Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barack Obamavision, The Second Coming

 The big errors came late to this contest, looking for a rose garden fumbled ball gotcha moment during debate number II, not denouncing the one candidate he endorsed over the "life can begin at rape" comment followed by the late, not fashionably late but the re-arrival of Donald Trump, along with special guest appearances by..Jack Welch..Rudy Guiliani..

Mitt Romney had to be perfect in the homestretch to have a snowball`s chance in hell of becoming president, he also needed shackles, chains and muzzles to keep gnashing fangs and forked voices of Republican reptilian relics from ascending to public airwaves..

Jack Welch claimed, in an hysterical rant on Peirs Morgan that September job numbers were "rigged", Mr. Welch and company were probably unaware at the time they made that ridiculous claim, unaware they sowed the first seeds of defeat for Romney, a crude statistical footnote of history ate Jack Welch alive from the inside, no president has been reelected president with unemployment over 8.00%...That September jobs report brought the unemployment level to 7.8%, nothing robust, nothing to fear but so hung-up was Jack Welch over the difference between 8.1% and 7.8% that at..

....at that very moment Jack Welch`s horse in the race Mitt Romney became glue and maybe it`s contagious, out they came, Richard Mourdock of Indiana and the rape is life comment, the one candidate Mitt Romney endorsed, a blink of the eye statement that infuriated female, no, make that infuriated everyone..

The game and Mitt Romney`s fairytale run for Whitehouse gold officially ended when,  don`t tell the paid pundits and talking heads but when Donald Trump and re-birther II, the money-passports-charity-school records hail Mary pass went backwards in the face of hurricane Sandy....Rudy Guiliani too showered himself in his own yellow liquid urinarygold, firing barbs and treasonous slurs from a campaign rally, really Rudy, maybe it would have been more effective if George W was with you, 

President Barack OBAMA will indeed win the presidency, and win easily, 303 electoral college votes and to tell you the truth, the re-affirming of his mandate was never in doubt, Romney`s message to America, a message bellowed from the privileged royal railing was vacant, what message, that Bush`s mess wasn`t cleaned up sufficiently, that he, a Bain`s crony capitalist raider knew better....No, the people know better, even those that say they believe Romney has magic beans, one snap of his gold-plated thumb and corporations will pay more money and hire redundant drones, even in those wishful hearts the truth is on display. America has always been troubled with humility. even when earned.

Decades of right-wing corporate dogma, bit by bit local politicians and legislators sold America out, outsourcing to slave labor countries, intellectual thefts run rampant, lobbyists with individual needs that ranked high above the aspirations of the many..

Blame the blackman, blame the Kenyan, America by god couldn`t have done this to itself, Ronald Regan, trickle down, George W Bush, trickle trickle bang bang ..A tired corporate run entity on a debt spiral, racing headlong into a gravitational black-owe(hole), leave the cupboards bare and suck every last breath out of America`s sail and hand it to the Blackman and when...

..and when Barack Obama attempted anything tea-partying obstructionists and bar-bouncing Boeners said no, not on their watch, so bad was the mess George W Bush left America the only option Republicans had was to defend it, Mitt Romney, poster boy for success in America, born of silver spoon pedigree, sheltered and well- helled, educated and placed in the position of modern day robber-baron and Mitt flourished, his beckon call, the $billion dollar man with the never having to work social butterfly tag-along-Anne, 1% club members sent to defend the "method"..More trickle down economics laden with financial land-mine instruments..

Maybe there is no real difference, maybe once in office you meets the boys, the Chairman of the Fed, private bankers, heads of communist countries like China, the Koch brothers, where you are merely handed a script and asked to play a role..

I can only hope that right and wrong still exist.

Barack Obama is real, Michelle Obama is real too, I look in their eyes and see that racism, and racial verbiage using words like noose and nigger aren`t foreign language to them, they live in a time that still prevents people like them from attending places like that, places where class of wealth are keys of entry, or locks of denial.

I too wanted to believe Mitt Romney, snap my fingers and change the world, high-paying jobs for everyone and country club memberships....Then I awoke..

Barack Obama, the best of a bad-lot...

You have nothing to lose Mr. President, forget compromise, ram through the people`s agenda, healthcare, better education, social justice, draw lines in the sand.

The Presidency of Barack compromise Obama is over..

The presidency of Barack Mandated by the People to Govern America Obama begins.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Bill55 said...

As Al Sharpton said " we got the down, we just got no trickle."
The Republicans presidency was theirs to lose with endless lies, birthers,teabillies, and messages of God approved rape. Perhaps the GOP might practice what they preach. Honesty IS the best policy and if Tuesday hopefully proves that, I believe the Koch bros, etc., will ramp up the hate to unbelievable heights in his second term.Preaching Jesus, but not practicing, will be the GOP demise
It's also sad that Obama would rack up even more Electoral College votes if he was not a half black man.This is why the GOP and schools don't mix. An uneducated voter is usually a republican supporter, proving that the right turn of Repubs was a poor decision, as younger demographics are usually more educated, and often question the right.
I do share one Republican belief in that the debt load around the world is a serious issue. I personally would not have saved Detroit, but it appears that I was wrong. I am also concerned about my personal portfolio. Comparing the 2 parties show clearly that even though stock markets generally dislike dems., the TSX, and Dow flourish with democratic governments. For that, I wish O well in seeking his second term in office.