Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christy Clark Runs in Fear from Vancouver Island BC Liberal Eating Zombies

Well, the cat is out of the bag, Christy Clark has once again shoved both feet firmly into her mouth, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Christy Clark....

Before we get down to the Straight Goods, jealousy rages across the bloggosphere, quality musing versus pigbreath, when will the stench stop rising from the sewer, could it be that those who embarrass themselves over and over again, those Wildrose victory predictors, those who flopped by calling Conservative victories in Chilliwak, the same hacks who declared a Mitt Romney victory, those who vowed to crush the BC NDP, all the while producing nothing but old facts and tired rightwing dogma....

Walk the walk, talk the talk, credit due where credit is due, the man without party or evidence has nothing but bile words and insults, and couldn`t pick a winner in a one horse race...

  This latest release from a National post interview with Christy the parrot Clark last May, AFTER the legislature was shuttered with invoked closure by non-elected Christy Clark..

Mike De Jong stated just last week that there will be no fall session because...And I quote..

"We have many new ministers coming up to speed, our MLA`s will all be working on a budget blueprint" snip

Well, that`s an outright lie, Christy Clark stated last spring after the legislature closed..And I quote..

"When the House rises at the end of [May], you're never going to find me in Victoria," she said. "I'm going to be travelling the province for the next year.

"I try never to go over there. Because it's sick. It's a sick culture. All they can think about is government and there are no real people in Victoria, and you get captured by this insidethebeltway debate, and it's really unhealthy."

So, as of last May Christy Clark had already decided to avoid the legislature for a year, maybe forever, after all, Christy Clark stated Vancouver island is unhealthy, Victoria is sick, a culture of the scary, don`t go out after dark, civil servants and Victoria politicos turn into zombies, premier eating BC Liberal hating zombies, after 12 years adopting Gordon the thief Campbell practices, after years of Bill Barisoff running the legislature with bias and spin, after the BC Liberals hired their friends throughout Government all of a sudden Christy Clark is frightened, Mz photo-op, the queen of oyster bars and master of hate speech has decided Victoria is too rough and tough for non-elected queen butterfly..

What you say Mike De Jong, budget blueprint or attack of Vancouver island zombies...

And what about what Christy the parrot Clark said in 2005, and I quote..

When Clark was resigning as an MLA in 2005, during her first stint in office, she also professed love for the job in her last speech in the chamber.

"I have a deep, deep love of politics. I love question period. I love debate. I love the people I've met. I even love the protesters. I love politics." Christy Clark

Read the full unadulterated story here..

What has changed Christy since 2005 besides your waist size and botox regimen..

Maybe Christy Clark like Mitt the loser Romney will say anything to anybody to garner votes...Maybe that was old Christy Clark, not the one who ran for and won(?) the BC Liberal leadership, for certainly Christy Clark wouldn`t flip and flop like El Bloattos chin, or would she...From Christy Clark`s leadership run, and I quote..

Clark's apparent disdain for the legislature contrasts with comments she made while running for the B.C. Liberal party leadership in 2011.

Then, she told reporters she loved the daily cutandthrust of question period. After she won the party leadership, she expressed a desire to run in a byelection as quickly as possible to get her seat in the house. 

"As you know, I love question period and I hate to miss it," she told reporters.

Isn`t that special, Christy Clark, were you lying in 2005 when you fled from the police raided BC Legislature, or were you lying when you were running for BC Liberal leadership in 2011...Or perhaps the lying is a brand new trait?

Anyway, what about you Mike De Jong, when did you know there would be no fall sitting, did you really think you could have held a fall session without your fearless leader, eer, I mean sort-of fearless, there are those Vancouver island civil servants who after dark start eating raw flesh, and only BC Liberal raw flesh, yikes, oh the humanity..

Personally speaking I like Vancouver island, I also like the colour orange, I do though, out of a sense of self preservation carry a wooden stake and extra garlic, it keeps the zombies(BC Liberal appointees) at bay.

Oh, and on another note, let`s talk platform, Christy Clark copied Adrian Dix`s call for raising corporate taxes to 2008 levels and today she has announced more spaces for skills training students and skills training facilities, Adrian Dix announced reinstating the minimum bank tax for exactly that purpose, he announced that over a year ago and again at yesterday`s Board of trade appearance, so Christy Clark has once again parroted someone else`s idea, this is why YOU DON`T ANNOUNCE YOUR ENTIRE PLATFORM 8 MONTHS BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION..

Because to Christy parrot Clark Liberals are an empty shell, devoid of direction, of purpose, of reason, there is nothing left but hatred spewing racists like MLA Bill Bennett and human wasted skin stains like Phil Hocstein, the party of hate, the party of angry white men, the party of the 90`s, and indeed Christy Clark hasn`t grown since the 90`s, ..


It`s unfortunate that rightwing parties invoke hatred, divide and conquer, use homo-phobic cards, abortion cards, commie under the bed cards, but the time`s are a changin, internet, blogs, you can`t speak out of one side of your mouth then speak out your asshole without being called on it..

And that is indeed why Mitt Romney, BC Liberals and Stephen Treason Harper are but distant memories and foot-notes in the halls of shame..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

American politics is a different animal than the BC version.

So while we watch Mitt - don't call me Willard - Romney aka "Money Boo-Boo" go down in flames on a fire of His own making don't think for even a picosecond that the game in BC is settled.

There seems to be a mood of inevitability surging through progressive ranks that will inevitably lead to complacency and sloppiness.

on a side note...

Ralph Sultan, BC Liberal MLA for West Vancouver-Capilano has decided to stay and fight at least one more provincial battle in what is undeniably the safest BC Liberal seat in BC. Premier Christy Clark has rewarded Sultan for ten years of backbench fealty by anointing him to a full cabinet position - all this you all know.

What we don't know is how this changes the fate of Pamela Martin - Director of Outreach for B.C. Premier Christy Clark - who, it has long been rumoured, was being groomed to reach out to Sultan's collar and throw the old man to the curb regardless of his intentions.

The soon to be sixty senior must be gagging on her pearl necklaces as she squirms under Christie's betrayal.

kootcoot said...

And Sultan, he's the octogenarian that Gordo kept pm the back benches because he actually has a brain and an education, right? Pammy more accurately could represent the entitled constituents of West Van, the richest postal code in Canada, that is only walking distance to a healthy person from the poorest in the downtown eastside.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of the putrid rotten corruption, in this country. The man on the moon, can even smell BC's corrupt stench.

Gordon Campbell began Grand Larceny BC. He is Harper's favorite henchman. Christy Clark also works for Harper. Conservative Boessenkool worked for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge. Christy hired him to work for her. Campbell and Harper are the kingpins, for the dismantling and ruin of BC. Cummins also supports Harper on the Enbridge pipeline.

Everyone is going to yell at me. However, BC isn't safe in Harper's Canada. I keep thinking, BC would be much more safe, out of Harper's Canada. I even feel the urgency of, lets get the hell out of here.

I can't bear to think of our beautiful province, being forced into a polluted wasteland. I can't bear to think of our precious marine life, killed off by a toxic, lethal Bitumen tanker spill.

I want everything back, that was thieved and sold out of our province. I want our HST money back, that was scammed from us. I want, honesty, democracy and decency, brought into BC. That will never happen for BC, under Harper's dictatorship.