Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alberta and the OIL Companies, Bold-Faced Liars!

Sometimes it`s enough to make your head spin, the lies from Alberta Government, the lies from Stephen harper, and the utter bullshit crap from the oil companies...

Here is a little cut n paste from a story in the Globe n Mail...

"according to the Canadian Energy Research Institute.
The Calgary-based think tank calculates that 94 per cent of the economic benefits of the oil sands (about $84-billion annually through 2035) stay in Alberta, but many of the materials needed for oil-sands development, such as vehicles and their parts, as well as pumps and gauges, are manufactured in Ontario and elsewhere far from the oil sands.

CERI also projected that over the same 25-year time frame, British Columbia could expect $28-billion in economic benefits and 31,500 jobs connected to the oil sands, while Quebec may see $14-billion and 16,380 jobs.

Ontario urged to speak up for oil sands - The Globe and Mail

And who is the Canadian Research Energy Institute ?...Well, they are the oil companies, the numbers are bogus, this is pure hogwash propaganda coming from the oil whores....And where are these 31,500 jobs, Enbridge northern gateway pipeline according to Enbridge will create 150 full-time jobs???

And where is that money, Alberta hasn`t offered any part of the royalties to British Columbia, of course the Globe n Mail ask no questions, they run that article with no scrutiny...Because perhaps they missed another article with another set of numbers, only these numbers are from The University of Calgary, but here`s the deal, the Canadian Energy Research Institute`s numbers are 200 hundred times higher than the University of Calgary`s numbers...Have a look..


"The University of Calgary's School of Public Policy issued an analysis Thursday concluding that with expanded pipeline access to U.S. and Asian markets, Canada's gross domestic product would jump $132 billion in 2010 dollars between 2016 and 2030, generating $27 billion in federal, provincial and municipal taxes and 649,000 person-years of employment.
But the study also shows that the overwhelming economic benefit of pipeline expansion to B.C. goes to Alberta.

The opening of the Asian market would trigger $10.5 billion in gains and 52,000 person-years of employment in Canada, but almost $10 billion of that wealth and 44,000 person-years go to Alberta. Ontario would get $286 million and 4,000 person-years, while B.C. would enjoy $131 million and 2,000 person-years.

The study also suggests that B.C. would gain an additional $85 million in GDP and another 1,000 person-years due to increased exports to California if pipelines are built to the West Coast."


Amazing, the oil companies $dollar numbers are over 200 hundred times higher than the study by the University of Alberta, the employment numbers are over 10 times higher, Alberta hasn`t offered one dime of royalties, so you tell me people, how can one study by a University claim BC will receive $131 million by 2030 and The OIL Company sponsored group(Canadian Energy Research Institute) claim BC will receive $28 billion dollars....

And according to to same group(CERI) Ontario will receive $18 billion, Quebec $14 billion and it also says that Alberta will receive the lion`s share,.....Alberta will receive 94% of all the benefits, well if you do the math...This oil company think tank are stating that Alberta will receive well over $1 trillion dollars...$1.054 Trillion dollars...So riddle me this, how come Alberta is running deficits this year and next?

What also is so amusing, everyone at CERI ether worked for the oil industry and all are graduates from the same University of Calgary..Even the board of directors, and also, they won`t say where they get their funding, well, I`ll tell you where..From big oil companies, talk about big oil propaganda sleaze!

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Don F. said...

Not only are these numbers very misleading let's not forget we are subsidizing these freaks to the tune of 2.8 billion a year according to Robyn Allens research.
B.C. is in the unique position to be one of ten provinces with approximately one tenth of the population of canada so if you do the math b.C. is subsidizing these lowlifes 280 million a year... so yippee we get back 131 million over 25 years.
This all stinks so bad. I remember a few years ago driving in my car when I heard on the news a guy got caught hiding in park female outhouses right in the shit watching women releive themselves, I remenber how repulsed I was at the thought, well this stinks worse than that!

Grant G said...

Will McMartin nails it!

I think that was Michael Campbell in the bowels of the shithouse!

Don F. said...

yes by god I think your right, His name was indeed Michael Campbell, this led them to his brother Gordon who was doing this only in men's outhouses,he claimed he was trying to get used to wallowing in it.

Gary E said...

Do the math

One person year is 2080 hrs.

In BC the standard work week is 40 Hrs.

One year is 52 weeks.

Divide 649000 by 2080

Woops, just over 300 jobs

It would be nice if they told us how many full time jobs were actually created and for how long.

Why isn't Christie questioning these numbers.

And one tanker spill could wipe out the jobs for 50,000 people on the North Coast.

What a joke.

kootcoot said...

"And one tanker spill could wipe out the jobs for 50,000 people on the North Coast."

The biggest "job creator" for BCers will be the clean up of the inevitable bitumen spill(s), which is more toxic, and likely more difficult to deal with than oil spills

The various regulatory agencies have become little more than shills for the HarpoCons - with the DOT's bogus claim that there is no risk shipping this crap through the Douglas Channel and Hecate "Graveyard of Ships" Strait.

Likewise Fisheries Canada is forced to conceal data pointing at the dangers and harm of open pen salmon farming and the head of Atomic Energy Canada is fired for trying to affect policy.

The mounting revelations of Stevie Contempt and friends willingness to cheat to win is heartening. Canadians must have a limit to the criminal activity they will accept from the "law and order" Canadian Taliban.

It is a shame that in Victoria and Ottawa selfish, greedy unethical assholes run rampant with the implicit support of our so-called media.

Anonymous said...

Harper is permitting China to buy out the tar sands. They are also bringing their own people, to work their vast tar sands projects. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They refuse to pay WCB to injured workers. China refuses to comply with Canadian rules, laws and work regulations. They pay their own people, starvation wages.

Campbell shipped our mills to China, to exploit China's cheap labor, and the even more cheap, child laborers who only earn pennies a day. Our mill people were put out of, hundreds of jobs. China also owns BC mines. They are also bringing over their own miners.

China has numerous company's in Canada, their own people are to work those jobs too.

I remember Fadden of CSIS saying, China is making huge inroads into Canada. He is totally right. We are going to be overrun by the Chinese. They own our resources and our jobs too.

Neither Harper nor Christy, have protected our Canadian jobs.

Don F. said...

Hoping things are O.K. in your part of the world?? if you need anything??

Roy said...

Hi Grant, are you ok? My heart goes out to all you blogers on the loss of BC Mary. I will miss her. But right now I am missing reading your articles. I discovered you folks last year and when I want to know the truth I read all your blogs, fuck the assholes and there lies on Global and the sun and province papers. This is not for publication, there is a lot of people wondering if you are ok. So let us know. Roy in the interior...