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Stephen Harper Continues To Lie About Ship Building Jobs, Seaspan Has To Wait 4 More Years, Contract Awarded In 2011, Jobs In 2017, Maybe?



 I wrote the Below post last December/2012...It was about Stephen Harper`s Shipbuilding fraud, about Harper promising jobs when he knew none were coming, it was about exposing Stephen Treason Harper for the liar and con-man he is..

The below post will show you that this ship-building carrot has been dangled in front of Canadian shipyards and voters since 2007, here we are mid 2013 and not one piece of steel has been cut yet, no contracts signed, no designs approved, just more bullshit from the Stephen Harper and his Federal Convict party!..

As you know, in the last Federal election ship-building carrots were dangled as vote-getters(again), Irving Shipyards won the bogus big ship-building contract and Seaspan in British Columbia won the bogus small contract worth an estimated $8 billion dollars(It`s worth nothing but spit!)

 That was in 2011, and today(mid 2013) it is being reported that we are still several(as in 3 or more years) years away at least from any actually ship-building to even begin, 3 years away from even deciding on design!


"The federal government is a step closer to completing a $2.6-billion deal to build two naval supply ships in Vancouver.

It announced Sunday that it has chosen to buy an existing design, based on the German navy’s new Berlin-class supply ships, from the Canadian division of German company TheyssenKrup Marine Systems.

That means the vessels can be built in a North Vancouver yard starting within a few years, said Rear Admiral Pat Finn, who oversees Navy procurement........

Still, it could be several years before the North Vancouver shipyard operated by Seaspan Marine can increase its capacity and modernize its infrastructure. Meanwhile, the German design must be optimized for that specific yard before building can start, he said.

We’re still a few years away from signing the detailed build contract.”
Seaspan did not return calls seeking comment.
Most of the material for the multi-billion-dollar ships will come from Canadian sources, he said.

A total cost has not been finalized but a Parliamentary Budget Office report in March found the costs could run as high as $4.13 billion, largely due to delays.

And a scheduling conflict at the shipyard — which would force government to decide whether to build Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers or the supply ships first — has not been sorted out either, Finn said.

They are both expected to be completed about the same time but the yard can only handle the construction of one at a time"

Read more:


This is Stephen Harper bullshit, how did Canada help win the war against Hitler, how the hell did we build vessels in the 1940`s?....We built frigates and troop carriers, we didn`t delay an entire 10 years from announcing the need for ships before starting to build, these ship-building contracts were an election issue, now these ships won`t even be under construction before we go to the polls again, this announcement about a design is just more lies from a totally corrupt Stephen Harper...Harper can run $2 billion dollars in action plan ads but he can`t build a goddamn ship?....As you can see again, they trot out this story to try get people`s minds off the bad news for Harper in Parliament, this is nothing but a channel changing exercise..

Why even print the story, let me remind you that Christy Clark was bragging about the ship-building jobs, this contract was awarded to Seaspan in 2011...Now the earliest(if you believe this bullshit announcement) start construction is 2017!....Meaning those that took up welding in 2011 will have aged 7 years, 20 year old people now 27 years old...

And let me be clear, the Irving shipyards in Halifax are being given the exact same run-around bullshit....I urge you all to read, or re-read the below post with all the links, you will see what the Treasonist bastard Stephen Harper has done, below is proof of Harper dangling ship building carrots since 2007..Using this tactic for votes, 2007 to 2017 and still no steel cut, no chosen design, no ship-building jobs...And what about those jobs?..Those workers are what, expected to wait a decade or more to start working,  you award contracts in 2011 and no work until 2017 or later, probably never!

However, we Canadians are lucky about one thing, lucky that back in 1940 we didn`t have a prime minister named Stephen (Treason) Harper...Or we would all be speaking German!


What Shipbuilding Jobs, and When? Evergreen line, Surrey memorial hospital, Where have we seen this play before?

The Below has been presented by yours truly, right now we are in the midsts of a propaganda war, even the BC Government California jobs fair is a fraud, to all you mainstream media, ask the BC Government how many people were hired at this jobs fair, or perhaps ask if these jobs are contingent upon a bunch of LNG plants opening, and proposed mines, ask some hard questions, and if you gutless media really had any balls you would ask Stephen Harper about what`s laid out below..

Nevermind cowards..



 Irving Shipbuilding presses Ottawa on Arctic ship deal


Michael MacDonald

The Canadian Press

HALIFAX —The president of Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is applying pressure on Ottawa to sign a contract on design work for eight new Arctic patrol ships.

Steve Durrell said Friday unless the contract is signed and engineering work begins by January, the company’s Halifax Shipyard will have a tough time meeting its goal of cutting the first steel for the project in 2015.

“We’ll be looking at this day by day,” he said. “If it gets delayed a month, it will delay the program a month.”

Durrell set the deadline during a briefing that marked one year since the federal government awarded the shipyard a $25-billion contract to build 21 combat vessels over 30 years.

“We are definitely not waiting to get started,” he said. “We are doing everything we can to advance the timetables and begin building vessels for Canada as quickly as possible.”

The company is still negotiating two contracts with Ottawa — one for design work and the other for the actual construction of the patrol ships.

Durrell repeated his company’s promise to have the first patrol vessel built by 2018, which is already three years behind the original schedule.

The ships, first announced in 2007, were projected to cost $3.1 billion to build and $4.3 billion to maintain over their expected 25-year life cycle. Durrell declined to say whether he thinks the costs would rise in the years to come.

The business executive, speaking to reporters at the sprawling shipyard on the Halifax waterfront, also made a pitch to Ottawa concerning the maintenance contract, which has yet to be awarded.
Earlier this week, documents obtained by The Canadian Press revealed the patrol ships will cost more to maintain because National Defence won’t be signing a long-term service contract until the ships are well into construction.

An internal briefing to former associate defence minister Julian Fantino last fall said the project was full of financial questions, starting with the actual cost of building up to eight warships.
Durrell said the final costs have yet to be negotiated. He said the cost of design work will be revealed early next year, but the cost of construction won’t be known until 

And from a story appearing on the front page of the Vancouver Sun, a continuation of pumping up the BC Liberal Government, pumping up jobs that aren`t there, a coordinated effort aligned with the bloated $30 million dollar jobs ad campaign


B.C.'s shipbuilding industry set to grow by 3,000 jobs and billions by 2020

There are currently 4,627 jobs in B.C., representing those directly employed in shipbuilding and repair, plus those working in the metal plate and fabrication industry, largely dependent on shipbuilding work.

Employment is predicted to increase to 6,883, representing direct and indirect workers, by 2016, and move to 7,605 by 2020, the report said.

Seaspan Marine Corp. won the opportunity in 2011 to negotiate construction of $8 billion worth of large non-combat federal ships. This work is part of the $35-billion federal National Shipbuilding and Procurement Strategy. Seaspan owns Victoria  Shipyards, which operates at the Esquimalt Graving Dock, as well as Vancouver Shipyards. Initial work on the federal vessels will be carried out in Vancouver and they will be completed and taken out on trials from Esquimalt.

Construction of the first ships is expected to start late in 2013. Work will carry on for at least a decade.

Shipbuilding and repair is predicted to generate $10 billion in B.C.’s economy by 2010, the report said.
Let me be perfectly clear, I`m not against jobs but there is something terribly wrong here, Gordon Campbell and these wretched BC Liberals promised the Evergreen line every year and full-on promotion of the Evergreen line in 2005 election period and again in 2009, in fact Kevin Falcon in 2009 promised construction would start no later than the Fall of 2010, we are almost in 2013 and no shovels in the ground yet..
Surrey memorial hospital, same thing, it was promised during the 2005 election writ period with completion no later that 2009, again construction of the badly needed new Surrey Memorial hospital was hyped in the 2009 election, it still ain`t finished. looks like Gordon Campbell and Stephen treason Harper use the same playbook..
I know many of you have short memories, remember the last Federal election, you know, the one in Spring 2011, remember all the hype about shipbuilding contracts, I do, ..
And who could forget Christy Clark having a Seaspan Orgasim when these shipbuilding contracts were awarded by the Feds, 1 deal for the Irving shipyard and 1 for Seaspan, from coast to coast, Christy was peaking because she was desperate for a good news story, she pretended the BC Liberal Government actually assisted Seaspan in winning the contract, when in fact it was the BC NDP that made the phone calls and assisted Seaspan, Hansard will indeed reveal those facts..
However, do you see the highlighted part from the Vancouver Sun story, here it is again..
"Seaspan Marine Corp. won the opportunity in 2011 to negotiate construction of $8 billion worth of large non-combat federal ships."
What`s up with that, you mean Seaspan only was granted an opportunity to negotiate?
And what about this next part ...

"Construction of the first ships is expected to start late in 2013. Work will carry on for at least a decade."
Here we had Stephen way back when promoting these ships, it was a big vote getter in our Spring 2011 Federal election, and yet the announcement of Seaspan and Irving Shipyards winning "a chance to negotiate contracts" didn`t take place until the Fall of 2011...
As you can see, the Irving Shipyard has been stalled, delayed and it appears that steel isn`t even being cut until 2015...
Oh perhaps you think I`m being picky, well, ....
What would you say if I told you this Federal shipbuilding carrot has been dangled since 2006?...And at the bottom of this post, a link to Harper`s shipbuilding betrayal in the year 2006...These shipbuilding proposals started then, to soothe the savage marine worker beast..

Arctic Patrol Ship Project

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The Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship Project is a Government of Canada procurement project for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) that is part of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.
In July 2007 the federal government announced plans for acquiring 6-8 icebreaking vessels for the RCN.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The vessels are to be based on the Norwegian Svalbard class and as of 2007 are projected to cost $3.1 billion CAD to construct with a total project procurement budgeted to cost $4.3 billion in order to cover maintenance over the 25 year lifespan of the vessels.[8]


Project History

In 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper had spoken about building three to four icebreakers capable of travelling through thick ice in the Arctic Ocean.[9][10][11] 

 In 2007 it was announced that the Canadian Forces would purchase six to eight patrol ships having a polar class of PC-5, meaning that they were capable of limited ice breaking.[12] 

 This announcement was met with some controversy, and the proposed ships have been called "slush-breakers", by Dr. Gary Stern, a scientist aboard CCGS Amundsen, and Jack Layton of the NDP.[13][14] However, it is notable that of the nineteen Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers currently in service, only six have a polar class higher than PC 5.[15]

In 2010 the Arctic Patrol Ship Project was grouped with several other federal government ship procurement projects for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard into the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. The NSPS announced on October 19, 2011 that Irving Shipbuilding would be awarded the $25 billion contract for building six to eight Arctic patrol ships as well as fifteen other warships for the RCN over the next two decades.[16]


The vessels' design was initially intended to incorporate a conventional icebreaking bow for cruising, and would have proceeded backwards for breaking heavy ice. The vessels' stern would have been designed for ice breaking and they would have employed azimuth thrusters for propulsion and for chewing through resistant ice. However, due to cost constraints, a conventional bow-first design was chosen for both light and heavy icebreaking. The propulsion would be provided by diesel-electric twin shafts with bolt on propellers, similar to existing Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers.
The vessels will have a hangar and flight deck capable of employing and maintaining the same maritime helicopters as the RCN's other vessels; the CH-148 Cyclone when it enters service with the Royal Canadian Air Forces (RCAF), as well as the CH-149 Cormorant.[7]
In 2008, a contract was awarded to BMT Fleet Technology and STX Canada Marine to assist in developing technical specifications and a design for the project. The technical specifications were to be used to draft a Request for Proposals. The government later awarded a design contract to BMT Fleet Technology and STX Canada Marine to develop the design of the vessel for issue to the selected NSPS proponent.

October 4, 2007 · 2:10 am

Under banner of ‘expanding free trade’: Destruction of workers’ rights and livelihood in shipbuilding


I guarantee you these same shipbuilding contracts, eer, I mean these winning chances to negotiate shipbuilding contracts will still be in play and used as an election issue in 2015..
The Shipbuilding carrots have been dangled since 2006, it`s almost 2013 and no steel has been cut, remember what else happened in 2006/2007, Harper removed the dis-incentive for Canadian companies who want ships from foreign countries, it was then, at that time when Harper brought up and bandied these shipbuilding deals, that to soothe the angry marine workers, ..We here in BC know all too well, can you say German built ferries, ..As our BC facilities were shuttered, and then Harper removed the foreign vessel import duty, that at the request of Gordon Campbell..
When, where, why, how effing long does it take to start building, thank goodness Harper wasn`t in charge in the 1940`s, we`d all be speaking German and goosestepping.

Read the below linked article , it was this Harper betrayal that made him jump, eer, I mean it was that betrayal that forced Harper to start dangling shipbuilding carrots..
(Comments are the original post from December 2012) 

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Seaspan of The Washington Marine Group, before they changed their name? Christy Clark's brother Bruce used to lobby for them?

kootcoot said...

If I'm not mistaken I heard on the CBC radio this morning that some squarehead outfit was awarded the contract to design the ships that someday may be built in Vancouver.

Apparently on the east coast they have been billing for design work almost as much as other countries design and build ships.

Anonymous said...

tuaterWasn't Seaspan of The Washington Marine Group, before they changed their name? Christy Clark's brother Bruce used to lobby for them?

Grant G said...

Just like the fighter jet boondoggle..

Kootcoot, you are right, $billions spent on design, on consultants, on lobbyists, on bullshit, yet the Irving and Vancouver shipyards remain idle.

For eFFING SAKES, we couldn`t, didn`t even have the tiny little $25 million dollar seabus built here..we had to go to South Korea for that.

How did they ever build boats in the past, no computers, no engineers, no satellites, just pen and paper.

Why isn`t the media calling Harper out on this scam!

Anonymous said...

Ok well I can relate quite well to this subject.

Back in 2011 I was going through a career change and after seeing Seaspan win the ship contract I decided to go into welding. I registered for full time the very week the contract was announced.

I thought either this contract would make work available within a year or so and I could get hired on as an apprentice after my first year schooling....... OR it would take many years to go through all the Government Bullsh*t and building of the yards to support such work/workers.

BIG SURPRISE it was the latter... Now Ive got my first year hours done and am scheduled to go back for my 2nd year welding schooling in Sept. after that Ill have to do another year of full time work out in the field to get my next level. So by the time I get my Red Seal I will be in a good position to get hired on with a great company.

Its no surprise how this contract has played out... So I dont know why you feel the need to Bash so much.

This is how Government works. Understanding this I try to use it to my advantage, instead of complaining.