Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christy Clark Has No Brain, The Proof Is Here(According to Clark, Translink`s Board Runs and Controls British Columbia`s Government)

Some of you thought my posting yesterday was rather terse, ....And perhaps that is true..

However,....I said this at the end of my February 18/2015 post about Christy Clark..

"Enough is enough...
Christy Clucking Clark, you braindead stunned Bitch, cancel this doomed referendum and make a Governing decision.."

And to prove my point how braindead and educationally stunned Christy Clark is....


Updated: Clark says “TransLink belongs to the mayors”


Premier Christy Clark is brushing off calls to cancel the transit tax plebiscite saying it’s important to give people a say.

And for those who think TransLink itself is the problem, Clark says it’s up to Metro Vancouver mayors to fix it.

You know the province has made a major contribution to this and I think we’ve really done what we can. TransLink belongs to the mayors, and only the mayors, if there are problems that need to be addressed in TransLink, can fix those, fix those problems because it’s not a provincially run organization.”

As for criticism that Translink’s bad image and lack of accountability are undermining the Yes campaign Clark says that’s also the mayors’ problem.

“You know it’s really been the mayors leading it, as it should be, it’s their organization.”

But NDP critic George Heyman says Translink exists because of provincial legislation and it’s frightening Clark doesn’t get that.

“The transportation minister should probably sit her down and explain his government’s, her government’s own legislation to her until she gets it.”

The government insists it has no direct control over Translink.

In fact, TransLink was established through provincial legislation.


Christy Clark`s departed dad, who was an educator must be rolling in his grave on discovering Christy Clark was born without a shred of brainpower, dumb as a sack of hammers Christy Clark is, what an embarrassment we endure having Canada`s one and only premier with an IQ below 50.

Yes, it is true, Christy Clark is a school drop-out, let this be a warning to all those who attend school...Stay there, learn to think, to read and understand...

Don`t be a Christy Clark...Stay in School!

 The latest reincarnation of Translink was created by Kevin Falcon as a member of the BC Liberal Government, Government wanted the Canada line built, mayors, at that time said no, Evergreen line was on the Q first, ...Translink`s structure said no twice to the Canada line, that`s when the BC Liberals rejiggered Translink to get their coveted Canada line..

Furthermore, Ken Dobell was the lobbying force behind today`s Translink board that gave the go-ahead for $200 million dollars worth of useless faregates, Ken dobell, Gordon Campbell`s deputy.

Every major maneuver Translink has made in recent years has been the directive of the BC Liberal Government..
For Christy Clark to blather that Translink is the purview, and controlled by mayors is a pure unadulterated lie..If that was the case how come the mayors couldn`t stop the referendum, every mayor, also the NDP ridiculed Christy Clark for even suggesting a public vote, the mayors called at the time and rejected a plebiscite and or referendum...If mayors had control there would be no plebiscite...

Why isn`t the big media howling with laughter at Christy Clark...Because there are too many trough snorting connected pigs waiting to dine out on the new monies..

We have no opposition party in BC...Every NDPer should stand up in question period, ask no questions, just say.."Christy Clark"..And on cue all of them just laugh for 30 minutes..

That`s what a real opposition would do..

This is one more glaring reason we must all vote no on this Translink cash grab referendum.

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