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NDP`s Orange Star Turns Yellow, Even In The Quietest Moments

What that picture represents is the latest trend among provincial NDP parties, a yellow streak of cowardice, a lack of courage and conviction, this dilemma does not bode well for the NDP in the next federal election, the public wants fighters who stay true to their beliefs, the NDP without provincial backbones, with NDP in British Columbia and Ontario turning to spineless jellyfish Thomas Mulcair is doomed, in other words, because of cowardice on the provincial level by the NDP, you better get used to saying...

The Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau....God help us all..

I`ll be brief with Adrian Dix, the fact that he hasn`t stepped down as leader, the fact that party brass needs to have a comprehensive study to determine why we lost, the by-election is lost, we have no leader to send to Kelowna and stump for the dipper candidate, a candidate going up against Christy Clark, a NDP candidate represented by a leaderless party...

Adrian Dix ran a lousy campaign, that said, the man himself was rejected because of his baggage, voters in British Columbia said no to Adrian Dix, no to the man, no to his past, no to his leadership, everything else is nothing but white noise, it takes courage to fall on your sword, Adrian Dix lacks that courage, for the sake of top-of-the-ladder-party-brass-egos within the BC NDP we are going backwards...Time to man up Adrian, the premiership of British Columbia will never be yours.

However, this post isn`t about Adrian Dix, per say, we have another coward within our midsts..

Andrea Horwarth, the leader of the Ontario provincial NDP party..

Hello provincial NDP parties, unless you show courage and ethics you doom Thomas Mulcair to perpetual federal defeat too..

I feel sorry for Ontario, the voters of Ontario don`t particularly like Tim Hudak(Ontario Conservative leader)..Ontario isn`t to keen on the corrupt Ontario Liberal party, and they are leery of the Ontario NDP party...

53 Liberals...36 Conservatives...18 NDPers....That is a minority Government...Meaning this, the Kathleen Wynne led Ontario Liberal party need either the Hudak Conservatives or the Andrea Horwarth NDPers to support them on money bills, or the Ontario Liberals fall, resulting in a early(3 years early) Ontario provincial election..

Maybe I`m old school, maybe ethics and doing the right thing are old school, in my book, when crooks, thieves, criminals are in charge of a Government you fight tooth and nail to bring them down, and bring them down you do as first priority, Andrea Horwarth has been blackmailing a corrupt Ontario Liberal Government, Horwarth has been asking for, and receiving littles goodies from the Wynne Government, in lieu of these goodies Andrea Horwarth is letting a corrupt Government stand, the Ontario NDP for a few dribs and drabs have sold out integrity, shed their backbone and allowed criminals to remain charge, for fear of losing seats, for fear of Tim Hudak possibly winning the election the NDP have ceded the high-ground and destined both the Ontario provincial NDP to losing and by extension destined Thomas Mulcair to defeat..

Andrea Horwarth, Ontario NDP brass, here`s a newsflash for you, if Andrea Horwarth can`t win a provincial election replace her with someone who has a fire in their belly, high-ground defeat is a better option than spineless gutless defeat, the party won`t grow with that tactic, victory and the premiership will never be yours Andrea Horwarth by going this route, by allowing a criminal Government to stand you lose all moral authority to Govern too..

Let me highlight just some of the Dalton Mcguinty crimes against Ontario..


"A scathing report on the eHealth Ontario spending scandal charges that successive governments wasted $1 billion in taxpayer money.
Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter released his investigation into the eHealth agency on Wednesday morning.
His report says the board of directors at eHealth Ontario felt it had little power over CEO Sarah Kramer because she had been hired by chair Alan Hudson "with the support of the premier." That, McCarter said, gave Kramer the impression she had approval to ignore normal procurement procedures.
It was revealed late Tuesday that Health Minister David Caplan resigned because of the report.
Just minutes after the release of the report, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that Children and Youth Services Minister Deb Matthews would take over the health portfolio........

 Ontario taxpayers have not received value for money for this $1 billion investment," McCarter said in the report.
The idea behind eHealth is to create electronic health records for Ontario, something the auditor says could save $6 billion if implemented in every province and territory.
Instead, Ontario "is near the back of the pack" when it comes to electronic health records, having wasted millions on underused computer systems and untendered contracts.

Agency doled out millions: report

In May, documents obtained by CBC News showed the eHealth agency doled out millions of dollars in contracts without any apparent attempt to open the deals to outside bidders within the first four months of its creation in September 2008.

Consultants were contracted by eHealth at up to $2,750 a day. They then billed taxpayers for out-of-pocket expenses that included $1.65 for a cup of tea and $3.99 for cookies.
Kramer billed thousands of dollars for limousine rides, including one $400 trip from Toronto to London, Ont., before she resigned from her $380,000-a-year job in June. She was given a $317,000 severance package and received a $114,000 bonus after just 10 months on the job.
Hudson also stepped down.
The departures came after the Conservatives and New Democrats complained the agency gave out $5 million in untendered contracts to consultants.
Documents released by the government since then showed the value of those untendered contracts was closer to $16 million, with the biggest ones going to companies the opposition parties say have ties to the Liberal government."


$1 billion dollars spent by the Dalton McGuinty Liberal Government, we here in British Columbia have a Ehealth scandal too, only it`s 60% less costly to taxpayers, like Ontario, we have nothing to show for $hundreds on millions spent, insiders and party loyalists filled their boots with loot, no heads rolled, just the oft heard oops from the McGuinty Government....Let me remind you of yet another Ontario Liberal scandal..


"TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty is dodging a committee investigating Ontario's troubled air ambulance service to keep a lid on the scandal ahead of two potentially game-changing byelections next week, the Conservatives charged Wednesday.
The all-party legislative committee only wanted an hour of McGuinty's time, but he blew them off for a photo op at an empty school, said Tory Frank Klees, who sits on the committee.
The Sept. 6 byelections are the premier's shot at a majority government, and the last thing he wants is for voters in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan to be reminded of the Ornge scandal, Klees said.
"We're promising the premier that we're going to continue to raise this issue ... to remind the voters in both ridings that this is a premier who presided over the festering of one of the most expensive scandals that this province has ever had," he said.
"And he is refusing to even answer questions. Why?"
McGuinty defended his decision not to appear before the committee, saying it's up to Health Minister Deb Matthews to answer questions about Ornge. She's appeared three times, he added.
"I think they've had some 54 witnesses who have attended to date and there have been countless hours of testimony," McGuinty said after touring a Toronto school.

"I think what we really need from the committee at this point in time is a set of recommendations that we might be able to act on."
McGuinty said he's already answered questions about Ornge, including when he first met ousted CEO Chris Mazza, and is prepared to answer more during question period.
The Tories took him up on his challenge, using almost all their allotted time in the legislature to fire questions at the premier about Ornge.
"If the premier's got nothing to hide, then he should be OK with showing up to the committee — it's as simple as that," said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.
The Conservatives insist the committee is the only forum where McGuinty would have to testify under oath about what he knew about Ornge before it became front-page news."


This scandal Dalton Mcguinty avoided testifying, he ran away with his tail between his legs and hid, roadblock after roadblock his Government put up to squash this scandal, I would like to point out what Adrea Horwarth said about this scandal...

 "If the premier's got nothing to hide, then he should be OK with showing up to the committee — it's as simple as that," said NDP Leader Andrea Horwarth

So let me be perfectly clear, Andrea does no what a scandal is, what avoidance is...So why is the Ontario Liberal Government still in charge, why has Andrea Horwarth propped up this criminal organization?..especially because, this is only the tip of the iceberg..


UPDATED: Ontario’s Auditor General slams McGuinty for ‘hasty’ green energy investments

"Ontario’s Auditor General, Jim McCarter, released his Annual Report to the legislature earlier this morning, and the 460-page document has some troubling findings about the hasty way in which Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty approved green energy investments in his second term.
“While this helped these projects get off the ground quickly, their high cost will add significantly to ratepayers’ electricity bills in the future,” McCarter told the Toronto Star. He found that billions in investments spent on solar and wind energy in rural parts of the province were approved without appropriate levels of oversight, including “regulatory and planning procedures.”

McCarter also believes that one of the key achievements McGuinty touted to get the Liberals re-elected on October 6 – that the Green Energy Act has created over 50,000 jobs – is misleading, to be polite. Upwards of 30,000 of those jobs were in temporary construction work the report indicates, failing to provide the significant boost to the Ontario manufacturing economy that was the cornerstone of the plan.

The Premier was able to sell the Green Energy Act as bad-tasting medicine that people may not like, but not only would it benefit the environment, but create jobs in the process. And while the AG doesn’t dispute that jobs have been created, the province has been misled in terms of the nature of those jobs.

McCarter also argued in his Annual Report that the subsidies paid to producers of green energy through the microFIT program, the feed-in-tariff program that allows residences and small businesses to be paid higher rates for producing clan energy, will likely add upwards of $220M annually to hydro bills."


Just like what Gordon Campbell did, Dalton McGuinty is a liar, the jobs were not there with green energy, no oversight, insiders profited, $billions of taxpayer dollars transferred to Ontario Liberal friendly companies, long-term guarantees,  their auditor General slammed the Ontario Liberals for the reckless waste of $billions...You would think that these scandals would be enough for Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwarth to bring down this Government, well, you would be wrong..

And guess what, we are just getting started with McGuinty`s crimes..

During Ontario`s last provincial election, McGuinty was unpopular, rightfully so, with the polling they did, they were aware that a majority Government win was in doubt, a couple of years earlier arrangements were made to build two gas fired energy generating plants in two separate riding, the public didn`t want these gas powered greenhouse gas belching behemoths in their riding, and of course these gas plants were directly related to McGuinty`s scandalous green energy boondoggle, wind power is so unreliable, so expensive and it requires an equal amount of back-up gas power eneergy, thus the two proposed gas plants,one scandal led directly to another..

So here`s the deal, Dalton McGuinty desperate to cling to power, so worried about the seat count, McGuinty made a $1 billion dollar decision to cancel these power plants, this was a vote buying exercise, the cost was $1 billion taxpayer dollars, $1 billion dollars to payoff these power plant companies, $1 billion dollars to get out of signed contracts..

What happened next, Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals won the 2012 election, but only a minority Government, they needed one more seat, then the shit hit the fan, details of the costs emerged, costs associated with canceling these signed deals..Dalton McGuinty, in a minority position couldn`t stop the questions or investigations, investigations he wanted to avoid and questions he didn`t want to answer, for fear of jail...

So now what,  in a desperate move Dalton McGuinty prorogued the Ontario Legislature, he shut the doors and stalled for time, the screaming from Hudak and Horwarth was deafening, McGuinty was freaking out, totally desperate, time was running out for Dalton, he had to re-open the legislature, he couldn`t stall anymore, or could he, as a last ditch effort to stall for more time Dalton McGuinty suddenly resigned, resulting in the Ontario legislature remaining closed until a new leader was chosen, a long drawn out affair..

That leader was Kathleen Wynne, a person who had her fingers in all of Dalton McGuinty scandalous pies..Now months and months later the legislature opens, details start emerging about how much taxpayer money was wasted in trying to save those two Liberal ridings..initial numbers were $100 hundred million.. Then $300 million ,...Now the numbers are closer to $1 billion taxpayer dollars McGuinty spent to try and save two ridings and his coveted majority..Kathleen Wynne has been an obstructionist throughout this whole debacle..

Now with the Ontario legislature finally reopened, budgets needing to be passed, Kathleen Wynne offered up goodies for the NDP, offered up goodies so Andrea Horwarth wouldn`t bring down the Government...

Let me be perfectly clear, the ehealth scandal, questions still remained, the Ornge scandal questions haven`t been answered, McGuinty`s green energy decades long consumer rip job, those stinky deals are still permeating all of Ontario and the gas plant scandal is just heating up...

And yesterday we learn while Dalton McGuinty had their legislature prorogued, while McGuinty stalled with a sudden resignation and long delayed leadership contest, when Kathleen Wynne continued to stall and obfuscate after the legislature reopened, the Ontario Liberals continued to avoid the scandals, in particular the gas plant cancellation $1 billion dollar taxpayer-rip-job to try and save two ridings scandal..While all this stalling was going on the internal Ontario Liberal rats were chewing the wires, eating the documents and destroying all the electronic records surrounding the gas plant cancellations, all the electronic records from Dalton McGuinty`s office destroyed, yesterday we learn of the destruction, and those electronic record destructions are being blamed on...Are you ready for this, a three term Government is blaming...

On new staff that didn`t no better, staff that didn`t know the difference between right and wrong, just like how Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark destroyed all the early BC Rail electronic records, and as you know, Christy Clark resorted in her first two years of unelected leadership to keeping no records, just private emails and verbal data, no records kept, all designed to avoid both prying eyes and FOI requests..

Enjoy the below video, the Ontario Conservatives are calling for the OPP(police) to investigate this public record destroying crime...


The e-mail records of a close adviser to Ontario’s former premier were purged five weeks after a legislative committee ordered the government to release documents in connection with the controversial cancellation of two gas-fired power plants.

Chris Morley, chief of staff to former premier Dalton McGuinty, was directly involved in sensitive settlement talks with TransCanada Corp., the Calgary energy giant that was to build the province’s third-largest gas-fired power plant in Oakville.

 His e-mail account was permanently deleted shortly after he left Queen’s Park, along with those of three other senior staffers in Mr. McGuinty’s office, according to documents prepared by his successor’s office in response to an appeal of a freedom-of-information request.

The McGuinty government’s decision to pull the plug on the two power plants has left the minority Liberals embroiled in an escalating controversy. The Ontario Provincial Police launched a criminal probe Friday into the deletion of government records.

The high cost to taxpayers of scrapping the projects – $585-million at last count – is at the heart of opposition accusations that the government abandoned plans to build the electricity plants in Oakville and Mississauga to save Liberal seats during the 2011 provincial election.

It is not known who gave the order to erase e-mails that could have shed light on the cancelled projects. The documents submitted by Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office to an adjudication review officer, including affidavits on the deleted e-mails, are silent on the matter. Mr. McGuinty issued a statement Friday evening saying he neither condoned nor directed the deletion of e-mails, “which ought to have been preserved.”

Hello to Adrian Dix...Please resign for the good of the party...

Andrea Horwarth, I don`t give a rat`s ass what Kathleen Wynne offered you or the NDP, I don`t care what goodies you get for the public, you by propping up these criminals in charge, that being the Ontario Liberal Government you are aiding abetting a criminal organization and you and your party are just as guilty..

Bring down the Ontario Liberals, I don`t care who wins the election, if Ontario chooses Tim Hudak then so be it, you can`t leave criminals in charge of public tax-dollars, there are times one needs to show backbone and courage, if you can`t increase your seat count against the totally incompetent and totally corrupted Ontario Liberal party than you must resign as a failure too..

Between Andrea Horwarth and Adrian Dix`s cowardice and yellow streak running down their backs the NDP in all of Canada`s province`s are finished..

And by extension you gutless cowards stabbed The Honourable Thomas Mulcair in the back too...Hope you are proud of your selfish decisions..

 Is there no more honour, no more removing of criminals, no more courage, and sadly...

No more Vision

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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