Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Translink Referendum Trough Sucking Pigs(and developers), Fuck Off!

These clowns just don`t get it, do they, Translink is a corrupt organization, it has been for years, a dumping ground for political insiders, a landing pad for those needing taxpayer gravy.

Translink is broken, the BC Liberals designed Translink to facilitate their favoured projects, in particular the Canada Line...

Remember the spin back then, how building the Canada Line traffic from Richmond to Vancouver would now flow smooth and easy, remember that..

How did that work out, has traffic gridlock to and from Richmond been reduced, not a chance!

Guess who is lining up at the trough awaiting Translink contracts, or should I say more Translink contracts, directors of the BC Liberal party(Mike McDonald), those connected to Gregor Robertson, Bill Tieleman and dozens of other political insiders are getting ready to feed at the trough...Bill Tieleman, ..The man who delivered Adrian Dix to the NDP`s leadership, ..Look how well that turned out, Adrian Dix, forger, liar, Skytrain cheating non-paying scofflaw, how ironic, Adrian Dix , Bill Tieleman`s cheating NDP leader was a fare-evading skytrain cheat too, he blew the 2014 election.


"Yesterday, we learned that Transit Police let NDP Leader Adrian Dix off with a warning after he was caught without proof of fare payment on the SkyTrain earlier this month.

The fine for such an offence is $173. Dix's constituency office is directly across the street from the Joyce Street Station and he professes to be a regular SkyTrain user.

Naturally, other transit passengers are feeling miffed that the Opposition leader and likely future premier gets off scot-free whereas most other schleps would be ticketed and fined.
Keep in mind that Dix earns $150,000 per year. He can afford a monthly pass.

It's pretty clear that the cop gave Dix a soft ride. It's not Dix's fault that this occurred. He was probably reasonably well-dressed at the time, offered a plausible explanation, and got off with a warning.

Sometimes, police have a tendency to treat people differently, based on their social and economic class.
Dix has said he took "full responsibility" for his action. It's a line we've heard before in connection with a memo he backdated for his former boss, Glen Clark, when Clark was under a police investigation involving a casino licence."


Bill Tieleman now an adviser to John Horgan...Bill Tieleman rubbing his grubby little hands together along with countless BC Liberals, all anticipating gravy, taxpayer funded gravy to dine out on..Bill Tieleman who gave us Christy Clark now wants Translink money!!!!

Translink is home to a fraudulent reward system for political insiders, ...Time to hear from Bob Mackin..


TransLink rolling out contracts on the road to tax hike vote

Ransford firm re-upped, Tieleman seeks TransLink contract

Counterpoint scores
On Jan. 2, Counterpoint Communications got a new year’s gift. Its “Business and Stakeholder Outreach” consulting contract was extended indefinitely by TransLink without a bid, because of tight timelines and Counterpoint’s “unique expertise.”

Counterpoint's Ransford
Counterpoint’s Ransford
Said the notice of intent: “The Supplier has provided focused stakeholder engagement services to raise awareness of the Mayors’ Council vision, developed a strong understanding of the Mayors’ Plan and provided an important liaison between TransLink/Mayors’ Council and stakeholders.”
Mayors’ Council chair Richard Walton, who is also Mayor of North Vancouver District, was unable to answer about the budget for the contract when I contacted him.
The public relations and lobbying company’s five principals include Bob Ransford, who is thought of by NPA loyalists as a turncoat for joining Vision Vancouver before the 2011 election. Ransford is chair of EasyPark, the City of Vancouver’s quasi-non governmental organization that runs downtown parking lots and was rocked by scandal in 2012 when a worker with gambling addiction was accused of stealing from the company.
Ransford did not respond for comment.

Vote in spring, learn cost by fall
Meanwhile, TransLink is one step closer to hiring consultants to come up with the estimated cost of the Broadway SkyTrain extension and Surrey light rail after the plebiscite.
 Yes, TransLink wants you to vote yes to hike sales taxes in Metro Vancouver before it gets an accurate estimate of the cost of the Commercial-to-Arbutus Broadway subway (which has been pegged at $3 billion so far)....

Yes campaigner seeks TransLink dough
Finally, there is a very long list of more than 50 companies that responded to TransLink’s invitation to pre-qualify for “Professional Planning Research and Policy Services” under RFP Q14-155.
Who might some of those companies be that are in line, hoping to score a TransLink contract?

Bill "Yes to TransLink expansion" Tieleman
Tieleman: touting TransLink
You’ll recognize Aecom, CH2M Hill, Parsons, Stantec and SDG, who are seeking the Surrey and/or Broadway technical services contracts (see above). Interfleet Technology is on the list. The U.K-based consultancy is a division of SNC-Lavalin.
Also seeking TransLink gigs under the same tender notice are Counterpoint Communications, Kirk and Co., Stratcom and West Star Communications Corp.
Kirk and Co. is a BC Liberal-allied firm that already has a TransLink gig which was extended without bid. A Nov. 25, 2014 notice of intent re-upped its “Public Affairs and Engagement Consultant” contract. Mike McDonald, the BC Liberal campaign manager when Premier Christy Clark promised a TransLink funding referendum, is part of Kirk. See above for more about Counterpoint. Stratcom is the polling, research and robocall arm of Vision Vancouver.
West Star is a surprising entry on the list. It is the firm run by Bill Tieleman,

 This Translink referendum political insiders have united as one solitary trough sucking gaggle of snorting money sucking pigs, NDP...LIBERAL, Civic ....All political pigs...Trying so hard to CON the public, ..Throwing study after tainted study at the people..

Let`s have a look at some of the arguments....One columnist for the Vancouver Sun said we have to vote yes to save our children from green house gasses....Oh my, ..We have the Vancouver Sun who has been cheerleader to Christy Clark`s pathetic over hyped bogus LNG fantasy, ..Vancouver Sun who has ignored the fact that if Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy came trough, if...Each large LNG plant would add 10 million tonnes of GHGs to our province each year, if we had 10 large LNG plants our provincial greenhouse gas total will triple....Not a fucking word about that in the Vancouver Sun but suddenly we must vote yes on the Translink referendum to save our children from greenhouse gases from cars...

PATHETIC and desperate..Even more so...Bramham wants Translink to apologize, how fucking sick is that, ..Let me steal $billions of dollars from you, let me keep my job, keep the money and say...Hey rubes, I`m sorry...Grow some testicles media...Stop these damn sick articles!

Stephen Hume wants all those saying NO TO TRANSLINK to fuck off and go away...Yet he wants this Translink referendum to go for a vote, hey numbnuts Hume, if you don`t want anyone fighting for no side then why don`t you yell at Christy Clark and tell her to impose this tax, hey, guess what Stephen Hume, that would save $15 million dollars in ballots and voting costs, as well as clear newspaper headlines for real news!

Vancouver transportation director claims the sky will fall if we vote no..And he states this..

Gridlock 24/7...Bridges will collapse, trains will seize up, ferries will sink....

How pathetic....newsflash, Transit will get funding one way or another, would a Government, a responsible government allow Transit and our roads to totally collapse, what, would they walk around with hands in pockets, whistling past the graveyard while Rome(Vancouver ) is burning..


We saw the same overflow of sewage commentary and opinion when the HST forces were trying to dupe us...imagine that, every province with the HST running deficits, BC?..Huh, no HST and our finances are better than the rest..

We have another article that claims 2 billion dollars in lost productivity by 2045 if we vote no...HAHAHA..

What a sick joke...Those sitting in traffic are burning gas, meaning taxes, cars that breakdown from too much idling, that means service garages have work, commutes that take longer mean coffee stops, food stops, it`s all economic activity, by 2045 parts of Vancouver and Richmond will be under water...How`s that for lost productivity..Nothing easier for these lying bastards to suggest things 30 years out, they won`t be around to say oops, or sorry, just garbage writing!..By 2045 electric cars will be here, automated cars and traffic will flow so smoothhhhhhhh...without transit, prove me wrong assholes!

That statement is just as credible as what these trough sucking pigs are saying..


Congestion in Metro Vancouver could cost $2B without transit improvements: study

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

The Metro Vancouver mayor’s council is out with a new study today on the costs associated with congestion in the hopes of convincing you to vote yes in the upcoming transit plebiscite.
Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore says a study be economists by HDR Consulting shows traffic congestion is already costing the regional economy one billion dollars a year in vehicle operating costs, lost productivity and pollution from vehicle emissions.
He says a no vote means double the annual regional cost of congestion to two billion dollars a year by 2045


Where are these mayors finding all this money for studies????

And these goddamn trough sucking pigs are getting even more pathetic, an article appeared last week claiming according to social media Translink was the most popular transit system, another STUDY ...!!
A study looking at Tweets about Transit systems..Are you kidding me!...I`m not, here`s a novel idea, create a transit lottery, allow BCLC to create scratch tickets or a numbers draw and have the funds goes to Transit...oh no, the BC Liberals wouldn`t dare do that, these BC Liberals want every gambling dollar for themselves...


TransLink is the most popular transit system in North America, says new study

According to a new study of social media comments, TransLink is the most popular transit system in North America.
A recent University of Southern California study used computer algorithms to rank 64,000 comments on Twitter – from most positive to most negative


Hey trough sucking pigs, got any more studies????? or should we ask HOW MANY MORE STUDIES ARE COMING?....What next, the POPE declaring the earth will turn flat if Translink referendum fails, ..That British Columbia will push the entire world into the biggest economic depression mankind has ever seen if the people vote no..

Push push push, shove, beg and plead we the people know that there are those with vested interests, politicians and insiders who want this to pass, this has nothing to do with transportation, this referendum/plebiscite is about creating A NEW form of taxation, ...This will create a taxation method for every needed project the BC Liberals don`t want to fund through their many revenue sources...

A St. Pauls hospital tax....A Site C dam tax...A new second narrows bridge tax..this list is endless..

These useless Translink thugs will reward new Pattullo bridge users with a yearly $2000 dollar toll...

Translink gets 17 cents per litre on fuel...Fuel use because of more efficient automobiles is on the decline, that charge per litre is going up..Property taxes are going up...

Need more...TREO...The company and new Bureaucracy created to collect toll revenue is offering up discounts to get more people to drive CARS and TRUCKS over the TOLLED Port Mann and TOLLED Golden Ears bridge...They want INCREASED CAR TRAFFIC, INCREASED TRUCK TRAFFIC, TREO DOES NOT WANT  LESS TRAFFIC, LESS CARS, LESS TRUCKS......THEY WANT MORE TRAFFIC.


Port Mann operators consider rewards for frequent bridge users

Treo would offer regulars loyalty points or possible rebates on monthly bill

If improved transit takes cars off the road Translink would in turn require more funding from another source, Translink gets 17 cents on every litre of fuel sold, fewer cars, less litres means larger Translink funding shortfall, ...In the below article, if the picture they paint came true, no gridlock, open roads, smooth sailing, if that scenario were to come true Translink would need another $500 million dollars per year in funding, for they would lose most of their petro dollars..

Which makes the latest garbage article in The Province Newspaper reek to high heaven too,

another con job article...Claiming a yes vote will make car driving better, that drivers of vehicles will win, that the roads will be open empty landscapes, no traffic jams, ...My fucking gawd...New bridges and roads, new buses won`t get anyone out of their cars...It rains in BC...and people like cars, buses can`t fly over car traffic, over waterways..

Gregor`s $4 billion dollar 11 kilometer developer wanted condoline subway is NOT NEEDED...A few new buses on Broadway, problem solved...

The public is getting angry with these endless Time-Share heavy pitched doom and gloom articles about voting yes....They have to stop, ...Translink gets $1.44 billion per year in funding...That`s enough, sell off the bridges to private companies, sell off the Fraser river, the BC Liberals are selling off everything, selling off British Columbia to resource extractors, BC`s media is selling out the public for the sake of political trough sucking insiders..

Enough is enough...

Christy Clucking Clark, you braindead stunned Bitch, cancel this doomed referendum and make a Governing decision..

As for the Vancouver Sun and Province Newspapers...Fuck OFF` and die, go the way of SUN NEWS

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

"We gotta keep growing the economy! We need more congestion!"
says Govt.

The money system needs continual growth or it collapses, like a Ponzi scheme.

I think this is what's behind all the nonsense.

Since skytrain was built, congestion has gotten worse.

Grant G said...

That`s right Hugh...Every Transline line built traffic has gotten worse, there was an argument put forwardthat spending $3 billion dollars on the Port Mann bridge would ease traffic, it hasn`t worked, only moved the congestion to another area.

The public likes cars, nothing will change..

Unfortunately politiciand don`t care what taxes they impose, they are shielded, John Horgan`s NDP sold us out..A party now controlled by lobbyists and insiders.

This Translink tax increase after 10 years of being collected won`t even pay for Gregor Robertson`s Developer wanted subway line..

You can`t with good conscience ask people to pay for a puzzle when most of the funding puzzle pieces are missing.

They can all fuck off

Anonymous said...

port mann 90 million under estimate next 3 years
golden ears lost 44 million last year?
bcplace 20 m loss?
convwention loss also?
IPP ror overpay contracts loss?

go see development skyscrapers at Cambie and main station

Anonymous said...

Shall we count the "legitimate" and "credible" journalists whose families have been employed by Liberals through Orders in Council and paid by taxpayers?

- Times Colonist writer Les Leyne's son Andrew was one. He worked for the Liberal caucus, then the Liberal Party and now for spin merchants and lobbyists Hill & Knowlton.

- Former CBC bureau chief Stephen Smart's wife was Christy Clark's deputy press secretary Rebecca Scott. Both are now employed in the Spin/Lobbying business: he at Citizen Relations, she at Global Public Affairs.

- Corus Radio political broadcaster Sean Leslie's wife Lisa is a Communications Director for the BC Liberal government.

- Black Press political writer Tom Fletcher is married to Kate Trotter, a Public Affair Officer for the BC Liberal Government.

Other political journalists hire themselves out as speech-makers, often appearing before business groups interested in their coverage. Are there more political reporters who might be perceived as having potential conflicts? It's not easy to know because none make voluntary disclosures of relationships that might be problematic.

Another interesting connection is between the provincial Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser and his son, John Paul Fraser who is a highly paid Deputy Minister in the Liberal Government.

The question we might consider: Is our political world so small that numerous connections are inevitable or is there a pattern of behaviour here whereby the government insulates itself from bothersome criticism? - See more at:

Grant G said...

Thanks, conflict of interest is everywhere, so is conflict of ethics.

Let me be clear, if transit money is required it`s the responsibility of the governing party to find, or raise taxes, that is where my conflict lays.

There is no guarantee that gas taxes, another increase to the pst or road charges, ...more more more and in the meantime Christy Clucking Clark and the lying Liberals keep claiming how low they kept taxes..BC Hydro going up next month, BC Ferry fares going up ICBC going up..MSP going up(BC only province with that fee)...

And Christy Clark found $230 million per year tax cut for the top 2% of earners..

Everytime broad taxes are raised these BC Liberal bought assholes find a gift worth 100 times more for the wealthy..

We the people are alone, the NDP have been conflicted and bought by big labour and political insiders wanting trough juice.

Anonymous said...

the finger pointing begins

Hugh said...

The govt is trying to say they are reducing BC debt, but if you look at the current fiscal plan

p. 35

Total Provincial projected debt rises by over $1 billion per year.

They point to debt/gdp ratio dropping. It's projected to drop marginally. Meaning, the gdp has to rise every year, for infinity.

Good luck with that, given BC demographics and the fact we live on a limited planet with rising energy costs.

Anonymous said...

caveat emptor
bait and switch?