Thursday, November 22, 2012

BC Liberal Election Strategy, Worthy of a Trip to the Political Woodshed!

The "Tough on Crime Agenda" politics, theory, hucksters, the futility of tired old Socreds disguised as BC Liberals attempting to use the "techniques" of the 80`s to win an election in 2013..

Vaughn Palmer last Saturday in a coordinated propaganda piece, in conjunction with Global BC tried to paint an illusionary picture of BC Liberal renewal and momentum, timing is everything Vaughn, I suggest you and the Vancouver Sun go back to the drawing board and start over..

In the last week alone more scathing emails were revealed, revealing a brutal cold-hearted attempt to turn the criminal deaths of hundreds of seniors at Burnaby hospital into political milk, unfortunately there are still those with a moral conscious that outed the "plot"..

Followed by more leaks about taxpayer funded employees ordered by Christy Clark`s team to work, not on Government business but monkey business, tax dollars used to disparage Adrian Dix..And it was all for not, the web site was amateurish in ineffective, maybe Christy Clark should have hired a few teenagers to put together something a little more professional..

Then it was reported that Christy Clark squandered $60 million dollars of taxpayer money for a future photo-op with Vancouver Whitecaps that now won`t happen, 1 playoff game and gone, as well as the CRTC giving a thumbs down to Bell media, and the hits keep coming.

 Rich the liar Coleman got then got outed making tax changes and mid-stream rule changes in the beer brewing game for a fistful of donation(read bribe) dollars to both his personal election campaign and the BC Liberal party as a whole, no amount of bafflegab will clear his corrupt soul...And Rich Coleman wasn`t finished, he shoved long time BC Liberal supporter, fundraiser and member signing guru Moe Gill under the bus, and it was revealed that Rich Coleman`s hand-picked candidate for Abbotsford south Darryl Plecas just happens to be related by marriage..

Let`s be clear, this post isn`t designed to force, through glaring embarrassment to change BC Liberal minds, this post is designed to give you a laugh.

Moe Gill signed up 1500 new members to the BC Liberal party, and I would imagine the majority are in the Indo-Canadian community, Abbotsford has a rather large Indo-Canadian population..

And my hat gets tipped to Moe Gill, for anyone who could sign up that many members to a corrupt waning and flailing party over the last couple of years is either a campaigning superstar or a professional hypnotist! ....You decide, I`m leaning towards professional hypnotist, either way this is one character I wouldn`t want to fight in a General election.

The stupidity of this brazen Moe Gill slapdown reminds me of John McCain choosing the MENSA Rhodes Scholar Sarah Palin as his running mate and we know how well that turned out.

John Martin(The Criminologist) finished a distant third place in this year`s Chilliwack by-election, he has now defected from the BC Conservatives and joined Christy Clark`s ship of fools, Darryl Plecas just happens to be a criminologist too, coincidence, not a chance, as you know Stephen Treason Harper is also "getting tough on crime" not political or Government crimes but tough on average internet users, tough on scientific crime, that being scientific truth telling crimes, tough on those who are fighting for clean water and sustainable eco-systems, and extra tough on Canada`s and British Columbia`s own 400,000 marijuana users, indeed, these heathens growing a few plants for personal use must be jailed for 2 years, in fact Harper is building mega-prisons for the specific purpose of jailing pot-heads...And without a nary of concern for the pizza business and snack food industry...Oh the humanity!

Unfortunately Stephen Harper and his BC Liberal farm time are stuck in a time-warp, reminiscent of alcohol prohibition and we all know how well that went, today there are thousands of alcohol choices, from strong rum to scotch, from weak to 151 proof, wineries, kraft brewers, home made brewers, how does that line go..

"If you can`t beat them, join em"

Did Harper and the BC Liberal Republicans not learn anything from the November 6th/2012 US presidential election, not only was abortion, banning gay marriage, shuttering the borders rejected but so was the failed and ultra costly "War on Drugs" rejected..

Across BC`s border our friendly neighbours in Washington State voted to legalize and sell Marijuana, voted to collect tax dollars, at a time when Government revenues are flagging and sagging the legalization vote does 2 things, it frees up precious court dollars, it frees up over-crowded jail space for real criminals(like corrupt, bribed prone politicians) it frees up police resources and will bring in $hundreds of millions in tax revenue, and Washington state isn`t alone, Colorado too voted for legalization, just imagine how many more US States will follow the lead of these progressive states, just wait until the tax revenue starts flowing, can you say tidal-wave..

And here in backwoods Canada, Stephen Harper and the BC Liberals are campaigning on a tough-on-crime-agenda...And with the undemocratic appointing of both John Martin and Darrly Pleacas, criminologists(plural)..I wonder if the BC Liberals realize that Abbotsford is one of BC`s grow-op hot beds?

Poll after poll has British Columbia choosing, wanting both marijuana legalized and taxed.

Meanwhile Christy Clark is still taking advice from those old tired backroom Socreds/Republicans.

Not only is Christy Clark still a woman of the 90,s

She is still taking advice from the Over-the-Hill-Gang

Jim Sheppard, Bob Plecas and Mike MacDonald

And as a side-note...

It is rumoured that Moe Gill is in talks with John Cummins..

What`s good for the goose......Well, you know how it goes..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide OPen


Anonymous said...

Indeed, the BCLibs need a new leader.

Christy Clark is a flunky whose only success was beating up the BCTF and on CKNW.

Hate on Gordon Campbell all you want pal, at least Gordon Campbell did two things right to shake not stir the world: #1. Lots of wo-men around and #2. He knew how to govern.

Bond, James Bond on Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Grant G said...

Josef K...I thought you left Canada, did you sneak back in?

Don`t bother responding, your drivel adds nothing, go back to the sewer, give Bloatto a break from writing comments.