Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Night Musings

 Well, what a sparkling night, I have to admit friends that I`m really an electronic dummy, Mom got me a new phone with a camera, gawd I hate such small buttons, unfortunately for me I have carpenter hands, stocky hands with wee little buttons are trouble...

Anyway, I finally managed to download these pictures above from my phone to this blog, meaning you...

This is my front yard, heaven on earth and perhaps this might give you some insight as to what I`m fighting for, ...No, what we are fighting for...

Corporations against Democracy

Kevin Oleary is enough to make me puke, rich, charming, ruthless and the epitome of today`s corporation, Amanda Lang on the other hand got more fired up than ever before and yelled at Kevin with conviction, ...

Kevin Oleary was applauding the move by Caterpillar to close down their London Ontario plant, one of only 2 plants in the world that made Diesel/electric locomotives, Caterpillar made $billions last year, record profits, Caterpillar also has $billions in equipment that works in the tar sands and despite that Caterpillar gave 500 employees a poison pill offering of keep working if you take a 50% wage cut to basic and benefits knowing full well that they had already agreed to move to Muncie Indiana where workers will be paid not the $32 per hour range that Windsor`s employees made but wages in the $12 to $18 dollar per hour range..


"London , ONT. — Locomotive maker Electro-Motive began the new year by locking out CAW members at its plant in London, Ont.
Contract talks collapsed last week after the company issued a final offer that would cut the wages of union members in half, eliminate pensions and gut other benefits.
The previous contract for the more than 420 CAW members expired at the start of 2012, and the union set up picket lines at the plant Sunday evening.
Electro-Motive is owned by heavy equipment giant Caterpillar through its Progress Rail subsidiary. Caterpillar has a long history of playing hard ball with unions.
CAW president Ken Lewenza issued a statement blaming corporate greed for the lockout, calling it a serious attack on working people, their families and the greater London area.
“Caterpillar may be one of the richest corporations to ask for the deepest of cuts,” he said.
Progress Rail, which also produces diesel-electric locomotives, opened a plant in Muncie, Ind., in October, leading to speculation it intends to relocate the London operation there to benefit from Washington's Buy American policies.

 more here

Could you imagine working  making $50 to $70 k per year and coming to work one day and be told your new wage is $30 k per year with no benefits, these were skilled welders, electricians, computer specialists all sold out by corporate greed.

Kevin Oleary applauded the move, he called it good business, more corporate profits and as Oleary said in the show,

"They should have taken the 50% cut in basic pay and benefits"

you see folks, at one time in history Kevin Oleary couldn`t have gotten away with that, he would be sent packing, Kevin might have said something like, ...

Caterpillar is a good company with a bright future but as good corporate citizens go Caterpillar stinks to high heaven, but he didn`t, Kevin Oleary also blatantly misinformed and outright fibbed on air again...

A couple of weeks ago when Kevin was talking Enbridge he stated...

Pipelines never leak....Most First Nation`s are on board with Enbridge their just holding out for more money..."

And what he said about London Ontario workers .."They should have taken the deal"....

well, everyone knows the Muncie Indiana deal with Caterpillar was done and there was no real offer to Caterpillar workers, it was a scam, Oleary is smart enough to know that..

Considering Indiana just signed into law a union busting private sector benefit ballbuster act..


1.         What does Indiana's Right-to-Work Law prohibit?
Indiana's Right-to-Work Law ("RTW") makes it a Class A misdemeanor to require an individual as a condition of employment to:
(A)       Become or remain a member of a labor organization;
(B)       Pay dues, fees, assessments or other charges to a labor organization; or
(C)       Pay to a charity or another third party an amount that is equivalent to, or a pro rata part of, dues, fees, or other charges required of a member of a labor organization.
2.         Does RTW outlaw labor unions in Indiana?
No.  RTW simply prohibits the payments noted in #1 above as a condition of employment.

3.         When does RTW become effective?
March 14, 2012
The whole act is here

Canada post, legislated back to work with wage cuts, Air Canada legislated back to work with more benefits taken from an already pilfered wage, Harper had no problem interfering with private sector wage disputes and siding with employers in both cases but Caterpillar, wow, Caterpillar fried them workers with a sleazy low blow while Stephen Harper watched, said nothing, did nothing, corporations could care less especially when a prime minister signals everything is A-O-K in Canada and quickly jets off to China where slave labour and human degradation is a corporate sport...Harper signaled to Corporation World that workers and companies in Canada are but widgets and cogs worthy of nothing but crumbs.

Just imagine where we would be without unions, Corporations are sitting on $trillions of dollars in cash, Harper has declared war on workers, heaalthcare, pensions, a brutal precedence has been set....

Every major employer in Canada is going to look at the new Caterpillar approach and the exodus will start as a trickle and soon be a river, the race to the bottom, fuck the employee, fuck the benefits, fuck your rights, you don`t like it we`ll move, we`ll import slaves, lock you out, well go offshore where workers will produce for food and water..(sorry about the graphic language, it seemed appropriate)

Kevin Oleary is the epitome of Corporate greed and power, they don`t care about anything but more money, they`ll pollute your water, rob you of resources, poison your children and leave you raped naked bare.

Automated check-outs where you are the employee, new automated mines that won`t have any employees, just robots, all to increase profits and while this automation and job destruction takes place propaganda is slowly but steadily pumped into the masses thought processes, how can this happen, how could societies let corporations do that...

That answer is easy, for 2 decades corporations have been betraying communities and Governments, greed has festered upwards and  ruthlessness has spiked, town after town deserted and left to die but then comes the magic juice, sauce fit for a golden cooked goose, the skills shortage scam, the worker shortage scam...

The greatest propaganda scam employed by Corporate criminals is the myth of  worker shortages in the future, workers with skills shortage and the ever popular we will need millions of workers just down the road a little bit further...Well folks that little bit has been 2 decades and counting and let me say it loud and clear, there is no worker shortage, no skills shortage and there won`t be a worker shortage in the future, there`s a glut of workers now, today`s world is 25% unemployed or more...Huge automated farms, computers, robotics, propaganda has been peppered into middleclass people`s head for a couple of very important reasons....

"As the monthly labour numbers show a bleak picture of the Canadian job market, those who are working are more likely to be underpaid than they were a year ago, according to a CIBC report.
The bank’s employment quality index, published Wednesday, shows more Canadians are working for themselves and for those lucky enough to secure full-time work, the number of high-paying jobs is growing at a weak pace........

Higher paying sectors like public administration, chemical manufacturing, computer and electronic manufacturing, petroleum and coal manufacturing, transportation and mining all posted net job losses during the year.
The report found the largest drop in job quality in Ontario, followed by British Columbia"

Read more:


Number 1...Corporations want the people to believe there will be jobs coming for if they knew the truth they would revolt against automation, revolt against the machine and the other sinister reason is corporate in nature too, to sell $tens of thousands in dollars of unneeded education to unsuspecting rubes, India has million of engineers graduating every year and most will work for half of an American wage..

Besides doctors, well, robotics is coming there too, we don`t need lawyers, who can afford to hire them when workers make subsistence pay, engineers, same thing, everything structural has been built and is on computer, bridges, highways and rockets, teaching is under assault, right-wing Governments are pushing for teaching to be done by computer, teachers are now obsolete and here in BC they`re attacked by Government for a decade, we have self serve gas,  self-serve groceries, banking, self serve mining, man-less factories, corporate greed bit by bit through propaganda against the masses have indoctrinated the people`s mind into believing a false future vision of prosperity and purpose when nothing could be further from the truth....

There are no shortages of high tech items, oil, gas, equipment, cars, name me one item or product that hasn`t been made or delivered because of worker or skill shortage.

For corporation`s power will only be there as long as the public believes the lie, once the light-bulb shines truth, once realization of how severe the deception was and is only then will mankind rise against corporate slavemasters and take back their world...

Thanks Kevin Oleary for inspiring this post, for without you telling Canadian and world workers to...Shut the fuck up, get back in line, take your peanuts or starve, back to work there`s millions behind you willing and waiting to replace you, workers are garbage and garbage can be tossed out or thrown in the incinerator...

Thanks for revealing true Corporate ideology to us all Kevin Oleary.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Don F. said...

Kevin Oleary is an idiot sometimes funny on dragon's den but none the less an idiot.
This will come back to bite him when one morning he gets electricuted by his toothbrush that some underpaid tired worker mistakenly forgot an electrical connection that protected him from such a happening, and good riddence to him.
This whole idea that we can get quality workmanship for slave labor wages is bogus on so many levels, there is a reason some people deserve better wages and that reason usually is knowledge.
O.K.Kevin let's see where this goes? ready??

Anonymous said...

Confirmation on why I just cannot stand to look at O'Leary. Have never liked the man as he comes across as "untrustworthy" - much like our Campbell did/does.

Bottom line is I never give the man any air time - deliberately watch other programs. His whole world could disappear I wouldn't know it or care.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand the sight of Oleary either. He wears many faces, and I don't like any of them.

American citizens can work for Caterpillar at much lower wages than we can. Don't forget, Canadians shop in the U.S. and save up to 50%. They also can gas up their vehicles and save mega bucks. Their utilities are much lower than ours. In fact didn't we just get a 6% increase again? The cost of living in the U.S. is a walk in the park compared to Canada's.

Harper refuses to answer, why Canada's cost of living is so much higher in the U.S. Nor, will he answer why our gasoline is so much higher. Harper has no price controls, what-so-ever. Harper has not one excuse in the world. I can only conclude, some must be paying large donations, to keep prices high in Canada.

In BC we get ripped of twice, by Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Harper and Campbell, forced the HST on the BC people. Harper thieves from us, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

Ever since Harper's majority, Canada has regressed. BC's industries have been given to China, along with our jobs.

Anonymous said...

If there's anyone that exudes smarminess, O'Leary sure fits the bill. A face I could never tire of hitting.

Anonymous said...

O'Leary is a barf, kinda like Ezra Levant, only barfier.

e.a.f. said...

Kevin Oleary isn't an idiot he has himself a fine job with the C.B.C. He is an entertainer and not much more. He will continue to say outrageous things as long as he is paid to do so. Who actually knows what he truly thinks.

When people focus on the things Oleary says they are not focusing on changing the poor conditions Canadians are living under.

as they say in show business, I don't care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right. The man currently is on 3 t.v. shows. Any actor would love the job.

What happened with Catepiller is one very good reason that no international company should be given tax dollars to stay in Canada or do business in Canada. There should be no write offs to reduce their taxes. There should be no grants. These free trade capitalists should be forced to live with what they aspouse. It is time to end corporate welfare and keep senior pensions.

If we are to cut pensions lets start with those of the MPs and senators. Harper wants to cut the pension of some citizen who has worked for more than 40 yrs and continue to pay high pensions to M.P.s who sat in the House of Commons for 7 yrs.

Harper himself will receive over $18K a month if he retires at the end of this mandate. Not bad eh? He will receive this pension while he takes on any number of high paying jobs with corporations.

Of course Kevin leary supports all of this. He and Harper come from the same "slime pool". Both of them are a couple of "bad actors".

Anonymous said...

"Kevin Oleary isn't an idiot" but he enjoys sucking on the CBC taxpayer funded teit. The CBC uses this clown and so many others to fill their huge entertainment gaps. Hours of useless programming sprinkled with a few programs of significance. I suggest that instead of messing with the pension fund, perhaps the feds should stop funding this whole network. Perhaps Kevin should be required to spend more of his money on these silly filler shows.Let me know when he get a serious break out of the CBC. I suppose every network has to have its own RW nutjob. Fake or otherwise.
I watched my first episode of "Little Mosque" on a plane the other day and that was the dullest and most plotless show ever. Time to retool this money pit.

Anonymous said...

"If we are to cut pensions lets start with those of the MPs and senators. Harper wants to cut the pension of some citizen who has worked for more than 40 yrs and continue to pay high pensions to M.P.s who sat in the House of Commons for 7 yrs."

Anonymous said...

I don't believe anything Christy and her corrupt bunch say, nor do I believe the "poor me" attitude of the corporate elite corporations/companies, nor Stevie and his corrupt bunch back east and in Alberta.
Everyone should pay attention because you know what? We're all expendable even if you think you're not. It can happen in your own back yard, your only a pawn in this global chess game being played by the governments and elites. The Greece crisis was brought on by the politicians, not the people.