Monday, June 3, 2013

NDP In British Columbia, Time For New Faces, Time For Guts

A little before my time but definitely apropos for BC`s 2013 election...

Adrian Dix the defeated, the beaten and laughing stock of politics, the face of humiliation, and still today BC`s NDP is making excuses for the devastating loss..

Here`s a newsflash to the NDP brass, the media, the media Adrian Dix told during the election writ that the gravy train of feeding $millions of taxpayer dollars for needless Government advertising was over under a elected NDP Government is very active in destroying the 2017 NDP, destroying what`s left of the party before the smoke even clears.....Hello idiots in charge, you told the media that the gravy train was over, what did you expect the media to do, to applaud, to thank you, the media is financially distraught now, they, the media haven`t forgotten and won`t, you will get no favorable press from here to eternity, so don`t play nice, call them out, fight damn it fight!

Michael Smyth and Vaughn Palmer have been busy ridiculing the party, there is no being contrite or civil, the media smells blood and is proceeding in defining the party as a bunch of sad sacks 4 years before the next election, and without a plan, without executing a plan the NDP in British Columbia are officially dead..

Moe Sihota`s time at the trough needs to come to an abrupt end, Moe didn`t deliver any of the Asian vote, his relevance is gone, the one-time street fighter politico`s fire has become but a weak flint on a dead Bic lighter, Brian Topp has suffered back to back defeats, he needs to distance himself from the party.

Bill Tieleman still refuses to take any responsibility in placing a flawed candidate into a leadership position, even worse, Bill Tieleman during the writ refused to admonish his employer, that being 24 hours and Sun News Media, Bill Tieleman showed that he doesn`t possess a backbone, Sun News faked a front page advertisement as news, Sun News called Adrian Dix`s wife a beatnik and loser, Bill Tieleman if he was a true journalist, and true to the party would have at least blasted Ezra Levant and 24 hours in a column, he did neither, Adrian Dix didn`t admonish Sun News either, if someone attacked Alex Tsakumis`s wife like that, knowing Alex the way I do Alex would be swinging for the fences, if you won`t fight for what is right what good are you, I may disagree with Alex Tsakumis and many other online writers but I appreciate those who possess a backbone, those who fight, those who will burn a bridge for the right reasons regardless of the financial loss..

What good was Tieleman, a statement of integrity would be to tell 24 hours  to go to hell, to tell Sun News to go to hell, Tieleman and Dix stood back and accepted the status quo, today on CKNW Gord MacDonald at 3:06 pm during the weather report with Mark Madryga both had a chuckle over Adrian Dix, for goodness sake Adrian Dix is now being ridiculed by the weather guy, when the weather guy starts laughing at you the time has come, the time to go..

I don`t care if CKNW decides to ban any appearance by any NDPers in the future, one must phone them up and tell them to go to hell, CKNW chased Tieleman away during the HST referendum, and...And Tieleman took it on the chin, he responded by saying nothing, he was gracious as the other side cheated, perhaps he was hoping for a future gig, he never called them out for their actions.

Cavorting with the enemy seems to be the new commonplace activity with the NDP, the good old boys club who continue to grease each other`s palms, Jim Sinclair fought the good fight, Susan Lambert fought the good fight, agree or disagree with either of them at least they fought tooth and nail and didn`t care who they insulted, they said what needed to be said, those two individuals stood up and stuck their faces out, straightened their backbones and dared those who disagreed to knock them down, The Straight Goods fought for Gabriel Yiu, Ross K fought for Jane Shin, yet the biggest backroom names in the party, and the biggest frontroom names in the party bowed down and played dead..Adrian Dix, Moe Sihota, Bill Tieleman, Jan O`brien, Brian Topp and others wilted and shriveled on the vine...No one fought..

And today the media has vowed to so demoralize the party, to define the 2017 party years in advance of that election, it`s time for average party members to come together and remove these faces and voices from representative roles, if Adria Dix can`t get mad at media for calling his wife a beatnik freak he will never fight for anyone, including the public, today the Coquitlam school board announced 80 odd positions removed, assistants and special ed teachers, this to balance a budget, where was the NDP leader today screaming at the press, screaming at the BC Liberals.

I am calling for John Horgan to make his intentions known, are you wanting leadership yes or no? we can`t wait, we can`t let the media define the party for the next 2 years while the party drifts aimlessly,..

No one wants to fall on their sword, Tieleman and David Schreck refused to call out CKNW for their actions, why?..For fear of being removed, what better statement to the media and the public, that being the voting public than to tell CKNW and Sun News to go to hell, tell them that you won`t appear on a partisan agenda filled station and play chicken little..

We need a NDP leader that tells the media that they are bias, corrupt, call them liars when they do in fact lie..Call them out for not reporting the truth, like what the hell happened to David Black`s refinery proposal, where are the LNG jobs, where are the ship-building jobs, where..

No, the sound of silence, the fight left to bloggers like Rafe Mair, Ross K, Kootcoot, The Sixth Estate, Disaffected Lib and many others..

If I was paid to write for anyone and they did a hatchet job on my wife, daughter, brother or sister I would tell them off, on air, make a statement, I would show some integrity and walk away, not go to bended knee for a few dollars, where is the courage, the integrity, who today has guts, a statement of meaning and courage would be Tieleman, and or any NDP representative to tell Sun News to go to hell, no, I won`t appear and here is the reason why..

We live in a word lacking in integrity, lacking in courage, those who go to bended knee for the sake of a few dollars, how far, how low, how desperate, when will you take a stand, how far must you be pushed before you rise up and say enough is enough, you are corrupt, you are liars, incompetent, agenda filled...

Maybe the days of honour are gone, days of courage no more, the NDP of British Columbia need to decide today whether they are prepared to fight, prepared to place people in charge who want to win, place faces in charge who will stop at nothing short of illegalities to achieve its goal..

 "John Horgan.MLA" <>,

I urge everyone interested in fighting for a new invigorated NDP without Moe Sihota, without Brian Topp advising, without Jan O`brien speaking for, without Schreck and Tieleman milktoasting pundits speaking for the NDP to email John Horgan and urge him to run..

Until new direction is shown, new leadership and new faces and a purging of failed politicos who refuse to fall on their sword this Persuader refuses to support the party, and more, I will actively campaign against the party unless new direction and purpose is shown....

"Adrian Dix Beats Christy Clark"  headline was just as misplaced and fictional....... the Headline in April of 2011 in our mainstream media should have read..

"Adrian Dix, flawed candidate steals NDP leadership and destines the party to perpetual defeat"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

It is too bad this post had to be written, but somebody had to do it and you did!

Evil Eye said...

You are right, the NDP are officially dead and there is good reason for this, they are a political party of incompetents.

Dix and the NDP had no plan, except to pander to party insiders and elites and those MLA's who questioned this "I'm alright jack" attitude were chased from the party.

Dix must go and go now; in fact Carole "what's her name" should be asked to go and go now.

Alas, the NDP are in classic denial, blaming any and everyone they can; well look in the mirror folks - it was the NDP and their leader Adrian Dix that lost the election, get over it and get rid of him.

paisley said...

It is unfortunate but I don't think those at the helm of the NDP are going to change anything soon. I am of the same opinion as you Grant that Dix should have told the MSM right from the start they are corrupt. Dix wanted to be Mr. nice guy, a repeat of the James campaign. To bad the NDP couldn't clue in after the first time. The fact that Dix is still clinging on to the leadership speaks volumes of what he truly stands for....himself. The guy is a putz and always has been.

dan said...

“It is too bad this post had to be written, but somebody had to do it and you did!”

The “too bad” part is why this was not written by one of the admin in the NDP. Also where are Tieleman and Schreck on this? Their silence is quite revealing.
No courage no backbone unable to speak the truth at all costs. So that silence will cost them and us a lot, and not only financially.
After all every single one of the names mentioned in the article knows this topic to be the truth.

“You are right, the NDP are officially dead and there is good reason for this, they are a political party of incompetents.”

Actually it is a club and they are not looking for any new input; they have this all figured out for themselves. The NDP brass has accomplished their goal and they have reached it in spectacular fashion; how many losses in a row now? Nothing like consistency…..

“It is unfortunate but I don't think those at the helm of the NDP are going to change anything soon.”

Of course. Tieleman, upon having a choice to move into the 21 century with a new electoral process, revealed in multiple articles, and on his blog, that the inside NDP position for a new electoral process was not wanted or to be encouraged.

This revelation was long previous to the election and signalled to me anyways that the NDP simply wants “more of the same old” that has got us collectively to the point we are all at now.

Anonymous said...

I love the stmt Dix made after the election - 'it is not my decision to resign...' Oh really is that right. Maybe not but it could be your decesion -right. It seems lacking today and people in our society, in increasing numbers, are lining up behind the those that are corrupt and self serving. I suppose they think there will be a small space left at the trough for them. Oh well it is what it is.