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A Desperate Ploy Unraveled

  UPDATED..OCTOBER 17TH....Who else, Laila Yuile adds to the thread, and in my opinion, just cemented the BC Liberal story of THE RATS, the infiltrators,  one picture of Allison Patton with Kevin Falcon and Christy Clark might be a coincidence., but pictures of Allison Patton and her husband with Gordon Campbell, with Mike De Jong and much much more, ....If it walks like a duck, and it squawks like a duck, it`s a damn duck..

 Perhaps many of you remember the fanfare around this historic event, let me remind you what is was all about..courtesy of Wikipedia..


 Kelowna Accord


 The Kelowna Accord is a series of agreements between the Government of Canada, First Ministers of the Provinces, Territorial Leaders, and the leaders of five national aboriginal organizations in Canada. The Accord sought to improve the education, employment, and living conditions for Aboriginal peoples through governmental funding and other programs.

The agreement resulted from 18 months of roundtable consultations leading up to the First Ministers' Meeting in Kelowna, British Columbia in November 2005 and was described in a paper released at the end of the meeting entitled "First Ministers and National Aboriginal Leaders Strengthening Relationships and Closing the Gap"[2] and a separate press release,[3] issued by the Prime Minister's Office at the close of the Kelowna meetings.
The term "Kelowna Accord" was never used at the First Ministers' Meeting. The term seems to have first been used in a Toronto Star article dated December 4, 2005.
Aboriginal leaders saw the accord as a step forward, as it involved a process of cooperation and consultation that brought all parties to the table.


In June 2006, former Prime Minister Paul Martin introduced a private member's bill, Bill C-292 An Act to Implement the Kelowna Accord [4] calling on the government to follow through on the agreements made in the Kelowna Accord.
During testimony[5] before the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development it was disputed whether or not an accord had been formally signed and whether or not money had been budgeted for its implementation. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin and former Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale testified that the $5 billion described in the press release was in fact booked in the Sources and Uses Table, an internal Department of Finance document.
On March 21, 2007, the bill was passed by Liberal, Bloc Québécois and New Democratic Party MPs, while the Conservatives voted against it. However, by section 54 of the Constitution Act, 1867, a private member's bill cannot contain expenditure of public funds.
Former Canadian Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine has argued repeatedly for the implementation of the Kelowna Accord. He had called the deal a breakthrough for his people. Mary Simon, President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the national organization representing the Inuit of Canada, said Harper had put Inuit issues on ice, and that Harper had not implemented any element of the Kelowna accord.[6]
The Conservative government has not performed consultations with First Nations in developing their policies, and have failed to provide adequate drinking water supplies to First Nations communities. First Nations feel that the Conservatives have scrapped the Kelowna Accord and not replaced it with any meaningful help to First Nations communities.[7]
The goal of the education investments was to ensure that the high school graduation rate of aboriginal Canadians matched the rest of the population. The money was also aimed at cutting in half the gap in rates of post-secondary graduation.
On health, targets were established to reduce infant mortality, youth suicide, childhood obesity and diabetes by 20 per cent in five years, and 50 per cent in 10 years. They also promised to double the number of health professionals in 10 years from the current level of 150 physicians and 1,200 nurses.[8]
The plan included
$1.8 billion for education, to create school systems, train more aboriginal teachers and identify children with special needs.
$1.6 billion for housing, including $400 million to address the need for clean water in many remote communities.
$1.3 billion for health services.
$200 million for economic development
The Accord was endorsed by Prime Minister Paul Martin, but was wholly disposed of by his successor, Stephen Harper.
 And here you have at the Preston Manning center a debate between Andrew Coyne and Christy Clark`s former chief of staff Ken the groper Boessenkool, if you go to the 3 minute mark Ken Boessenkool brags with joy over how Stephen Harper destroyed the Kelowna accord. and national daycare plans

Last month in the House of Commons Nadine Dorris brought up a Federal Conservative bill, an abortion bill, 92 Federal Conservatives voted in favour of the bill, including 3 cabinet Ministers,


"The Defence Minister, Liam Fox, has thrown his weight behind a bid to change the law on counselling for women considering a termination, saying yesterday he would support efforts to reduce the "far too high" number of abortions.
Amid tensions within the Coalition over the amendment, Dr Fox said he would back anything that made people "think twice".
The Tory MP Nadine Dorries is rallying support for an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill which would prevent abortion providers giving advice to pregnant women"
Remember Federal ministers Vic Toews, the man who brought forth an internet spying bill, a bill that outraged Canadians from coast to coast, a bill that would not only cost you money but a bill that allowed the RCMP and any other parties to access your email and web activity through your internet provider, the bill also would have forced internet providers to store all your private information for future perusal of interested parties, thank goodness the bill was quashed by Canadian public backlash..
Well guess what, Vic Toews and his religious zealots are back, this time removing all Federal prison priests except for Christian fundamentalist priests, ....

Non-Christians Prison Chaplains Removed By Canadian Federal Government


TORONTO (RNS) The Canadian government is canceling the contracts of all non-Christian chaplains at federal prisons.
By next spring, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and other non-Christian inmates will be expected to turn to Christian prison chaplains for religious counsel and guidance.
In an email to reporters on Thursday (Oct. 4), the office of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, who is responsible for Canada's federal penitentiaries, said the government "strongly supports the freedom of religion for all Canadians, including prisoners."

Need more" ?

RELIGION: Decision to cut prison chaplains has little to do with money

So what we have is a Federal Government that wants to control your religion. wants to remove other religions.

We have a Federal Conservative Government that wants to restrict female rights about abortion, choice, rights granted by the supreme court, rights that have held up for decades.
We have a Federal Conservative Government that wants the ability to reach into your computer and spy on you, follow you, a Federal Government that was prepared to pass a bill giving police and or any other interested party access to your mail, your thoughts, your privacy.
We have a Federal Conservative Government that shredded the much vaunted Kelowna accord, a treaty of sorts that recghnized aboriginal rights,  an accord that was designed to lift First Nations from poverty, to increase education, improve housing conditions, an accord to ensure First Nations had clean drinking water.....!!!

And lo n behold  Stephen Harper gutted the Kelowna accord and Christy Clark`s groping Chief of staff Ken Boessenkool was giddy with glee that he did, Boessenkool was proud of this and Christy Clark thinks that anyone is buying her 5 conditions to approve the Enbridge Gateway pipeline, considering her list of demands included consulting and satisfying First Nation`s concerns...Add in the fact that Christy Clark wanted Fish Lake destroyed for the Tesako prosperity mine, a project so destructive to the Fraser river watershed that even the Federal Conservatives had to reject it...A project that First Nations adamantly opposed...Can you really believe a word out of Christy Clark`s mouth, no, she`s a proven liar, too..

And that brings me to the gist of this post, the BC Liberal rats that have infested the BC Conservative party, starting with, in my opinion serial leaker of caucus information John Von Dongen...

Von Dongen stood in the BC legislature and griped about Christy Clark`s leadership, he complained about and wanted answers as to her obvious involvement with BC Rail, he speculated that Christy Clark was a serial leaker of information., he then quit the BC Liberals and announced he was now a BC Conservative, he was joining a party that John Cummins resurrected from the dead...Curious though, Von Dongen claimed he gave Christy Clark 1 year to bring the BC Liberals together, she hadn`t, but that begs the glaring question..

If Christy Clark had brought the BC Liberals up up and up in the polls what would Von Dongen have done?????...He would have kept his leaking mouth shut, ironically Von Dongen didn`t even give John Cummins 6 months to bring the party up up up in the polls....

Von Dongen, as a cabinet minister I believe was reprimanded for informing fish farmers of upcoming inspections from CFIA, one of many big black eyes for the serial leaker, was that an omen of future leaking, I believe it was...Then there was the issue of John Von Dongen being a serial excessive speeder while he was BC`s top cop, our Solicitor general, he was forced to resign that position too..

John van Dongen steps down following revelations he lost his driver's licence over speeding tickets; still running in election

by Justine Hunter

As originally posted on:
April 27, 2009

VANCOUVER — John van Dongen has resigned as solicitor-general of B.C. this morning, three days after he revealed that he had lost his drivers' license for repeated speeding violations.

The B.C. Liberal candidate for Abbotsford South learned on April 16 that he was facing a four-month driving prohibition after receiving two tickets for excessive speeding in less than two years.

Eight days after receiving the notice, he went public with the details and offered to give up those parts of his portfolio that relate to motor vehicles and traffic safety.
Here we have this serial leaker who informed fish farmers, was regularly endangering the public at large, ....Oh boy, there`s so much more, Saint Voin Dongen had no problem backing Gordon Campbell`s illegal decision to shred HEU contracts, Dongen had no problem with BC Rail being delivered to Gordon Campbell`s bagman David Mclean, Dongen had no problem voting for the HST, voting for smart meters, illegal gag laws, illegal bills stripping teacher`s constitutional rights,  in fact John Von Dongen followed Gordon Campbell`s rear end like a dog in heat chasing a bitch...

And then there are Von Dongens morals, he had wife issues, he`s not alone, however the optics are terrible considering John Von Dongen became romantically involved with his secretary, a Miss Sherry Whacker, and coincidentally a short time after their hook-up, Miss Whacker became the highest paid assistant to any constituency office in the Province, ..Well well well....

Funny stuff no?...Because before Von Dongen formally left the BC Liberals a certain blogger was writing almost daily about BC Liberal caucus activity...Was this the start of a Von Dongen pattern, or coincidence..Because shortly after Von Dongen became a BC Conservative the same blogger seemed to have access to BC Conservative internal business...Coincidental, I don`t think so...

This next question burns, had John Cummins won the Chilliwak by-election with candidate John Martin would Von Dongen by happy?...After all, he gave Christy Clark 1 year to bring the BC L:iberal party poll numbers up..Right, Von Dongen never ever said that he gave Christy Clark 1 year to come clean on Gordon Campbell`s theft of BC Rail...Seems to me that John Von Dongen is a fickle back-stabbing self-absorbed out for himself traitor...
Let`s cut to the chase, had Von Dongen forced his former party to throw Christy Clark under the bus he would have returned or stayed a BC Liberal ...And let me remind Saint Von Dongen of this, and believe me, I am no fan of Christy Clark, it wasn`t Christy Clark who drove the BC Liberals to the depths of hell, it was Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon, Colin Hansen, it was the HST HE VOTED FOR, it was the crimes committed by CLBC, it was the $4 billion dollar fudgit budget deficit lie, the lies of Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell and every other BC Liberal MLA.
Yet if Christy Clark in that first year turned the BC Liberal fortunes around John Von Dongen would still be there, in the BC Liberal caucus, with mouth shout and lips sealed...
Now, these dissident BC Conservatives, Rick Peterson, a BC Liberal insider, a Kevin Falcon fan, why has he turned on John Cummins???
The bottom line, this was a back door ploy to destroy John Cummins and the BC Conservatives from the inside out..
Look at the facts, a certain blogger, a blogger in receipt of the Von Dongen leaks is complaining that John Cummins is too religious, against gay and transgender people, against First Nations...Hello..Hello Ken Boessenkool, hello Nadine Dorris, hello Vic Toews, Hello Stephen Harper..
What do you think the real Federal Conservative Government is all about, John Cummins, a long time, 3 term elected Federal Conservative is indeed a mirror image of the Federal party and it`s the internal BC Liberal rats that infiltrated the BC Conservative party that are offside...
And anyone who thinks John the serial leaker Von Dongen is a prize is truly Delusional... 

I am no fan of John Cummins, however, it`s so obvious that the BC Liberals, with participation of BC Liberal Rick Peterson, Von Dongen and a bunch of unknowns hatched a plan to ....

To oust Christy Clark and bring down John Cummins who has more in common with the Federal Conservatives than any of them, ....

All in an elaborate plan to keep the corrupt BC Liberal thieves in power...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


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