Monday, April 11, 2011

Jane Thorthwaite and Cluck Cluck or Thelma and Louise(updated at the bottom)

Isn`t that special, Christy Clark and her gal pal Jane Thorthwaite smiling for the camera, I know one thing for sure, one of them won`t be smiling for much longer, maybe both!

Alex Tsakumis, my fellow loud mouth blogger(not an insult).....Alex had another scoop on Sunday past, Alex Tsakumis claims Christy Clark will be announcing Tuesday/April/12th(tomorrow) and calling a by-election for Gordon Campbell`s old riding, to me the timing is strange and I have even mused to myself that it`s possible that Cluck Cluck will be calling a full general Provincial election ...The date..May 10....

And as I read his post something was bothering me, nothing to do with his post but sometimes my internal radar starts beeping, I can`t explain the ability I have to see things in a multi dimensional form, so anyway, my radar was going nuts and then I got to thinking, where have we seen this play before, well, we have to go back to 2009, remember, I am talking about the Canada line RAV line, ......Remember the opening of the Canada line, there was a ton of overtime hours put in by the workers too ensure that the Canada line`s grand opening was 2 weeks early, the Grand opening was on a Monday, and, BC Mary and others will remember, the same day the BC Rail trial was set to start was the day Gordon Campbell chose to have the Canada line open, the big photo-op, all the press enthralled with the Canada line party, line ups for hours for a free ride, Gordo and company riding the front of the train, it was all Canada line news all day long, and others like me who considered all the overtime hours that were involved to make that date happen, why wasn`t the grand opening on the Sunday(The day before)...Families and workers could have attended the grand opening, instead it was a Monday downtown disaster, some people like me pondered and mused that Gordo went out of his way to change the channel on BC Rail by having the Canada line open the same day...Maybe it was just a coincidence, or was it?

So Alex Tsakumis claims Christy will be calling the big By election tomorrow morning, and I believe he may be right, and what else might be happening tomorrow that may embarrass the Christy Clark Campbell Liberals...

Lordy lordy, what another coincidence, Jane Thorthwaite hypocrite and drunk driver is in North Vancouver Provincial court for her trial for driving while drunk as a skunk, that`s right folks, her trial, imagine that, I wonder how many media will be watching Jane Thorthwaite squirm in court compared to how many stooges will be covering Christy Cluck cluck Clark smiling and lying to the camera....

Same old playbook, same old BC Liberals, same old crappolla.....What are the odds that Christy Clark would announce her by election the same day Jane Thorthwaite is in court?

Let me remind you what Jane Thorthwaite did that night during the Olympics....

Jane Thorthwaite went to a big party at Sochi house in Vancouver, Jane left her car at the sea bus on the North Shore side....She went to Sochi house via the sea bus, at Sochi house where hundreds of witnesses saw Jane Thorthwaite consuming wine, plenty of wine...Jane Thorthwaite while she was at Sochi house actually tweeted this message..."BC Wine is Delicious" snip..Fact!

After Jane`s night of good food and cheer, she got a ride to the sea bus where she got on the sea bus and returned to the north shore where her car was parked, (considering she makes over $100k per year, she couldn`t afford a taxi)...Jane got in her car and drove the industrial lower road and headed to North Vancouver, but sometimes the police put sneaky road blocks in weird places to catch those that use barren industrial roads while drunk, never the less she drove smack into a road block under the ironworkers memorial bridge, the police smelled booze, they made her blow in a road side device where she blew well over the legal limit, she was brought to North Vancouver police station where she blew again in the big breath tester and again she failed.

When the story broke two days later Jane Thorthwaite made these public statements....\

"I know what I did was wrong, it was stupid, ....I didn`t think I was that impaired....I know even one drink and driving is too many....I ask for forgiveness from my constituents and I will work very hard to regain their trust" SNIP

Well lordy lordy, that`s sure sounds like a confession, the tweeting about BC wine being Delicious, the apology, and

And you blew well over the limit both road side and back at the station so can you tell me why Jane Thorthwaite is not only wasting the courts time but she has shown herself to be nothing but a pathetic life endangering hypocrite, you confess, there were hundreds of witnesses who saw you drinking at Sochi house, you blew over over over and out and you stand up and plead for forgiveness and when no one is looking you plead not guilty in the hopes of getting off on a technicality or hope the officers were transfered to Moosejaw .....

Well, I guess it`s just another BC Liberal coincidence, Christy stealing headlines while the drunk tries to wiggle out from her responsibility.....Anywho....Jane Thorthwaite`s full trial starts at 9:30 am in North Vancouver Provincial courts.

P,A 54940-1 THORNTHWAITE, JANE Ann North Vancouver Provincial Court 12Apr2011
9:30 AM
001 FT IBJ 720:10-5138

One thing I know for sure, no one will shed any tears when these two drive off a cliff!

(UPDATED HERE....Obviously I was right about this announcement being made for no other reason than to change the channel on all the pathetic BC Liberal stories, why would I say that....Why would Christy make her by-election announcement without offering a date for when the election is...Will there be another photo-op  when she announces the date, expect that announcement on another BC Liberal trash day!)

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Christy Clark, I know this has probably been covered here somewhere but bear with me for a moment:
When did Christy announce that the referendum ballot would be conducted by mail in? Was it before she was selected leader of the party or after?
If it was after, how is that any different from Gordo telling us he wouldn't sell BC Rail and then selling it to his biggest railway campaign contributor? How is it any different from the BC Liberals telling us that the HST 'wasn't on the radar' before the 09 election and then bringing it in just two months later?
If she waited until after her selection to announce the mail in ballot then she is already practicing the old style of liberal politics and she hasn't even been elected yet. Could she have told all those party members who voted for her that she was moving up the referendum date, and then neglected to tell them that; as Grant has pointed out, with all the delays it would be pretty much the same old date Mr. Campbell offered us? Of course it's not on the same scale of grand theft larceny which the BC Rail deal was, or even the grand theft larceny which is what the Liberals did to us on the BC Fast Ferries deal, still...

Grant G said...

Bad news for the BC Liberals...Natural gas is a bust.

Read this shocking story.

Courtesy of Paul Willcocks

Crankypants said...

If Jane Thornthwaite is not convicted of impaired driving, then we will have all the confirmation we need that BC's justice system is nothing but a charade.

I also recall her grovelling performance on the newscasts the next day. I remember her saying something like "I did a stupid thing", and at no time did she deny she was blitzed.

On tonight's late news on CTV, the BC Liberal official television station, or maybe more appropriately called PAB with video, they ran a story with man in the street type interviews. All the people they showed support her, but one has to wonder if this was a legitimate snapshot or a clip where non-supporters had their interviews hit the editing room floor.

She may well win her coveted seat in Gordon Campbell's riding, but her legitimacy as Premier of this province will not be confirmed until she prevails in a general election.

Is the rest of BC going to be happy to again be ruled provincially, not only from a leader based in the lower mainland, but from the same riding? With that in mind, I think that the BC NDP members that are now able to vote for their new leader should really consider John Horgan as their first choice. It is time that the next Premier of BC represent a riding outside the big smoke and away from the tentacles of Howe Street.


Grant G said...

Gawd...This Government is so bad...Jane Thorthwaite in court today, what else are they trying to hide...

BC Hydro gives $270 million dollar smart meter contract to Itron out of Washington state, BC Hydro isn`t waiting for any review..

Interesting that Accenture is a major partner of Itron...

Great, we had Friday trash days with Gordo, now everyday is a BC Liberal garbage day.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jane. Plead not guilty and we'll put the fix in for ya..wink wink..nudge nudge..And we'll take the heat off ya by announcing something big that day..wink wink..nudge nudge..What a sickening, despicable lot they are.

JonH said...

What I got from that article in the Globe and Mail on natural gas is it proves what you and everyone else have been saying for a long time. The BC Liberals accounting of the Province's finances have screwed BC for the forseeable future. It's hard to believe that such a bunch of fiscally inept screwups as the BC Liberals (especially Coleman) can still be in charge of the financial affairs of this Province. On the other hand it just shows who is really running this Province and reaping the benefits of it's resources doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

DUI charge dropped against Thortwaite:

Not enough evidence. Sure. She admitted to it, but there's not enough evidence.