Friday, October 12, 2012

Amanada Todd, may you find your bluebirds

Fear and loathing, love and despair, silent voices screaming for peace, a daughter, a sister, a future mother taken by the mistaken, hijacked lives and tormented souls propelled into the afterworld in search of nothing but pain free silence, relief for one but at a cost of the many who remain in this cold dark arena.

I never knew you Amanda, now I`ll never forget.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full of Tears


Anonymous said...

I am extremely sad, angered and horrified by Amanda's death. I too gave way to tears. However, my tears usually give way to anger.

Where are the parents of these bullying monster kids? What the hell, are they being taught at home? Every damned one of those bullies, need to be sent to boot camp. We have war vets, who can do exactly that.

Bullying is a crime and needs to be treated as a crime. Perhaps bullies need to be tossed, into the brig.

Why don't the police have a phone line, for those kids that are being bullied? They need police officers assigned, to hunt bullies down, and to prevent bullying. Even the parents of these bullied children, need a phone line, to be able to contact the police.

I loved the video and that beautiful voice. That is a lovely tribute to Amanda.

Don F. said...

I am not the world's smartest guy. In fact I would go so far as to say as far as technologies go I am on of the dumbest guys. What I am not though is an idiot!
When I here the term "social Media" I cringe as it implies not only to me but to anyone that if I am not involved in it or active in it I am irrelevent, I am not a part.
What isn't made known is that if you choose to become a part or active then you sign up to make a whole world full of sickos and scum a part of your life. A very small trade off to be socially accepted right?
There is a fault in this that is very obvious, no-one is controlling this, policing this, watching for behaviors that would in normal circumstances set of alarms.
You can't watch a newscast or sporting event without someone prompting you to facebook or tweeter your thoughts but no-one is saying do it at your own peril.
I am sixty years old and I can tell you that we are paying a high price for these small gadgets that consume our lives well over and above the hit at the store, laying down that $200 may well cost you your life.

Grant G said...

Don F...Thanks for calling out the blogging bully, yes indeed, Amanda was indeed discarded and displaced for AGT`s ego, AGT`s fantasy land, a cold place where lies and bombastic bluster are the accepted currency

The turning of the screw...

I re-posted one of the letters from the asylum, re-posted for you Don F....interesting, your message Don..or should I say your warning can be found within...

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Gee Grant, you say more in a few lines than most say in a lifetime!