Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Endless Walk of Shame

Gordon Campbell is gone, or is he?......Man oh man have the political pundits been yapping, stooges from the right have been wandering dazed and confused trying to make sense of what`s happened.....Time for the Straight Goods....

What a croc, here`s the deal, Gordon Campbell wants the 1 year slow troll resignation, Trudeau, Clark, Bennett, Zalm, when their time was up it was up, they left, Campbell is that unwanted party guest who is still there in the morning, ......I listened to another short press conference today with questions from a lack luster invited media to the departing disgraced premier and what lame crap questions they asked...

Vague Questions on trivilalities and look backs , no questions on the BC Rail tax indemnity, no questions about next years hst referendum, no important questions on the future, does Gordon Campbell think he can hide in the back benches and limbo under the microphone for a year while roaming the province seeking praise and adoration!!

Campbell just hired a brand new press secretary and his old friend Paul Taylor as his chief-of-staff, and he made a massive cabinet shuffle and reorganization of cabinet duties within ministries, all this was done in the last week, his new chief-of -staff......his new fancy award winning press secretary, his promotions, Campbell is still clutching the check book in his grubby little hands, Campbell is still running the Premier`s office ministry, Campbell is still calling the shots yet he isn`t responsible for any outcomes one way or another, a lame duck premier governing from the shadows, who is calling the shots?....... Who do ministry officials call for advice on policy, who does the press ask a question of, who is making policy decisions, who is responding to the day in day out occurrences within government, why the hell hasn`t the legislature been re-called, this must make B.C. really look like fools.....

BC is on hold waiting for a referendum, now were on hold waiting for someone to come forward from within the party or someone from outside to take charge, this is croc friends, the ego maniac Gordon Campbell is doing the big long good-bye while still directing the action only from a different chair and at the same time skirting any responsibility, Campbell or Caucus must appoint an interim leader today, the premiers office,  duties and budget  must be removed, relinquished, Gordon Campbell can`t hold the keys of power, he quit, whether or not the appointed interim leader intends to seek permanent leadership matters not, Gordon Campbell has made it clear he is leaving,.....

Campbell knows Point Grey will elect the NDP candidate in a bi-election so he refuses to budge, any new leader, even if Dianne Watts said she wanted the job someone in the BC Liberal party would have to resign their seat, Gordon Campbell hasn`t quit, he is the leader and still needs to answer questions on BC Rail, on IPP contracts, on Kash Heed, what part about quiting doesn`t Campbell understand, he spoke the word but remains!  Resign your seat today Campbell!! Get the hell out loser, there is much legislative work to be done, appoint an interim leader, the province can`t wait to move forward while Campbell`s buddie Kevin (Campbell man love) Kreuger strokes his bloated ego! ......

Quickly on the leadership contenders, fresh from the chirpers,  Kevin Falcon is out, the reason, real simple friends, Falcon is wise and young, Falcon knows that the BC Liberals are toxic right now and he doesn`t want to blow his opportunity on bad timing, Falcon will wait out a term....Dianne Watts, same thing, she has the Surrey mayoralship in the bag, so unless the BC Liberals ran on a NO HST campaign, raise minimum wage along with light rail for the Fraser Valley along with the elimination of tolls, or if you like, all tolls turn into shadow tolls where everyone pays, ....So in other words friends, unless Dianne Watts can run against almost all of Campbell`s policies she`s out......And, even if she ran, her appeal doesn`t resonate province wide, her droppings stink to high heaven outside of the lower mainland!....

Abbot is mentally weak, a bobblehead politician, his head is in permanent nod mode, Abbot is a blind follower, George is still looking for those 5000 long term and(incremental) care beds, What the hell is an incremental care bed abbott? (I look forward to embarrassing George Abbot on everything, a helpless man servant drinking too much jungle juice)......Gawd is Goerge dumb as a stump,  could you imagine a province led by George gumby Abbott.... he`s out!.....So that leaves but two old war horses, Mike Ding Dong De Jong and Rich the Tick Coleman, both know their time in the sun is running out, which ever one emerges matters not, they both lose in the long run, De Jong will lose to the shank in the short run, there isn`t 1 BC Liberal whose rating is higher than minus -20......

Meanwhile, whoever is appointed interim leader must cut Campbell`s umbilical cord to the premier`s desk, Campbell wants the long good bye and is prepared to sit as defacto leader while he travels the Province soaking up  false praise and attending staged photo-ops,....... No friends...... the stooges may not want to talk about it but I will....

No legislative sessions, new cabinet, no premier, a pending referendum,Elections BC is still waiting for a new non-partisan chief-electoral-officer,a referendum question is being drafted as we speak, who approves the question? Campbell or the new premier, what about the massive deficits, what about the tanking natural gas revenue, what about the drop off in tourism, what about the thousands of layoffs in the food industry, what about investment in the province, what about record raw logs exports every month, what about Kash Heed, Jane Thornthwaite, what about the first three successful recall campaigns, what about a fall session in our legislature, what about question periods and estimate debates, who`s gonna answer these questions, despite all these nagging things......And look what  voter bait Campbell left for the interim leader, the cupboard is bare and there are several IOUs in the cups, deficits dollars to pay for the last tax cut, Campbell left his replacement nothing but debt, bad tax policy, tolls, fees, Campbell spent and gave away every last penny to curry favour and buy votes, he got neither and guaranteed the Liberals future as opposition.

There will be no long walk in the snow for you Gordon Campbell, your fairy tale ending is over, you quit, you`re FIRED, no long good bye, don`t let the door hit you on the way out, we have a province in need of emergency intervention before it chokes and dies and we need someone with man balls to stand up and take charge NOW!...Is that you calling Carole James? or is that Horgan, We know there are no balls in the BC Liberal party, just ball lickers!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Elwood said...

Grant, what about if we trade Carole James to the LIEberals for a Point Grey By-election?? That way Carole gets her wish to become premier, the NDP gets a new leader John Horgan and then we crush Carole James and the LIEberals in both the by-election and the general election. What's not to like?

Anonymous said...

Grant, I watched Misunderstood Gordy just about cry on the CBC during his press conference today when he was asked how he felt about being picked on by the true Media of this Province (bloggers like yourself,BC Mary,Laila Yuile and many others whom the the citizens of this Province owe a debt of gratitude to for exposing the corrupt Liberal Crime Family for the lying scum they are). I also noticed, like you did that they lined up all the MSM puppets so there were really never any tricky questions asked so poor Gordy wouldn't trip up and stick his other foot in his mouth.

One thing that did occur to me though is why doesn't the NDP get their act together and put their boot to the throat of the Liberal Crime Family while they are down? It really bothers me that the NDP MLAs aren't doing anything and still getting paid. Why aren't they canvasing their constituency and informing the voters of how corrupt and deceiving the Liberal Crime Family have been since they have been raping, er I mean running this Province. For Christ's sake Carol and Company get of your asses and quit relying on other people to do your job for you!

Garth West said...

There's going to be trouble Grant - because Gordo wants his program he's going to shaft any member of the party who thought to run to replace him - it's the non-resignation resignation - THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING

Marla Mumbles said...

West is right...The leaders feelings were hurt...9%..even HE had to take notice of that.
Resign...take the pressure off...and then...Carole James..effusive praise was it?
All the praise and regret from so many...Voila!
Renewed! Reaffirmed! Still in control!
Very clever...very very clever...resign ..garner sympathy...and weasel back in...what a F----ed up place this is.
He ain`t goin` nowhere.

istvan said...

He said both Nancy and Lara were with him.Lucky guy.Too bad about Gordon and Judy!

Gary E said...

A heads up here on Coleman, Gran run in the leadership race.t. According to rumors in Victoria he has the biggest leadership war chest by far of any contender. When I heard this my first thought was, is big business fronting his money. Is he the nest business puppet. That may be why their caucus was hinting he could be the interim premier. Give him the job then make sure he gets it only if he doesn't run in the leadership race.

I wonder if this is the reason campbell just won't go away. Coleman of all people being set up as the next puppet.

Anonymous said...

Grant said: "this must make B.C. really look like fools....."
We are fools, you idiot!

istvan said...

This guy[and his bay st.friends]
killed the center and the left in this provence.He didn't quit,he's still here!

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. West...I thought they had killed you already, yes indeed, Mr. campbell is hanging around guarding his demonic seed,.........

No one will be able to hoe the legislative garden until the vines have entwined us all....

Paul Taylor, the spy and enforcer.........

What`s the difference between Paul Taylor and Kevin Kreuger????

Taylor has a brain....

Taylor is Campbell`s eyes, ears and toilet bowl sniffer....Kreuger is the toilet bowl licker.


Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of him is recall. Maybe he should be the one and only to start with.

Crankypants said...

All I can say is that Campbell can't even resign in an honourable manner.

Hanging around as the Premier until a new leader of the Libs is chosen will do nothing but interfere with the process. If any aspiring candidate for the job dislikes some of Gordo's views on a particular issue, will he/she be able to voice them while he is still at the helm? What about the upcoming budget, which may have to be done before his successor is chosen? Will the new leader be onside with what Campbell and Hansen come up with?

As I see it, the BC Liberal caucus should demand that Gordo resign his seat and an interim Premier be installed, or at the very least, let the Deputy Premier take the helm.

Hell, he shouldn't even be entertaining the idea of keeping his seat as a MLA. His presence in caucus may ultimately prove to be a hindrance to whomever claims his job. Will he expect the new leader to give him a cabinet appointment?

And finally, how long will he retain the role of Premier should a person that is not a sitting MLA win the leadership of the BC Liberal Party? This person would have to win a seat in a by-election before he/she could assume power, which could add a few more months to Gordo's reign.

In my opinion, he has screwed this up royally. He should just walk away and let the chips fall where they may.


jaydee said...

I believe this is all a staged circus starring all the B.C. Liberals and Gordon Campbell, AKA Vladimir Putin. I do not for one minute believe that the snakes like Bill Bennett, the useless Gordon Hogg, the ex-useless minister of children and families, ex-act b c 'minister' of himself losing 30 pounds of blubber only to put it all back on, and paid his huge regular salary to do it, and now the back benches, still pigging at the trough and a loyal puppet for Campbell.... are doing anything but exactly what they have been programmed to do by King Sleeze. They all play the role of rebels so Himself can 'resign'...with all his sleeze praising him, after supposedly 'rebelling'??? I think not.

I may be wrong but the only thing governing Campbell's 'resignation' is their bogus B.C. Liberal constitution. He doesn't even have to pen anything out to do it, unlike the laws he constantly pens out to suit Himself and steal from the people. I do believe he has broken his oath of office and should be charged accordingly, were it not for the corrupt justice system, RCMP, judges and lawyers, and most of all the corrupt, absolutely corrupt enabling mainstream MEDIA, IMO! The whole world knows the huge role organized crime plays in this province.

His 'wife, Nancy'????, in name only, complete with his over-sized gold band, from Nancy or Lara who knows....he has a madam with at least one child last I heard.

If Dianne Watts were to step forward and run for the B.C. Liberals I would consider her to be condoning the criminals in the BCL party. She should also pay for any by-election in Surrey out of her own pocket, oh sure! She is also extreme right wing and just more of the same. Right now she is far too busy raising every tax we have here, our homes, our services, through the roof. She also does not seem to realize Surrey is broke as she goes about spending millions on a garden on the side of the (south) Surrey library, a new town centre, not in the centre of Surrey, but at it's northern border, complete with a very costly new courthouse, we already have one in central Surrey that could be up-dated when money permits, another brand new expensive library up north....and on and on she spends. We must not forget she was head of the Translink mayors council and quit because things were heating up too much for her, making sure her chosen mayor would get her job. We have absolutely useless to non-existant bus services in (south) Surrey.

Carole James? She is now right wing, kicking the Unions to the curb and refusing their donations making her NDP kitty $100,000!! Only 10% of the working people in B.C. are 'unionized' and very poorly represented at that. Gordon Campbell? He went into the 2009 rigged election (lies and many electorial boundaries altered to enable him to cinch it for the corrupt B.C. Libs) with a kitty around 7 million mainly corporate funded versus Carole's mainly union funded kitty about 1.7 million. You must go Carole and take the Moe with you I say again.

...and so it goes in B.C. SHRED ALL THE B.C. LIBERALS, would be more appropriate.


jaydee said...

standupbc (speakout BC) a blog I visit often... see Vancouver Sun Gordon Campbell Resigns
100 Reasons Not To Vote For The Current Lot of Liberals
The Liberal Track Record

See also HST Income Tax Savings - Think Again! Oct. 29/10:

My friend, "a (south) Surrey man with a PhD" Herb Spencer's comment, a brilliant man he is..

Savings of $240 on income of $40,000 is a savings of 0.6% - a lot smaller than 15%. Just shows what games can be played with numbers.
Moral: never trust a percentage told to you by a politician, accountant or an economist.

Thanks, Grant


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand it! Why is Campbell "still pulling the strings" He should not be allowed to touch a damn thing. He resigned, stepped down. He should have already designated a replacement in his party if he was honorable? Honorable my foot!
Any secured work place, if you want out, you go that same day, no if, ands or buts. If Campbell
has nothing to hide then why does he insist on staying on. A temp replacement is all that's needed until a vote in office choses a new premier. Once the books are audited and found clean only then should he receive his $2mil pension. Me thinks he will be owing us big time when his audit is done. I'm having nightmares of him shredding, shredding, shredding the evidence, then wake up and realize it could a true. When will this nightmare end?

Anonymous said...

Recall Campbell. Enough is enough of the deceit, lies, hypocricy. Doesn't even have the common decency to appoint the deputy premier to take over until legislature sits. WHO IS RUNNING OUR PROVINCE?

Again I say, Recall Campbell, first up.

Anonymous said...

Campbell isn't going anywhere, until the next election. He hasn't quite finished destroying the province and the people in it. What great day in the morning, has he ever been truthful about anything? This corrupt BC Liberal party, closed down, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial. What a putrid, rotten stench. Get on with the recall, and take this entire, foul BC Liberal Party and run it right out of BC.

jaydee said...

If I may Grant,

Laila, my apologies, when I went to compare the 100 Reasons a few days ago on StandUp against yours I realized that the list is actually yours.

I also thought it appropriate to apoligize where I posted it!! Good work and thanks.


Anonymous said...

As soon as Campbell said, he would be staying on for quite some months, and he would be continuing on with his work, it was obvious he wasn't going to leave. Campbell is too spiteful and vindictive to just quit. He is the lowest form, of the human species. We need a complete recall, to rid ourselves of this, lying, cheating and deceiving BC Liberal Party. They are forcing themselves, onto the BC citizens, who despise them and everything they stand for. Get rid of the entire foul lot of them.

Standup & Speakout BC said...

Here are some points to clean up the mess we are in by the Campbell government and his neo-liberal band of political opportunists

1) “Review all orders in council, legislation and appointments made by the liberals since 2001″ – Standup BC would add to that if these appointments resulted in tax savings for BC – a platform to supported by the Liberals. Remember also how they would cut government and reduce regulations?

2) “Initiate a detail audit of all government financial records, crown corporations” and Standup BC would also add to that long term debt commitments/liabilities we as taxpayers would be exposed to as a result if the reckless Liberal rule

3) “Review all energy purchase agreements made by BC Hydro with private energy companies and all water licenses granted” Standup BC would like to add also review all Private Public Partnership Agreements and the cost and long term liabilities to the BC Tax payers.

4) “Moratorium on issuance of BC Hydro of clean energy calls and construction of new private-sector river and wind projects” Standup BC would also add to that cancellation of any further Private Public Partnerships with large non Canadian controlled development and construction companies, as it is time to keep profits of such projects in BC

5) “Tabulation of revenues paid thus far to independent power producing companies and …. if a windfall tax is warranted”

6) “Public inquiry in the sale of public assets including: BC Rail, BC Buildings, partial sale of BC Hydro to Accenture” etc. Standup BC would also add to that the loss of economic benefits my building the Super Ferries in Germany rather the supporting BC’s ship building industry.

7) “Move up the date for the HST Referendum” Standup BC would add to that is cancelling any tax rebates for big corporations and restore education, health care and social service programs from revenues generated by the current HST and or GST/PST once the HST is cancelled.

8) “Repeal Bill 29 and Bill 30″

9) “Stop P3′s and Privatization of all public assets in education, health and transportation and enumerate losses to-date” Standup BC would add to that a full assessment of the role of BC’s independent contractors or their members to ascertain if they followed a transparent procurement process on any government funded capital projects.

10) “Sharply decrease the export of raw logs”

11) “Eliminate donations to political parties by corporations, unions and special interest groups”

We must demand

a) mandatory term limits for MLA to a maximum of three terms
b) mandatory term limit for the position of Premier to a maximum of two terms
c) mandatory expenditure referendums on major capital projects
d) open votes in the legislature – non party binding except for possibly critical votes such as budget speech and votes of non confidence on core legislation that was proposed as part of an election platform,when government was elected

We urge our readers to look up the Georgia Straight article submitted by Peter Dimitrov as we consider this an excellent article that deals with some of the underlying malaise of the Liberal rule in British Columbia.


How B.C. Lotteries came to pay $400 million to casinos. All 17 of the province’s casinos have received payments to recoup some of their capital costs. And this came from a government that at one time said it was opposed to gambling. Ask the question: Why should tax payers pay for Casino’s at the cost of health care, education, the arts, social services. This is outrageous It is time to get rid-off the BC Neo-Liberals not only Campbell but the whole lot.

The Facility Development Commissions, and payments introduced under the Liberal government in 2006 called Accelerated Facility Development Commissions (AFDCs), have gone toward paying down a significant portion of casinos’ capital costs. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS