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BC Liberals, Saving MLA Seats Priorty over Saving Lives

UPDATED AGAIN(November 8/2012)

More disturbing news, Mike Farnsworth through emails has discovered shocking news, news that could and should inspire many to hunt down and pitchfork every BC Liberal holding office, even those who have left..

The emails, in a nutshell talk about saving BC Liberal MLA seats in Burnaby, and using a phony hospital planning scheme to gain an upperhand on the NDP...The letter goes on to state that there is no money now, next year or ever for Burnaby, it`s about politics and trying to con Burnaby and surrounding riding`s voters!

I remind you goddamn BC Liberals that you killed 200 patients at Burnaby hospital, and instead of fixing the problem you are spinning a fake BC Liberal insider committee, playing games, pretending you are doing something, anything when in fact you are continually killing more patients, ....

The pure audacity to make the death of hundreds a political gain, to bullshit the people of Burnaby into believing you are serious, no money, no business plan, no fucking nothing..

May all you BC Liberals die a slow painful death...Families First eh Christy Clark?...Family blood while you lie, cheat, squirm to save your dead political party, ..


Read the latest shocking details here

Thank you Mike Farnworth, again


 UPDATED, BC Liberals attempt to con the public and divert the blame over the elderly people they murdered through their policy at BC Hospitals, Burnaby General, Nanaimo General hospital..

Shocking emails, politics trump people`s lives as the BC Liberals try to mask the outrage of citizens who family members were murdered by the BC Liberals, under Christy Clark nothing has changed, read the shocking story here,

  And this was reported in the below link, Gordon Campbell and all BC Liberals and BC`s complicit media have murder and blood on their hands!

What is going on at Burnaby hospital, doctors reported 84 seniors died because of C difficile breakouts but that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

What disturbs me even more is my Dad died in that hospital at the same time as the outbreaks, news on the radio(cknw) today from Fraser Health is...Aramark(cleaning company Fraser health has hired to clean Burnaby hospital) is using a sporacide bleach and are cleaning patient rooms at Burnaby hospital every 12 hours in an attempt to knock down these outbreaks...

84 people dead from inadequate cleaning...Yes indeed the BC Liberals have blood on their hands because since they outsourced the cleaning to private firms these outbreaks have run rampant...In fact cleaning hours per hospital are down 100 hundreds of thousands of cleaning hours compared to pre-outsourcing days...

These Aramark cleaning crews have been pulled from other hospitals and grievances have been filed, for Fraser health rather than hire extra cleaning crews have merely transfered crews from other hospitals which means but one thing....

Others hospitals are being shorted cleaning hours putting them at risk of c difficile outbreaks as well...Is this your idea of Families first Christy Clark?

Killing seniors with staff infections and germs, seniors coming in for care in Burnaby hospital and others and leaving in a wooden box?

This story is getting worse...Hydro-morph..A very strong pain killer that has a very odd side effect...It slows down the heart and seniors with bad or weak hearts should never be given this drug, it kills them....Well guess what..My Dad with his bad heart valve was prescribed hydro-morph, it led to a stroke,  after his stroke he never quite recovered, .....

I researched hydro morph after my Dad`s stroke and WE told the doctors that he wasn`t going to be taking anymore hydro morph, his heart can`t be slowed down with that drug again or it will kill him.....Experienced doctors that I contacted were shocked that my Dad with his heart was prescribed hydro-morph..

Well, after special nutrition and me fighting tooth and nail to help my dad he WAS getting better, that was until he went to Burnaby hospital for routine tests last year and he never left alive, he too left Burnaby hospital in a wooden box..After rehashing the events it`s now clear that dad got infected with this c difficile germs, he was isolated and given enimas in an attempt to clear the c difficile from his system,it helped kill my dad......But there`s more...On the news tonight...

You can hear it on the cknw audio 9:00pm news/March 23/2012(tonight)

Fraser health has ordered Aramark to clean Burnaby hospital patient rooms every 12 hours with a special bleach and....And this SHOCKING-NEWS...

Nurses at Burnaby hospital reported today after their shift that 5 of 7 boxes of pain killers were tampered with, the items in the boxes were replaced with something else, the report didn`t say what the boxes were replaced with but the story did say what drug was tampered with....

HydroMorphone.......5 boxes of the pain killer hydro-morph were opened and replaced with something else....

Which means one of two things.....Either some nurse is trying to kill patients or some nurse(nurses) are trying to save senior patients from being killed with hydro-morph...

I suspect that there are nurses very concerned about the liberal use of hydro-morph on senior patients...For what hydro-morph does is so slow the heart of older patients with weak hearts that when they receive hydro-morph their heart slows down to the point of death.....And yes I do suspect that someone administered hydro morph to my dad when he was at Burnaby General...

What about possible side effects?

The most common side effects are:
  • feeling tired and drowsy
  • dizziness, lightheadedness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • constipation
  • feeling unsteady, loss of balance
  • rash and itching

Is there any reason not to take this drug?

You should not take this drug if you are allergic to hydromorphone, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone or codeine. Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you have or have ever had:
  • a problem with alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • feelings of being depressed or suicidal
  • constipation
  • problems with your lungs or breathing (e.g. severe emphysema or severe asthma)
  • problems with your kidney or liver
  • under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) or Addison’s disease
  • enlarged prostate or problems with urinating
  • brain disease or head injury
  • seizures
  • problems with your gallbladder
  • low blood pressure
  • heart rhythm problems



My Dad had both of those last two items on that bullet list....It clearly states that seniors with low blood pressure and heart rhythm problems should never be given hydromorph.....It was the original prescribed dose of hydromorph that caused my Dad to collapse with a stroke, he improved and was recovering after being taken off hydromorph at my insistence after researching that drug ....Then Dad went into Burnaby hospital for tests never to leave alive again...And yes,  I did hear the report last month about doctors reporting that 84 seniors died at Burnaby hospital from c difficile infections and today on radio news it was reported about this new cleaning regiment at Burnaby hospital which means but one thing, Seniors are still dying from infections at our hospitals but when I heard of the tampering of medicines reported by nurses with the drug that scares the hell out of me, Hydromorphone, the contents of 5 boxes of hydromorph were replaced with something else.....

Are there some angelic nurses at Burnaby hospital who also fear hydromorph was being used inappropriately on seniors with bad hearts and removed the poison....

There needs to be complete investigation of Burnaby hospital and those deaths, also with the use of hydromorph on seniors...Beware of this drug, ...

For when my Dad`s heart doctor found out that another doctor prescribed hydromorph to him he was very upset..My Dad`s heart doctor was planning to replace my dad`s heart valve, it didn`t happen, Dad didn`t escape Burnaby Hospital alive....

Beware people....

Gordon Campbell, You and all BC Liberals have blood on your hands for the outsourcing of hospital cleaning and a massive reduction in cleaning hours..


Privatization deal slashes hospital cleaning

Feb 25, 2008 12:03 PM
"Privatization of housekeeping services in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority led to a dramatic reduction in cleaning hours at hospitals and extended care facilities, according to documents obtained by CUPE's Hospital Employees' Union.
The documents, obtained through a freedom of information request, reveal the health authority's top executives cut the number of hours of cleaning in hospitals and extended care facilities by 15 per cent when they contracted out housekeeping to U.S.-based multinational ARAMARK in 2003.
Hospital cleaning is an important factor in limiting the spread of antibiotic resistant organisms like vancomycim resistant enterococci (VRE) and methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has estimated that the costs of treating cases of VRE and MRSA, acquired in a health care setting, at more than $4 million last year.
VCH recently recorded a 17 per cent jump in the number of patients infected with MRSA while admitted to local hospitals and extended care facilities.
BC’s health authorities have emphasized hand-washing as a strategy to limit the spread of these infections, but research suggests that enhanced cleaning is also central to infection control strategies.

But the July 17, 2003 business case prepared by senior VCH executives to justify contracting out cleaning services to ARAMARK included a reduction of 153,500 cleaning hours annually. A commercial contract based on the business case was signed with ARAMARK on July 25, 2003.
Both VCH and ARAMARK had blocked HEU’s January 2004 application for an uncensored version of the business case and other documents. The union finally obtained the documents more than three and a half years later, after BC’s information and privacy commissioner ordered their release.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy says BC patients should be very concerned that the price of privatization includes fewer hours spent cleaning and disinfecting hospital facilities.

“Hospital-acquired infections are a costly problem and a major risk for patients and health care workers,” says Darcy. “In the face of this threat, cutting back on cleaning is reckless"


"The health of hospitalized Canadians and their visitors is being seriously put at risk by hospitals that have cut corners in cleaning budgets to save money, a Marketplace investigation has revealed.
The program took hidden cameras inside 11 hospitals in Ontario and British Columbia. What they found in many of them were surprisingly inadequate cleaning regimens – in short, dirty hospitals that could make you sick.
In many hospitals, Marketplace staffers applied a harmless gel to places that many people would touch – hand rails, door handles, light switches, elevator buttons.
The gel glows when seen under an ultra-violet light. But most of the time – and this was true in every hospital where Marketplace carried out gel tests – the gel was still there more than 24 hours later, meaning the surfaces had not been cleaned at all.
The program talked to cleaners, supervisors, nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators to get a handle on what has become a major problem at Canadian health-care facilities – a shocking number of hospital-acquired infections."
Poor hospital cleaning revealed as major problem - Health - CBC News

 Privatization deal slashes hospital cleaning < Healthcare associated infections, Privatization, British Columbia | CUPE

See you in Hell Gordon Muir Campbell

Cue up 9:00 PM/March 23/2012.....

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Anonymous said...

As a retired OR instrument Tech.

I have a chronic illness, that can be very dangerous and has been, more than once.

In a hospital stay, I picked up the VRE super bug. Very dangerous for me or anyone, with a compromised immune system. You never, never can get rid of the VRE, you have it for life. I saw so many breaks, in cleaning techniques, that were horrifying. A bathing room with a lift for immobile patients. There was a crack or tear in the lino. It was patched with duct tape, half lifted up. Do you know how much bacteria from many patients, can be harbored in that sticky tape? I pointed it out, however, until the day I left hospital, the tape stayed. I saw cross contamination, from bed to bed, patient to patient in those beds, and from room to room.

Also in hallways, where a patient had spewed up. I won't elaborate, on that break in technique.

Especially for the older patients, with already, weakened immune systems. Super bugs can be deadly. I know that's what will eventually get me, I won't be able to fight the super bug off. What did your Dad have left, to fight with Grant?

My daughter-in-laws mother, died because of the VRE. A lady I really liked very much.

My sister-in-law died of Staph infection, after heart surgery.

I know of an ICU, that had to shut completely down. A very sick patient contacted, testicular Pseudomonas.

We know Campbell sold all of BC's assets and resources. Outrageous salary's and severance payouts to ICBC lay offs. $1 million salary to a BC Ferry executive. Smart meters, another waste. Campbell's own $60,000 per year salary hike, plus gold plated pensions for all politicians. That is only a drop in the bucket, for the thefts and abuses of our tax dollars. Nor, do we forget Harper's part, in the destruction and sell out of BC.

Human lives are really not important, to the the Harper's commie-cons nor,the Campbell/Clark BC liberals. That has been made abundantly clear to us, for over nine years now. That's the way it is with all of them. If you can gain votes, do it. If there is no gain for votes, to hell with it.

How much of our Health Care dollars have been wasted, by patients like me, that have to go back to hospital, with complications of super bugs? I know the cost, has to be outrageous. A hell of a lot more, than properly trained and enough cleaning staff.

Grant G said...

My dad fought til the end..He beat colon cancer 3 years earlier,..

he was on the mend, getting stronger until...

Until he entered a hospital in the midst of full blown c/defecile outbreak..

They should of sent people away, why on earth would you admit more patients when dozens died there recently, admitting senior patients into the hospital of horrors!!!

BC Liberals are guilty of murder, make no doubt about that..

Take care friend, where gloves and don`t touch anything in any BC Hospital, sterilize everything that contacts anything from a BC hospital..