Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christy Clark`s PR STUNT, Exposed

Well well well...The BC Liberal Christy Clark comedy hour continues, how much Provincial embarrassment must we endure..

Today, under the guidance of her newest chief of staff John Doyle I presume, the BC Government fired off an open letter to the press, well, actually the open letter was sent to Premier Allison Redford of Alberta, the press, the Globe and Mail was the conduit, are you kidding me!!!

This letter stated that Christy Clark was going to be in Calgary(To visit and possibly slip Ken Boesenkool a vanilla envelope?) next week and possibly she(Allison Redford) would like to meet to discuss revenue from the Enbridge northern gateway pipeline..

This was a cheap Public Relations Stunt, period, my gawd, Allison Redford has a chief of staff, Christy Clark has her fourth or fifth chief of staff in the last 18 months, this is exactly what chiefs of staffs do, they contact people, arrange meetings, arrange appointments, man to man, woman to woman..

How is Allison Redford to respond, in an open letter?...Excuse my language but what Christy Clark wants is a public pissing contest, a public pissing contest over a pipeline that is never going to get built without the death of hundreds, maybe even thousand of people willing to lay down to preserve this pristine area, ..

This humiliating PR stunt, newsflash Christy Clark, we aren`t at S-F-U- anymore,  ..

John Doyle, my gawd, tell me this wasn`t your idea, a premier, even an unelected acting premier doesn`t use an open letter released to the media to get a-hold-of a neighbouring counterpart..

The only ones who use open letters are people like me, Alexandra Morton,  Mary-Ellen Trupel Lafond, people who get ignored by Government, people who when calling premiers or prime ministers get shuffled away, open letters are a way of embarrassing these high profile in a public forum, open letters don`t occur between premiers who have each other`s number on speed dial.

You Christy Clark, your blatant attempt to change the channel from the Ken the groping freak Boesenkool scandal have once again shamed our province with a childish, amateurish stunt that everyone with even half-a-brain can see right through.

Pathetic, and it saddens me, because believe me, I so wanted you to stay on as acting premier until the election wipe-out, but now even I must admit..

Only absolute idiots would keep you on as leader through the next election....

Here`s the link to the letter.

The real Christy Clark...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

"The only ones who use open letters are people like me, Alexandra Morton, Mary-Ellen Trupel Lafond, people who get ignored by Government, people who when calling premiers or prime ministers get shuffled away".

Actually Redford did ignore and shuffle off Christy when she tried to extort Alberta. Redford will do it again.

Clark couldn't negotiate her way out of a wet paper bag, but she'd make sure the bag got blamed for her failure.

Don F. said...

My God!!

kootcoot said...

Wow Grant, you certainly stay on top of stuff when you ain't fishin', workin' on yer mom's house or boats. I never would have heard of this letter if I had just watched the Global News, I guess they aren't on the CC list for open letters from their favorite premier since Capo Gordo.

If these crooks ever have to answer for their 11 years+ of crimes against British Columbians, I suggest that Gordo and Christy be sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences in a very small cell, TOGETHER!

Bill Bennett can share an even smaller cell with Rich Coleman on the top old rickety one that creaks and threatens to break every time the fatman moves.

Mary Polak can be locked in Josef's mother's basement with Josef and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with Ida Chomp Chomp Chong, maybe doubled up with Ding Dong DeJong.

Anonymous said...

Open Letter to Christy unelected preemie of BC....

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you had your chance to discuss this disaster that would wipe BC off the map, the Enbridge Pipeline, but your Harper/Campbell bosses ordered you not to show...and that makes you a traitor. A long rope with a loop on it would be too good for you.


Anonymous said...

"the emperor has no clothes".. That phrase sums it up for me. cristy has no (zero,none,nada,zip) credibilty. Whose mandate is she governing under? It can't be her mandate since there was no election to confirm it. If that's the case, she must be governing under gordo's mandate. The last I heard no one wanted gordo anymore so why should we want cristy?

I can't wait for allison to blow her off and leave her sitting alone in Calgary What's in this for Ms Reford; nothing and she knows it. cristy is politically toxic and no one wants to be seen with her.

Anonymous said...

Harper relies on his degenerates, to do his dirty work for him.

Campbell a drunk, who was so drunk he drove on the wrong side of the road. Also a liar, who tried to fool us and say, Nancy his wife was going with him to England. Campbell too, lied, deceived and cheated to win his elections. Campbell thieved and sold, everything in BC, he got his dirty hands on.

Boessenkool another drunk, who gropes women. Boessenkool said, the smartest thing Harper did, was to get rid of the National program for children. Read Bill Tielemans web page, for that article.

Harper hired Bruce Carson, a many times convicted criminal, arrested for influence peddling.

Harper's ranting raving Ministers, calling us names. Harper is even very good, at name calling himself. Harper's childish attack ads mean, he knows he can't win by his own merit. Harper had to cheat to win and he knew that.

Then he has Christy also working for him. She called us the Taliban. I think Christy was hoping for a Federal job, working for Harper. She did Harper's dirty work for him, as did Campbell.

I don't doubt for one minute, Harper ordered Chrisy to permit the Enbridge pipeline or else.

Perhaps, Harper will give Boessenkool a cushy job in a foreign country, as he did Campbell. Harper rewards all of his degenerates, who do his dirty work.

Harper is a traitor to Canada, committing High Treason, for giving Canada to Communist China. A horrible country that, other country's are kicking out of their lands.

Communist China, a country that has hacked into other country's secret files. A country that sells infected electronic components. U.S. missiles and other weapons, had infected components purchased from Communist China. A country showing their aggression, around the globe.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm tired of this nonsense! I wish she would just call an election.

Paul said...

I have a question

Is the G&M rewriting history?

Today after the John Furlong story broke I searched for old articles.

I came upon this almost two-year-old Globe and Mail piece honouring him with their choice for Canada's Nation Builder of 2010.

I was stunned to see that even though the last comment on this story was written over a year and a half ago, the article was modified TODAY about an hour before Furlong's press conference.


John Furlong is Canada's Nation Builder of 2010


Published Thursday, Dec. 23 2010, 8:53 PM EST
Last updated Thursday, Sep. 27 2012, 4:17 PM EDT

It's a three page article talking about Furlong's wonderful legacy etc.

Nothing on this story page gave any reason for changes but someone changed something today.

Is someone rewriting history or removing embarrassing bullshit?


Here is the article:


John Furlong is Canada's Nation Builder of 2010


Published Thursday, Dec. 23 2010, 8:53 PM EST
Last updated Thursday, Sep. 27 2012, 4:17 PM EDT


Here's an example of what an old Published / Updated page usually looks like on the G&M.

Vander Zalm won't have to pay double legal costs for defamation, court rules


VANCOUVER — The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, Feb. 28 2012, 2:00 PM EST
Last updated Tuesday, Feb. 28 2012, 8:26 PM EST


Something stinks here and I notice that the Google didn't have an old cached copy of the page for me to compare with.