to try and salvage what is left of BC. Hopefully, they can repair some of the terrible damage done, by Campbell and the BC Liberals.

I saw right away, we could not pin our hopes on Christy Clark. She is covering up, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. You can't build peoples hopes on, old unresolved, corrupt crimes.

It was also, hard to tell where the BC Liberal party began, and the BC Conservative party ended, they seemed one and the same. We know Campbell was Conservative and worked for Harper. We know, Christy has a Conservative strategist working for her. We want to be out of that mess and confusion.

It will be heavenly to not have to, constantly watch our backs as we did with Campbell and the BC Liberals. That we will be cared for by, a fair and just NDP Premier, such as John Horgan.

I think some of us have been remiss, Grant, by forgetting to tell you, just how much we appreciate, all of your hours and research. I am very happy, you care enough about the people, to do so. All of this work, on top of your worry for your Dad. I honestly think of you and your Dad, very often. You seem like a friend, that I am afraid, that I have taken for granted. However, I am sorry to the heart, for the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Horgan is talking right now. He's a good man!

BC Mary said...

First of all, the so-called "BC Liberals" aren't Liberals. More accurately, BC Liberals should be called LINO (Liberal In Name Only). They are mostly Reform, Social Credit, Alliance.

Second of all, wouldn't it be smart if FEDERAL Liberals (who are, I believe, still Liberals), could work strategically with the NDP in the May 2nd election to vote out, wipe out Harper's toxic influence in British Columbia?

Anonymous said...

If the electorate vote for this guy(Harper) they're going to get more than they bargained for,do you remember Baird?,he said he phoned campbell every night,to get advise from him,this is not a coincidence folk's it's a plan? I've made a few post's on Harvey's blog a few years ago and it holds true to this day.go and have your selves a look,I don't know how long his site goes back to old posts,but they're on the site maybe he can rehash them it's kind of eerie but,I saw through the bullshit that long ago,Canada it's time to rise up!!!!!!!!!!!!!and not because iggy says so,because democracy demands it, it's our duty,and truly the kid's are ALRIGHT by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And Norm is right on top of things as usual. It may said America, but this includes Canada too. How many hundreds of thousands of jobs are gone? Forestry, fishing, shipbuilding. Wages down, what's the old saying: "A race to the bottom" brought on by governments and big corporations.
Get out and vote.