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Coal,, Underground labour

A skills shortage so claims the company that is importing Chinese labour, there was a show that ran on discovery channel called "COAL"......The work isn`t complicated, it`s dirty, dangerous, there is also the long term effects of working in underground coal mines..


Chinese nationals brought in to fill B.C. coal miner shortage


I wouldn`t do it, there is probably plenty of Canadian youth willing to do the work, I`m sure most parents would dread their children entering this field of work..

Canada has very few underground coal mines, and China, where this coal is destined has thousands of deaths every year from underground coal occurrences, I didn`t call them disasters because they aren`t, they are a certainty to happen over and over again..

 China is recorded as being the world's biggest coal producer yet it has also the recorded world's worst mining conditions responsible for thousands of deaths each year. According to China Labour Bulletin, the death rate in China's coal mines is approx.

10.000 a year or 27 coal miners a day. The photo reportage "The Dark Truth: Coal Miners of China" exposes some of the working conditions in the world largest coal industry, an industry that is fueling the Economic "Miracle" of China (Orville Shell, published by www.project-syndicate in its China Stands Up). Guizho is a mountainous region rich of coal in South West China with a large population consisting of small minorities. Nowadays, an ever increasing number, estimated to be in the thousands of Chinese workers come into this region in desperate search of work.

 As a result, in Guizho as in in the rest of China there are numerous illegal coal mines which are opened with the tacit accord of corrupt town sheriffs and do not comply to any health and safety standards. 

 When accidents occur these illegal small mines are just shut down as if they never existed neither the families are notified of deaths or injuries to avoid paying any claims. The workers safety and human rights are not taken into account; many mines have only one exit leaving the workers with just one way out in case of underground explosions, cave-ins or flooding. Unprotected clothing, safety equipments, poor housing have also damaged the health of many. They exploit the desperation of poor people that unable to feed their families are willing to risk their lives in illegal and unsafe work conditions.

On a more fundamental basis, Christy Clark`s jobs agenda, the spin is in, remember several years ago, our youth was encouraged to get MBAs, degrees in higher learning, it was advertised as "Educate for the jobs of tomorrow"..

Now we have millions of highly educated young people..20s to 40s...

Now the push is for trades, the spin is, there will be a worker shortage, millions of workers needed for future jobs..

This is a corporate malfeasance, a ruse, the millions of jobs won`t be there, the truth be told, the world as a whole has 35 to 40 percent unemployment, many wonder why corporations play this future need game, the reason is simple, if people knew the real truth they wouldn`t allow the corporate criminals to get away with it..

Take BC Forestry, despite tens of thousands of lost jobs record amounts of rough lumber and logs went to China,....

Fish farms employ very little, the work is in the processing plants, it`s seasonal, I know many who work in Egmont on a part time basis...

Around the world today, there are no shortages of I-phones, computers,  despite massive unemployment around the world the goods are made, delivered, used and, overstocked..


Skilled Work, Without the Worker

This is the future. A new wave of robots, far more adept than those now commonly used by automakers and other heavy manufacturers, are replacing workers around the world in both manufacturing and distribution. Factories like the one here in the Netherlands are a striking counterpoint to those used by Apple and other consumer electronics giants, which employ hundreds of thousands of low-skilled workers.
“With these machines, we can make any consumer device in the world,” said Binne Visser, an electrical engineer who manages the Philips assembly line in Drachten.
Many industry executives and technology experts say Philips’s approach is gaining ground on Apple’s. Even as Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone manufacturer, continues to build new plants and hire thousands of additional workers to make smartphones, it plans to install more than a million robots within a few years to supplement its work force in China.
Foxconn has not disclosed how many workers will be displaced or when. But its chairman, Terry Gou, has publicly endorsed a growing use of robots. Speaking of his more than one million employees worldwide, he said in January, according to the official Xinhua news agency: “As human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache.”
The falling costs and growing sophistication of robots have touched off a renewed debate among economists and technologists over how quickly jobs will be lost. This year, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, economists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, made the case for a rapid transformation. “The pace and scale of this encroachment into human skills is relatively recent and has profound economic implications,” they wrote in their book, “Race Against the Machine.”

 The future involves robotic tar sand mining, robotic factories, dangerous underground coal mining will still use slaves, the company knows there will be deaths associated with underground coal mining, it`s far cheaper to use foreign workers, when the deaths happen there won`t be large financial payouts...

LNG in BC will not bring $trillions of dollars, it will be the next corporate welfare industry, China is on the verge of or in a big recession...

A great read here...

There is another burning question, before Canada and Alberta decided to be an energy super-power we had the country and provinces running balanced and or surplus budgets, things have changed, Alberta is running another $3 billion dollar deficit this year, Stephen Harper has added hundreds of $billions in new debt to Canada..

What is going on?, corporate welfare and more, the more is oil lobbyists and executives occupying political backrooms.

Mitt Romney, Republicans, Federal Conservatives, the end game, take care of themselves and keep spinning, the future is looking very bleak..

Until we get oil executives out of the political backrooms nothing will change.
China ghost cities, 70 million empty condos/apartments,
China does/also possesses the largest shale gas reserves in the world..

Thomas Friedman was wrong, the world isn`t flat, economies need to run domestically, exports need to be treated like desert, this global connection isn`t working, Wall street fraud, rating agencies and derivatives almost brought the world to its knees, the XL food scandal, too many cattle for one place, the line was overflowing in feces..
Industry has become too concentrated..
Lastly, how come Alberta, Canada, Ontario, you name the province,every single one in deficit, seems to me we balanced budgets far more often before Canada decided to be a energy superpower.

Economies to survive must depend on domestic stability, exports must be treated like a cherry atop a desert cake, when petro-states rely on nothing but the cherries..

The results will be the pits.

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Anonymous said...

Harper is selling us out to China, including all of the tar sands jobs. That's the part the Alberta people just don't get. Harper is permitting company's at the tar sands, to bring in cheap Chinese labor. Who are they going to hire? Canadians or the Chinese?

Harper loves China's Human rights, they don't have any. Red China was found guilty, for the deaths of Chinese workers up at the tar pits.

Who is going to build the pipeline, out of Alberta? Premier Redford made the deal with the U.S. The American war vets get those jobs, not Canadians.

Campbell sold BC out to Red China, long ago. They own BC mines and their own people work those mines.

Harper and Campbell are two ugly monsters. They are traitors and belong in prison.

Hugh said...

Are Canadians are not smart enough to learn how to be coal miners?

How will mining coal help BC meet its legislated CO2 reduction targets?

Conservative make it so foreign workers can be paid 15% less:

Hugh said...

Anonymous said...

Yeah well, they're here in tr they don't like me, in fact they look down on me like so much wasted space. I've applied to them for a job several times but they aren't interested. fuck them, if Canadian companies acted this way in China they wouldn't be there long.
I don't know them or anything about them, except that they will never hire me. Why do I bother paying taxes for being a Canadian then? I am out of work and they come from China and take the resources and the jobs. Canada is not a country worth living or dying for. When I can't find work to survive, I do whatever is necessary, that's how they live in third worlds countries and that is how we now live here.