Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gordon Christy Clark Campbell for Premier

I find amazing that the media is so enamored with Christy Cluck Cluck Clark, it appears to me that a smile and spewing venom towards the NDP(who haven`t been in power for 10 years) is more important than substance and brains...

Perhaps the media have forgot, maybe the pubic has forgot, Gordon Campbell before he resigned was the most despised  political leader in north America, a 9% approval rating, lower than Nixon ever polled, lower than George Bush the lesser, the media keep calling Cluck Cluck "The outsider" in the Liberal leadership race when the reality is, a Christy Clark Government is in actuality a Gordon Campbell Government, the ties between Clark and Campbell is more than coincidence, are the media blind?..No, the media sees what we see but refuse to say anything, Christy is one of their own........BC Rail is Campbell`s shame, he lied, he sold our asset, of all the players involved in the corrupt BC Rail deal none are more entwined than Christy Clark and her family, her ex-husband Mark Marrisen, Bruce Clark and Patrick Kinsella.

As you know Patrick Kinsella was Gordon Campbell`s campaign manager in 2001 and 2005, Kinsella became a lobbyist for CN Rail after 2001, Kinsella also was paid nearly $300.000 over three years for doing a "core review" on BC Rail, and it was BC Rail that was paying him, there was internal email evidence from BC Rail executives which stated..{Why is Patrick Kinsella on the BC Rail payrole} ...The response back was...{Patrick Kinsella is a powerful backroom BC Liberal}.......Let`s have a look at the Patrick Kinsella, Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark and her family connection..

Kinsella was a lobbyist for PAYDAY LOANS...A ruthless company in the business (IMO)  of issuing loans at usuary rates  , these companies should be banned, Kinsella is also a lobbyist for Plutonic power, the worst financial disaster in B.C. history, IPP private power, buy high and sell low, a ratepayer money stream being funneled to friends of the Gordon Campbell.....But the ties don`t end there, the Kinsella  tentacles are everywhere...Such as the connection from 1999 through 2004 with this company

 Bruce Clark(Cluck cluck`s brother) was president, Kinsella was on the board of directors, Eric Bornmann  was communication director  and is also  listed as "Investor relations".....Yup, more connections to Gordon Campbell and BC Rail.

Let`s recap, Patrick Kinsella was Campbell`s campaign manager, he was working for both CN Rail and BC Rail at the same time, Kinsella was a lobbyist for payday loan company, a lobbyist for Plutonic power, Kinsella was connected with Bruce Clark, Eric Bornmann who were all in talks about creating a new lobbying/communication company with Dave Basi and Bobby Virk......The below statement from  the warrants released last Monday, the statement was from Eric Bornmann

Eric Bornman, then a lobbyist in Victoria, told police that he believed he first met Basi and Basi's co-accused, Bobby Virk, in 1999 in a "political capacity," the documents say.
"Subsequent to meeting, Basi and Virk became important political allies of mine and social acquaintances," Bornman is quoted in an interview conducted in April 2004.
"I also proceeded to, there was an exchange at that time of political favors, prior to the B.C. Liberals forming government, in 2001."
Bornman says that he, Basi and Bruce Clark, the brother of Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark, entered into "casual discussions" around the possibility of a government relations communications practice.
Following the election, Basi and Virk continued to be "important political contacts" and political allies, he told police

And there is so much more, Patrick Kinsella has been lobbying for expanded gambling for years, years and years before he even bothered registering

The connections don`t stop there, Kinsella was the lobbyist for Alcan and we all know how bad that deal was for the town of Kitimat,  and Accenture....Cut and pasted from Hansard
B. Ralston: We are raising a serious question that concerns the very integrity of the highest office in this province, the Office of the Premier. The question is a very simple one. What did the Premier tell his political chief of staff, Martyn Brown, to tell his campaign manager, Patrick Kinsella, about the CN bid for B.C. Rail?
Hon. M. de Jong: The matters referred to by the member are before the courts.
Mr. Speaker: Member has a supplemental.
B. Ralston: Will the member opposite explain: what was the respective role of Martyn Brown in the Premier's office and Mr. Kinsella in the Accenture deal, the awarding of a contract of $1.4 billion to Accenture and the sale of one-third of the operations of B.C. Hydro?
Hon. M. de Jong: I'll take the question on notice.
S. Simpson: Hon. Speaker, the matters that are before the courts will be dealt with by Justice Bennett there. The matter that is before….
[ Page 14702 ]
Mr. Speaker: Members.
Mr. Speaker: Take your seat.
Members. Members.
Continue, Member.
S. Simpson: The matter that is before this chamber is the integrity of the Premier's office, the highest office in this.… We know that the Premier's chief adviser, Mr. Kinsella, is now up to his knees in this. We now know from today that Martyn Brown was a key adviser on this. We have to believe that the Premier knew about this.
So the question to the government is this. If this government cares one whit about its integrity, if it cares one whit about the integrity of the Premier's office, it will tell us today: what was the role of the Premier's office? What was the role of Martyn Brown, and what was the role of Patrick Kinsella? Anything less is more cover-up by the Liberals trying to cover up their past

Accenture and Patrick Kinsella , The below cut and pasted from

Patrick Kinsella, a friend of Premier Gordon Campbell and one of the most powerful stringpullers in the B.C. Liberal party, has made a killing on government contracts since guiding his pals to power in 2001.
Kinsella was co-chairman of the Liberal election campaign that year. He was a top Liberal strategist again in 2005 when Campbell was re-elected.
When he wasn't running Liberal election campaigns, Kinsella was busy running a lucrative business as a government-relations consultant. His speciality: helping corporate clients like Accenture and Alcan bag juicy contracts with the Campbell government.
Now it turns out even Crown corporations were hiring Kinsella — including nearly $300,000 in deals with B.C. Rail that touched off a firestorm at the legislature yesterday.
B.C. Rail paid the money to Kinsella's companies starting in 2002 — about the same time the Campbell government was planning to privatize the publicly owned railroad ________________________________________________________________________________________

The connections between Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella and Christy Clark are not a coincidence, they are friends, associates, business partners, so many of the shady deals, deals that have cost the Province a fortune are all linked to Christy Clark and her family, Kinsella and Gordon Campbell, Do you want to vote for Gordon Campbell for premier, because believe me, if Christy Clark becomes premier in reality Gordon Campbell would STILL BE PREMIER......So Patrick Kinsella is backing Christy clark,  Kinsella arranged for Christy Clark`s radio gig on CKNW, lets have a look at Jessica MacDonald, who is she, Jessicca MacDonald was Gordon Campbell`s senior deputy until late 2009....She has now since resigned but in reality Jessicca hasn`t gone anywhere, her husband Mike MacDonald is........Drum roll please..

Mike MacDonald, husband of Jessicca MacDonald is Christy Clark`s Campaign manager, coincidence, not a chance, Patrick Kinsella and Gordon Campbell have groomed Christy Clark to carry on as a shadow premier when the truth is Patrick Kinsella and Gordon Campbell will be pulling the strings, nothing will change, the ruinous economic policies in Canada`s narco Province will carry on with business as usual, business for corporate BC Liberal donors!

Let`s do another recap, all the most contentious issues have involved Patrick Kinsella, Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark Bruce Clark.....Expanded gambling, usuary pay day loans, outsourcing to Accenture, Plutonic power and rape of river IPPs, Alcan and Kitimat, $900 million dollar retractable roof, the theft of BC Rail, the $600 million dollar and growing tax indemnity to CN Rail, .....And the ethics of these players, Bruce Clark fought tooth and nail to bring back inside smoking to bars and is involved with IPPs too.

So there`s the deal, 91% of the public detest Goprdon Campbell yet Christy Cluck Cluck Clark is touring the Province claiming to be the outsider in the BC Liberal leadership race when in fact the same people who pulled Gordon Campbell`s strings will be pulling Christy Cluck`s strings..
"You can`t prevent the putrid stench that follows Christy Clark no more than you can stop  gulls from following a tuna boat"
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


John Ghun said...

Don't overlook Martyn--why "Y" ?--Brown, Bob Rennie, Dennis Skulski, David Maclean, or Peter Brown, either. TheY'll all be linked into the campaign somehow, too.

I get the impression that they aren't going to go peacefully.

Hope i'm wrong.

But i do recommend that good people keep a close eye on the counting of all ballots, be it party or electoral, from hereon out.

Crankypants said...

As I see it, this is just one more reason to hope that she wins the leadership of the BC Liberal Party. You and AGT have been doing an excellent job of connecting Christy Clark's backers with those that have been operating in the shadows of Gordon Campbell's reign of malfeasance.

The abrupt ending of the Basi-Virk-Basi trial complete with the fact, carried by all the MSM, of the $6 million hit on the government's coffers, read beleaguered taxpayers, has taken the sale of BC Rail from a forgotten story back into the limelight. When the sale originally occured, there were many that reside in the lower mainland that dismissed the objections brought forward by the many smaller communities that were serviced by BC Rail as nothing more than sour grapes. In their minds, this sale had no personal connection. I suspect that this attitude has changed.

If she prevails, she will either have to create a by-election or call a snap election in order for her to sit as a member of the Legislature. Either way, the opposition will be able to draw on all the data you and AGT have exposed. At this point, she will only be facing the delegates of her party and probably not have to answer the tough questions. If chosen, I am quite sure that she will find the electorate will not be so condescending.

The only way we will ever have the chance to find out how badly the BC Liberal Party's term in office has affected BC's future is to get them out of power, and I think that if Christy prevails, we will have our best chance.


Grant G said...

Gee Cam...Thanks, I think?

Maybe AGT and I are related, like that movie.."Twins".... With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito...

Guess who is Danny Devito? I`ll give you a hint..Not me!

All kidding aside,as much as it pains me to say it...Those last three memos were quite compelling...

I give AGT 5***** for putting it out there in very clear form for us mere mortals to peruse...

Cam...Shhh...Don`t let Tsakumis know I said that...

He`ll be saying I`m drunk or delusional...

Must be the Christmas spirit, I almost miss sparring with him.

Powell River Persuader 4....Tsakumis 2....

He`s gaining, time to ramp it up a bit.


John Ghun said...

i Forgot to mention another guy who's guilty by association, if not a whole lot more--Alan Seckel.

It's no accident he worked at the firm of Russell & DuMoulin (now Fasken Martineau) along side the likes of well..."Berardino--" who had BC Mary wondering: "--why he was appointed the SP by his former law partners, former Deputy AG Allan Seckel (now Deputy Minister to the Premier) and former AG Geoff Plant, for such a complicated criminal case in the first place?" Mary's always so civil. i'M saying Seckel's connections are far from harmless.

Moreover, this is the guy who had to sign-off on the $6m snakey hand-shakey that took care of all those legal costs for Dave Basi and his boyz.

On the legal side, Seckel is a key player, a real hands-on, go-to guy in the Company, the one that is now recycling this new sensation we all know-n-love as Christy "Families First" Clarke.

Just saying.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. GHUN...

There are many more connections, and the thing is..

There is no way in hell that Sean Leslie, Balderdash, Palmer, Fletcher, Leyne and others couldn`t have known what was going on..

If I can figure out with a computer, phone, eyes and ears from Powell River..

Those clowns are rubbing shoulders with these people for years.

What we had was a corrupted media..

Sean Leslie`s wife works for PAB..Baldrey`s wife works for the government, how many more media wives, sons, daughters work for PAB?

Might make for an interesting FOI request...The names of all 200 plus PAB employees.


Anonymous said...

Is the media, bought and paid for by the BC Liberals, or under threat. Any bad press regarding Campbell, no government ads. I quit buying newspapers out of Vancouver and Victoria, a long time back. I consider them, the funny papers. Same as Christy Clark's radio crap. One minute and I'm bored. I also boycott some TV media as well, and don't buy, their sponsors products. Everyone involved in, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR...Should have their assets seized, and, they should be jailed. The BC Liberal party should be run, right out of our province. De Jong, should be heavily fined, for covering up, Campbell's corrupt sale, and in prison, for thieving our tax dollars, to pay the two patsy's crimes. In all of my many years, never have I saw a more corrupt, dirty government, as the BC Liberals. Our BC children living in poverty, are not able to do their school work. Their teachers say, they are far too hungry to concentrate. Not that the BC Liberal ministers and mla's care. They all backed that monster, Campbell right to the hilt. All of the candidates, aiming to replace Campbell, are just as bad as he is. They are tainted with Campbell's evil and corruption, as we have now learned.

Anonymous said...

Since the majority of citizens have come to realize how contemptible Good,Leslie,Baldery,Palmer,Fletcher,Leyne and others have become in their reporting of the news (or as in their case the non-reporting)it seems to me they have two choices to regain a scintilla of respect. Start reporting the truth or go crawl under the rock that the BC Liberals migrated from (if there is any room left there). In Bill Good's case I doubt neither of these options would be open to him because I seriously believe that he thinks of himself as some news messiah and the only way out for him and his followers is to drink the kool-aid.

istvan said...

Grant,at least the frog may have informed some people that wouldn't read your blog.It all helps.S.

John Ghun said...

Ah--yes; here we go:

"New BC Liberal voting system will dampen traditional convention...,"

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Grant! A Christmas greeting for you and yours, and a Liberal Christmas Carol too, at my site:

Curt said...

Merry Christmas Grant! And have a Happy, Healthy and Properous New Year.

Excellent site.

Don F. said...

Many Thanks and a wonderful Xmas to you and yours!
Don F.

Anonymous said...

I was astounded by, the physical attack on Laila Yuile. She was not shoulder checked once, but twice and very nearly knocked down. She even had her children with her at the time. I really hope Laila calls the police. Recall canvassers, are being stalked by people in dark clothing. The canvassers, also should be calling police, they could be in peril too. There was also, the canvasser who, had people come out of a pub, and, they abusively yelled at her. I read, Ida Chong was across the street watching. So, there are threats, abusive yelling, stalking, and now physical attacks. These people, should be calling the police. Whether they would do anything or not, is debatable. Campbell and Craig James, got the RCMP to scare an elderly lady in her eighties and other people, so they would be too afraid to sign the recall. As far as I am concerned, that was dirty work, the police did for Campbell and James. So the BC citizens, working their tails off, for the recall. Could be ignored by the police. The police are obviously pro Campbell. They even refused, to do a further investigation of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. I hope the canvassers are in pairs, across the street from each other, and carry cell phones, when they are canvassing, door to door. I guess I am getting old now. The ugly, bad things going on in this province, really gets to me. Laila being attacked physically, upset and scared me.

However, perhaps we can put all of this behind us for a few days, and enjoy our Christmas'. I hope to wish all of the, fight HST people, and, all of the wonderful bloggers, a really Merry, Happy, and, a Good Christmas, with your families.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work Grant it's much needed and appreciated.
Have a good Christmas.

Thanks Jon

jaydee said...


Thankyou again for another year of brilliant investigative reporting and doing the work of Public Enemy # 1, the main stream (media).

Besides you, the next best thing politically in 2010 is Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks. They have hit on a few things B.C., reported in the local papers down here and one reported in The Tyee. My wish for 2011 would be that they get into Campbell and his gang of B.C. Liberals. It could be the answer to our problems, no way Campbell could corrupt WikiLeaks if even the U.S. can't shut him up.

Have a fun-filled Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Rest up, take care as we all get ready for a very busy 2011.

Also a big thanks to other good political bloggers, Laila Yuile, and many others.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or when Christy speaks to you with that smile does it not look like she is laughing at you. When I watch I see a little conversation bubble of her thoughts about how stupid everybody is to vote for more of the same.

Someone asked me if I could say anything good about Campbell. Yes, he didn't resign over the DUI saving us from an earlier onset of Campbell 2.0. Spend more time with the Clark family,,, ya right... I'm going home if I can't be Premier. Next kick at the can was the mayors job and now another kick at Premier.

lol, are the Liberals that stupid they think the people of BC, who just booted a steady hand in the till will now elect an even more obvious carpet bagger.

We might not ever solve the mystery behind the Mona Lisa smile but we absolutely know who Clark is laughing at, us.