Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stephen Harper and Christy Cluck Cluck Clark are Running Scared!

Well here we are on the verge of armageddon, the end of the world, everything we love and hold dear will vanish from Canada when....

Big mouthed blow hards like Alex Tsakumis, braindead idiots like the stamp salesman Michael Levy, the Globe and Mail, the big banks and even Jack Ass Mintz are all predicting financial ruin for Canada if Jack Layton becomes premier or even the official opposition, what a bunch of fools..

Michael Levy was on cknw between 10:00am and 10:30am with Simi Sara, Levy wasn`t there to talk about oil, or gas, he wasn`t there to talk interest rates he was there to.....Michael the fool Levy for years claimed he was "Non-Political"....That was then this is now, Levy was warning of a stock market collapse, offshore investors and corporations leaving Canada, Levy mentioned that Telus won`t invest in BC without the HST....What a load of crap, thank goodness Simi Sara laughed at Michael Levy and called him a fear monger, Alex Tsakumis is also braindead, Tsakumis makes up his own revisionist history on past Government performances, or in case of the Federal Conservatives a lack of any financial stewardship, in fact Federal Conservatives are nothing but spenders and debt creators, Harper was also scare mongering about what would happen if the Big Orange Star Jack Layton took  power....According to those shaking in their boots stooges....

If the Federal NDP win power there will be Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, locusts and God will wreak havoc on mankind with Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Droughts and even nuclear accidents.....Oops, never mind, look folks, these idiots are scared shitless and that confirms that the orange surge is real, Michael Smyth was also ordered to sling mud at both the Federal NDP and Provincial NDP, he was ordered to do so by his bosses at CKNW and Christy Clark, Smyth has now become irrelevant as a credible radio voice, he`s a Federal Conservative and BC Liberal ball licker with no spine.

Michael Smyth.....I have a little message for you.....Are you stunned or paid by the BC Liberals?...Your on air rants about the NDP of the 90s, you claim they were high tax, ran deficits and life was bleak, the NDP doubled our debt in the 90s and the BC Liberals doubled our debt twice in the last decade.....You are a conman Smyth...What debt did Gordon Campbell create, what taxes did Campbell inflict?....Hydro rates more than doubled in cost under the BC Liberals plus a two tier rate for home owners, ferry fares, fuel taxes, MSP, park fees, ICBC, user fees, downloaded cost onto the municipal Governments who in turn pass it on to the tax payer, steep increases on seniors, transit fares, and on and on, those are all stealth taxes, and now smart meters coming for real time billing and don`t forget the HST and carbon tax....Wages grew in BC by the lowest% of any province in the last decade...How much is our debt now Smyth?...Try the figure $65 billion dollars not counting P3s and IPP power buying contracts, BC Liberals more than doubled our debt, closed 186 schools, closed 25 court houses, closed 9 prisons......Why not compare Campbell Liberal debt in his decade to the NDP`s, compare GDP numbers, compare employment numbers, housing starts and even net migration and you will find that the NDP outperformed the BC Liberals...

You know all of those facts Michael Smyth for I have sent you proof more than once........So for you Michael Smyth to blatantly Lie on the radio is criminal, in fact you should be reported to the CBSC council....Maybe I will give my friend Solange Courteau a call.

The Conservatives, what meek mice they be, remember the howls from Stockwell Day when John Cummins became the leader of the BC Conservative party, he was crying in his corn flakes, Stockwell Day and Michael Smyth told the public that they can`t vote for the Cummins party or they will elect the NDP by default, imagine that, these gutless cowards can`t put forth a party platform to attract voters so they fear monger about the socialist hordes, ....

Maybe the Federal Conservatives should have passed a bill declaring no parties can run for power except Federal Liberals and Cons, the Conservatives don`t like the fact that there may be two parties on the right in BC and and the Federal Cons can`t stand the fact that their voters have deserted them for a party of the people.

Jack Layton may well win the next election and I can tell you with certainty that no one will leave the oil patch, Encana gas won`t leave BC, Teck Cominco won`t go, the foresters won`t go, Telus, Bell, Rogers, nobody will leave and that is the biggest fear tactic the right wing losers have....

For when the NDP take power in Canada and in BC life will go on, the market won`t move, the corporate thieves and profitable banks won`t go anywhere, life will go on without a hiccup and the myth of Conservative fiscal stewardship will be forever removed from the revisionist history buff`s cheat sheet, no longer will fear work, in fact they may actually have to present honesty and ethics to get elected..

Christy Clark is in big trouble, Colin Hansen was on the radio news today and he said.......
 Premier Christy Clark's by-election campaign chair Colin Hansen said "there are better ways for candidates to spend their time than participating in all-candidates' meetings.
"It winds up with a room full of the converted who come out," said Colin Hansen, the MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena.
"There are very few undecided voters in the room," said Hansen, who has participated in such meetings himself in the past. "Quite frankly in the time it takes to go through an all-candidates' meeting in a riding, a candidate can visit a lot more undecided voters that really have questions they want legitimate answers to"
Let me translate what Colin Hansen said......Christy Clark is afraid to discuss her role as education minister between 2001 to 2005...Christy Cluck Clark doesn`t want to answer question about her and her brother Bruce Clark`s direct illegal involvement in BC Rail...Just like the soon to be departed Federal Cons the BC Liberal Cons refuse to debate other candidates in public, so much for the new sensation of change, just think, Falcon and Clark and Hansen believe it`s okay to avoid questions, avoid debate, Christy Clark wants to be premier but she is refusing to attend any all candidate meetings...

What a buffoon, Christy Clark is sunk, not only will the HST be voted gone but the BC Liberal party itself is imploding quietly behind the scenes, there is no unity, both the Federal Cons and Federal Liberals are losing seats to Jack Layton and Clark has done nothing to support her Federal Liberal counterparts and Kevin Falcon has been ordered to keep out of the Federal Conservative debate, internal anger is brewing..

The public, the youth, the middle class, nobody is drinking the Kool Aid from the Corporation, the Wall Street thieves and financial giants ripped off the world, bail outs and bonuses for failed performances, fraud, lies and ponzi schemes, we here in British Columbia were told prices would drop with the HST, jobs would be created, investors would flock to BC...

Prices have risen, gas is nearing record high prices, oil is over $112 per barrel, food prices up, everything is up and we have lost 30,000 full time jobs in BC since the HST came in and still these conmen claim  the HST is good...HA..

Kevin Falcon the bold faced LIAR, he lied in the legislature yesterday, he lied today, every other word out of his mouth is a lie, yesterday Falcon lied about the HST credits families get, then Falcon said this load of garbage...

160 countries around the world have a HST type tax system and no country would dream of adopting a old antiquated PST GST dual tax regime

Well....Isn`t that interesting, both Stephen Harper and Falcon make the claim that Canada and BC are the strongest economies in the world, in fact Harper in his tired campaign speeches states this...

The world recovery is fragile, earthquakes, debt crisis in Europe, our American neighbors in a financial mess, Canada is an island of stability in a world of trouble

So let`s see if we have this straight, Europe with their HST/VAT is drowning in debt, the United Kingdom is drowning in debt, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Greece, all those countries THAT HAVE THE HST ARE DROWNING IN DEBT AND CANADA AND BRITISH COLUMBIA WANT TO ADOPT THEIR TAX STRUCTURE!

Well, you see how idiotic that is, what happens with HST/VAT taxes is....Economies go underground and Government revenues fall, Governments respond by raising the tax level in hopes of increasing revenue, the more they raise it the more goes underground, very similar to pricing BC Ferries too the point of diminishing returns, the fares increase and fewer riders travel, less riders equals less revenue thus requiring more increases and that is what happened in Europe....Idiots like Alex Tsakumis, Michael levy and Michael tabloid drivel Smyth are just too stunned to understand!

Anyway, the Orange surge is real, the BC HST is going down and with this National NDP surge Christy Cluck Clark and the lying Liberals are done like dinner.

These dinosaurs have been outsmarted by technology, Canada is the most wired country in the world per capita, BC is the most wired of all the Provinces, BC has 87% of its people on line, the remaining ghosts who aren`t online are dying off in droves...Web sites, blogs, links, facebook, twitter, no longer can buffoon idiots spew lies on air without being called on it...

Meanwhile...When the NDP take power in Canada and BC the sun will still shine, miners will mine, drillers will drill and bankers will bank and the last vestige of Conservative spin and distortion will be gone!

Canada is turning left...."Go left or get left behind"

Lastly, can`t you see how amazing all this is....Corporations can no longer control the message, Governments can`t stop the truth, the Trojan horse of technology is the death knell for both the Federal Cons and Provincial Fiberals.

Have fun with your HST town hall meetings Kevin Falcon and good luck Christy Cluck Cluck Clark with those rare diseases you contracted....Debate laryngitis and a 5 year memory lapse!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The following is an excerpt from the European Commission studying the effectiveness of VAT in Europe. This report was released this week (2011) and will be studied further into the year. When reading, keep in mind Finance Minister Kevin Falcon saying how we must be on a level playing field with Europe & others with VAT....
"In half a century, value added tax has taken the world by storm... But despite its reach, some are ready to declare it an idea whose time has gone.
VAT fraud has become pervasive and, at least in Europe, the tax is at a watershed. Can it survive in its current form? ...[I]t is in Europe that the weaknesses are at their most glaring. This month the European Commission launched an “in-depth debate” on whether VAT should be modified. Chas Roy-Chowdhury of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants says: “I think the writing is on the wall for the VAT system.”
European VAT is in a mess for two main reasons: its vulnerability to fraud and its complexity. Fraud, evasion and avoidance cost at least one in every 10 euros of the tax collected – roughly double that in other industrialised countries... VAT abuse takes many forms – most commonly the reluctance of traders in the black economy to have anything to do with the tax. But the biggest headache is sophisticated fraud."
Is this what we have to look forward to ? Stop the HST now before it's too late.

Joe Lalonde

spellcheck said...

Got an invite to the returns party on Monday night! So stoked I can't believe it! Hockey game tonight, wedding later on; campaigning is done.

Great post, Grant.

Anonymous said...

And each time the world has an economic meltdown, look who is in charge. Look who bails them out, we the people through increased taxes all the while cutting back on education, healthcare, infrastructure, the 3 most important things that should be taken care of before anything else. We need to educate our population, not dumb it down through fees that most ordinary families cannot afford.
And you're right about encana, macquarrie, etc not leaving, regardless of the government in charge, there's too much money to be made. And you know what, if they want to go, let em go. There are more companies who would love to have access, and there are more who would pay their fair share of taxes.
No more exporting of raw logs, keep the jobs here.

Doug Pyper said...

Don't have to invest any time expressing my political thoughts. You do it all for me.

Thanks Grant

Anonymous said...

Harper is a financial train wreck and the only reason he can campaign on a strong economic record is because Fraser Institute kooks like Michael Levy have their heads up his arse. Look at Harper's deficit numbers. Look as he runs up the loan balance of CMHC and fuels a coming real estate mess with the lowest interest rates in history. Look as he planned to deregulate Canadian Banks, just like in the US, had he obtained a majority. Look as he secretly negotiates another corporate "free trade" deal with Europe that will give the multinationals control of our food, water and public services. The man is bad news, period.

cherylb said...

I'm no Lieberal fan, but I agree that all candidates meetings are a waste of time. Each party does their best to load the meeting with their own supporters. There are very few truly undecided voters who attend. Time would be better spent knocking on doors. However, you can have fun with a candidate who doesn't appear. In Mission the other night, Randy Kamp didn't show up and they filled his chair with a stuffed sheep!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help laughing at both Harper and Ignatieff when today's poll results were published and they discovered that Jack Layton's New Democrats had taken over first place in this election.

Sheesh ... it seemed like only yesterday that they were both questioning Jack Layton's health ... was he fit to govern? etc.

But today Ignatieff and Harper appear to have formed a Coalition, sharpened up their sticks and are jabbing at the New Democrats as if life depended upon it.

Don F. said...

Strange times indeed! I am shocked and disappointed by some of what I have read today. I have lost respect for some I respected and gained respect for some I never thought I would. My intent was to vote NDP in the federal election for my own reasons.
I will in fact still vote NDP in this election but it is my view of people in our province, in particular certain bloggers that has changed. You know of who I speak Grant as you and I were both commenting there today. I am very disappointed in that!
Don F.

Grant G said...

AGT is a buffoon, yea he has connections and writes the occasional good story but he`s a whack job.

I love how he verbally beats down on pot smokers while choking on a cigar drinking scotch(hypocrit)or grappa

The Conservatives are freaked out about going down on Monday....

The economic bullshit being spewed by the corporate trash is funny.

Company Q makes $10 X labour per day..

Company Q now gets taxed and makes.

$9 X labour per day.

Profitable companies go nowhere.

Pimco(world`s largest bond dealer($1 trillion dollars under management) by miles) today was asked about Canada possibly electing a socialist Government....

Pimco stated, "Great theatre but won`t mean anything to markets"

Once a NDP Government takes power in Ottawa they could be there for a decade or two...

This weekend every business group every bought media will be swinging at Jack...

Thank goodness there is an over hyped wedding and hockey games.

We are on the verge of history, the public is mad at business and Governments that pander.

Time for change.

Go Jack Go

Chinese Sneakers said...

i Concur: The tide is most definitely turning. But, we best redouble our efforts. Because, when these psychopaths actually become aware that they are losing their grip, as they are now, history has shown how nearly each and every one of them invariably does everything nasty thing possible to maintain their hold on whatever it is they happen to have in their hold. We all know what they lust after: the 5 Ps =Power, Profit, Privilege, Prestige and/or Pleasure.

So please don't go expecting Tom Flannagan(sp?) and Patrick Kinsella, or any other these cretins to go down without a fight.

And with that in mind, might i suggest that we pay particular attention to the details of the voting processes which are to be employed over the next little why. Needless to say, there are a few votes of great significance coming up hereabouts. Remember what hides in the details; and think about how easy it is to compromise any computerized system. Tabulation manipulation is a walk in the park. Even the tech-behemoth, Sony, got hacked for 75,000,000 secret customer files just last week.

Be wise, and go well, good people; because this is no dress-rehearsal.

Anonymous said...

How can any BCer experience the right wing mess that BC has been put in by Liberal(con) policy and then turn around and vote for the same right wing crap at the federal level? AGT stunned me as well. Can;t see the forest for the trees.

Anonymous said...

A reminder the HST is revenue neutral. This point was slammed home time and time again by the Liberal government who implemented it.

Reversing it should have no effect on funding for our beloved social services of hospitals and schools. Any Liberal trying to tell you this is lying to try and scare you into keeping it.

Anonymous said...

Grant great read! This is an answer I gave a young friend of mine re: the upcoming election...

"Well Sam, I applaude your keen interest in the future of canada. We have a chance. The two parties that want to be the top dog in the food chain, have had their way for years. Our country has survived in spite of them. This is a chance for a change. The only viable option at this time, are the NDP or Green. I prefer NDP because of a better platform, more honesty, and a vision, lost by the other ones. They also have country wide MP's. Coast to coast to coast. We have a chance Sam.

This is our chance Canada!

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

How wonderful life must be, for the BC Liberals. The outrageous golden handshakes, over $2 million. Even the brain dead Martyn Brown was handsomely paid over $416,000. For his useless testimony at, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, farce of a trial? How much did Christy give Gordo? I know Campbell's pension, will take $2 million of the BC taxpayers dollars.

There isn't a BC Liberal on this side of Heaven, worth 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

This country will be in serious trouble if Harper wins.

BC people will not trust, the computerized voting system. We remember the corruption of Elections BC.

Harper's Conservatives stormed Guelph University, even tried to seize the ballot boxes. Harper is rabid and frantic to win this election. He even had a convicted felon working for him. I won't be the least surprised if, the computerized voting is tampered with. Harper will stoop as low as need be, to win this election.

Harper's best buddy Campbell twice lied, to win two different elections. Harper backed the monster Campbell to the hilt. Harper had the gall, to chastise the BC people, for forcing Campbell to resign. He lost his partner in crime. No matter, the evil deeds Campbell had done, to the BC people.

Harper and Campbell have like personalities. Cheating on votes, will be no surprise. Canada has become, a cesspool of corruption.

jaydee said...

Sorry Grant, I posted a comment and they said it couldn't be sent and then it disappeared. That hi was a test.

I will try again later after I settle down.


Anonymous said...

HST is revenue neutral? Perhaps to the province, but not to the taxpayers! That's a crock for sure!
It seems that anyone with a mic and the name of Michael is a shill for the ultra right and not to be trusted.
I read a few of Tsakumis' columns and realized that he is a phoney. Hey Alex, you climate change denyer! Why don't you explain to all the Americans who lost their homes in the worst tornado outbreaks in history that "it's just a bunch of stuff that happens". Remind us Alex just how many folks down there died.
Your columns lack credibility.

Crankypants said...

Well it now looks as if Sun Media, or The National Enquirer north has gone the extra mile to discredit Jack Layton. All of a sudden they come up with a story about Layton being found starkers in an alleged bawdy house back in 1996. The strange thing is the timing and the fact that the source insists on remaining anonymous. They have also brought forward reporters from Toronto dissing his time as a municipal official in Toronto.

The Harperites are running scared now that they see their majority vanishing before their eyes. The election they wanted, despite Harper's denials, to get a majority is going south and all they can revert to is character assassination. In case you are curious why I think that Harper wanted this election, I received a flyer from the Conservative candidate in my riding one day before the opposition parties voted that the Conservatives were in contempt of parliament.

My take on how the results will come out is that Harper will again be in a minority position with Layton the official opposition.

For those that would like to see change in how our political system operates, I would suggest you go to "" and read the article presented by Vickie Huntington. I believe her ideas would begin to put democracy into how our governance is carried out.

Anonymous said...

I too received the flyer in the mail the "Re Elect" the CONservative in my riding BEFORE the call. The CONS new and had already planned this election on purpose believing now was the time they'd get a majority. Deceit, lies, legislation breaking, manipulating CONS. For petes sake people, enough of these liars. CONS/ BC LIEberals, we have had enough. Shameful bunch. Can they stoop any lower? You bet. If you can't win ... cheat. The motto of the CONS and BC LIEbs.
Don't forget to vote.

Evil Eye said...

This sleaze attack against Harper by the mainstream media is certainly telling that the Conservatives and their eunuch's that support them are in panic.

I am no fan of the NDP, but the puerile nonsense from both Harper and Iggy, compels me to vote for the NDP candidate in my riding.

The shock and disbelief by the elites that a non-elite, NDP type may actually be the official opposition and in fact lead a coalition government, is making their undies turn yellow.

Will Mr. Layton shine in his new role, if indeed the voters do vote NDP, is a question for the future to answer, but with two very dim bulbs leading the the cons (aptly said) and the Libs, I think Mr. Layton will look good.

If things go the way I think they will and the Harper Conservatives are again elected in a minority government and with Layton the leader of HMLO, I do think Harpo's and Iggy's time will be up and those political long knives will come out of dark places to give the two a well deserved coup de gras.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Grant. I agree with Kam. Let's all keep our eyes on the prize and kick these psychopaths to the curb where they belong.

kootcoot said...

Telus leave BC? I thought they were already gone, but then I've tried to actually get customer service, a product they apparently don't offer.

Actually when telus took over BC Tel, our phone company DID become headquartered in Calgary.

"Politicians should be limited to TWO terms.

One in office and one in prison!

Kinky Friedman (former Independent Candidate for Governor of Texas and leader of "Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys).

Kinky feels that being a musician is a higher calling than being a politician.

RossK said...

With apologies to Grant and all his readers, I am going to go off-topic here and blog whore (for the very best of reasons, I believe).

Stopping All Cons....My "Comprehensive Guide To Strategic Surge Voting In British Columbia" is now rolling, for anybody interested.


paisley said...

I will have to agree that Tsakumis is a blatant hypocrite. If any would care to checkout the comments under his titled blog "Tsakumis Endorses Horgan" on his site, my civil comment(s) was met with illogical venom and disparaging language. Tsakumis was quick to join in. When I brought to his attention that his literary hero Christopher Hitchens had the same opinion about decriminalizing drugs and this link was sent
Tsakumis out right lies and says it's not what Hitchens says.
These ultra-conservatives are a scary bunch who seem to have lost the capacity for rational thought. Hopefully the voters in this federal election will give a lot of them the giant fling.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting to say the least that a so called main stream read would suggest such a thing to their readers. Thank to Grant we have sites like the persuader to refer to in these turbulent political times.

The worst part is they don't have the balls to include a comment section for the public to respond.

I haven't forgot about the info I said I would send you Grant, as you can expect I have been overwhelmed with paper work surrounding a vexatious lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

If Harper wins, he will do to Canada, what Campbell did to BC.

If we want to keep our nation sovereign and free, we had better pray Jack Layton wins. Layton is against giving the wealthiest company's in the world, our tax dollars. Layton will put our tax dollars to work, for the people and the country.

These greedy big businesses, should be run out of Canada. They make trillions off our country, and then put that ripped off money, into tax free country's banks. What is scary?? Harper works for these big businesses. They cause all of the damage around the globe. They hoard all of the money. The cash flow around the globe stops, this causes a recession. This has happened over and over since, before WW11.

The President of little Bolivia, kicked a giant American company, right out of his country. They were corrupt, cheated the Bolivian workers, and made an eco disaster in the area. Good for him.

It is greed and corruption that governs. These large corporations, pay the party's to favor them.

Anonymous said...

Grant, Sorry I put this here, butI came across this in a Michigan newspaper.
Since when were we in the business of "loaning" this republican governor money? And for a bridge? Think we need to be looking after our own first.
But what drew my attention was what this governor and his republican party thinks of poor children and orphans:

A small part of the DHS savings, about $200,000, would come from adjustments to the clothing allowance for foster children, or children of the working poor, of $79 for school clothes. Caswell said children will still get close to that $79, but would be issued gift cards that can only be used at the Salvation Army, Goodwill or other thrift stores.

"The reason is you can get a whole lot more in a resale store," Caswell said.

"Give me a break," said Gilda Jacobs, president and CEO of the Michigan League for Human Services.

"Government should not be big brother in telling somebody how to spend their (79) dollars," she said.

A House subcommittee advanced a bill that does not include the $50 million Canada has offered to loan Michigan for a new Detroit River bridge. Snyder has the money in his budget plan.

Harper and the Cons agree with this type of treatment of children, the poor? Yeah, you bet they do. It's only a matter of time with the cons and BC liebs. Despicable.

From The Detroit News:

Crankypants said...

Speaking of our Premier, did you see her shameful escapade this weekend,waitressing at some coffee shop. This woman is shameless, pretending that hamming it up before the cameras by pouring coffee for a few people would give her an idea how hard waitresses work. Does she have the news media on speed dial to alert them of each and every photo-op no matter how unnewsworthy it may be?

Apparently she also was a guest at the wedding of Rebecca Scott and Stephen Smart on Saturday. Smart is the supposed reporter covering provincial politics for the CBC and Rebecca Scott is now employed by Clark in some capacity. How convenient. Can't wait for his unbiased coverage.

I'd love to see David Eby kick her ass come May 11. Hell, according to her campaign flunky, Colin Pinocchio Hansen, she won't attend any all-candidates events. Then there is the reverse psychology being practised by our esteemed Victoria scribes Palmer, Baldrey and Beattie stating that no one running in a by-election representing the governing party has won one in the last 30 years. In my view, thses clowns are daring the electorate of Pt. Grey to buck the trend.



jaydee said...

Grant, or Ross K or Kootcoot!!...

For weeks I have been trying to decide how I should vote (against the Cons). I am in the (south) Surrey/White Rock riding. Flyin' Russ (you probably remember Flyin' Phil (Gaglardi), Russ flies and Phil did the Indie 500 on our highways), is the MP here and has done absolutely nothing, won't return calls, and anything he says is scripted by his idol Harper and like the rest of them is hiding out right now, Like Harper, the Cons are all born again freaks, including Russ Hiebert. This is an extreme right wing riding but Flyin' Russ got outed flying himself, his wife and two small kids first class every time he went to Ottawa and bunked down in luxury hotels, fine dining and the works. This alone cost us taxpayers $500 million dollars last year and the people are outraged. I'm sure they will not vote Cons again this time but nor do I think they will vote NDP. Hardy Staub who used to be the Mayor of White Rock for many years and is still well liked here, decided to throw his hat in the ring because of FR's abuse of our tax dollars, etc. and is running as a Liberal.

My brain is telling me to vote Staub and my heart wants to vote Susan Keeping, NDP. I was hoping Ross K. would mention my riding but he did not.

Am I correct to listen to my brain and vote Staub, and die of a broken heart??!!


Anonymous said...

interesting: Harper's 2004 letter to g.g.

Anonymous said...

Really disappointing election. 60 percent only turned out to vote. Harper got elected by 24 percent of the eligible voters. The rest were too lazy to spend a half hour going down to the polls and voting for democracy.
If you are as disappointed as I am, you will probably not want to read this; which gives a good idea of what we are in for:
Especially disapointing is Harper's spending so many billions on aircraft which have been panned the world over as sub par, when he could have spent much of that money on health and education. There is only one thing left to say:
The next step down for Canadian media believers is probably to get down on all fours and start grazing!