Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Christy Clark, Running Scared

Well, not that I trust pollsters but rumours abound, Christy Clark is not polling well in Westside Kelowna..

The public, even Alberta/Kelowna rednecks don`t like a candidate parachuted into their riding, even if that candidate is the leader of the party, the NDP are not popular in Kelowna and voters aren`t flocking to that party either, or the BC Conservative party, what is happening is BC Liberal voters, those who elected Ben Stewart are simply staying home...In an obvious desperate move, in a blatant electioneering tactic Christy Clark has temporarily rescinded the pay hikes to political staffers...


“Today, I am rescinding those changes because leadership means listening to people,” she told reporters Wednesday, adding she has been getting an earful from the public since the move.

“I think giving people raises didn’t sit well with citizens,” she added.
“People didn’t feel like it was consistent with what I said during the election. So that’s why I’m fixing it.”


Let`s review the facts, the public, the public even in Kelowna is questioning as to why nothing is happening on the LNG front, David Black`s refinery scheme has vanished too, wheelchair fees for seniors is hammering her election chances in Kelowna, not only wheelchair fees but the fact she gave away(read privatized) wheelchair maintenance, and all new residents to homecare facilities, as of September 1/2013 will have to either buy or rent wheelchairs from the same private company, in other words all wheelchair aspects of senior care-homes has been privatized to political insiders...

This hurts Christy Clark in Kelowna, however, the Christy Clark Government signed contracts and can`t easily get out of them, it would be costly, pay-raises can be delayed, wheelchair fee crimes are locked in contracts...
That left Christy Clark desperate, so today in a survival move tactic she announced the pay raises to political insiders rescinded..

You see the quotes from Clark above, we have a BC Liberal Government who campaigned on balanced budgets, this year`s balanced budget depends on selling near $1 billion dollars in assets....It didn`t take a rocket scientist to realize pay raises to political hacks wouldn`t fly in British Columbia, not while simultaneously jacking up seniors with new fees.......

I want to be perfectly clear about a couple of things, these rescinded pay raises to political staffers have merely been delayed until the new year, until the by-election has passed..

Secondly, many have wondered and or mused as to why Christy Clark gave out pay raises to political friends and jacked up seniors for monies so soon after the election...That answer is simple..

Christy Clark is very vindictive, Clark was absolutely twisted that her party won big while she lost her Point Grey riding, against advice Clark pushed the raises through, she fast-tracked the privatization of wheelchair services at senior care-homes as a slap to the people, she has mocked media, Clark has been sassy and brazen with her post-election speak, Christy Clark did those unpopular things as a slap to everyone in British Columbia, it`s sortta like a ..
How dare you cross me, how dare you cross Christy Clark, I`ll fix you stupid voters...Attitude being portrayed by Clark..

Christy Clark was that way at S-F-U....When confronted for cheating on student elections she vowed to get even then quit,...

When this Powell River Persuader filed complaints to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council(CBSC) against Christy Clark for lying on CKNW(when she was a radio host) ..Christy lied her face off about BC Ferries`s financial situation, I confronted her on this blog and on the radio that fateful day, I won my complaint and Christy Clark was ordered to retract on air, she was forced to do a mea-culpa on air and apologize for lying...That story is here..

Months later, Christy Clark was still a radio DJ on CKNW, radio stations often have prize giveaway contests, well, we were nearing the start of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games being held in Vancouver...CKNW had phone-in contests, so months after I made Christy Clark retract, on her afternoon show I was caller number 8 and won a prize, that prize, as advertised before I phoned in was two tickets for opening day at Molson Hockey House on opening day of our 2010 Olympics...

When I was caller number 8, when Christy Clark learned that I was the winner, the same person whose complaint to CBSC forced her to retract on air, she started swearing like a sailor, screaming, yelling and literally freaking out, like a deranged madmad, like a foaming at the mouth rabid dog, she vowed to make sure I never got my Olympic prize, and I never did, she embarrassed cknw, she embarrassed the show, she embarrassed Tom Plasteras(Station manager at CKNW)....After weeks of fighting Christy Clark and CKNW after my contest win..I finally received a prize, not Olympic tickets for an opening day event but tickets to see a show at the River Rock casino in May/2010.....The whole story here...

You see, Christy Clark couldn`t let it go, yes I made her retract, but only because she lied on air, I gave her plenty of opportunity to step back from her on-air statements, she blew me off as an annoyance, how dare some lowly radio caller best her, she couldn`t let it go, ...The pay-raises to friends and fees  to seniors was Christy Clark being vengeful to voters, a  spoiled brat

Christy Clark is a vindictive, spiteful nasty woman, she`s uneducated, unbearable and still...

Unelected...The only reason Christy Clark has temporarily rescinded pay raises for her political friends is troubling polling numbers in Kelowna..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I believe its not too late for a fleet of us 'old codgers' in our wheel chairs would give a boost to the Conservatives, if they would care to contact me.
The same voters who will stay at home for Christy will stay at home for the NDP.
The Conservatives would benefit if they chose to step up to the plate.
Otherwise, look forward to un-rescinded pay raises and more privatization.
Your choice West-Kelowna!
John's Aghast

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I just cannot believe polls anymore. She'll win regardless of what anyone does - I would be seriously shocked if she loses and frankly I don't care anymore because how is the NDP candidate any better. Conservatives don't have a chance either. I think that people want a liberal government just as they did federally regardless of all the corruption. It says something about humans now doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

I see the KING idiot blogger has praised cluck cluck for rescinding pay raises, wow, AGT says he is being fair to Clark, he doesn`t even mention the by-election as the driving force for her flip!!!!!!!!

So now AGT is pimping Christy Clark, AGT attacked John Cummins and his party, now giving kudos to Clark, appears he`s been bought or promised something, always knew he was a phony asshole liar!


Grant G said...

JD.....Who cares, he`s always been an asshole, his handful of blog readers did not even make a dent in our last election.

Now he pimps for advertising dollars for his radio station, don`t care, don`t care what he writes, don`t listen to his radio blather, his opinions are worthless, his last post giving kudos to Clark for flipping and flopping on pay raises without mentioning the byelection as a catalyst for the flip shows how phony he is, and or how stupid, and or how bought, or looking to be bought...


Grant G said...

Hey JD, even the dumb one Michael Smyth figured it out!

Yea, so everyone sees through the transparent Christy Clark, when Michael Smyth shows more brains and political smarts??????...El King blather has definitely gone looking for dole, or been bought.


istvan said...

You know that the guy with the ego needs to send his children to a private school. He has expenses that other parents don't have. He claims to be a self-made man.
He has a lot of toys. He has a following that praises him every day. He bans or ridicules anyone with a different view. Someone pays this guy. Who?

Grant G said...

I couldn`t care less who pays him Istvan..

When it is that obvious what Christy Clark is afraid of, when it`s that obvious what her motives are..

AGT nipped at her heels over nothing, the tiniest of threads or connections he created fake conspiracy theories..

Now he gives kudos to Clark for pandering to voters in a byelection?

Bullshit, he`s looking for advertising dollars for his radio station..

He should have said nothing, now AGT looks like the bought idiot!...AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Now that you figured out that "The King of BS" is a BCLP operative, How many other so-called political bloggers are actual BC Liberals party members?

Grant G said...

Anon, I don`t know that AGT is a BC Liberal operative, I do know he`s an asshole!

His passive post complimenting Clark reeks of a radio station looking for advertising dollars.

No radio station gets the grease until they start praising and softballing the news, softballing Government news.

Only a effing fool would praise Christy Clark for her climbdown on wages, its the by election stupid!
(not you anon, AGT)

Remember after John Martin defected from the BC Conservatives to the BC Liberals after last spring`s byelection..

Martin called Clark names, highlighted tons of BC Liberal scandals during the byelection..Then he went to the Liberals..

Christy Clark was asked about his vicious but accurate comments against her and the party, Christy Clark said..and I quote..

"We all say (and do) things when we are trying to get elected." christy Clark

Well, there`s an election going on..

And Tsakumis went to bended knees!

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are agressive political operatives and AGT is undoubtedly one of the most "out there" ones, using every underhanded trick of the trade.

His work among other conservative operatives like Martyn Brown left people with the general feeling that the NDP was more akin and closely aligned with Campbells conservative core than Christy was. This was a brilliant strategy.

And he will continue being controlled opposition, dealing in "scandals" as that is how they operate.

It stunned me to no end that so many NDPrs took the AGT bait. They are so weak minded and desperate for "Acceptance" that when some sleazeball snake oil salesmen living off his parents trusts for him praises the NDP and disses CLark as nothing more than a limited hang out they get all weak kneed like school girls and embrace him like a hero.

The NDP has no hope because they have no brains, for christ sakes they let operatives run their campaigns into the ground while publcily partnering with the enemy.

Its laughable what a joke they are, and the first place Horgan goes after teh election? AGT's radio show lol

Anonymous said...

The pollsters and their paid liars are up to their tricks again. Today it was released that Clark has 45% support as a good leader. Next was Sterk at 43%. These numbers are both so unbelievable yet the MSM trots them out as pure truth. This smacks of the full page Times-Colonist ad during the campaign that was selling the virtues of the Green Party and the Liberals, paid for by the Liberals. The timing of this poll release is to stain the NDP and nothing more than dirty tricks. I'm so sick of this province.