Friday, November 21, 2014

(PETRONAS PRESS RELEASE), CODE-NO British Columbia CONTRACTORS, NO British Columbia Labour(too pricey), LNG Mainframes and Modules to be Built In S. Korea

Statement by PETRONAS President & Group CEO Tan Sri Dato` Shamsul Azhar Abbas Regarding LNG Development in British Columbia

Vancouver British Columbia October 6th/2014-Sri Dato` Shamsul Azhar Abbas made the following statements today regarding the proposed investment to build and operate The Pacific Northwest LNG LTD. export facility in Prince Rupert, British Columbia and its associated natural gas reserves operated by Progress energy Canada LTD. located primarily in the north Montney region of northeast British Columbia

PETRONAS is encouraged by the commitment expressed by the British Columbia Government regarding the Pacific Northwest LNG (PNW LNG) project during recent meeting with premier Christy Clark and Minister Coleman in Vancouver. During the round of meetings, PETRONAS and the Government of British Columbia agreed on clear milestones, action plans and deliverables for both parties to support project competitiveness necessary to undertake a final investment decision(FID) by mid December 2014.

In addition, PETRONAS will continue to work with the Government of Canada and its agencies to advance the regulatory process and clarify the fiscal framework associated with this new industry in Canada.

Fundamentally PETRONAS believes that the PNW LNG project has the ability to monetise, add value and link BC natural gas to the global market, to the benefits of Canadians, especially British Columbians, nonetheless the reality of the global LNG market is that we are facing overhang and decreasing demand that creates downward pressure on LNG prices, in this market environment, the ability to secure market and customers is paramount.

Coupled with softening crude prices, there is a need for international energy companies like PETRONAS to seriously prioritize and reassess our investments. The proposed fiscal package and regulatory pace in Canada threatens the global competitiveness of the PNW LNG project. This is further exacerbated by preliminary project costs, which indicates cost of local contractors to be higher and not benchmarked to global contractor`s costs.

The additional tax and high cost environment will negatively impact the project`s economic viability and competitiveness, in fact, in our last portfolio review exercise, the current project economics appeared marginal. Without material cost reduction efforts cross the project we`ll have a tough time reaching a positive final investment decision by mid December 2014.

In order to remain competitive, PETRONAS needs to secure consensus on key principles vital to the success of this project by the end of October. Missing that date will the impact of having to defer our investments until the next marketing window, anticipated in 10-15 years. At this juncture PETRONAS firmly believes on the urgent need for stakeholders to collaborate and come to an agreement, rather than act as opposing parties at the negotiation table.

In light of this, the next few weeks will be critical in ensuring commitments made during the last meeting will be followed through by creating a tangible environment which stimulate competitiveness and investor`s confidence in British Columbia. PETRONAS and its partners look forward to working with the British Columbian and Canadian Governments to advance with pace, clarity and purpose in turning the vision of a Canadian LNG industry into a reality.


Spencer Sproule

Senior adviser, corporate affairs, Pacific Northwest LNG

Cindy Rutherford

Vice president, Corporate affairs, Progress Energy Canada LTD


Let me fill in the blanks.....

PETRONAS wants temporary foreign labour, and contractors...



Then Christy Clark while in India offered up LNG jobs to the Indian populous, reported by many, including John Horgan and the NDP...BC`s mainstream media ignored the story


India workers offered B.C. 's LNG jobs by Christy Clark



 Reported widely and well known to LNG industry experts these LNG plants are not going to be built in British Columbia, they are going to be built in Japan and South Korea...This fact was admitted by British Gas and others, including 

 "BG(British Gas) intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly."

 Laura Lau, Senior Portfolio Manager at Brompton Funds on BNN stated last month(October 16th/2014), (as did British Gas 2 years ago) that proposed LNG plants in British Columbia will not be built in British Columbia...Laura Lau stated that these LNG plants are actually going to be built in S. Korea or Japan, these modules and mainframes will be built in S. Korea or Japan and barged to British Columbia where they will be assembled.


You can click the below link and watch, hear Laura Lau admit where these frames and modules are to be built..(just past the 4 minute mark)

(just past the 4 minute mark is the offending statement by Laura Lau)


Petronas and the BC Government are as we speak lobbying Ottawa to allow LNG plants manufacturer status so these foreign energy giants can write off everything against taxes, against Canadian taxes, including foreign labour and foreign built mainframes and modules, ..We are talking about $5 to $6 billion per year in tax write-offs..Per LNG plant!


The below link is an article about spill after spill in Alberta, toxic oil and toxic fracking fluid spills, media reported any of the spills, the silence was/is deafening..


There`s a whole lot more...PETRONAS wants no part of any environmental assessments, they want their project to proceed regardless of destroying the Skeena river`s wild salmon population..

It has been suggested that Christy Clark and Rich Coleman are preparing to walk all over First Nations and make an order in council(OIC), a private cabinet decision out of the public`s eye on exempting PETRONAS from satisfying First Nations and British Columbians legitimate concerns over destroying wild salmon, in other words, an OIC exempting Petronas from any environmental assessments..If you think I`m mistaken...Check out the below information, BC Liberals through OIC exempted LNG from environmental assessments, caught red-handed, that betrayal to First Nations and to BCers is still ongoing..


The 3-day conference, titled “Striking the Balance”, was designed to discuss both the economic opportunities and potential environmental impacts of increased fracking in the nation’s territory to supply a gas-hungry, proposed BC LNG industry. But things got off on the wrong foot when the BC Liberal government announced on Tuesday that new sweet gas processing plants would be exempted from environmental assessment. The news came as a shock to First Nations, who immediately made it clear they had not been consulted about the change.

Chief Gale alluded to the betrayal in her comments from the podium at the event today:

"The word from my elders is you treat people kind. You treat them with respect even when they’re stabbing you in the back…so I respectfully ask government to remove themselves from the room."


Despite First Nations standing firm against PETRONAS, ..First Nations are not opposed to LNG but PETRONAS`s decision to build on LELU island is all wrong, BC`s second most productive wild salmon river the SKEENA would be decimated..PETRONAS can find another location, with 17 LNG proposals locations are plentiful, but not all locations are practical or environmentally friendly, LELU island is one of those locations ill-fitted for LNG..


Skeena River First Nations oppose Petronas LNG plant near Prince Rupert


2 days ago it was quietly announced that BC is getting 2 new ferries, they`re to be built in Turkey,..odd shaped ferries at that, not people movers, cargo movers..I was wondering why, and what these foreign built ferries are going to be used for..



Sedef Shipyard to build Seaspan’s dual-fuelled ferries

Sedef Shipyard to build Seaspan's dual-fuelled ferries

Seaspan Ferries said that Sedef Shipyard of Turkey has been awarded the contract for the construction of two new dual-fuelled (diesel and LNG) ferries.

The 148.9 metre ferries, both expected to be in operation by late 2016, will accommodate up to 59 trailers. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2015.
SFC’s contract award comes on the heels of an extensive and competitive procurement process that included more than 40 shipyards around the world, as well as a thorough analysis of Seaspan Shipyard’s capacity to construct these vessels at its new facility at Vancouver Shipyards, the company said in a statement.

“Our decision to have a non-Seaspan shipyard build our new ferries was not made lightly, but it was a simple decision based on capacity,” said Jonathan Whitworth, CEO, Seaspan

Vaughn Palmer on Voice of BC had on as a guest David Keane of the BCLNGA, Vaughn Palmer failed to ask any real questions, here is what Palmer should have asked...Check out the below link.


That answer to the above ferry question is simple...Those Turkish built ferries are to be used to transport foreign built LNG modules and mainframes, all courtesy of a complicit and compliant BC Liberal Government..

Way to go Christy Clark, fantastic Rich Coleman..

you just sold British Columbia`s workers out, gave away our resources..

and in typical BC Liberal economic fashion, no more British Columbia built ferries, No more British Columbia Rail...No more respect to the public, a gang of thugs accountable to no one....And no media scrutiny...none at all!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Cocoabean said...

Well, British Columbians do kind of have their collective heads in the sand, don't they?

They can either adjust their costs structure downwards to meet a worldwide oversupply of (more competitively-priced) labour or they can keep their gas in the ground and pretend to be all huffy about customers refusing to hire them...

John's Aghast said...

Granted, I'm not an economist (but, then neither is Chrispy). So, let's see what's in it for us, the people of BC:
1) Jobs. 100,000 of them. To TFWs according to this. That'll be a helluva boon to camp trailer manufacturers. Also for cooks, camp attendants and small airlines. Have you ANY idea where 100,000 new hires are going to stay?
2) Income Taxes. None! TFWs don't pay income taxes. They also don't pay Medical Services premiums. But you and I do!
3)Natural Gas. Outta sight. According to the Australians domestic natural gas prices will increase, to the detriment of manufacturing. small business and residential housing.
4)The economy. TFWs don't buy cars, TVs or washing machines. As the domestic labour force is squeezed out of the market, so are the WalMarts and Superstores. No paycheck, no purchases. There's more to this story but I'll give someone else a chance.

Grant G said...

Mr. Aghast...You are won`t be 100,000jobs..

1500 to 2000 workers during construction, once LNG plant is assembled, 150 to 200 LNG plant workers..

3-1/2 to 4 workers upstream for every LNG plant worker..

1 LNG plant, maybe 1000 full-time permanent jobs..

BC Liberals used a multiplier of 30 when calculating jobs, USA senate used a multiplier of 3-1/2 workers for every LNG plant worker..

Check out the highlighted sections in this post to confirm the BC Liberal job claim LIES..

Actually, I`ll post the pertinent section

"Look at some of these claims — 100,000 jobs claim. Members should read the Grant Thornton report. You should read it if you're serious about this job. The B.C. Liberals, the government, told Grant Thornton that they had to use certain assumptions. They said that you have to use the number of five LNG plants. Well, okay. Is there any basis for five rather than six or seven or three? No. It's an arbitrary number.

Then the B.C. Liberals said to Grant Thornton: "You have to use the number 2,400 as the number of jobs that would be provided by those five LNG plants and the pipelines needed to supply them." Did that number come from anywhere real? No. It was a made-up number.

Then the B.C. Liberals told Grant Thornton that they were required to use a multiplier of 30 for the indirect and induced jobs for each direct job. So that's the Grant Thornton…. Have a look at it and read it — a multiplier of 30. Just so you understand, a committee of the House of Representatives in the United States made similar reports. Their multiplier was 3.5. This is a credible group that instead of using a multiplier of 30, used a more realistic number of 3.5.

So the 100,000-person claim is completely not factual. It is not factual. You wouldn't have to look very hard to actually understand that. So if you are doing your job, have a look at that report and the Ernst and Young report as well. Look at the front, where they say, "Hey, all we're doing is taking numbers the B.C. Liberals gave us and doing the math. Don't blame us for everything else."


But what I can say to members

HSE - 20141103 PM 037/alw/1630

have a look at that report and the Ernst and Young report as well. Look at the front, where they say: "Hey, all we're doing is taking numbers the B.C. Liberals gave us and doing the math. Don't blame us for anything else."

What I can say to members: "If you took your job seriously, you would actually have a look at that." B.C. Liberals say it's 30. U.S. House of Representatives say one-eighth of that amount is a multiplier. There's something completely dishonest about throwing around fake multipliers, fake numbers of LNG plants.

Let's just use common sense here. An operating LNG plant employs 120 people on average. It's like a pulp mill. In fact, Skookumchuck, which is an average-sized pulp mill, employs 290 employees in my riding. That is one LNG plant — 120. So when the minister stands up and asks us to believe that five of those change everything in British Columbia, in Canada, at what point do you say that's ridiculous and irresponsible for a minister to say that?"


John's Aghast said...

Grant: I was just using Chrispy's numbers. Who is this Grant Thornton anyway?
I like the idea of a trillion dollars and a 100,000 jobs. Has a nice ring to it. Apparently the majority of voters thought so too.
PS. Great to be outta debt too.

Name is 'John'. Mr. Aghast was my father.

Grant G said...

Grant Thornton is an accounting firm, they were hired to publish the BC Liberals bloated job projections...

Grant Thornton were told to use a multiplier of 30...Grant Thornton after the fact told those who started doubting the job projections that they were told to use a multiplier of 30..

The US senate did their own job projections with regard to LNG..A bi-partisan senate committee used a multiplier of 3-1/2 jobs upstream for every LNG plant worker..

That post quoted from is from Hansard, right out of our BC Legislature..

Check out this link..

Just for the Record said...

Korea Gas Seeks to Sell Part of LNG Canada Stake


CALGARY—Korea Gas Corp. is seeking to sell part of its 15% stake in a Royal Dutch Shell PLC-led natural gas export terminal planned for the Pacific coast of Canada, according to a spokesperson for the project.

Grant G said...

Kogas ....Korea is in a slump, less energy required, and, S. Korea is restarting nuclear facilities..

"Kogas of South Korea decided to buy fewer spot LNG cargoes in the near future due to the lower domestic demand.

The company has deferred numerous deliveries in the past months due to high stocks, but a senior executive said that the situation has been resolved. Still, the world’s largest LNG buyer will be reducing spot purchases to brace for weak domestic demand, reports Platts.

Decline of the LNG sales has been attributed to the restart of some nuclear power plants and mild temperatures.

The executive also said that Kogas is looking to alter its LNG contracts and eliminate destination restrictions, in order to be able to resell the imported cargoes in case of the change in supply/demand"

One by one BC`s LNG customers drift away.


Anonymous said...

Grant, this dumb bitch running this province is going to put everyone in the poor house. She will then try and get the homeless to pay rent for sleeping on the curb. Cristy here is an idea for you to make more money for your wealthy friends. Start charging rent on grave plots, the living relatives can be sent the bills. That way you can f--k us up the a-s even when we are dead.

Anonymous said...

Ditzy Christy campaigned on, 100,000 LNG jobs for BC. Christy also said, she needed thousands for six figure mining jobs.

Ditzy Christy lied and cheated to win her elections, just as Campbell did before her. Campbell's election lies were, The BCR wasn't for sale and the HST wasn't on his radar either. Then the people of BC also have to contend with, Harper cheating to win as well.

Seems Christy's economic and job action plans, are identical to Harper's. The jobs are all for foreigners.