Monday, November 22, 2010

A Dedication to Leah, a Woman of Unbridled Passion

I would like to apologize to Leah and to all my faithful contributors, it`s my goal to evoke emotions and occasionally I may upset you fine folk......Tomorrow is another day....We will never surrender....Whatever the cost may be.

Bless all your souls, I have no words right now, .... I give you this peace offering

The Straight goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Grant G said...

Leah said...

A beautiful apology, completely accepted, and returned Grant. I have to apologize too, it's been the week from hell personally. As you know, I've been looking after Mom for 7 years...and she passed away last week, which is a blessing I know. I'm still trying to figure out if the cavern where my heart used to be, will ever return to a normal state. After a 12 year battle with cancer, she deserves her rest - and I'm off to see if mine is still at bay next week. A worrisome, stress-full week to say the least.

Let's bury this one and start over, even if we have to disagree for now. Who knows what the future holds? :)

Grant G said...

Grant G said...

Thank you (Lea)h

Now you got me dripping tears all over the keyboard.

My sincerest condolonces to you and you family.

I knew there was turmoil with you, I`m proud of you, we will soldier on.

I send my prayers from my heart to yours.

"All earth bound angels make the return trip to heaven"

May your mother have a safe trip.

Grant G said...

I was so heartfelt with your last contribution Leah..I cut and pasted it here, where it belongs

I hope you don`t mind.

Our faithful readers are sending many prayers your way.

Leah said...

Thank you Grant, my fingers and brain aren't necessarily working in logical sequence for the moment...or I would have posted where I should have at the start! Glad you've got this one straight.

And thank you for your prayers...Mom is right where she should be. Gathering her wings.

Grant G said... made no error, I had the comments off under my apology, you touched my heart so much I turned the comments on.

No mistake.

Anonymous said...

jaydee said...


To you and your family my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your mother. Life is never the same but like all moms she would know you were her guardian angel, feeling safe and secure in your care. You were so fortunate to be able to keep her at home.


Leah said...

Jean, you're right, life will never be the same, and I was SO fortunate to be able to keep her with me as long as I did. She deserves heaven, she went through hell here several times over I think. I've learned the hard way that when a family member has cancer, in a sense, the family has it. It's life changing, and soul destroying at times.

If I may - I'll use some of Grant's space to say something that Mom would want everyone to hear, including our men.

Do not let any bump, lump, or spot go undiagnosed for even a short time. Yes guys, that includes you. Men get breast cancer too...and it's increasing in our statistics.

If said lumps involve ANY lymph nodes, demand (and don't settle for "no")...a CT scan of your bones. Mom's cancer had already metastacized to bone by the time it was found, though the metastaces were not found for another 4 years.

Be aware, fight for your own right to health, be your own best doctor. Had we known that 12 years ago, it's likely Mom would still be here and bugging to go ice fishing and/or hunting. She loved both.

And please write your MP about Bill C-36 working it's way through the Senate. It is removing your right to vitamins and natural health care aids. Some especially good for cancer and diabetes, just to name two. I guess they didn't learn with the last one they tried to push they just changed the number, and are trying again. Note also that the European Union is involved in trying to push this through as well this time.

Thanks for the space to rant, Grant.

Kim said...

Condolences, Leah, to you and your family. There are no words to ease your pain just now. Treasure the memories and remember her lessons. Bless our mothers all...

Anonymous said...

When your mother passes away, the pain is dreadful. You never get over your mothers death, however, you do learn to accept it. The quote, time heals sorrow, I found was true. I am from a family of nine, mom was the glue. My dad had a good sense of humor, he lived to be 99. All of us know, we had wonderful parents, and that is what we treasure.