Monday, September 24, 2012

(Updated again/ 8:00 pm/sept 25)Tails of a Pervert, and Tales of a Federal Front Party

 Updated here, despite the biased ravings of certain bloggers and Sean swirling the bowl Leslie, despite Billy Good poo-fooing this incident, the CBC is reporting tonight that...


B.C. premier won't explain handling of staff scandal

Ken Boessenkool continued to supervise woman while investigation under way


 The staffer in question worked directly under Ken Boesenkool(no pun intended), that`s right, Ken Boesenkool was the female staffers supervisor, how utterly embarrassing, this woman is traumatized by Ken Groper Boesenkool, she needs counseling and Christy Clark allows Ken to keep his supervisory position over the shell-shocked staffer, who is married, happily married..

Sheesh, how can some idiot bloggers defend this Harperite..Yes indeed, ...How can some Federal stooge blogger blame Christy Clark, accuse her of driving Boesenkool to act this way, oh, poor old Kenny....PATHETIC...

And still on the PATHETIC issue...Christy Clark, you allowed Ken Boesenkool who sexually harrassed a female staffer, a staffer whom which Ken Boesenkool supervises, you allowed this man to remain her supervisor, forcing this distraught woman to face this freak for another two weeks....


Call the election, your time is up, families first eh Christy Clark

Well well well, the above picture is now to be placed at the BC Legislature and on the door of all Christy Clark`s offices...

This was and is a quid pro qou event...In other words, rumours and innuendo have been flying around for months that Ken Boesenkool has been harassing staffers, in a sexual way, and what happened a few weeks ago was only one of many transgressions committed by Ken(I can do whatever I wan`t ) Bosenkool, ....

I was the only one in the province who wrote, and suggested that Kenny Boesenkool should be fired immediately for going behind Christy Clark`s back and basically running the Premiers office by Federal decree, as you know, the day after the by election loses Ken Bosenkool approached high profile BC Conservatives and declared...

{ We can change the BC Liberal Party`s name..We can change the leadership of the BC Liberals..Everything is on the plate, name, leadership, policy, just disband and rejoin the party]

The details were revealed in this post..

Ken Bosenkool had so much power, power directed by and granted by Stephen Harper and Enbridge, this was about pipelines and the HST...And you know what they say about "absolute power"...It corrupts absolutely....Ken Bosenkool was a man who thought he was untouchable, for rumour he groped many staffers, complaints were coming fast and furious, and ..

Christy Clark was well aware of these transgressions for months, it was only when concerned BC Conservative insiders threatened to blow the whole Ken Bosenkool affair wide open that Christy Clark acted...Despite Christy Clark`s self professed Claim that she

"acted decisively in accepting his resignation"

The truth beknown is....Christy Clark had to get permission to remove Bosenkool....

The facts are clear, there was no police investigation, one single groping during a drunkfest doesn`t result in a firing, neither does an affair, think about it, everyone in Victoria knew Gordon Campbell was both a womanizer and an a adulterer, yet nobody spoke up, and to tell you the truth, if Falcon or Abbott was the premier today, probably nobody would have come forward...

John Von Dongen, the plant, the phony, the "it`s my ball and unless I win I`m going home" wah cry baby,....And then we get the John Martin bribe.....All designed to discredit John Cummins....And insiders to the plot were preparing to blow the lid on the ....

"Ken Bosenkool" serial groper and power flexing sex maniac case...It was then and only then that the BC Liberals acted...

These questions need to be asked of Christy Clark..

Was this the first complaint against Ken Bosenkool.?

How many staffers have been threatened by and sexually harassed by Ken Bosenkool.?

Did you contact Stephen Harper before you accepted Ken`s resignation?


There are many more questions to be asked....And if you noticed..

In Ken Bosenkool`s resignation, he goes out of his way to say he was...

"This will give me a chance to return to Calgary to be with my family — who I have also let down — and from whom I have been separated on a weekly basis for most of the last eight months."

You see the excuse, the vague excuse, he was lonely, being separated and all, at least during the weekdays. 

Which begs another question..

Was Ken Bosenkool flying back to Alberta each weekend to see his wife, and if he was..

Who was paying for it?

UPDATED HERE, September 25th/2012.....Vaughn Palmer also asks questions, and the underlying question is this, had not Jas Johal started asking questions is it not possible that Ken Boessenkool would STILL be Christy Clark`s chief political spinner?

Vaughn Palmer also points out in his article..A freudian slip, where Christy Clark uses the term "Individuals involved"

There`s more, on the news highlight I watched, during the media scrum, there was a question to acting premier Christy Clark...

"Rumours of Ken Boessenkool`s treatment of staffers has been circulating for months, can you expand on this"

I will reiterate what I said before, with a little more clarity...Why did Ken Boessenkool leave his family at home in Calgary?...He took a job in British Columbia, I presume he planned on keeping the job after a successful election, or was he just planted for a temporary mudslingingfest at the behest of Stephen Harper...Because the HST is still here, Enbridge pipeline..Boessenkool was indeed an Enbridge lobbyist...

Why wasn`t Ken`s family out here in B.C.?...It was summer, meaning no school, why the rumours of Ken`s behavior in Victoria for months? Why was plural used in referencing his sins? Why did Ken Boessenkool go behind Christy Clark`s back and approach high profile Conservatives, would any chief of staff do that under Gordon Campbell?...I think not..

Ken acted like he had no boss in British Columbia, and I believe that to be true..

John Von Dongen...Still alone in the wilderness, a loser.

John Martin..A bought man

John Cummins..Still Standing.

Ipsos reid`s last poll, and the fawning press, all part of an elaborate stageplay.

Ken Bosenkool...A horny pervert who flexed his money and power.

Stephen Harper, still in control of the BC Liberal party.

Christy Clark...Still stunned, still useless..

Adrian Dix...The next premier of British Columbia

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

But, but, but, Ken the BossyTool is "an evangelical Christian whose children are home-schooled because we sure wouldn't want them mixing with the morally corrupt."

Oh yeah, I forgot, tighty righties get to be sexual sluts and pigs, because they speak, oops, I meant SCREAM out against such things as an official public position. It is only wrong for progressives to engage in any sexual activity other than "missionary man on top position" with their legally married spouse. And don't forget the pilloried other Gordon who apparent fell in love and MARRIED his mistress, unlike the other Gord, who maintains a permanent prop wife, with an understandably permanent frown. I wonder if Nancy has gotten to go to London ever, even for the Olympics - or even Lara for the matter, has she been replaced, now that she doesn't have the mega income and expense account?

As I said in different words at my place yesterday, GOOD RIDDANCE, don't come back asshole..........or we might plug the Gateway pipeline at the Alberta border with your useless waste of skin and other parts.

The Mope and Puke brief article on this closed the comment thread in way less than an hour, and even then a large percentage of the comments were deleted, though they often had received 20-40 votes (both for and against) before deletion. Fortunately a commenter managed to post the super sucky resignation letter prior to the shut down, as the Grope and Fail hadn't considered that relevant, apparently!

MacLeans has turned into a right-wing rag, sort of a national version of the deceased Byfield garbage like the BC or Alberta Reporter - but even one of their excuses for a journalist got it right by suggesting that the Globe and Mail should perhaps rename itself the Cut and Paste.

Anonymous said...

Harper does have strange bedfellows. Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. He too couldn't handle his booze. Campbell was so drunk, he even drove on the wrong side of the road. Campbell too, lied and cheated to win elections.

Then Boessenkool, drunk and groping women. Harper will likely send him, to a foreign post too. What the hell was Conservative Boessenkool, doing working for BC Liberal Christy anyway? That she flatly refused to explain.

Bruce Carson a many times convicted criminal, also worked for Harper.

Canada needs a damned good purge, to get rid of lying, deceiving, corrupt politicians. We need to start with the worst offender, being Harper. He has dragged Canada, right down in the gutter with him.

Don F. said...

Hey Grant,
I think Kootcoot summed it up quite niceley with Good Riddance and don't come back asshole!
What a piece of shit this guy is and for anyone to try and make excuses for that. Complete idiot!
How much farther are we expected to sink into this cesspool they offer us. I realize after this it is time for me to understand that I must look out for my own and do whatever necessary to keep them safe including protecting them from these fools who by law have power over us. I put them on notice that I will simply not tolerate them any further and whatever happens from this day forward let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

All BC harper/campbell/clark Liars, including the rats that have 'jumped', the Dog, the Lord, and all of the BC Cons are controlled and planted by Harpor.

Koot, When Lord gordo first went to London I read somewhere that Nancy was there learning how to live in England and that the other Daphee one was there too?

All this is just a multitude of side shows to keep our eyes off the ball.....LDB, BCH, crown lands and buildings and everything we have left to give away to their friends. Side shows are all that public enemy #1 the corrupt mainstream media ever picks up on kinda.


Hugh said...

This is off-topic, but it's an interesting quote from Michael Hudson, a Professor of Economics at U of Missouri:

"So what is happening is just, it’s as if the crooks have taken over the economy and are trying to bail themselves out of the mess that they’re in, so that they can somehow re-bid up real estate prices to restore the happy bubble economy that led to all these problems to begin with."

kootcoot said...

"Sheesh, how can some idiot bloggers defend this Harperite."

That's just how they roll! BTW apparently the glob 'o grease we call El Bloatto was on Fox News North or Stun TV. Maybe they could give him a show and promote him as the spawn of Bill O'Reilly and Rusty Limpballs.

Sadly, the High Lord of the Bloggersphere would consider being mentioned in the same sentence with that asshole O'Reilly and the pill popping sexual tourist Rush a compliment!

Grant G said...

One Liar to another, he and Ezra Levant can play twiddlywinks..

I guess his promised radio show and Goebels propaganda spinfest was canceled..

He can still peddle T-shirts with Von Dongen and Harper`s face front and center.


Anonymous said...

Way past time to separate, that is the only way to get rid of these federal, provincial and municipal criminals and get our BC back to where it was pre these gangers.

Ross Buchanan put a good post up on his blog 'The Republic of British it time? June 2012