Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enbridge, The Stephen Harper pipeline, British Columbia`s Coast Can be Sacrificed!


Anonymous said...

And, another earthquake. No-one with any ethics or morals, would string a pipeline across BC. It grows more clear everyday, Harper has no ethics nor morals.

How many times this fall, have there already been, high winds off BC's northern coast? What happens to tugboats, in hurricane force winds and rogue waves?

Their asinine tugboat theory, is on the Blog Borg Collective web site.

North Van's Grumps said...

If I may, Grant G, a link to my Post on "tugboats" of Puget Sound which may be equally applied to Enbridges plan for BC Coastal waters at Kitimat.

Another dense delivery rendering showing the Stern of tugboat going in reverse, from the Pacific Ocean to Kitimat, and back again.

"Retard assists Oil tankers in Puget Sound page 21"

Grant G said...

By all means, leave the link, either in comment form or email me..I`ll add it to the post.