Monday, September 17, 2012

British Columbia`s lazy, Stunned, Bought and Squirming Pundits, Exposed!

I don`t think there`s enough toilet paper in British Columbia to wipe the ass of all the flunky foul(fowl) smelling pundits, those being Bill the shill Good, Sean the bowl swirler Leslie, Michael the sky is falling Smyth or even lost in space El Bloatto....

Can`t you see it, feel it, the coordinated efforts of cknw, Vancouver sun, the Province, here they come, Hocstein, Ian Black, the liars have returned for the fall season, no legislative session but we will have a rip-roaring laxative session, starring the usual bought suspects, all plotting, all organized to disparage Adrian Dix and the NDP...And guess who just crawled out from his rock????

John I love the HST Kesselman.....Now this guy is off his rocker, but that didn`t stop Billy Shilly Good from promoting this stooge..Kesselman had the Vancouver sun(at the request of the BC Liberals) print his latest garbage..

For those who tend to forget the losers, let me refresh, Kesselman wrote a fake, phony, garbage, mis-informing thesis on the HST back before we voted out the dreaded tax grab, Kesselman wrote how we are all better off with the HST, prices from corporations would fall, employment would surge, low income earners getting rebates would be rolling in the aisles with glee over their new found wealth..

Well Mr Shill, Mr. Kesselman, history and facts proved you wrong, prices went up, not down, corporations lowered nothing but their moral high-ground, employment remained flat and consumers got raped for money, yes Mr. Kesselman the HST is still here...Fast forward to today, John Kesselman stated today, on radio, because of massive Government deficits that new taxation will be required by the Adrian Dix Government in waiting, and what taxes might Shilly Kesselman be talking about, first off Kesselman claimed that with the HST going away this spring that $1.9 billion in taxation is going back to the corporate sector and prices will rise as corporations pass on the cost to consumers...News flash Shilly, corporations didn`t lower even one price, they stuffed the money in their pockets...Kesselman also said some very profound things, Kesselman stated and I quote..

"If you tax the rich they will find loopholes to avoid paying any tax increases"

"If you tax corporations they will leave the province"

So what taxation might John the Shilly Kesselman be talking about, well, this is really special, Kesselman said and I quote again...

"Government can put a tax on houses, a house tax" snip...

Mr. Kesselman, my mother pays Translink $400 dollars a year on her property tax, she doesn`t use Translink, the Province makes $1 billion plus on property taxes per year, and Kesselman also said,...

For people who are house rich and cash poor can "defer" the new house tax until the property is sold or when the cash poor house owner dies...

Well you silly BC Liberal goose, what part of property tax don`t you understand, there is a tax, you want double taxation, maybe there should be a car tax too eh Kesselman?...Oh yea, used cars that poor people buy are taxed over and over again, everytime their sold again and didn`t Gordo the thief Campbell remove the luxury tax on expensive cars, oh yes he did, but that`s not good enough for the biggest liar club member John Kesselman, ..

Let`s go back to what John Kesselman said on cknw today on taxation, Rich people find loopholes and avoid taxes, Corporations will leave if taxes are raised, yet where will those corporations go?..Where will the coal to China exporters go, where will the raw logs for China exporters go...Well Mr. Shilly Kesselman?...Where will they go indeed, and if you believe liar extraordinaire Kesselman, taxes for the rich and corporations should be removed completely since they don`t pay or pass it on to consumers...

Give it up Kesselman, your taxation wedge issue ploy has failed, wedge issue, isn`t that interesting, surprising and stunning, does the media really think people are that stupid, what am I talking about, I`m talking about the sudden, unexpected massive deficit in the budget, let`s be clear, this was planned to create the "wedge issue"...What wedge issue?..

Taxation and public sector wage increases, ...Michael national inquirer Smyth talks like this...Come clean Adrian Dix about the "Massive wage increases" you are giving teachers...Come clean about the "Massive tax increases you`re planning"...Well well well, and of course the mindless lemmings start chirping, the El Bloatto`s, the Bill Goods, all losers all the time...

These mindless flakes, first off Natural gas prices didn`t fall, they in-fact didn`t rise up where the BC Liberals predicted, they never had that natural gas money to begin with, nothing was lost, you can`t lose what you never possessed..Put 2 and 2 together...

The BC Lying Liberals were hoping to legislate the teachers back to work, their ploy failed when the teachers agreed to a 1 year deal of nothing, now the BCGEU, how better to create a wedge issue than to cry "the sky is falling" by declaring a new $1.4 billion dollar fiscal hole, that money was never there, that`s why the Liberal Government gave nothing to anybody(except their friends)..Delay, Deny, Defend, announce a huge deficit and let the paid idiot lemmings state..."What would Adrian Do"

What a bunch of losers and braindead egotistical pricks you are..Michael Smyth is a stupid man, all he wants is a close political battle so he can write articles and sell papers, hey MIKEY.Why don`t you try journalism rather than gossip!

And today the self appointed king, El Bloatto falls into his usual stupor, actually, he never left his fantasy stupor..

What would Adrian do,what would Adrian do....

Well, ......For you memory short people, let`s return to this post written by the Straight Goods..on February 20/2012

Season of the Which, Sandwich that is

Pacing back n forth, cold dead sweat runs from brows of over-seasoned politicos in dark smoky war rooms, what to do, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, swap a deputy secretary here and replace a press spinner there, listen to old tired friends or embrace the school of Hail Mary, welcome to the season of witch...

Yes indeed, Bob Plecas fearing the worst scenario, fearing an end to public service dollars being funneled to his corporate elite, fearing an end to chronic under-funding of schools, of justice of seniors care, fearing an end of corporate largesse handouts has come out swinging, come out advising, a tired oldman has crawled out from his rock to advise Christy Clark to be deceptive, to dictate, to confuse, to act as a single solo all encompassing power broker and run rough shot over anyone and everything that gets in way of the BC Corporate Liberals self perceived right to rule British Columbia, in other words Bob Plecas wants Christy Clark to act like Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper but with a more Hitler-esque flair...Let`s have a look at Bob Plecas`s advice to Christy Clark....

"Today, Premier Christy Clark faces three problems.

1. The Campbell legacy will not go away. While it was the perceived deceit over the harmonized sales tax that brought him down, he was rap-idly losing conservative support by moving the party to the left, supporting the carbon tax and first nations settlements. The tax fiasco proved the last straw for conservative anti-tax voters."

Let`s tear this tired old conman apart, first off Mr.Plecas, it wasn`t "Perceived deceit" it was downright deliberate deception, Campbell lied about the HST, he lied about a $4billion dollar deficit, he cooked the books and as for Gordon Campbell`s phony carbon tax, all that scam tax did was reward corporations for polluting and strip dollars from schools, students, hospitals and the like, that carbon tax didn`t take 1 gram of carbon out of the air....And as for "supporting First Nation settlements".....That comment is so racist if you were in front of me I would slap your saggy face, the word settlement implies that we were here first, if anyone has settlements in British Columbia it`s white man, not First Nations, as as for Campbell accommodating First Nations no such thing happened, his reconciliation act died a swift death in the legislature from complaints from corporate racists like you..

3." Clark's biggest challenge does not lie on the left, it lies on her right.
She is a well-known federal Liberal, and the federal Conservatives are wary of her. There is great suspicion in Ottawa about her loyalties, and also among Conservatives in B.C."

Yes indeed Bob, let`s paint a little black moustache under Christy Clark`s nose and pretend she`s a Federal Conservative hell bent on scorched earth policies, let`s have Christy Clark hire two prominent Stephen Harper top staffers to fill staff positions in Christy Clark`s inner circle....Hmmmm, infact let`s try to confuse the voters....

"Can Clark rebuild the centre-right coalition?

The answer is yes. There are three reasons.

1. She is a great communicator. 2. The spotlight has not shone on Cummins, and some of his views, on homosexuality and first nations, appear under close scrutiny to be too extreme right-wing."

So Mr Plecas, John Cummins is a long-time Federal Conservative, with Conservative beliefs, and according to you....You want Christy Clark to use all her radio talk show host honed communication skills to call John Cummins an Indian hater and a man who hates Gay, Lesbian and transgender people....Isn`t that a Conservative trait Bob? On one hand you want Christy Clark to lose her Federal Liberal roots and embrace Conservatism and on the other hand you want her to attack a long-time elected Federal Conservative, seems to me Bob Plecas that you want to create a name-calling labeling hatefest with mud flinging every direction and see what sticks...Classy dude you are, welcome to the 21st century, how did that cryogenic freezing work out for you...

"3. Dix has past issues and strong ideologies that are also not representative of the majority of British Columbians, and these also have not been widely discussed"

Really Bob, you mean memo-gate, you mean the fact that Adrian has been elected 3 times by a large majority of his constituents in that riding, you mean you missed the fact that every contender against Dix raised memo-gate as an issue, and let me guess, you missed all those risky Dix ads ran by the Federal Liberal/Federal Conservative/BC Christy party, you must remember, they ran every hour on cknw, on Global news, on Spike TV, in the newspaper, ads attempting to portray Adrian Dix as ...Risky, not to be trusted, ads reminding people that Adrian as young man back-dated a memo but according to the BC Christy party Adrian Dix wasn`t a staffer but he was secretly premier of BC in the 90`s, the best kept secret in BC History...Yes indeed, obviously Bob Plecas you were still in a state of cryogenic freezing when those ads were running....

"What are Clark's options? 1. Continue down the path she is on. That is a sure path to opposition.

2. Go to Cummins and form a coalition. With the egos involved, that is unlikely."

Well Bobby Plecas, you want Christy Clark to change course, you admit that she can`t join John Cummins because after all, John is a homosexual hating, indian village burning dyed in the wool Federal Conservative, so what is your secondary plan?....Let`s have a look...

"1. The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Demand Alberta share the revenue from the pipeline between the oilsands and Kitimat as a condition for B.C.'s support. As proposed, Alberta would gain all the benefits, while B.C. takes all the risk"

Well Bobby Plecas, I`m glad you ADMITTED that BC takes all the risk and receives ZERO benefit....... That strategy probably isn`t too smart....Considering the entire town including city council of Terrace has signed up against Enbridge and Alberta, as have Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte regional district...That`3 ridings gone Bobby Plecas, care for another 82?

"2. Legislate a two-year tax freeze on the province and municipalities. The NDP can announce targeted tax increases all it wants.

3. Legislate to end the teachers' dispute. Stand on the side of students and parents, let the NDP stand with the teachers' union.

4. Legislate the end to the current public sector pension plan for MLAs and staff, and create a new plan, based on a private-sector model, for new hires and newly elected.

5. Terminate all bonuses for senior executives in the entire public sector. This analysis points a clear direction for Clark to remain in power. Move to the right; provide voters with a choice, through aggressive, controversial policy and legislative action - basically, attracting Conservatives back to the centre-right." 

Well Bobby Plecas, you seem to like the Campbell/Harper approach..

Legislate, legislate, legislate and terminate, gee that really does sound rather Hitler-esque to me..

Yet I notice when it comes to your suggestion about legislating a new modest pension plan for MLA`s and staff you threw in  little self preservation detail..."For new hires"....Meaning how dare anyone touch your bloated public trough pension....And as for bonuses for the heads of crown corporations and deputy ministers, how did you think the BC Liberals managed to keep the whistleblowers from talking...

"Bob Plecas is a former deputy minister in several previous B.C. governments and ministries"

Read Bobby Plecas`s whole screed here..... 


In a nut-shell Bobby Plecas, your advice to Christy Clark is...Use your communication skills to throw Federal Conservative John Cummins under the bus and call him an Indian hating, gay bashing dinosaur to attract more Conservatives to the BC Christy party, and to call Adrian Dix names and remind BCers of his radical agenda of helping seniors, students and a long suffering over-taxed middleclass British Columbians, and the most amusing part of your advice is you want to short shrift new MLAs and new hires while leaving the old guard including yourself with their public trough largesse..

Well Bobby, I have a novel idea, how about running on their record, how about running on facts, you want mud, lies, name-calling, you don`t want good Governance you want power for the sake of power......I have a news flash for you Bobby Plecas, Christy Clark has heeded your advice and for Adrian Dix and the NEW Democratic party of British Columbia..

It`s advice worthy of a NDP super majority!

Time for the NDP to eat your lunch!

Now, back to reality, Mike the liar De Jong hasn`t named one cut, he did announce that the Government MUST find $1.4 billion in cuts, but no details, nearly $300 million in cuts THIS FISCAL YEAR, which is over half-way through, no details on $300 million in cuts, what can they cut, healthcare, education, or perhaps they should raise taxes, yet there is no Michael Smyth writing about the glaring obvious, no El Bloatto connecting common dots, no, the poor loser pundits can`t believe the future is coming, that future being a NDP provincial majority, and a looming Federal NDP Government, which makes them squirm for there is nothing they can do to stop it..

My post, The season of the witch, sandwich that it...

Bob BC Liberal Plecas suggested mandating teachers to work, the teachers foiled that ploy, Plecas suggested creating wedge issues with public sectors, what better way to do that than creating a phony unexpected $1.4 billion dollar deficit, now no fall session has been announced, that means no legislation in regard to returning to the PST..That means no questions as to where these cuts might be targetted, Mike De Jong stated there will be no new hires or manager increases and curtailing Government travel, where is Christy Clark been, hiding in Asian oyster bars racking up her taxpayer paid for credit card, yet there was $millions for pro-hst advertising, money to kill the basi n virk trial, money for untendered contracts for BC Liberal friendlies, money for 7 Government lawyers fighting auditor General John Doyle, money for severance pay for BC Liberal hacks and money for rotating staff in Christy`s office..

Yes indeed, but let`s go after Adrian Dix for not revealing his entire election platform, Adrian Dix stated that he was raising corporate tax rates to the 2008 levels under the BC Liberals, he has stated that BC needs to do their own environmental reviews on big contentious projects rather than let Harper scorch and burn the earth in a phony process, Adrian has come out 100% against Enbridge and he`s stated that he will bargain in good faith with public servants, he also said all Run of river IPP contracts will be reviewed, that`s more than the non-Governing Liberals have revealed, all Christy Clark clucks about is jobs and China, China, China, China, and more China..

What about the $600 million plus in extra consumer tax from the HST, where did that money go, what about the goddamn BC books, how can anyone state what they will do once in power when the real books are hidden, BC`s debt is nearly $60 billion, over $100 billion counting contractual obligations, what about BC Hydro deferral accounts, BC Ferry debt, where is the scrutiny on the BC Liberals..

The NDP only once in the 90`s invoked legislative closure, that was when Mike De Jong and Gordon the thief Campbell filibustered the Nishga treaty for days on end, somehow that one-time event has been transformed into the NDP using closure always, same same same old bullshit from Billy Good and cknw, same crap from the worst journalist in the province, next to Black press`s Tom Fletcher...

Yes indeed, the BC Liberals made up this latest fiscal hole out of whole cloth, this is following the advice of Bob Plecas and Phil Hocstein...

And as for policy and direction...Gordon the Liar Campbell in 2001, and I quote..

"I won`t sell BC Rail, I won`t tear up contracts"

Or Gordon Campbell in 2009, "HST is not on our radar, $495 million dollar deficit maximum"

And what did we get, our railway is gone, contracts torn up, still paying the HST nearly 2 years after voting it gone, that deficit was $4 billion dollars plus...

Is that what you want you two-bit hack pundits, you want Adrian to lie, make up fiscal numbers, renege on promises, you want Adrian to play like the BC Liberals...

Well, Well. what is it...Why don`t you pundits ask Mike De Jong about these cuts, is it education, healthcare, senior services, what cuts, ..

Get used to it, no finite decisions can be made until the "real fiscal books" are opened up..

For anyone who can`t figure out that big media has moved into save the corporate Liberals mode, it won`t work, BC Liberals lie and Christy Clark is stunned, corporations and banks robbed the world, ....And if you lazy media get bored, perhaps you can ask oil rich Alberta why it`s running a $3billion dollar deficit this year...All that oil, all that development, all those oil companies writing off taxes and hiding money...


 Alberta's is running a deficit, again, this year. $3 billion or more. With all that oil and gas flowing out of the ground, where is all the money going. When the Tar, I mean Oil, sands were about to be developed about 20 years ago, BigOil indicated that it would take an oil price of $20 a barrel for them to turn a profit. It's about 5 times that now. I think they're making a profit....

But does the province of Alberta charge any royalties for this non renewable resource, or do they send the oil, gas, and the profits down to head office in Houston? And who, or what, will pay off this accumulating debt in Canada's richest province?

For shame media, for shame..

Better luck next time Michael Smyth..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Bill said...

Hi Grant

Saw an interview with Rick Mercer a few days ago that was very interesting - mostly focused on his "walkabout rants" that are a highlight of his tv show. Filled with many truths, some hard edges and humour too. Mercer commented that the rants closest to his heart were always the easiest to write and came off with the most positive responses from his audience. Have to say that's the same here for you and your posts too. Also was pleased to hear Mercer comment in a very serious tone on just how bad he thought the Harper government was serving the people of Canada.

The only way the BC Liberals can move forward is to continue their spin, corruption, lies, and chaos - hoping that their backroom backers and back pocket MSM will keep doing their biased best to keep them in power. It's not going to happen.

You covered more than enough of their disrespect for the people of BC in just this one post. Only the heartless, self interested 1% can vote for these clowns.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,
Great posts and so glad you're back.
The rant...
Highest inflation ever makes the teachers deals far less than nothing. The Libs only have imaginary money to feed their own trough and their corporate financers.
Tacky is a plant, 99% of his commenters are hisself. He speaks with forked tongue. Should read....Well without the money men (corporates supporting the BC Lieberal Corporatocrcy can't win (BUY) an election, (just like the NDP, without (WITH) union money. The Liars went into the elections with $$$$$$$ 7 million corporate bucks and the NDP with $ 1 plus million union bucks.
Van Dongen is a plant soon to lead the 'new' corporate government that he was totally a part of until 2011 and still is.
Cummins is a plant, play acting like he is told to by his great leader Harpo. All controllled by the Harper regime.
Public enemy # 1 the corporate mainstream media including CBC - an arm of the Harper regime.
Another rigged election in 2014 as in 2001 BCR lie and tearing up binding and legal collective agreements, 2005 more lies, thefts and gerrymandering, 2009 the HST lie, revenue neutral, 11 years of giving away everything we own including our crown lands and buildings now. Harpherr the treason may even declare BC just too unstable right now to call an election...indefinitely. Legislature closed down.
With the open and massive immigration policies of the Harpo goons the BC people are now powerless and the goon himself has the RCMP and the military trained and prepared to take us out.

Crankypants said...

Between professors and CEOs of government created agencies, Translink and the Pacific Carbon Trust one can only come to the conclusion that there are too many overpaid people allowed out in public.

Kesselman's deferred scheme of a property surtax is no different than an inheritance tax. There is also a way to get high earners to pay their fair share of income taxes as well. All it takes is for the two levels of government to close the loopholes they have created. Unfortunately, the ones that would have to close these loopholes would be the ones most affected by the changes which makes it highly unlikely we'll see any of this.

From 10:30am to 11:00am Bill Good had the CEO from the Pacific Carbon Trust on his show. Even though he tried his best to skate around most of the questions Bill directed at him, he provided enough information to show that this is nothing but a scam. For anyone that didn't hear this segment check it out on CKNW's audio vault. One of the highlights was that Timber West is being paid millions of dollars to not harvest their trees which only means that at some point down the road they will most likely leave the program and get bigger bucks for their gardens of wood. Then there is the issue of hospitals and schools paying for their carbon sins. First he highlighted that they were saving about 3% of $400 million per year because of upgrades to their facilities. Sounds good on the surface, but how much was being spent to achieve these savings. He also admitted that these facilities were paying about $21 million into the Trust, which came out of the budgets alloted to them by the provincial government. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that $21 million plus whatever expenditures were incurred by the upgrades did not go to heal sick people or help our children learn their ABCs. He then went on to say that the provincial government is now covering the carbon levies through grants rather than having it impact their respective budgets. All that means is the taxpayer is kicking in more money to support private enterprises.

Then we get Translink's state of the union address. Through various newscasts on television and radio we learn that they cannot accomplish all the things they want due to a shortfall in funding. We have heard many times that the Golden Ears Bridge is losing money hand over fist. Nothing new there. But about a week or so ago some talking head from Translink was bemoaning that their revenue from the gas tax the provincial government allowed them to foist upon the drivers in Metro Vancouver was down by over $100 million. They blamed those people that were going to the United States or jurisdictions outside the lower mainland to buy gas and the increased ridership on the various transit modes they fund. Today they added a new twist. They are losing another $100 million in transit ridership revenues. Talk about a WTF moment, this has to be in the top ten. If ridership is increasing then why is revenue from said excercise dropping by so much?


Anonymous said...

What the HST did was permit corporations, to give themselves larger bonuses, renovate their places of business and, new company vehicles. One wealthy business owner said, he pays less taxes, that his secretary does.

I don't know a soul that has had, huge amounts of savings, by money trickling down from big business. All I saw was, big business jacked up their prices even higher.

Campbell started, Grand Larceny BC. He thieved and sold everything, he laid his dirty hands on. Nor do we forget his partner in crime, Harper. They used very dirty tactics, to force the illegal HST, onto BC people. People who lost their jobs, their homes, their vehicles, and everything they had.

Campbell sold BC to Communist China too. Christy is carrying on with Campbell's thefts and corruption. Good, let the big corporations leave BC, good riddance to them and their non-stop sniveling, "we want more money".

Perhaps we can take our assets and resources back, that Campbell thieved and sold. Get rid of those asinine dams out of our rivers. Get rid of the filthy diseased fish farms. Get our mines and mills back. Process our own, damned raw logs, Campbell thieved from us. Get every cent back, that was stolen from us, by Harper and Campbell's thieved HST.

I even think BC would be better off, separating from Harper's Canada, as Quebec may do. If we aren't in Harper's Canada, he can't steal from us, and sell us out to Communist China.

Other country's are having to kick China out of their territory's. Harper brought Communist China right into our backyard.

Anonymous said...

are you on twitter? Please advise.

Grant G said...

I don`t text message, don`t tweet either..

I follow no one on twitter..

I`m old school, radio listener, avid reader, and no longer watch any mainstream newscasts generated from Canada...

CPAC, BBC....And of course my networks of spys, whistleblowers and concerned citizens..

The Straight Goods..

Free of pollution and propaganda..

Good Day

Anonymous said...