Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brian topp, a Man Above the fray

According to Brian Topp there is nothing more important today than stopping Stephen Harper and his CONservative/reform/scorched earth party from transforming Canada into a petro state run by foreign multi-national corporations....

He got my attention to say the least, he`s married with two sons and indeed, a cat lover..As Brian Topp says..."My orange cat named Tigger is more charismatic than Stephen Harper"

The man is also a writer, Brian Topp is the author of....

 How We Almost Gave the Tories the Boot: The Inside Story Behind the Coalition

A memoir about his experiences attempting to broker a coalition between the NDP and the Liberals to take down PM Stephen Harper`s Conservative government. The book was nominated by Samara and the Writers trust of Canada as one of the "Best Canadian Political Books of the Last 25 Years"

You see foks, besides some very progressive ideas on taxation and the environment Brian Topp is painfully aware of the threat Stephen Harper poses to Canada, to our democracy, nobody elected Stephen Harper to attack meager pensions of baby boomers, these aren`t large gold-plated pensions, these are supplements barely enough to keep one in food and Harper has targeted changes in OAS to come in effect at the exact time millions of boomers arrive, it`s a betrayal of mammoth proportion, healthcare too, again the planned changes are set to come in effect when boomers arrive, demographics told politicians that boomers were coming, Stephen Harper didn`t wake up after our last election and say..Hey, where did these baby boomers come from, Stephen Harper lied his way through the election, suppressed voters at Guelph university, and now there is rumor that he hired Conservative friendly robo call centers to send Liberal voters in swing ridings on a wild goose chase away from their voting least 3 seats may have been stolen, maybe more..

Yes indeed, Brian Topp was prepared to join with other parties to stop Stephen Harper, he recognized the threat Harper posed early on, too bad the Federal Liberals were reluctant to cede any power and ultimately the coalition died, Brian Topp today has rejected joining the Federal Liberals for two reasons, firstly because the  ndp Orange surge are on a roll and growing stronger by the day, secondly the Conservatives and MSM have branded Liberals as weak and at present the Liberals are more of a liability than benefit...  One must remember that not only will NDPers be choosing a new leader next month but will be choosing Canada`s next prime minister.

Internal polling clearly reveals that if a Federal election were called today Harper would not have a majority, infact the Big Orange Star would be Government..

Early years, education, early career

His mother was Francophone, his father was Anglophone 

Topp attended elementary school in Saint-Lambert at the francophone École Rabeau and the Anglophone St Francis of Assisi.

He studied social sciences at Champlain regional College a CEGEP in the Montreal-area suburb of Saint-Lambert, from 1977 to 1979. He was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, and was elected to the College Board of Governors where he served on the executive committee.

In 1979 he enrolled at Montreal McGill university where he studied history and political science.While at McGill he was a senior news editor with the McGill Daily, and a member of the Scarlet Key Honour Society. As a reporter for the McGill Daily in 1981 Topp asked Bob Rae-- then an NDP  MP -- a "disrespectful question" and, in Topp's words, Rae "blew his stack." 

Brian Topp also interviewed Rene Levesque, which he called "without any question the most intimidating 10 minutes that I've ever had in my life."

He speaks fluent french and English, he was union leader, he also has an extensive background in journalism and editing, he knows how to ask questions, how to drag out the truth, yes there are stories of Brian Topp being rough n tumble aggressive in politics but so what, we need someone who can rip Harper to shreds, there is no playing nice or fair with Harper`s reformers, they fight dirty, they cheat and corporate greed is funding Harper`s scorched earth agenda, no more Mr. Nice guy for the NDP, we as a party never had Federal power but now...But now we are almost there, on the cusp of making history, a new Government where corporations come after the little guy, a Government where high earners pay a little more, a Government where big profitable corporation`s subsidies end, for the last two decades Federal Governments have given and given again to the wealthy and well-heeled only to see Canada`s workers fall further and farther behind, wages have been stagnant for two decades while the upper crust have filled their boots, no, this isn`t about wealth transfer it`s about leveling the playing field for if we as a country don`t make a united stand very soon we will be powerless to stop our descent into a Robber-baron world where there are but two classes of people, Rich and peasant..

Ok, what are his policies, well as NDP we are almost all on the same page, let me be clear, I won`t stoop to a Harper Conservative or Republican campaign Level of smear, slag and name calling and this is not an endorsement, this is a first in a series on who I believe are the top contenders for Canada`s next prime minister.

) A Limit on carbon pollution

2)An end to Federal subsidies for carbon fuel production

3)Making polluters pay for carbon pollution.

4)Reducing energy needs with an extensive domestic and industrial retro-fit program, this will create perhaps millions of jobs.

5)Transition to future energy sources and renewables while weaning off carbon intensive fuels.

6)A real major Federal commitment to public transportation, this will help achieve the above goals.

7)Develop a national energy plan using low carbon or renewable energy sources and limit the impacts of the oil sands.

8) Work aggressively with the USA to reinvest in protecting the Great lakes.

A permanent legal ban on oil tankers on the pacific north coast of BC

Ending Canada`s asbestos industry.

A safe chemical act

A complete review of the provincial and federal royalty structure to receive maximum value..

Start refining in Canada and create added value to our resources while in transition to cleaner fuels.

A safe clean National drinking water act.

A crack-down on corporate loopholes.

Increase taxes on those who make above $250,000 per year.

Corporate incentives only for those that create family supporting jobs in Canada.


 Those are only but a few of Brian Topp`s plans, we have to wake up Canada, quality of life is rapidly falling, Canadians are drowning in debt while the corporate elite are getting richer and richer, the gap between the haves and have nots is growing, never has that gap been so large, every year we little people pay more while corporations pay less, they keep promising prosperity down the road, just give them a little more money is their constant refrain, we have the resources they aren`t going anywhere, we must make our stand now or it`s game over..

Harper wants to spy on us, build prisons to house the dissenters, mega prisons, war jets, police state laws, muzzled scientists, Canada ignoring human rights violators with nary a peep, our parents and grandparents fought and died to protect Canadian values, the time is now people...

Give Brian Topp a good look and stay tuned, next week two more featured NDP candidates..

 Brian Topp, he won`t kowtow to Harper, nor will any NDP Leader...

"Tigger has more Charisma than Stephen Harper"Brian Topp....And more brains!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Good call Grant, Brian is a man who will get things done for the average person, down to earth and believable. I like him.

Anonymous said...

I hope Brian Topp, if he wins, will look into Harper's cheating to win his majority.

There were the robocalls. Harper campaigning over the radio in Calgary, on election day. Harper also had an American criminal working for him.

Harper has to be stopped, from giving our country away to China. We have no confidence in Harper. He lies, deceives and thieves from the Canadian people. He gives billions of our tax dollars, to the wealthiest corporations in the world. He also gives them huge tax reduction.

Harper needs to go. We just can't afford him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant that was informative.
It's a long time until election day but I hope the Cons will get the boot despite the obstacles that exist. Two major obstacles in my mind are a De Facto corrupt media, and then there is the Senate a place over populated with dullards and haters, who most likely will block Bills, wonder what happens if that is the case?

Grant G said...

There may be an election sooner...Rumors are rife of floor crossings to come..

If the Senate blocks popular NDP bills when we take power they will be cutting their own throat..Canadians on masse want Senate reform if not total abolishment..

It won`t take many floor crossings to force an election..

Are there 10 Conservatives willing?

They are being blasted by their constituents, floor crossers will guarantee their own re-election..

Harper has betrayed everyone, including many of their own..