Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breaking news, 7.7 earthquake near Prince Rupert

Dear Grant
Emergency Info BC has just issued a Tsunami warning for the North Coast, Haida Gwaii & Central Coast, as an earthquake hit off the BC coast South of Sandspit. There is no warning currently for North Vancouver Island.

If you're in the affected region, here is what Emergency Info BC is saying:

"A Tsunami Warning means that a tsunami is expected and imminent in low-lying coastal areas. People in these areas must move inland or to higher ground IMMEDIATELY. Do not return until directed to do so by local emergency officials. A tsunami is a series of waves and the first wave is not usually the largest and could last several hours.

Stay tuned to local radio stations and listen for instructions from emergency officials."

You may want to call or txt friends in the area who might not have heard.

Our thoughts are with any friends or family you have in the area.

Depth of earthquake..12 miles.....52.9 north--131.9 west..25 miles from sandspit..

Deep water sensors have measured a tsunami....Avoid low coastal areas, take to higher ground

2 after shocks have been reported, a 5.8 and 4.8


Environment Canada's Official Weather Warnings


Zone A - the North Coast and Haida Gwaii
8:57 PM PDT Saturday 27 October 2012
Tsunami warning for

Zone A - the North Coast and Haida Gwaii continued

A tsunami warning has been issued. If you are in a low lying coastal area you are at risk and must move to higher ground or inland now. Do not return until directed to do so. Closely monitor local radio stations for additional information from local authorities.

...A tsunami warning is now in effect which includes the Coastal areas of British Columbia and Alaska from the north Tip of Vancouver Island British Columbia to cape decision Alaska/located 85 miles se of sitka/.

Origin time - 0304Z 28 oct 2012 coordinates - 52.9 north 131.9 west depth - 10 km location - Queen Charlotte Islands region magnitude - 7.7 Estimated times of initial wave arrival for selected Sites in the warning are provided below.

Langara 2116 PDT oct 27 Northern tip Vancouver Island 2117 PDT oct 27 Please minimize phone use in affected areas. For further information contact the Provincial Emergency Program at WWW.PEP.BC.CA (english only).

Issued by Environment Canada on behalf of the British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program. 

Breaking news, a 7.7 earthquake was just reported near Prince Rupert(8:09 pm), that my friends is a tsunami zone, I have a boat that could be troubled in the Alberni Canal.

It`s also another death knell for the Enbridge pipeline, buildings as far away as Vancouver reported shaking..

Exact location 190 miles south south west of Prince Rupert....Tsunami warming in effect...

Hang on to your hat..

These big boys can trigger after shocks and or another as big or bigger seismic crackerjack..

Remember 1964


Haida Gwaii earthquake sparks West Coast Tsumani

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Haida Gwaii at 8:07 p.m., Earthquake Canada reports.
The quake was located 139 kilometres south of Masset, according to the US Geological Survey website.
The West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a tsunami warning for coasts located near the earthquake including the northern tip of Vancouver Island.


Tsunami of 1964

It was Good Friday of 1964 that the largest earthquake of our century rocked Alaska, heaving up the ocean floor 15 meters and sending a series of seismic waves along the West Coast of Vancouver Island and down through Oregon and California. The first wave hit Port Alberni late at night as most people slept. Due to the heroism and quick thinking of many of our Valley’s citizens most people were alerted and evacuated before the onset of the much larger second wave, preventing any cassualties. To find out more about the Tsunami visit the museum to access our research files and large photograph collection. A permanent exhibit has been installed in the Hutcheson Gallery of the Port Alberni Maritime Discovery Centre - the centre is open seasonaly June to August.
“The Great Alberni Valley Tsunami” is the title of the first Museum Note, a small publication detailing the Tsunami and is full of photos and facts. This booklet is available for purchase from the Alberni Valley Museum.

Tsunami Facts:

  • The word Tsunami is Japanese. In Japanese - tsu = harbour and nami = wave.
  • The Alberni Valley was hit particularly hard because a tsunami is amplified if it is funnelled up an inlet then if it hits a single shoreline
  • Waves created by seismic activity are very long and low. Surprisingly, tsunamis can pass undetected under ships at sea.
  • The first wave to hit the Albernis caused mostly flooding. The second larger wave caused most of the damage that occurred.
  • Our Tsunami warning system was installed in 1993, it is the only one of its kind in BC, and was installed due to the high risk of another tsunami hitting Port Alberni.
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More to come..

Hang on

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Anonymous said...

HAARP/corporate weather modifying.


Crankypants said...

It seems that mother nature has decided to weigh in on both the Northern Gateway and the Fraser Institute's mouthpiece that wants to put oil wells close to Haida Gwaii. Although it seems that the coastal communities have been spared a devastating tsunami this time, next time may not be so kind.

The devastation in Japan last year shows that man is nowhere close to being able to counteract the forces that the earth can throw at us.

It seems that the precautionary principle only applies when monetary gain is not a factor.


Anonymous said...

Right Harper.

Bring on the Enbridge pipeline and the behemoth tar tankers from China. Tell us again, how safe the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers are.

This 7.7 earthquake, was felt all over BC.

I haven't checked yet. I hope no-one lost their lives. The citizens around the Queen Charlotte's, must have been really frightened.

kootcoot said...

The folks of Haida Gwaii don't frighten very easily - I lived there in the seventies, and would still live there perhaps if my wife of the time hadn't not liked being there as much as I did. The Kootenays are/were a compromise, as close to North Coast living as can be found in Southern BC.

I am quite concerned about the drying up of the Hot Springs on what used to be called Hot Spring Island, but not surprised. I got thrown out of bed between Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone Park by an earthquake that buried a couple campgrounds and necessitated evacuating some downstream towns in Montana due to dam fractures. Many of the geysers (including Old Faithful) either quit erupting or found their schedule changed. I got to tour Yellowstone that summer after the quake and that was wonderful as it was virtually deserted - though some roads were closed etc.

That quake in 1964, that damaged Port Alberni, also caused a destructive tsunami in Northern California, in Humboldt County. That is how mysterious the workings of the fault lines are as the quake happened in Alaska (around Anchorage if I recall correctly) but tsunami damage was limited to (but very damaging to) Port Alberni and one little part of the California Coast.

Quakes are very different than storms like Sandy, because there is no warning, even when Mt. St. Helens went off in 1980, people suspected there might be an eruption, but no one could say if or when or how bad. At least no geologists were sentenced to jail, like recently in Italy.

Yep, Harper had a good week what with the Supreme Court of Canada validating electoral fraud and an Italian Court finding scientists guilty of manslaughter. Those persecuted scientists of the Enlightenment would feel right at home today in Harper's Canada, where more and more ideology trumps science and fact! The world is flat, the Climate is fine and rape is blessed!