Monday, September 24, 2012

(Updated)Christy Clark, Figurehead Donning Leopard Spots

 I felt the need to re-post this Straight Goods post from April 21/2012...It took a while for the MSM to catch up, yikes, what a sad looking leopard woman....Cheers, Grant G)

Check out the highlighted and bolded section below..Septempber 24th/2012

What to do, dilemma, panic, promise and spin, subtle bribes and scaremongering all falling on deaf ears...

Christy went from wearing pearls, tight orange dresses and high heels, now that garb has been replaced with geeky glasses and dark blue business suits, let`s be clear, Christy Clark has many attractive attributes but she will never win an academy award for acting, the key word in that last sentence was "acting", call me average Joe, everything Mz Clark does appears forced and pretend, she actually reminds me of soap-opera actresses, Young and the Restless, General Hospital, the Bold and the Beautiful but our BC version is more like..

"As Our Stomach Turns"....Christy Clark is nothing but a political actress, a figurehead, a powerless presence put in place for one reason and one reason only, to hoodwink a province into believing that BC Liberals have changed their ways and unfortunately for us they haven`t, they can`t, it`s impossible for a leopard to change its spots, especially when the party is full of nothing but leopards..

John Reynolds(old socred) and Ken Bosenkool(Christy`s chief of staff) immediately after the Liberals by-election embarrassment started phoning BC Conservative upper echelon leaders, Mr. Hamish was called, John Cummins was called and these calls were pleading for a merger, Ken Bosenkool told the Conservatives that they were willing to change party names, Mr. Reynolds suggested name-changing and a leadership challenge and while this was going on Christy Clark was at a press conference saying to the public that there would be no merger, that she WAS the leader and fully intended to lead the Liberals into the next election...

Clearly one of two things should happen if Christy Clark really is in charge of the party...John Reynolds should be removed from heading Christy Clark`s fundraising dinner this July and Ken Bosenkool should be fired on the spot, fired today, what Chief-of-Staff would ever make that call without their boss`s permission, only a Chief-of-Staff that doesn`t answer to Christy Clark but a Chief-of-Staff who answers to bigger powers behind the scenes.

BC Liberals are a political party that`s controlled lock-stock and barrel by corporations, Christy Clark has no authority to make a single decision without consulting and getting permission from Patrick Kinsella and Stephen Harper, Patrick Kinsella bank-rolled Gordon Campbell and he also bank-rolled Christy Clark..."A leopard can`t change its spots"

Phil Hocstein was rewarded a cushy gig at the Port Authority for one reason, he runs attack ads against the NDP and put up his independent contractor`s money to fight recall campaigns against corrupt Liberals...More spots..

Ian Black left the Liberal party to become the figurehead of the Vancouver Board of Trade...More spots...Barry Penner left the Liberals to become a lawyer, no, that`s not true, Barry Penner isn`t doing family law, Barry Penner isn`t doing criminal law, Barry Penner is a legal lobbyist for LLP and his role is..

 "Guiding big industry and big industrial proposals in its dealing`s with the Provincial Government"

In other words Barry Penner is a corporate lobbyist..More leopard spots.

Christy Clark when she was "performing" on CKNW radio was very popular, she was also rude, she was a bitter partisan on the radio, she slagged the NDP, she pumped BC Liberal pro business policy, she lied on the radio, she lied often, and there was always this question, ...What was Christy Clark doing on the radio?...Christy Clark didn`t apply for that job Patrick Kinsella approached CKNW and made arrangements for Christy Clark`s radio stage career, she was placed there as a media mole, being groomed to replace Gordon Campbell when the time was right and to also pump up BC Liberal policy while slagging the NDP, and that policy was one of big business and corporate agenda..More spots..

CKNW transformed from honest radio to BC Liberal shill radio many years ago, Rafe was removed for speaking against fish farms and replaced with Gordon Campbell`s friend and neighbor Billy Good,... Then when you add in Christy Clark you now had back to back radio hosts controlled by corporate Business(BC Liberals)...Michael Smyth was removed from his full-time gig at cknw for speaking against the HST..Bill Tieleman was removed from cknw for the same reason..

Now cknw has Sean Leslie whose wife works in the BC communications department for the Ministry of Family and Child development...Michael Campbell, brother of the disgraced, corrupt and ousted Gordon Campbell speaks on cknw 6 days a week, every morning and a 90 minute show on Saturdays, the screed from Michael Campbell is business business business and NDP is bad bad bad and even worse, ad nauseum personified..Also on the no longer number 1 radio station on a regular weekly basis is..

Alise Mills(BC Liberal pundit and big rude mouth)...Bridgette Anderson,(Gordon Campbell`s former press secretary).....Mike Morton(Gordon Campbell`s former press secretary)....Other regulars to cknw include Phil the shill Hocstein(BC Liberal mole)....Michael Levy(BC Liberal mole)...

The HST, the smart tax alliance which spent $30 million dollars trying to save the HST....A consortium funded by Big oil n gas, big mining, forest companies, BC Liberals also spent $20 million dollars on ads to save the HST, Jock Finlayson is another spotted leopard who is a regular on cknw , he too pimped the HST....The HST battle ensued, Bill Vanderzalm with Bill Tieleman and the public against both corporations and Government and in British Columbia`s case they are one in the same, $500 thousand dollars in advertising funds for anti-HST crusaders against $50 million dollars from BC Liberals and corporations and still the HST went down in flames....And every cknw radio voice stated on air that they were voting FOR the HST..Philip Til..Sean Leslie..Gord MacDonald..Billy Good..Christy Clark..John Macolm..Every single one promoted the dreaded tax, mathematically that was not possible when 60% of the public rejected it, rejected it after a year of corporate and Government spin and lies and big-time false advertising ..More leopard spots..

Christy Clark is but a Figurehead placed front and center, a pretty face placed on the BC Liberal banner to distract voters from the corporations that continue to rape and pillage our province..

Christy Clark has zero power, no control, she can`t remove Patrick Kinsella, she can`t fire Ken Bosenkool, she can`t send John Reynolds packing,...

All Christy Clark can do is stand before you in her leopard dress and tell you the spots are actually stripes..

(UPDATED...The Straight Goods strikes again...September 24th/2012....KEN BOSENKOOL is HISTORY)...Pleasant dreams Christy Clark....I did state last week that it was time for "New backroom advisors, again"

And, not breaking news, old news

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Yep'--you got it right all down the line.

And now, i would like to add one more related prediction--that their end game will be a (sub) merger and the selection of a new leader.


Anonymous said...

This article should be submitted to the CRTC when CKNW's licence comes up for review.

Anonymous said...

Worst of all. Freighter after freighter, loaded down with our raw logs went to China, non stop. Christy has done no reforestation. Bob Simpson said, there may be up to 2800 mill people laid off in the Caribou's. The mills are running out of wood.

My neighbor just said, she had heard something about, Harper and Campbell had signed some secret deal, before Campbell got the boot. The deal enables Harper, to bring on the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers into BC?

I hope you can look into this Grant. I totally lack the experience, to dig up the details.

Anonymous said...

Crisy Clark is noting more than a paid fall guy(woman) for a failing political party.
She is fighting a rear guard action so that those with their finger on the bank machine can dissapear with imputunity!!
The final re distribution of ( OUR) wealth is to be the Liquor Board stores.
The rest is history; the Ferries,BC HYdro, BC Rail, the hidden tolls on the Sea to Sky Highway, all examples of the Campbell/ Clark rape of BC taxpayer assets.

Anonymous said...

This disturbing bit of information mentions what Campbell did to British Columbia. I sure hope a bloody great big London bus runs him down - he deserves it.

It seems that Robyn Allan is going to bat for british columbia when none of the politicians have the balls to do so !


Hugh said...

Here's how to hack your new smart meter with a magnet:

Anonymous said...

The Liberals could have a hampster as leader and it would make no difference
as the party is simply a vessel for Corporate Provincial Control.
He who pays the piper calls the tune and this tunes been called for years by those with no moral or ethical compass...just a passion for power and money.
Be gone those who have spread the plague of greed throughout our fine land!
This is not the "Corporation" of BC!

Hugh said...

BC Minister of Environment questions the timing of Federal Govt's decision to remove oil spill staff.....

kootcoot said...

Your next post, the open letter doesn't seem to have comments implemented, so this refers to it:

"clearly there is a pattern developing where British Columbia is being controlled by Ottawa."

And Ottawa is more and more being controlled by Bejing. Just last week a top politburo member spent three days having meetings with the Harper Government©, almost in secret thanks to almost no MSM coverage (except in China where it was big news).

This is why Harper chose to almost ignore the thirtieth anniversary of patriation and the Charter, but wants to make a big deal of our colonial service to England during the War of 1812. Colonialism rocks in Stevie's world, but we will have a new master, China. Harper is perfectly willing to use Chinese methods of social control (totalitarian communism) in order to satisfy his Chinese masters.

He is virtually stripping all forms of environmental, seismic and military defense from the west coast to places like Montreal and Halifax. Perhaps Comox will soon host a squadron of Chinese fighters and we won't need the F-35s.

Grant G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grant G said...

Hey Koot, the comments were turned off for the open letter..

There is a reason, for the many who cut n pasted and mailed it to the MLA..

I wanted the letter to speak for itself without rip-roaring comments..

On another note, as much of a Hockey I am, there is a bright spot with the Canucks exiting very early..

Big media, TV..Radio..Print can`t use the Canucks to drown out important issues, in fact they might actually have to report real news/real issues.

Hockey and sports will move back to the end of the news hour, no longer will it be the lead item..

And the public will have to wake from their hockey stupor.

Bars and restaurants will now put added pressure on Government to remove the HST..

Their 2 month Canuck Christmas gravy train ended in 2 weeks.

No worries about policing live hockey events in Vancouver.


Don F. said...

Be ready! An 'EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS'by AGT. article available tommorrow on Robyn Allans'findings and letter to Christy Clarke, and remember, you heard it there first or else.

Grant G said...

AGT lives in his own fantasy world.

Check out this exchange on his last posted diatribe.


Cypher says:
April 22, 2012 at 4:34 AM

Hockstane is a classic tyrant. He makes paper off cheating the working folk out of a fair wage. Sadly he is so short sighted he can’t even see who his new masters are, the Chinese. Phil Hockstein deserves pancreatic cancer. That fake hippie needs his nose bitten off.

AGT says:
April 22, 2012 at 11:49 AM

I’m only allowing this comment to tell you that I don’t want you coming back here. You wish pancreatic cancer on ANYONE, you maggot?!

You’re a fucking douchebag. FUCK OFF. You’re lucky I don’t bump into to you somewhere you classless idiot. Have you seen what happens to someone who is dying, much less someone from precisely what you wish on Hockstein??? You’re a piece of shit. FUCK OFF.

I don’t agree with a lot of people, but if I knew they were suffering from something like that, I’d even hold their hand and try to help their family. You’re a piece of crap. DON’T COME BACK HERE.

And no, I don’t care what your excuse is or what you might have been on. Jesus Christ, have you seen what cancer does to people you dumb fucker? DON’T SHOW UP HERE AGAIN.


Regardless what that commenter said..

Tsakumis`s language was gross, that explains why no media would ever hire him again, it explains why employers sent him packing.

That people is the real Alex, you can have him, Tea party north, AGT couldn`t read political winds even if they were blowing hurricane force.

As his by-election predictions, as his Vancouver mayoral predictions proved.

I guess he spent too much time being bounced up and down on Ronald Reagan`s lap.


Anonymous said...

Grant, signed so-called legal agreements, fascist governments and secretive betrayals have proven that the justice system and any sort of government opposition force is not equipped to handle this level of corruption. It has been handed to us, the public, to deal with in the form of mass disobedience and violence. Not like we tried either.

History...rinse and repeat.....

horsesshouldbesoluckytoo said...

Smoke and mirrors ,maybe the whole enchilada isn't being viewed.
The Enbridge being friendly with certain Ottawa types, know the smoke is covering something that the Conservatives don't want the public dwelling on. Could be the fact the HST cancel didn't include the used cars being recovered to 5% but are to stay at 14%, a great increase, mostly to Ottawa, which they didn't get before, a windfall on the motorists. Or could be the bankster gift of 110 billion.