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On the 11th Day of Christmas (Gordon Campbell lied and sold BC Rail(From my archives, this archived story was all about David Mclean, the BC Rail sale started in 1996)

  On the 11th Day of Christmas Gordon Campbell gave BC Rail to David Mclean..

 The below article was written several years ago......One more Christmas day to go...# Number 12 still to come

Well well well, Gordon Campbell not only lied to every British Columbian when HE sold BC Rail but, Gordon Campbell put money, lucrative real-estate, contracts and jobs in his friend`s hands, 6 years later and everyone is still getting paid, any money BC received for BC Rail is long gone, yet BC Rail insiders are still receiving BC taxpayer money by the truckload!

I don`t know where to start, well, how about Gordon Campbell is a corrupt bastard, have you ever heard of David Mclean? This name should be familiar with everyone, why, because that is where the whole thing started, David Mclean played the lead role in privatizing CN Rail in 1994....And, the following IPO was the largest in Canadian history at that time.....
Shortly after David Mclean pulled strings and privatized CN Rail he was appointed to CN Rail`s board of directors, and, from what I understand David Mclean wheeled and dealed, yes indeed, David Mclean a short time later was appointed to Chairman of the board of directors of CN Rail...Hmmm, how did he move up so quickly? Well the answer is simple,CN Rail wanted BC Rail, the only way CN Rail could obtain BC Rail was if the province of BC privatized BC Rail and sold it to CN Rail, but, the government of the day (The NDP) were not interested in selling BC Rail, it was far too important an asset to sell, or, Give Away.......
So what was David Mclean to do, the man was smart, he knew what to do, David Mclean went out and bought himself a politician, and what politician might that have been, well, no other than Gordon Campbell,but, in 1994 Gordon Campbell wasn`t premier of the province,he was mayor of Vancouver, well no point in getting caught up with niggling details, David Mclean`s first order of business was to donate large sums of money to the BC Liberals and Gordon Campbell, that`s right folks, David Mclean pushed and financed Gordon Campbell`s 1996 provincial election campaign, and for that all David Mclean wanted was.....BC Rail, that`s right folks, David Mclean funded Gordon Campbell`s 1996 campaign and in return he wanted BC Rail.....
And as you know in 1996 Gordon Campbell ran on that platform, Campbell spun and twisted and campaigned on selling BC Rail,well, it didn`t go over too well, the people in the interior and in rail towns said "No bloody way, leave our BC railway alone"......So Gordon Campbell lost the 1996 election and BC Rail was still ours, the trains,the massive tracts of property, the thousands of kilometers of track,all of it was still in the hands of BCers, the only north /south railway in the province of BC, this crucial transportation line was still in BC`s family....
Well, this didn`t sit well with David M, he paid the BC Liberal party, he was the largest financier of Gordon Campbell and he had nothing! Well, patience the premier said...There is another election in 2001, meanwhile David Mclean is still donating and financing Gordon Campbell, so along comes the run-up to the 2001 BC provincial election, Campbell and Mclean had to play it smarter, Gordon Campbell couldn`t tell the public what his true intentions were, David Mclean had to get his hands on BC Rail, so Gordon Campbell told the voting public " I won`t sell BC Rail" but he was lying, Gordon Campbell belongs in the liars hall of fame, no politician has ever lied more than Gordon Campbell, and, Gordon Campbell had to make good on giving BC Rail away, after all, David Mclean paid literally $millions to elect Gordon Campbell .
So Gordon Campbell wins the 2001 BC provincial election and proceeds in breaking almost every promise he made, Campbell did keep his personal promise to David Mclean and gave our railway away, Gordon Campbell ripped up contracts and raised the PST, doubled MSP payments and laid the boots to the poor and middle class all the while he gave away billions in tax cuts to his rich friends.

Yes indeed, Gordon Campbell and his cabinet went wild, Gordon Campbell`s friend Peter Armstrong got gifts, his cabinet ministers got in on the action, political appointees held cover, Judith Reid, Gary Collins, Martyn Brown, Bruce Clark, Christy Clark, everyone in government was aware that CN Rail was getting BC Rail and they all knew the bidding process was rigged, of course word flew around the province and omni-trax, CP and everyone  else knew the game was rigged, BC Rail going to CN, it was a done deal, after all, David Mclean had made sure of that years earlier, meanwhile, stories emerged of organized crime, drug dealers infiltrating the BC Government,  a government gone wild and rumours and stories got back to the police, particularly the Victoria police, Paul Battershill arranged to raid the legislature, wow, what a site to see, police hauling out computers and boxes of documents,nwhat an embarrassment to all BCers, Gordon Campbell getting drunk in Hawaii, getting charged and convicted of drunk driving was bad enough, his adulterous affair with Lara Daphinee and their (Possible love child) was another embarrassment.....
Well surely heads would roll, and they did, it appears David Mclean has lots of clout from coast to coast, the heads that have rolled are the ex-police chief from Victoria and a couple of low-end ministerial aides, that`s it, almost everyone in Government knew what the hell was going on, but Gordon Campbell with his 77 to 2 majority in the legislature didn`t give a rats ass about us, about the law and certainly Democracy, his high powered friends will cover his ass!

Meanwhile one voice of reason and sanity came forth, Paul Nettleton was outraged and complained, a week later Gordon Campbell expelled Paul Nettleton caucus, that`s right,.

Paul Battershill and Paul Nettleton got hammered by the corrupt Gordon Campbell and his high powered friends and both were sent to the woodshed......

Meanwhile, this so-called billion dollars we got for BC Rail is all gone plus more, you see folks everyone had to get paid off, Patrick Kinsella got paid off, (Campbell`s campaign manager) he was getting paid from BC Rail and CN Rail,  for years getting paid, the BC rail executives knew what was going on,they knew Kinsella was a backroom Liberal with clout, so the BC Rail executives had the dirt, that`s why 6 years later and BC Rail has no trains these executives have been paid millions of dollars to play golf, that`s right play golf, the province bought them golf memberships and to this day they are still on the pay role....

And where did the rest of money go, well where do we start, CN Rail, part of the deal for being GIVEN BC Rail was that they would get tax breaks worth roughly 500 $million dollars(tax write offs).....And those weren`t federal tax write-offs but provincial tax write offs.

So CN Rail gives the province money for BC Rail and Gordon Campbell gives most of it back in tax write offs...And it gets better, lawyer fees, I estimate the trial, or should I say the endless hearings has cost more than 40 $million dollars....

$500 million in tax breaks, 120 $million in lawyer fees, Patrick Kinsella fees, BC Rail executives being paid for years, paid to play tiddly-winks....Cost to government for searching for documents, tech searches, transcription fees, Public affairs for years, years of spinning, twisting and corruption.

Meanwhile, 1 billion dollars,the money is gone, gobbled up in tax write offs, wages, pay offs, executive salaries, golf memberships, lawyer fees, government fees, our railway is gone, the guilty are everywhere, including the guilty BC Liberals, the connections, the tentacles are everywhere, this whole BC Rail trial/investigation/ show Trial was nothing nothing but a cruel joke played on all,  Gordon Campbell, and of course Leonard Asper and the Defunct Canwest Global promoted this theft, the big media looked the other way, failed to report, it wasn`t Vaughn Palmer or Michael Smyth or that useless Keith Baldrey , Bill Good, Les Leyne, Tom Fletcher or Sean Leslie or any of them that even tried to uncover facts, they uncovered nothing, in fact everyone mentioned did more, they deflected and spun, they provided cover for corruption....... and they know deep in their hearts and souls what they did, they`ll have to live with that.

Big bought media and paid stooges
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Mary, BC Mary, Robin Mathews, Citizen Reporters, Bill Teileman, Ross K....Those are the real heroes, they kept this alive, they reported everything we know today.

Meanwhile our corrupt premier played some silly game about BC Rail not being sold, a sad story about a 999 year lease, a lease not a sale.

Gordon Campbell is such a gutless coward that even his lies are lies.

Bias, one way reporting, a demoralized news team,  a bunch of muzzled newsmen, everyone of those stooges aided and abetted BC Liberal crimes.

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