Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gordon Campbell and Bill the Shill Good Unplugged

As an avid listener of cknw for years, at one time I listened to that station for good honest talk radio but over the last 5 years that has all changed, I now listen to hear what lies and propaganda Bill Good, Cluck Cluck and their news department are spouting.

We know that Bill Good and Gordon Campbell are best friends and neighbors, I personally have been wondering if Bill Good gets a piece of the action, a cut of the BC Government advertising dollars Good`s friend Campbell directs to cknw....We know hundreds of thousands, no millions have been spent advertising the HST fraud on cknw, but could someone explain why ICBC is advertising on cknw, let me be crystal clear, ICBC can run ads in the form of public safety, for example, drive carefully in cold icy weather or perhaps a message from ICBC saying don`t drink and drive, that last one, I don`t think we are going to hear that ad anywhere from ICBC, not when Rich Coleman and Ian tostenson are telling people on TV and radio that "It`s ok to have a few drinks and drive".......

That last quote from Tostenson and Coleman might have something to do with ICBC`s ad they currently have running on cknw, perhaps since ICBC would normally be advertising to the public to not drink and drive, but since Gordon Campbell and Rich Coleman are promoting drinking and driving over the collapse of the bar business might explain ICBC tossing money at cknw....If you haven`t heard the ad.

Our tax dollars are paying for advertising on cknw, the ad is telling us that ICBC in 95% of accidents does not place blame on both sides.....That`s it folks, that`s the ad, why would they do that?

Why would ICBC spend hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising on cknw telling us that most accidents the blame goes to one party....It`s not like ICBC has any competition, they have none, you drive here you must insure through ICBC, there is zero competition, there is competition in the optional insurance side, but the optional insurance is for theft of contents, when a person is claiming on the optional side there is no blame to any party...

So the only thing I can gather is this ad from ICBC is a replacement ad for the normal...."Don`t drink and drive"  ad...An ICBC ad thrown CKNW`s way for absolutely no reason but to put money in the hands of Corus radio!

Makes sense to me with the Government promoting drinking driving that they certainly wouldn`t run counter ads saying don`t drink and drive.

The latest inflation numbers are out and B.C. and Ontario leads the way in increased prices on consumer goods, so much for the HST lowering prices, nothing has gone down in price, nothing, excuse me, one item has gone down in price, new luxury cars, when Campbell brought in the HST he threw a gift to his rich friends and removed the luxury tax on really expensive cars, so now the Ferrari buyer will save about $6000 dollars, yet the working stiff buying a used car is paying an extra 7% tax..

Bill Good had a focused open line about the HST today, there have been many focused open line on cknw on the hst, but in listening to the callers, the callers against the hst are not regular callers, they`re people, different people but the callers who claim to love the hst, callers like Hardy and Ken, I got to thinking, of the thousands of callers phoning cknw saying they love the hst over the last year, there really has only been about 20 callers supporting the hst, it`s the same tiny little pocket of callers who chime in on the tax over and over again,  it`s an illusion, just like the claim of price reductions, the hst is a scam, an obvious scam, no prices have dropped...

One caller called in and said booze taxes at restaurants have gone down, that`s true, the tax food joints charge on liquor was reduced by 2 points, yet Bill Good and the caller failed to mention that the province raised the floor price of booze to make sure they wouldn`t lose a dime, Bill Good knew that but deliberately failed to mention it....

It`s all media manipulation, remember the RCMP saying they had the pipe bomber Weibo Ludwig, the press conference, wag the dog, Ludwig turned out to be innocent, remember that other story that went viral, the one the media jumped all over, the Pitt Meadows gang rape, where did that story go, don`t get me wrong, I am not defending a bunch of drunk teenagers who filmed, watched while one girl and one older boy had sex in the feild, but that was the story, the media ran with it, like the Weibo Ludwig the media and RCMP had different motives, it was all about changing the channels on the Campbell crime family.

Moira Stilwell, she isn`t running for leader of the BC Liar party, it was another channel changer, she had no support team, no press conference, it was a Monday morning channel changer orchestrated by Bill Good and Gordon Campbell, she had no platform, no ideas except talk to the people and promote the HST, gee, what vision...

Back to the HST fraud about prices going down, ain`t gonna happen folks, the HST is a scam, there is zero imperical evidence that prices dropped anywhere the hst has been installed, yes that includes Atlantic Canada, in fact  prices rose in Atlantic canada with the implemetation of the HST....Last night on the National.....

Rumours months ago about cell phone fees dropping in Canada with new foreign competition, as you know we in Canada pay on average about $300 dollars more per year than almost every country in the world for cell phone service fees, Tony Clement was on the news last night, the Federal Government has now backtracked and Clement said they are putting a 2 year freeze before allowing outside/foreign competition into Canada.....In other words, the big Canadian telecoms, Rogers/Telus/Bell have chewed off Harper and Clement`s balls and put them in their place, so much for the free enterprise party.

Gordon Campbell charges money to schools, to hospitals, every regional district, everyone has to buy carbon offsets from the crown corporation, (Pacific carbon trust) ...Nothing but a scam folks, it`s not about being pro or con global warming, it`s about stealing money back from schools, hospitals, everyone, that includes the carbon tax on fuel, there will be no reduction in greenhouse gas emisions in BC, not when all the untaxed gas flaring is going on and the CABIN GAS PLANT in Northeast B.C. alone is adding 3% to the total carbon emissions of the Province, that`s right folks, the consumer carbon tax hasn`t reduced any fuel use, hasn`t changed anyone`s habits, yet one industrial project will add 3% to our total provincial emissions, there is nothing this Government has done that is honest, smoke in mirrors, we won`t tear up contracts, we won`t sell BC rail, 999 years leases, tax indemnities, how much has the Province paid for lawyers defending itself since 2001...I would gather it`s in the $billion dollar range, no wonder there is huge backlog in the BC Supreme court, perhaps we should create a special court,  a court designated to people and entities suing the Campbell Government, maybe then we can eliminate the huge backlog in our BC supreme court and give the people a chance to have their cases heard.

Gordon Campbell and his shill Bill Good....Don`t be fooled folks!

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Elwood said...

Grant, do you remember Gary Bannerman, the morning CKNW talk show host from the 1980's?

It was all Socreds all the time. Good Socred, fantastic Premier Bennett, bad NDP and the Socreds win the 1983 election.

And Bannerman was a proud 'friend' of Bill Vander Zalm and boosted the Zalm during the 1986 election. Bannerman even mocked Bob Skelly and the NDP. The Socreds win again.

It will happen again in the next election. How do we combat this outright cronyism?

Anonymous said...

The HST is an unfair tax on poor and middle class earners because we pay it on every dime we earn in a year. The rich and upper middle class; who don't spend all their income in the year, are only taxed on the money they do spend. So in effect the HST targets the poor working joe and eases the pain the richer you get. Which is exactly the opposite of what a progressive tax should be. Message to the Liberal party - tax the rich, the rest of us don't have any more to give. But of course they won't because many of them ARE the rich.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cknw critiques. I cannot stomach to listen to the drivel - but I know it is important to keep track of the liars.

Anonymous said...

A toast to all the douche bags,cheers bill,gordo and all the pricks that tow your line,may the devil have at you and yours,like you did to us,again cheers to your day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

The intensity of the lie through the media by Big Business.

Watch this clip with Michael Moore and Wendell Potter, the whistler blower, that came forward and described the manner in which he was involved in a total scam to discredit Michaels Moore's movie Sicko.

The same type of people are shilling us about this Lieberal government.

I love it when he calls them 'the organized crime syndicate that they are'.

Gordo and his lying band of stinking thieves is trying his best to make this province as sick as the US of A. Does that give us any clue how vindictive and sick that this man and his followers are?

Really worth a watch here: http://youtu.be/6xlpcDnr7eM

jaydee said...

Re channel changing..and how much the Province paid for lawyers defending itself since 2001. Grant, this is a must read...'9 years of bogus BC Supreme Court Judgements' by Callum Houston. This needs to go viral. Sorry I do not know how to cut and paste! The site is www.callumhouston.com/BCSupremeCourtJudgementsPage1.html

Checking back the link would not come up. The way I originally found it was by googling 'cost to take case to supreme court b c' because I had forgotten the actual cost. When I revisited this site the post had been moved to page 4 so.....the easist way is to Google Callum Houston BC.

We know how corrupt the injustice system in BC is but this is a truly shocking case, for sure just one of thousands. It would be nice to get this guy to post on your site??


jaydee said...

....of course I could not find out the cost again but I remember it is upwards by far of $50,000.00 just get in the door. I had posted this many months ago on your site. The cost in other provinces is as low as $400.00-$600.00.

jaydee said...

BBB being attacked by the, IMO, corrupt absolutely corrupt media, this time CBC on tonite's bogus news, making the Better Business Bureau look bad, which it isn't perfect by far but....This is meant to give people another place they can't go to complain about campbell and his corporates as most won't know the main stream media tells almost always every nite nothing but lies IMO! The BBB lady 'interviewed' at the end was shocked and very angry and she was absolutely geniune and I believe HER.

Polygamy 'court case' til January 2011..bogus and happening now in an effort to keep our eyes off the ball.

Ferrari and another car racing up Mt. Seymour pops up again...bogus..intimidation. Last month when the CMSM reported it they said the cops just 'happened to be' at the top and able to catch them, not included in CBC's 'news hour' tonite.

Endless news hour photo-ops for the corrupt IMO!RCMP, looking like they are working so hard to catch the bad guys but never any names or exact locations and few 'caught'...bogus. Obvious they are making sure (as if they have to) they get the 20 year contract renewal in 2011 from Campbell and also to warn us they can come and get us for any made up reason they want.

Lots of gorry stuff being shown that never was before, just to intimidate and put fear into the citizens of B.C. who do not follow blogs. The people are being de-sensitized by this stuff so the corrupt government can carry on doing what they do best....steal our assets, resources, tax us, and then finally devaluing our property and goodbye to the middle class, the real elite in this corrupt province.

Harper and his federal mobs are on the same path so there is no where for B.C. to turn.

No news of all that Campbell is up to and no news on the first RECALL.

All TV news and corporate ads and government 'warnings' are in our faces, threatening and done up in RED.

Bill Bennett, the Campbell puppet silenced, maybe with the brass knuckles IMO!

RECALL AND REVOLT/GENERAL STRIKE is all that can stop the treason. We can no longer rely on the RECALL RESULTS or the next ELECTION RESULTS with Elections B.C. now controlled by the disgraced resigned premier campbell.

jaydee said...

Oh, and Grant, in my rage I forgot to say thanks again for another outstanding post.


Crankypants said...

The calls that come in from people that state the HST only applies to 20% more things than the old PST just drive me around the bend. Do any of these callers realize that this means that an individual is paying 7% more in tax on one of every five dollars they spend? That adds up to serious money real quick, especially for those that are on fixed incomes and those that are earn just enough to not qualify for any HST grant.

I just started working for the local food bank on a voluntary basis last week, and can tell you it is an eye opener. On Fridays they distribute bread products on a first come-first serve basis. People were coming in with garbage bags, or those two wheeled grocery carts or as many green bags that they could carry. Each person would take their turn and fill up whichever type of container to the max with bread that most of us would throw away. The same day, the food bank truck came in with a donation of 2 skids of produce from a local vendor. The fruit and vegetables didn't have a long shelf life and the management decided to let those that had come in for the bread to take whatever produce they wanted. In the end there were probably about five cases of produce left over. On Monday I was there for four and a half hours and witnessed a young couple and a family of four registering for assistance. The first thing I noticed was that they avoided eye contact with everyone but the person getting their particulars. They were obviously embarassed that they had to resort to asking for help, but what even tugged at my heartstrings more was the fact that they were so desparate that both parties couldn't wait until the next regular distribution, which would have been on Wednesday, they needed immediate assistance. I have no idea whether their problems are long term or temporary, but it made me feel guilty knowing that I have a home to go to and no shortage of food to consume. Maybe if our governing bodies could actually witness scenes such as these, they would come to realize that there is a hell of a lot more hurt circulating in this province than they want to know about.

Back to the HST, I remeber one caller stating that he had to pay the HST for some goods he purchased in the USA when he returned to Canada. Of course Bill Good immediately jumped on this in an attempt to make it seem that even if one tries to beat the HST by shopping south of the 49th parallel, they will pay the piper upon their return to Canada no matter what. This is a total lie. My daughter and a friend went down to Bellingham on the Remembrance Day weekend and even though they brought back about $300.00 worth of goods, they were just waived through. Canada Border Services will no doubt nail some people on the HST, but it all depends as to how busy they are and quite likely the demeanor of the person being interviewed by the border guard.

Finally, back to the food banks and what they distribute, don't think that they provide enough food for a family to live off. The stale bread products may be plentiful, but a family of two or three gets a bag of food products that would feed them for no more than a couple of days at best. They will have to fend for themselves until they can again get the assistance they need. Is this a picture of an affluent province? I think not. It is a testament that we are living in a society of haves and have nots, and the population of have nots is increasing everyday. The thing that will stick with me most about Monday will be the fact that the two families that registered for assistance swallowed their pride as best they could in order that they could survive, but the decision they had to make was a last resort.


Anonymous said...

Don't even think, Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, have any concern for the poor. BC has the highest number of children living in poverty. BC has the lowest minimum wage in Canada, $6.00 per hour. Campbell, puts Campbell's own wallet first. Relieving the destitute, takes money out of his coffers, and Campbell can't have that...He needed the money, to give himself a 53% wage hike. BC and the people have been so badly swindled by Campbell, it will take decades, to clean up his mess. If his pollution plans go through, BC is financially ruined, and could become, a polluted wasteland. Campbell only manages this province, for the wealthy and big business friends. The rest of us, can go to hell.

Anonymous said...


Callum Houston said...


... i note there's some interest in the hardcore organized crime scene infesting the british columbia government and the supreme court of british columbia that i've documented on my website www.callumhouston.com ...

... the corrupt british columbia government is a fascist regime infested with crooks top to bottom. i have concrete, tangible evidence that proves beyond any doubt that british columbia's finance minister takes illegal bribe kickbacks when the accounting/consulting firm pricewaterhousecoopers inc. is appointed by the supreme court of british columbia to oversee third-party assets in civil disputes ...

... see the proof on the web at this address here: http://www.callumhouston.com/FinanceMinisterTakesIllegalKickbacksFromPwC.html

... or see the evidence on the web at my website www.callumhouston.com by copying and googling this phrase: bc finance minister takes illegal kickbacks from pwc by callum houston ...

... the corrupt government of british columbia is sacked and it's going down in flames like the hindenburg ...