Wednesday, November 26, 2014

British Columbia LNG, More White Noise Announcements From Our Elected Grifters Rich Coleman and Christy Clark

Written by Grant G

More white noise LNG announcements by the BC Liberals.....

This latest batch of announcements have a strong stench of desperation emanating from, dissecting these corpse announcements is child`s play.

How many LNG export licenses have been granted, too many too count, how many industrial environmental assessments have the BC Liberals turned down?...None, the BC Liberal grifters have approved everything, including Tesako`s proposed prosperity mine, a project so destructive that even Stephen Harper`s Federal Environmental assessment board rejected, rejected it twice...Bill Bennett, Christy Clark`s mining and energy minister even flew to Ottawa on the taxpayer`s dime to beg for Tesako...Ottawa threw Bennett a bone and sent him home, his efforts in vane, ..Ottawa already has suitcases full of cash..Enjoy your jerky treats Billy Bennett..

LNG energy companies, the one thing none of them were ever worried about was getting environmental assessments approved by Christy Clark`s gang...They were all given green-light guarantees that their projects would get approved, ...Remember earlier this year Christy Clark and her grifting cabinet announced an OIC  (order in council) that stated that LNG plants and processing stations would not require any environmental assessments....That drew ire and scathing rebuke from First Nations..In an LNG conference in northern B.C. First Nations threw the British Columbia out on their asses after hearing about the OIC through the grapevine....Very quickly the grifters withdrew that OIC, but they didn`t withdraw it, BC Liberals verbally withdrew it..

Emails and messaging was sent through back-channels from the BC Liberals to all the big foreign energy giants that any and all environmental assessments would be approved, companies were told that Environmental assessments merely had to look like due diligence was being used, thus timelines from application to approval had to appear within normal timeline parameters, but be rest assured that approvals were all guaranteed..

 Yesterday`s big announcements are hilarious, Petronas`s pipeline route got the official nod from BC`s environmental assessment enabling body.....Surprises surprise...And Petronas`s LNG plant on Lelu island got the expected nod too..

However, Petronas has NOT been given a nod from the federal environmental assessment board, also, First Nations will not permit this project to proceed at this site, Petronas`s LNG plant on Lelu will destroy the Skeena river wild salmon population, court challenges will ensue even if the feds give Petronas the nod, and with the latest Supreme court of Canda decision, First Nations do have right of refusal as land owners, this case will be bogged down in court for years if Petronas doesn`t move locations, and move locations they can because....

Aurora LNG proposal for Prince Rupert, a Chinese national energy company proposal..CONOC and NEXEN,, NEXEN company was bought by the Chinese Government...This proposal paid $21 million dollars for several thousand acres on Grassy Point in Prince Rupert...Aurora LNG has decided to move to Digsby Island, ...So..The BC Liberals are just swapping land with them, no more money required, just a cozy little land swapping deal...

CONOC and NEXEN can move locations, so can PETRONAS...Except...Except that the BC Liberals have told PETRONAS that anything they want they get, foreign temporary workers..Sure..Foreign built plants..Sure..No taxation..Sure....Plant build cost write-offs...Sure...Free electricity..Sure..

However, theses BC Liberal grifters do not control the supreme court of CANADA AND CAN`T STOP THE LAW SUITS  coming their way...Petronas chose the wrong spot.

Petronas will not be very happy with the BC Liberal grifters over having to wait for years as this project meanders through our slow courts...

Petronas might be wise to go to Digsby Island(Prince Rupert) too...

The other announcement yesterday was quite amusing...British Gas has had their pipeline route approved...

There`s a problem ....British Gas is out!...They announced that their British Columbia proposal is out until at least 2020...At that time they will revisit the project...

The above linked article does not mention that the Spectra pipeline connector was the line that was destined to feed natural gas to British Gas`s proposed LNG project on Ridley Island...

You can read that confirmation at the end of this article..


 "The Government also gave environmental approval for the WestCoast connector gas transmission line.......A natural gas pipeline from Northeast B.C.`s Cyprus area to a Prince Rupert LNG terminal on Ridley Island proposed by British Gas"

As reported, British Gas is out, having their pipeline route approved is really quite desperate when British Gas has moved on...


 “So, as a result of this, coupled with weakness in gas pricing generally, there is a risk that the market will be very well supplied post 2020,” he said. “We’re pausing on Prince Rupert to see how the market evolves, particularly in function of total supply that will come out of the U.S.”

Energy giant BG Group pauses B.C. LNG project - Canadian Manufacturing


British Gas...Our gang of grifters approved British Gas`s pipeline yet British Gas is out....Now that`s funny, need more...?..British Gas is not only waiting to see how the USA LNG market pans out they are diving headlong into US LNG....They are spending their money in American LNG and have said good-bye to Canada..


 Lake Charles Liquefaction Project
Although Lake Charles was ahead of the pack in filing for

 Lake Charles Liquefaction Project Although Lake Charles was ahead of the pack in filing for its export license, it only recently filed for its FERC permit. Location: Lake Charles, La. Companies: BG Group and Energy Transfer Equity and Energy Transfer Partners (including ETE and ETP subsidiaries Trunkline LNG Co. and Trunkline LNG Export) Expected first exports: 2019. Customer: BG Group (which has exclusive rights to the full export capacity) Export license: Conditional approval Aug. 7, 2013 to export 2 Bcf/day. FERC license: Initial application


 White noise and more meaningless announcements....

Hello grifters, ....if you really want the Petronas proposal to go forward I suggest you ask them to move locations....Here`s a novel about Ridley Island!

Here`s someone else speaking on this matter too...John Horgan.


"Provincial NDP opposition leader John Horgan says he has doubts about two of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects being planned for the Prince Rupert area.

Speaking at a stop in Terrace as part of a northwest tour last week, Horgan noted that one company, the BG Group, has already announced it's delaying plans for a large LNG plant on Ridley Island.

"I think they're done," said Horgan of the BG Group's project called Prince Rupert LNG which would involve a facility capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year.

BG Group's initial plans had forecast a construction period of two phases beginning in 2016.
But it announced late last month that it is delaying its Prince Rupert decision because of its involvement in more advanced LNG developments in the United States.
The company has two projects underway in the United States, one in Louisiana and the other in Texas.

Horgan also focussed on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, which has as its majority owner the Malaysian-stated owned Petronas company and which is slated for a location on Lelu Island within the District of Port Edward's jurisdiction.

The location has just come under criticism from a number of aboriginal groups and some residents for potential impacts on the Skeena River's salmon populations.
The project is under a provincial environmental review and Petronas recently received a 45-day extension of that review to conduct more work.

"The Skeena River's got some salmon in it," said Horgan of the importance of the river to the region.
He did note that the review will shed more light on the impacts of the planned project on the Skeena River estuary and its salmon-hosting role.

In some ways, Horgan said the prospects of LNG development in Kitimat are more favourable than around Prince Rupert.

One LNG project at Kitimat, called Kitimat LNG, has a substantial buy-in from aboriginal groups.
That includes the Haisla at Kitamaat Village on whose lands the plant will be built and from virtually all of the First Nations who have territory over which a natural gas pipeline would run to supply the facility."


White noise and spin....Our elected Grifters are still grafting and drafting garbage, very soon they`ll be turning water into WHINE. ......Time to drift away.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


North Van's Grumps said...

Approvals for the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission pipeline, the Pacific
NorthWest LNG export facility in Prince Rupert and the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission

Fact Sheet

Information Bulletin

Reasons for Ministers' Decision

North Van's Grumps said...

Signatories to the deal are Mary Polak and Rich Coleman:

A Environmental Certificate

B Environmental Certificate

C Environmental Certificate

November 25, 2014 Press Release

Backgrounder to November 25, 2014 decisions

Jon Ghun said...

None of this BC LNG file makes any sense at this stage.

And yet, notice how the 'sun' continues to just take stenography for these bandits as they spin their tangled web of deceit and lies.

This province has been captured by the masonic $indicate. And something is going to have be done about them before they ruin the whole place forever.

No justice, no peace.

Know justice, know peace.

Much appreciation for what you do here.


Just for the Record said...

19 US Shale Areas That Are Suddenly Endangered, "The Shale Revolution Doesn't Work At $80"

This means LNG fracked from a shale/coal base doesn't work either.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oil 69 a barrel

Anonymous said...

Just for the Record said...

Oil Prices Collapse After OPEC Keeps Oil Production Unchanged


WTI ($70 handle) and Brent Crude (under $75 for first time sicne Sept 2010) are collapsing... as will US Shale oil company stocks and bonds (and thus all of high yield credit) tomorrow. The Saudis are "very happy" with the decision, Venzuela 'stormed out, red faced, furious.' Commentary from various OPEC members appears focused on the need for non-OPEC (cough US/Can Shale cough) nations to "share the burden" and cut production (just as the Saudis warned yesterday).

John's Aghast said...

When are they going to wake up and smell the roses?
They could gain some semblance of credibility if they confessed that they'd misread the market, that the bottom for LNG had unexpectedly changed and they are going to implement Plan B.

I know! I know! This was about gaining credibility, not Plan B.

They've got all the talent to come up with another line of BS about Plan B - good luck. But if they stumble along hyping the benefits of LNG at this time, they just reinforce the notion that they're plain STOOPID. And there may be a few diehards out there that haven't realized that yet?

Grant G said...

Thanks for all the comments..

The Oil price $69 dollars, I love it...

So funny listening to clowns Michael Levy and Michael Campbell, those failed members of the Chicago trained economic frat club are claiming that OPEC has lost its clout, doesn`t know what they`re doing, ....

OPEC knows exactly what they are doing...They told Canada and the USA in no uncertain terms, you want production cut, you cut production..

OPEC is profitable at $10 a barrel..

Canada, the USA, Australia are bombing the hell out of the middle east, bombing Saudia Arabia`s friends, bombing OPEC`s friends..

And my oh my, shocked, shocked I am(not) that OPEC told Canada and USA to stuff their high priced oil where the sun don`t shine..

Fantastic move by OPEC..."Do you want to race, if you insist, at that price I can`t resist"

Eyes Wide Open

James F said...

Bc liberals' next big swindle is nearly ready:

BC Fin. Min., Mike_de_Jong on VoiceofBC with Vaughn Palmer said public deserves to see LNG documents, but his government will never make any of it public.

e.a.f. said...

The province's environment's saving grace may be the continued decline of oil prices. There will be no profit in any of it. Once the west reaches an agreement with Iran, the embargo will be lifted and their oil will add to amount being pumped out by OPEC. OPEC has had enough of North American "oil".

As to the B.C.Lieberals and all their "agreements" with foreign corporations, its just all make believe. It keeps the voters quiet, most of them think there will be jobs. When they do not materialize, well Christy will have moved on to something else.

Hugh said...

"A new report's warned that the LNG (liquefied natural gas) export boom could mean Australians paying three times as much for household gas in a few years.

The report, commissioned by the manufacturing industry, warns that thousands of jobs could go as local consumers compete with export markets for gas."

Hugh said...

Petronas delays:

"In postponing the project decision, Petronas may be seeking to squeeze prospective suppliers’ bids on the project in hopes of nudging the project closer to being launched."