Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stephen Harper Hijacks Weather Canada`s National Website To Promote His Proposed Legislation

Can someone please tell me why the Stephen Harper Government has put the below on weather Canada`s website?
Stephen Harper is promoting his Terrorism Bill, wrapping this site in the Canadian flag and promoting the military..
This is unacceptable propaganda ....

Click weather Canada`s link and peruse down to the bottom left, there this crap is presented..

Who authorized this, who permitted this?

I don`t see weather forecasts on the Conservative party`s website, or weather forecasts on Canada`s military websites..

(Thanks to our regular contributor Hugh for the heads up)

British Columbia - Weather Conditions and Forecast by Locations

Date modified:

Government of Canada activities and initiatives

New anti-terrorism laws

Measures against terrorism

Share your moment with the Flag!

50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada

Join the Forces

Become one of the men and women serving proudly in the Canadian Armed Forces
This crosses the line into partisan politics being paid for by Government tax $dollars..

Weather Canada is not the place to Promote and Advertise legislation.

What next, Harper Conservative propaganda on gasoline receipts at the gas pump, Stephen Harper`s election platform inserted in peoples tax returns,.

Weather Canada, Environment Canada, Stats Canada need to be free of politicking for partisan purposes.
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Unknown said...

Why is Harper's stupid 24/7 website on this government page. This is blatant Conservative propaganda!

Hugh said...

I guess they aren't getting many views of their 24/7 website.

Hugh said...

"we are also working with communities to prevent radicalization and intervene when individuals show signs of becoming radicalized."

Well, gee, that's so comforting, Mr. Government.

Just for the Record said...

Ruling classes all over the world are rushing to ramp up their domestic military control while simultaneously seeking to gin up a war abroad. Their economies are loaded up with too much debt and nearing their death throes. Gotta' get ready to hold down the inevitable resistance, whilst covering it all with the fog of conflagration. Worked twice before. Why not once more?

These are not democratic governments aroganized by and for the common weal. These are executive arms of the oligarchy that are meant to preserve their rule at any and all costs.

Prepare for war!

Hugh said...

They've put more info up, bottom right: