Friday, February 20, 2015

War Is A Drug(Chris Hedges, Podcast)

Everyone who cares about the real truth needs to listen to this podcast..

 Courtesy CBC Radio....

If that link above doesn`t work, try this one(courtesy contributor Hugh)


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

The link didn't work.

I used this:

CBC radio has great stuff on it.

Just heard an interview with a Conservative senator about the video of the Ottawa shooter they don't seem to want to show.

Hugh said...

I was looking at these related materials today:

Anonymous said...

An amazing experience, listening to his interview, thanks for posting

frank said...

Thanks Grant. I just found your site after hearing you call in to CKNW.

I often listen to CKNW on my commute. Know your enemy and all that...

Grant G said...

Hello Frank.....

Everything you want to know about LNG is here..(side bar, LNG files)..

Scroll through the archives, there are dozens of LNG articles here..

I`ve read everything on LNG, wrote every angle...

The more you read on LNG the more you will realize what a welfare industry it is..

BC politics is covered here, federal politics..

Professor Mathews contributes, others too..

I also write about the human animal and all its fragility..

Articles on the side bar...Touched by Angels...Storm of tears..

Mary Mackie(BC Mary)

Too many stories I wrote while tears rolled down my cheeks to mention in this one comment.

Be well..Stay informed, knowledge is empowering..

Good Day