Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Say goodbye to Fish lake,forever!

Another sad day for British Columbia, Fish Lake in the Caribou Chilcotin region got approval from Gordon Campbell and Barry Penner to be used and destroyed for the sake of a mine.

Updated January 18/2010....First Nations Scream Foul--First Nation`s Chief State that Gordon Campbell Betrayed Them, Gordon Campbell Stabbed them in the Back read about here http://howbadtherecord.blogspot.com/2010/01/campbells-rubber-stamp-decision-on-fish.html

The prosperity copper and gold mine was given approval this week from Gordon Campbell, in case your wondering why I have a picture of (Fish Lake) heading this story is this.....With the approval fish lake is no more, that`s right folks fish lake is history,poisonous,toxic, Gordon Campbell is allowing this lake pictured above, which is part of the Fraser river watershed to be destroyed, and friends that is not speculation, it`s fact, even the mining(Taseko) company in their 3000 page environmental impact statement confirm that the lake will be all but dead, the lake will be used as a mining dump, mining tailing`s are going into this lake, 85,000 rainbow trout will be killed, in fact everything in the lake will be killed, tesako mining company is promising to "create a new lake" to replace this one! Have a good look at the picture my friends, does that look like something a mining company can replicate?(read the announcement here)http://www.opinion250.com/blog/view/15174/1/prosperity++gold-copper+mine+gets+provincial+ea+approval

The Olympics are coming to BC, we have an opportunity to show this lake and share the story with the world`s press, Gordon Campbell`s claim to be green, Gordon Campbell who is calling the Vancouver 2010 games the greenest games in history, how on one hand can you say that while on the other you ink a deal to destroy a pristine watershed full of fish, a watershed that feeds the mighty Fraser river, to toxify an ancient lake that mother nature took millions of years to create, despite the mining companies claims or anyone`s for that matter no one can replicate this, we as human beings are still infantile in our understanding of hydrology and water leaching, no one lake is isolated, Fish lake is part of a bigger and more complicated watershed, to turn this jewel into a poisonous soup will hurt the Fraser river and all wildlife in the area, our British Columbia salmon runs are already in a state of total collapse, and now the leader of this province wants to raise the stakes and kill freshwater fish and wildlife, because it`s not just Fraser river Salmon and Rainbow trout, no it`s a lot more, it`s terns,migrating birds, bears, the insects that thrive in lakes,the insect eating birds, frogs snakes and just about every other living thing you can think of, this stretch of heaven called Fish Lake is on traditional First Nations lands(Tsilhqot`in) and they are opposed to this project, the chief doesn`t believe mankind has the ability to make a replacement lake, his words are.
"Only the creator can do that"........ the Chief goes onto say........"We can`t accept wholesale destruction of such a productive thriving lake that has ancient traditional meaning to our Nation".
In 2002 Federal fisheries on orders from the government of the day made changes to the fisheries act Section 36 of the act(Metal,mining,effluent regulations), the changes were almost a carte blanche permission to use lakes as dumps, a gift to the mining industry, I will provide links to more technical briefings but for now, I read a longish piece in the Georgia Strait about this project, their story was written before approval was granted, it was still under provincial environmental assessment, well like I say Gordon Campbell and Barry Penner have said......Let the toxic dumping begin, expert hydrologists hired by first nations have said the mining companies assertions are wrong, clearly they don`t understand hydrology and water leaching into ground aquifers, David Williams president of :Friends of Nemiah Valley: Stated.
"Once you see this gorgeous lake it`s impossible to see how on earth the project has gone this far".......David Williams goes on to say.
" The is a environmental travesty, a planned ecological disaster".
Like I have mentioned before, I am no brain surgeon, in fact the extent of my formal education wasn`t much ..But, even a non-brain surgeon like myself can see the insanity of this project, from the story in the Straight one thing stood out to me like a sore thumb and that was this.
The mining company has stated in their assessment that.
"If they can`t use Fish Lake as a toxic dump the project wouldn`t be viable" snip.
Well isn`t that interesting, because this same mining company(Taseko) has made the statement in their assessment that
"They will build a replacement lake to make up for the loss of Fish Lake" snip.
Well how can that be?
The two statements contradict each other, on one hand they`re saying the project isn`t viable if it can`t use mother natures splendor as a toxic dump and on the other their claiming to replace it, that doesn`t make sense.
The life of the mine is supposed to last 20 years, the government claim that over the course of the life of the project it will contribute all toll about $400 million dollars to the Province and $43 million dollars to local and regional government, a big number but once you break it down it works out to $20 million dollars per year to the Province and roughly $2.1 million dollars per year to local government per year. Hardly a windfall for destroying and toxicfying a huge area of pristine nature.(read the story here)http://www.straight.com/article-249305/fight-looms-over-fish-lake
Taseko acquired the rights in 1969 but governments weren`t interested in ruining the landscape back then, continual exploration in the area has been done and in the 90s feasibility studies were done and Taseko mining company got revved up on this project in the late 90s but commodity prices tanked so they shelved the project, and I think that is crucial, the part about shelving the project over commodity prices, in this latest recession mines around the world shut down,even Alcan(Rio-Tinto) stopped smelting and curtailed production in Kitimat and delayed their promised expansions, you see friends the same thing could happen here, despite all the rosy claims by Taseko, despite the chamber of commerce in Williams lake drooling over this project, despite all the claims this project is but 20 years, or less, the less being a commodity price drop and or a double dip recession, because believe me these mining giants care about money and only money and when the going gets tough the mining industry stops and moves onto more fertile land or countries, meanwhile the legacy left for first Nations,for fishers, for generations is a toxic stew killing everything that comes into contact with it. Friends, I will try and get the story out to every media outlet,every interested reporter, the world must hear what deliberate environmental destruction Gordon Campbell and Barry Penner want to inflict upon "Super Natural British Columbia"....I hope all of you faithful readers spend a moment and send a link to this story or the link to the Georgia strait`s story to a media outlet, time to tell the world what Gordon Campbell is doing.
Oh I almost forgot, I read a story yesterday that was very quietly reported, it should have been front page news, the Myra falls mine in Campbell river had a couple of accidents, somehow mining effluent flowed into Butte lake. Butte lake is the drinking water for Campbell river, the spokesperson for the mine claimed because of heavy rain and snow run-off two separate over-flows caused the tailings to get in the towns drinking water, the spokesperson went onto say, it`s a big lake, the spill happened at the opposite end of the lake, opposite of where the pick-up is for extracting the water, it should take a long time before the effluent migrates to the other end!(read the story here)http://www.timescolonist.com/Mine+tailings+pond+overflows+into+Campbell+River+watershed/2446030/story.html
(Let your federal Government know what you think here) ---Email-Environment minister- Prentice.J@parl.gc.ca
And...You can Email here) enviroinfo@ec.gc.ca
Looking at the lake and the pristine area and the thought of poisoning a giant fish-filled lake for short term gain and knowing the generational pain for a fist full of dollars is enough to bring tears to my eyes.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Teary Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Ha, ha, ha - Good old "Green" Gordo strikes again, abetted by the half-wit Penner, may god deal with them as they deserve.

Gordo and his corrupt crew have destroyed this province for simple greed and I would bet dollars to donuts, that there is a kickback somewhere to somewho!

Gordo has brought the collective provincial stink of corruption up another notch and as he is the supremo Gordo no one can do anything about it.

It seems our laws are to protect corrupt politicians; corrupt police; and corrupt businesses and not to protect the citizen.

This is the stuff that makes revolutions; the stuff the make Wiebo Ludwig a folk hero.

The "eye" sees dark days ahead and the very good possibility of civil insurrection during the Olympics. It is the Olympics that will give the world centre stage to what the local populace really think of Gordo and all the stink the follows him.

Gary E said...

No mention of Cyanide at Butte Lake, which is part of the tailings. Just a puff piece on how far it is from the water outlet.
The story wouldn't have broken if there hadn't been someone at the Council meeting to report it.
As for Fish Lake if the Natives need backup I'm in.
Oh and I believe Donna Barnett covers that riding.
She will be gone over the ecall on the HST.

Anonymous said...

And what are the odds that Gordo will put up a nice huge sign at the entrance to Fish Lake that has the caption: "The Best Place On Earth" !

Gary E said...

Anon12.14 The odds are not as good as Gary E putting one up. I live out here.

Grant G said...

Thanks friends, I have added links to the story to Canada`s environment minister and the ministry...Let them know what us "Super Natural British Columbian`s" think.

Just click away.

Shameful, wait for all the media enwrapped in the Haiti disaster then quietly slip the story out......

"The silence from David Suzuki and Tzeproh Berman is deafening"

The world must be told, I wonder what award Tzeporah Berman is prepared to Give Gordon Campbell?

Perhaps the award for being the greatest fisherman,after all, 85,000 Rainbow trout slaightered in a blink!


Anonymous said...

If I was the NDP I would SEIZE this issue! Environment devastation, 85,000 dead rainbow trout, First Nations violated.

But no press release from the NDP - not a peep from anyone in the party. Why?

How long will Gordo and his criminal gang get away with raping BC when no one else seems to care?

Anonymous said...

Premier WAC Bennet said "let the fools go after gold and oil" we will dam and keep our fresh water,and grow wheat...they can't eat their gold or drink their oil..Wise man

Anonymous said...

How the hell do we stop this insane man from destroying our province?

David Williams said...

Thanks for this article. We at Friends of the Nemaiah Valley (www.fonv.ca), and R.A.V.E.N. (raven trust.com) have been fighting this battle along with our allies, the Tsilhqot'in Nation and the Xeni Gwet'in First nations Government for years now. We have scant resources but have no intention of giving up this struggle for the land, for the animals and fish and birds, and for the people whose homeland this has been for thousands of years.

David Williams

BC Mary said...

David Williams,

Thanks for sharing that information. It's good to know.

My question (seriously) is: what do we do next?


Many thanks to you. My blog is focused on the single issue of the outrageous loss of BC Rail ... but I occasionally get into a skirmish on some of the other damage being done to our province.

Right now, if you go to OPINION 250 (Prince George), there's a bare-knuckles fight going on, about the Gold/Copper mine and the significance (or not) Fish Lake and Little Fish Lake. The comments will surprise you: people say the most foolish things once they've been brain-washed to believe that "cut-and-run" resource extraction is the only route to employment. Have a look, then chime in, OK?

Unknown said...

To follow up on David's comments - we are gathering donations through RAVEN (www.raventrust.com) and FONV (www.fonv.ca) to assist in the fight to save Fish Lake. The funds right now are being used to prepare for the federal environmental review panel hearings which will begin soon, though no date has been set yet. The CEAA panel must be convinced that the science is flawed, and that the stakes are high to reject this mine (as was done to save Amazay Lake - the Kemess mine was rejected). Please consider donating - the donation is tax-deductible and the cause is worthy.

Anonymous said...

All that matters is positioning. Not right and wrong. And they pushed me into each offense in prior lives to allow them to justify each element within the context of reality.
The Matrix:::A reason within the context of positioning and the god's real reason. In this case it was convienient for the gods to make it happen, for they manufactured a fall guy.
Had the gods been respectable and followed through on their promise of freewill Planet Earth wouldn't have a mere 300 years left. We would have 10,000 more years coming to us. There would be so much decency still it would have angered the gods, for their strategy wasn't progressing at their desired clip. So they forced decay and ensured a rapid closure to this planet's demise.
So many would say "No.". Mom would have told them no. People everywhere would have done the right thing and protected their children, instead of sacrificing them like they were getting the time the poor child lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to fish lake with my family tomorrow. Tourism is a Natural Resource. It's the gift that keeps on giving. It seems strange to fill a lake with tailings.