Friday, April 8, 2011

Barry Penner, the man with little or no BRAINS!

I think the title of this post is very appropriate, now Barry Penner has never been very astute, his inane statements are well known and what I find unbelievable is that Barry Penner Attorney General, the top law and order man in the Province is so absolutely stunned!....Below is cut n pasted from a CP article(Canadian Press) ...No wonder this photographer of Barry Penner mocks Penner...A matchbook attorney, remember those, get your degree through the mail...Meet one of their graduates..Barry dumb ASS Penner

VICTORIA — British Columbians will know the fate of the harmonized sales tax in August.
Attorney General Barry Penner says ballots for the referendum on the future of the HST will start arriving in the mail starting June 13 and that most people should have them by June 24.
He says the cut-off date for Elections BC to receive the ballots by mail or in person is July 22.
Penner says it will take several weeks to count the ballots.
Thousands of British Columbians signed a petition last spring calling for the repeal of a provincial law that led to the introduction of the 12-per-cent combined federal and provincial tax.
Controversy over the HST prompted the mid-term resignation of former premier Gordon Campbell last fall.
His replacement, Christy Clark, promised during the leadership campaign to move the vote up to June 24_____________________________________________________________________________________________
You can read the whole story here

Well well well....Do you see the part I highlighted in bold....So now the referendum has been moved/extended to July 22/2011 to return your ballot to Election`s BC.....And Barry Penner claims it will take several more weeks after that to count the ballots....Are you kidding me!...Three weeks to count ballots!!!

Listen up you stupid stupid man Penner...The ballots will come back in June, ballots will be returned throughout July...The counting will be happening as soon as the first ballot comes in, Elections BC will not wait until the deadline has passed to start counting, the counting will be ongoing all through this period, most ballots will be returned right away, the amount of ballots that will come in at the 11th hour on July 22/2011 will be very minimal...

Yet the stunned Attorney General Barry Penner states that it will take until mid August to count the ballots...What the hell, are they having one person only counting ballots, of course not..We have Federal and Provincial elections with millions of votes counted in one night...This mail out ballot referendum is turning into a joke...First we were told Election`s BC needs 6 months notice to hold a general election, that is a bol\d faced lie..Then we were told how easy and fast a mail out ballot would be....We were told by Christy Clark that the referendum would be moved up...

All that bullshit talk...Moved up to what...The middle of August, all that bluster about moving up the referendum to June 24/2011 and now according to the brain dead match book attorney Barry Penner it will take several weeks to count ballots....You Barry Penner are a bold faced liar and idiot extraordinaire ...Congratulations Christy Clark...You made a huge error by allowing Kash Heed to illegally hold office and now you slapped the people with a bunch of HST crappolla and you send out your idiot Attorney General to make the lamest lie to the public, a lie so lame it boggles the mind..

You just blew it Christy Clark, your snap election will backfire, Heed couldn`t get elected as dog catcher and Kevin Falcon has given up even trying to promote the HST...Falcon is aware of the polling numbers and how badly the HST is going down.

Christy Crunch Clark, new label, same old bitter taste of mean.....BC Liberal motto..."We only cheat when we can`t win"

Your advisors have failed you badly Christy Clark, their advice is toxic, can I give you a little advice...Tell Barry Penner to apologize to the public for such a bold faced lie about three weeks to count a few ballots...

Perhaps next time Barry Penner you will check in with Election`s BC before you put your feet in your mouth....

My Gawd...To think that no counting will start until July/22/2011 when ballots will have been arriving for 5 weeks already starting in June/2011

And finally, in watching CTV news at 6:00pm tonight, apparently BC Hydro has made a threat to the public ....According to the story, BC Hydro stated today that unless it get`s a almost 9% increase starting May1/2011 that we will pay much more later...The statement from BC Hydro continued, they went on to say...

"By summer without the rate hike BC Hydro will be $120 million dollars in the hole" snip....Tammara Taggert asked her reporter if the head brass at BC Hydro wanted to clarify their statement...Apparently Mr. Cobb has declined to comment on BC Hydro threatening the public...

I implore you all to watch tonight`s CTV broadcast here..(make sure to click the Friday/April/8th broadcast).The segment on BC Hydro is around the three minute mark...Prepare to be outraged with the BC Liberals for threatening us through their appointed toadies at BC Hydro...This is beyond sick, BC Hydro needs to be cleansed badly!

Listen up people, Gordon Campbell is a treasonous bastard and BC Hydro can no longer hide the hideous IPP contracts, BC Hydro is being bled dry by the IPP  power buying contracts that Gordon Campbell signed...

I am calling on a judicial review of contracts that the BC Liberal cabinet signed in secrecy, all power buying agreements must be scrutinized, if they aren`t in the public interest they shall be shredded, the review must be conducted from people outside of the Province, preferably outside of Canada.

You can stall Christy Crunch Clark all you want, we want answers not threats....I am also calling for the arrest of Gordon Campbell and charges of Grand Theft, abuse of power, money laundering, breach of public trust, deliberate crimes committed against the Province, every contract must be scanned and scrutinized.

You hear me Cluck Cluck...You pull the Friday trash day trick and hope nobody asks the tough questions...Well we know Balderdash and Vaughn Palmer are useless corrupt media personalities...What about the rest of you so-called Journalists with credentials...Never mind....No wonder big media is broke, both financially and morally.

British Columbia is a very sick Province, it`s called BC Liberal disease and it`s fatal unless surgically removed, can you imagine..BC Hydro threatening the public and the people having to launch class action law suits against David Hahn and BC Ferries after they STOLE FROM REGULAR FERRY RIDERS, Paramedics treated like dirt, 14,000 illegal school classes in BC, even that law gets broken with impunity, theft of assets like BC Rail, torn up contracts with the lowest health workers, financial assaults on seniors, how on earth can anyone ever vote for these BC Liberal creatures....And I blame you main stream media...I hope the disaffected people who have been crushed by the BC Liberal policies come back and take it out on you corrupt media, almost everyone of you are in dereliction of duty, the athletes village, BC Hydro, BCRail, Crappy tied to the dock German Ferries, hundreds of worker suicides caused by Worksafe BC...Attacks on the Autistic, on charities and you corrupt bastards Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer and lazy gutless lackeys like Bill slob Good and Les waterboy  Leyne, Fletcher, Don Cayo, Fazi Mihlar of the Vancouver Sun are all complicit in crimes against British Columbia..

A bunch of useless slugs and when the truth is revealed you media criminals better run for your life, everyone of you have committed crimes against British Columbia.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


JonH said...

Grant, do you think France has any guilotines in mothballs that we can borrow for a while so we can set them up in front of the legislature for possible future use against perpetrators of treasonous crimes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant

hopefully 4 ballots will be leaving my household if they even arrive,
when I was canvassing against the HST I made sure they ticked the
privacy square next to their signature and those who did not do that
then I did it for them before I turned in the petition sheets.

I wonder if the people who did not do that if they will even get a ballot

I will also take a picture of each ballot and they will be sent back
by registered mail screw them this way somebody has to sign for them
I`m just out the money but well worth it.

Walter v E.

Anonymous said...

John H.

I was going to make one and put it on an 8' by 12' trailor.

I was just going to do CEO`s and chairman`s of the boards

There the ones running this province.

Walter vE.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks this mail-in ballot will not end up being rigged by the hand picked flunkies of the (so called) liberals I've got a Golden Ears bridge to sell you.


Elwood said...

Grant, first things first.........

Step One, Chrispy Crunch will be crushed by the people of BC at the next election.

Step Two, the criminal media will be hung by the people of BC after the next election.

Hang in there brother!

JonH said...

Walter vE

We know CEO's and Chairman's of the Boards are running this Province but the truly dispicable of all traitors are the politicians that say they are doing everything for the good of the people and are truly doing the opposite in every corrupt manner possible and pass laws that make it legal to screw the people. But I have no problem including CEO's and Chairmen as they are just another form of parasite that do their business behind everyone's back, behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Everybody listen up. Let's cut the crap and start organizing a general strike.It will take time, months of education,debate,organization, community outreach, small scale job action, rallies,producing art and media, but some of this is already in place.Labor is wealth and we can be strong.We need to start to dictate the terms not be dictated to by the likes of the lieberals and their lackeys and corporate masters.

Anonymous said...

This is one reason why the recall should not have failed. People are to trusting, and assumed that they will have a vote on the issue decided to not sign the recall petition. Everyone must understand that the dirty games played against the citizens of this province will not stop. The Liberals are in power to funnel themselves all the wealth taken from all of us.
Christy is mainly there to put a nice face on it and to continue to try and get you all to 'trust us'.
The Liberals are dirty to the core.

JonH said...

Anon 6:15

Hey, I'm all for a general strike asap and I wonder why there wasn't one when that lying p.o.s Gordon Campbell ripped up the HEU contract. What they need at the BC Fed is a new leader for the 500,000 plus members as Jim Sinclair has proven that he can talk the talk but he can't walk the walk and he has become complacent in the job after too many years. He should move over and make room for new blood with some balls (male or female) before there aren't any members left because the BC Liberals through Government Policy have eliminated vast amounts of good paying union jobs and replaced them with McJobs, just look at the Forest Industry as a perfect example as the Steelworkers Union ranks are just a shadow of their former self as a direct and consorted effort of the BC Liberals and their Forest Industry Masters. Like you say, let's cut the crap and take back our Province before it's too late. A General Strike is a good way to start and kicking the BC Liberals to the curb like road-kill in the next election would be the Perfect Solution.

Grant G said...

I don`t advocate a general strike YET...

But a rally on the legislature lawn with 100,000 pitchforks..

That might send a message worth HEEDing


JonH said...

I'm sharpening up the pitchfork as I type this. If there's a rally count me in.

Elwood said...

Grant, Keith Baldheadrey obviously reads your blog and he is obviously sensitive to your truthful posts. Balderdash just posted this on his FB page link:

"The maliciousness the anonymous cowards post is really something to behold (speaking as someone who is routinely on the receiving end of such vitriol)."

Awwwww.... you are finally getting to the criminal media's soft underbelly. LOL

Anonymous said...

Grant...we need look no further than Wisconsin to see why they need so long to count the ballots...
The Wisconsin Supreme Court election this week had the Democrat winning in an upset over the Republican incumbent but two days after the election...14000 thousand "uncounted ballets" were suddenly "found" and gave the victory to the Republican.The "new found ballets" not only gave the Republicans victory but were just enough to put the total past the point of automatic recount..
It wouldn't happen here now would it?

Anonymous said...

Here is more on the Wisconsin debacle....outright election theft..


Anonymous said...

There is no way, we can trust the ballot count, in this province. BC is rotten to the core with corruption. Right from the top of the food chain, down to the very bottom.

Campbell's election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale??? Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was held in a corrupt court, presided over by a corrupt judge, who favored brain dead witnesses. Then De Jong thieved our tax dollars, to pay the two patsies legal costs. The RCMP are also corrupt. Their crimes, were also swept under the carpet, by the corrupt judicial system. Heed will probably get off, by the same corrupt, BC judicial regime.

The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar, election lie. Along with the tiny provincial deficit???? Campbell, Hansen and Harper, forced the HST onto the people, to give to big business. Elections BC was corrupt. The wording on the recall, was changed after the fact. Campbell and Craig James dirty tactics, will never be forgotten. The FOI was tampered with. We all knew, anyone opposing Campbell lost their jobs. The media has sunk so low, they are beyond redemption. I canceled both of my Vancouver papers.

BC is a cesspool, the stink even blew overseas. Christy Clark dares not to clean up the stench of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. We all know why. We will never forget the treachery, of the BC Liberals, towards the BC people. The Liberals, have caused BC to be the most corrupt province in Canada. Trust Christy Clark??? Never, she is no different than Campbell.

Crankypants said...

Once again I have to state that I believe that this mail-in vote on the fate of the HST will be rigged.

I worked the last provincial election at our polling station, and the checks and balances are extremely rigorous. First of all, each voter is checked to assure that they have the right to vote. It was our responsibility to make sure that each ballot we gave out came back. And when the poll closed, each polling station, we had about ten in our voting place, we had to verify that all ballots were accounted for. We also had scrutineers from the various parties present throughout the day, and all the parties had a scrutineer at each station when the ballots were both counted and accounted for.

I believe that my riding consisted of 143 polling stations with each manned by 2 people. That means that there were 286 pairs of eyes, hired by Elections BC, keeping tabs on the whole process, plus the many scrutineers of the various parties and the overseers of each polling place. Those of us that were hired on a temporary basis came from all walks of life with varied political stances. How many sets of eyes will be given the chore of legitimizing the referendum on the HST using a mail-in ballot? Will these eyes represent all of the political spectrum? Will there be creditable scrutineers present at Elections BC's offices from the time the first ballot arrives until the last one is counted? Seeing as Craig James, Gordo's handpicked flunky, will still occupy the position of Chief Electoral Officer, can we have any real confidence that this whole excercise will be handled in an appropriate manner? When one considers that the BC Liberal Party will use whatever means it needs to employ to get what they want, one must expect that some form of chicanery is not out of the question. What better way than to utilize a voting method than one that offers the least amount of oversight to get the result the government wants.

As an aside, it would be interesting to find out if the people that were members of the BC Liberal Party that claimed they did not receive their Pin Numbers got them after the fact. If they were mailed, as the company that handled that part of the leadership race claims, one assumes that the missing letters should have eventually arrived at their destinations. Or was something else afoot?


BC Mary said...


Penner will live on, in your description ...

Question: who is the dude holding forth in the photo above, apparently explaining the Meaning of Life to Penner and Campbell?

Grant G said...

He is.....

Another BC Sell out artist

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea. why not have a mail in ballot where the ballots we don't like get lost in the mail? Can't blame us for Canada Post! Then, the remaining ballots which get through will be counted by a group controlled by Craig James; that lovable appointee of Gordzilla Cambell who did such a great job cooling of the last uprising by threatening police involvement and slowing progress by using rules which didn't even exist until he made them up. Even the PRETENCE of democracy has been made a sham by these clowns.

But relax, we've been hit by clouds of Japanese radiation over this last weekend. Government and press of course didn't bother to tell us about it. And it ain't over yet, pretty soon you'll be able to power your own Christmas tree lights. Which is a GOOD thing because you won't be able to afford the power any other way.

Of course radiation in cow's milk in Hawaii is 2000% over safety standards, good thing we don't live in Hawaii, eh?
And boy am I glad that it hardly ever rains in BC!

New hit single from the Clark/Campbell Crime Gang:
'Give me your poor, your hungry irradiated masses,
And I'll piss on them.' (unless they're on fire)
With special appearances by iggy and the liberal stooges. 'Would you believe we've changed from the Chretien/Martin years and that despite all our support and connections with big business we're NOW ON YOUR SIDE IDIOT!'
And more mind boggling lies and half truths from Stevie and the Con men. 'would you believe we're going to spend money on social programs five years from now if we feel like it and are still in power?'
gimme a break.