Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gordon Campbell Runs from Reality.....Leaves party in unwinnable position! (updated)

The big early unannounced press conference, I have a hunch on what liar boy will talk about, ......

Gordon Campbell is so vindictive and hates to lose, it`s come to my attention that Gordon Campbell and Paul Taylor are just steamed about Fish Lake, the fate of Naikun wind power(dead) ain`t helping either, boy oh boy folks, Prosperity  Mine and Naikun wind power beaten back in 1 week, followed with Campbell running for the hills, we hit the tri-fecta  ...

His resignation, nah, he didn`t resign he was thrown out!!!!

Fish Lake and dead man walking, Campbell left his party with all the baggage.....The HST referendum, it was only on Campbell`s word that it would be binding, what does Rich Coleman(new Liberal leader) have to say about a 50% plus one referendum....

One by one friends, now that Campbell is gone you can expect resignations or floor crossings....Campbell left his party an unwinnable game plan, the HST is dead, the new leader will have to stand up and defend the HST, agree to make the referendum binding.....

Let`s see what happens to Paul Taylor...Rumour has it Paul Taylor has been given notice, he`s out, new leaders don`t keep old chief-of-staffs, someone laid down the law on Campbell, maybe it was that 10% on the secret ballot, riding associations speak out against Campbell yet his gutless spineless jelly fish sat on their hand, not their voting hand because everyone of them stood up and praised Campbell and the HST...There is no undoing tat stubborn fact.......

More to come folks, but as it stands, the BC Liberals are dead....Rich Coleman and the Shank....No Watts, she ain`t coming, for what, to sit in opposition growing old...(We were a week late on his resignation, Campbell should have resigned last week, Campbell is running from the dam that just burst, )....All those BC Rail questions to be asked in the spring legislature....We knew that Campbell would run, well Hansen, how about that $600 million dollar tax indemnity we owe CN Rail?.....No Arnold to buy overpriced IPP power, multi $billion dollar deficits, unsustainable income tax cuts......Yes friends, Campbell left our Province smoldering and broke, Natural gas prices in the tank,.Ministers can`t hide from it`s before the courts,

Recall campaigns about to start in Oak Bay Gordon Head and in Kamloops, Donna Barnett going down, that will mean 4 bi-elections and the BC Liberal grip on power will be all but done, Gordon Campbell has fled the coop and left all BC Liberals holding Campbell`s legacy bag of pain, the leader in child poverty for 8 straight years, the lowest minimum wage, BC Hydro on the ropes, BC Ferries drowning in debt, not a dime for Transit, evergreen line,  .....

The Campbell/Fraser institute result was predictable, .......I can`t stop laughing and crying, crying over the damage inflicted by these right wing idiots, and laughing at the BC Liberals and their giant mess, Campbell didn`t even leave a tax cut on the table for the new leader to use, Campbell emptied the fiscal and moral bank the Liberals once had, Campbell took every shred of money and all coins, even the ones under the seat cushions, what a sub-human Campbell, tripled our debt, created a structural deficit and spent every last dime trying to save his own scaly skin!...

Any new leader of the BC Liberal party must reject all of Campbell`s policies, what a deal, endorse Campbell`s fiscal lunacy or toss it out the window and admit that the BC Liberals blindly followed a  frinancial destructive path, a black hole of accounting that smells real bad, tormenting BCers all the way....The retractable roof failure, no money for education, HST, election lies, gaming grant cuts, and Campbell quit on his HST...Death for all BC Liberals.......And lastly, if the remaining BC Liberals hoist Campbell on a pedestal they too will fall, the road for BC Liberal success goes through a "Gordon Campbell was nuts" campaign...(And wait for it, Kash Heed announcement this week, and it won`t be pretty)

Oh how the worm has turned, Zalm and the HST got his revenge, Campbell chased from office with his tail between his legs, and this persuader is having a celebratory drink on Campbell!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Is he still sitting as an MLA?

Anonymous said...

listening to that gnome right now,he's almost in tears,out with krueger now!!!!!

Gary E said...

No Evil Eye. He apparently (according to the lying MSM) quit as leader and resigned his seat in the Ledge.

Anonymous said...

the pressure must have been relentless,you could see it in his face,let's have a full on inquiry no way he should be left off the hook,anyone wishing to take over should do this and send all to jail not under house arrest a federal inquiry,should be in order if Harper wants to increase his lead he should really consider this. they keep saying it's just the hst it's not there's a litany of offenses. bc rail trial being the main offense and many other follies to many to list.

Anonymous said...

shredders in hyper-drive at the premiers office.

lumberron said...

The lying pathetic sack of shit should be off to jail the prick.Let's just see what the rest of those spineless liberal jellyfish have to say.Everyone of them didn't speak up about the HST when they had a chance to, when the house was sitting last spring so no free ride by blaming Gordo.You all have to go by the hand of recall.You sleaze bags won't be saved by this because we do remember

cherylb said...

I can hardly wait to get rid of Taylor! Hopefully he'll go back to Alberta. Maybe we can get rid of Hahn too!

Whooo hoooo! Ding dong the witch is dead! Happy day!!!

Anonymous said...

Campbell has been leader to the LIBS for so long that there isn't any talent in that party to take over. He liked to surround himself with yes men and anyone else had to go. His farewell speech was also so full of bafflegab and bullshit and proves he had no measure of the reality of BCer's.

Evil Eye said...

Something happened in the past 24 hours that caused Campbell to quit.

I closed my eyes and listened to his farewell speech and something tells me something 'big' had happened.

The $240K media promo last week was to buy him renewed time as premier, but it failed. Panic, it seems has now gripped the Liberals, as the rest of the rats on the sinking ship fight over the entrails of leadership.

I just wonder if Campbell took a Basi/Virk style bribe to leave? We will see in ensuing days the real story of his departure. My 6th sense, smells a big story and I think Laila Yuile recent bombshell story of shadow tolls on the Sea to Sky Hwy., is just a lead in to a far bigger, more damaging story of shadow tolls and payments on all of Campbell's pet P-3 projects including the Canada Line and the Golden Ears Bridge.

The public bile over the BC Railgate fiasco probably has also spilled over and is sloshing around his premiership.

Now its time for the NDP to send a message to James and takes a hint from Gordo and go.

Anonymous said...

Bingo evil that was my first thought.

Anonymous said...

The BC people, will never support the BC Liberals. Any honest and good people working in the agencies and services, Campbell got rid of. BC Elections is a good example. The FOI was tampered with. The BC ministers, fully supported Campbell in his, lies, deceit, broken promises, corruption, the arrogance, and even Campbell and Hansen's cheating to win. The decent people of BC, are truly fed up with the Ministers and the mla's, for supporting the monster Campbell. I would say, there will be many political careers destroyed, for backing Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Gary E at November 3, 2010 1:03 PM
"No Evil Eye. He apparently (according to the lying MSM) quit as leader and resigned his seat in the Ledge."
The Premier actually said:
“After considerable soul searching and discussion with my family I have decided to ask the BC Liberal Party executive to hold a leadership convention at the earliest possible date to select a new leader for our party."

Anonymous said...

Who really knows there changing stories did he resign did he step down is he sitting in the back bench is he still the preem till they pick another it's all so unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

Go past go, do not collect $200.00 and go directly to jail. This is the start BC. Now is the
time to expose those lying creeps called lieberals. Believe me, this is not all about the
HST, it was the tipping point for this criminal. Tearing up legitimate contracts, Lying
about the "sale' of BC Rail, shadow tolls, massive overspending on the leaking
convention centre, buying a roof for well over 600 million, and the damn think can't close
properly. Sea to sky highway for the rich and famous, Lowest minimum wage in Canada,
highest poverty in Canada, payoffs to mcQuarrie, even when its broke, drunk driving,
wife in Squamish, he with his lover in Vancouver, a cabinet that is all about themselves,
lying about the Fish Lake disaster, cheap concrete on the skytrain to Richmond which
cost us many more dollars when the inspectors said it would collapse, on and on and on.
Now take the rest of those whores with you. Fatboy coleman, fire island falcon,
bobblehead abbott, sleazy les, etc. Do the province well if they were all thrown out. One
more thing, since he is gone do we have to pay his lawyers fees when we find out how he
micro-managed the sale of BC Rail? A waste of skin, good riddance!

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

One more time:

Thank you patriots. I visit here and read and get inspired. You are making a better BC for me and families all over this great province.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take him to go public with his affair with Lara? The second he does, we need to get the RCMP to start a criminal investigation. If it turns out that taxpayer dollars were used to keep his mistress close to him - hoo boy! Look out!

Anonymous said...

Campbell was nothing but a puppet of Big Corporate money. Just like the Fraser Institute is the think tank of corporate money, so Campbell was the political appointment of the big money boys.
Only a complete economic misfit like Campbell could ruin one of the worlds best power producers. What a maroon!

Anonymous said...

Why do I have such a lot of trouble "finding" your site? Is every blog named " the straight" Is there a gap after "The". I feel
there is a force behind anyone trying to read your site, so try and direct anywhere but
to your site. Ps correct me if i am wrong.
Fantastic News today guys and gals. I just love your site, you have no idea how relaxed I am coming away after reading what you write each day.
Keep up the good work. one by one this Govt will hit the dust. Hope Campbell stays away from the shredder.The cops should be on the ball and seize all files again. Finally an end to Campbell and hopefully the rest of his Party.

Crankypants said...

I wouldn't rule out Dianne Watts just yet. From the times I have heard her speak about many issues, I get the feeling that she is the female version of Gordon Campbell, which is exactly what the Howe Streeters want. Remember, even though Campbell is riding off into the sunset, the hierarchy in the backroom are still in place, and these people were no doubt put in place by the likes of Winters, Hochstein and Finlayson. As long as they feel they can continue lining their pockets with a new face at the helm, they will do their utmost to keep the status quo.

I heard Hochstein talking to Sean Leslie tonight, and other than heaping nothing but accolades on Campbell's reign of terror, he made no bones about having to keep the NDP from ever forming government in BC ever again. Falcon or Coleman may be a fallback plan for them, but I would bet my last dollar that the first choice of the Howe Street mafia would be Watts.

At least, that's the way I see the BC Liberal Party world unfolding.


Anonymous said...

So much good news these days...people power has traction. This Campbell experience might make more politicians stand up for the wishes of their constituents. Its happening -- the Potash decision! Fish Lake decision!!
Read today that Proposition 23 didn't pass in California (Big Oil money lost out to coalition of environmental groups and a wealthy hedge fund manager with money and ethics).
These blogs keep us informed and involved....thanks all, Northern Insights, BC Rail Mary, Lalila, Bill Tieleman, Paying Attention, Harvey Oberfeld (boy, has he ever got a lot to catch up on when re returns from vacation Nov. 15)

Anonymous said...

Don`t expect the mounties to put any effort into investgating this white collar criminal enterprise called the bc liberals,they are as corrupt as campbell and the pathetic charade that calls itself our judicial system. re.basi/virk.

Curt said...

He may have stepped down, but he is still very much involved. Things change, but do they really? Same old same old as there are still many of his followers behind him, and his corporate friends. (What was discussed at Bilderberg? Announce an inquiry into Basi/Virk, what about those shadow tolls? How was the Port Mann tendered?) This may take some of the heat off him, but his work will continue behind the scenes. Be wary, be very wary.
Laila and others must continue on with their work in exposing the detrimental deals against the people of BC.

Evil Eye said...

The "Eye" is ready to upchuck - the Bill Boring show is something to be believed! Talk about whitewashing Gordo's past, my god, Boring has no shame.

Until there is a complete criminal investigation of the BC Liberal party, the outright stench of corruption hangs over Victoria and all government decisions.

Chicken manure would smell better.

Now we must set our sights on cluck, cluck Clark and Bill Boring, let's shine the light of truth and justice on them!

Anonymous said...

Campbell's resignation, is just another dirty tactic, to stall for time. He isn't going anywhere, he intends to stay until spring, and my guess, he will still be premier until the next election. He resigned, he should have left right after he announced his resignation. There should have been an interim, acting as premier until the leadership convention. Campbell said, he was going to keep on with his work. He resigned, he should not have any voice, in this province what-so-ever. We need to go full bore on the recalls. It seems, we must get rid of the entire, phony BC Liberal Party. Until we do, this province is not safe from them.

Anonymous said...

Cristy Clark is considering running for the liberal leadership, is there no end to the corruption in BC politics? If I remember right, her house was raided in the BC Rail case Why is the MSM not reporting all these facts when CC talks about running,Have they forget she resigned under a cloud of suspicion with Gary Collins . What next ? Gary Collins announcing he is going to run?