Friday, May 6, 2011

HST Jobs Cost BCer`s $600,000.00 each

Here comes the HST bullshit spinners, the so-called independent review was released earlier this week and besides being full of lies and spin it also proved the the BC Liberals have been lying to us ever since they announced the brutal new tax grab....

Let`s start with the projected job gains by 2020.....Jack flip flop Mintz in his 12 page $12 thousand report suggested that the HST would create 113,000 jobs by 2020....The new report released by Jim Dinning suggests that Jack Mintz was crazy in his forecasts, the Dinning report claims the HST will create a mere 24,000 jobs by 2020, roughly 2400 new jobs per year, well.....Isn`t that interesting considering the Province of BC has lost over 30,000 jobs since the HST came in July 2010 and April`s job numbers were released by Stats Canada today and British Columbia has added no new jobs and actually lost more full time jobs!

The Dinning report, no where in the report did the panel make mention of BC`s job losses, the spinners write reports using selective facts, like ignoring job losses and not connecting the job losses to the HST while at the same time any minute job gains are being called HST jobs......No where has either panel given any weight to the facts on the ground, BC has lost over 30,000 jobs since the HST and gained none!.....The number of jobs forecast by 2020 by the Jim Dinning group(24,000 jobs)...That number is so puny, 2400 hundred jobs per year doesn`t even come close to keeping with population growth.....

Jack Mintz forecast $11 billion in new investment by 2020 in BC because of the HST and now the Dinning report lowers that number down to a couple of $billion dollars of new investment, again the number is puny, site C dam is a $10 billion dollar project, the Port Mann bridge is a $3 billion dollar project, in other words the new investment coming to BC because of the HST is nothing, every new HST report reveals more layers of lies....The Dinning report claims the HST cost BCers $1.4 billion dollars in new taxes every year, if we carry that number forward to 2020....10 years X $1.4 billion dollars = $14 billion dollars in extra HST consumer taxes paid to the Province by 2020.....

Let`s stop right there.....2400 hundred new HST jobs per year at a cost of $1.4 billion in extra HST tax dollars.

That`s right folks, according to Jim Dinning`s report the HST will create 2400 jobs per year and each of those jobs will cost the BC taxpayers $600,000.00 per job!.....$6 hundred thousand dollars to create each and every job,....Divide 2400 jobs by $1.4 billion dollars and each job costs you the taxpayer $600,000.00....That is a losing formula for sure..

And the lies from Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark don`t stop there, we were told over and over again that the HST was revenue neutral to Government but now, according to the Jim Dinning report the fact that the tax base has expanded so has the revenue, the report claims the BC Government after their piddly little rebates to the dirt poor still makes a windfall profit of over $600 million per year in new tax dollars, however...

The Dinning report failed to account for lost tax revenue caused by the rapidly growing underground economy, the Dinning report failed to consider the impact and lost tax dollars of cross-border shopping, the Dinning report also failed to consider the lost tax revenue from the 30,000 lost jobs BC has suffered since the HST was implemented,, the Dinning report also failed to consider lost tax revenue caused by angry consumers who have pulled back on spending...

The Dinning report failed to report the fact that restaurant industry sales numbers are down over 15% across the board, that means fewer tax dollars for the Province and fewer dollars those owners have to spend...

The Dinning report failed as did Jack Mintz in reporting....How many jobs would be created without the HST?..Bear with me...How many jobs would the Province create if the BC consumer had $14 billion more dollars to spend?...For that is how much money is being taken from the consumers by 2020, I suggest that keeping that money in the economy would create more jobs, real jobs...

Norman Specter, early on when Gordon Campbell brought is the HST it was Norman Specter on CKNW who called the HST what it really is...Norman Specter stated..

"The HST IS a tax grab, of course it is, Gordon Campbell is lying" snip

And the Jim Dinning report does one more thing that was political and outside of their mandate, no where was Jim Dinning asked to figure out how to get out of the HST and determine how long it would take to remove the tax, but that didn`t stop Dinning from claiming it would take 18 months to 24 months to get out of, Jim Dinning has no idea how long it would take, that part of the report was fake and political, a Provincial Government could remove the HST in months, all it takes it political will, or should I say political fear for I tell you this...

Christy Clark has continued on with Gordon Campbell`s political agenda and when the political winds tell Christy Clark that she and her party will be sent into early retirement the powers that be WILL remove the phony tax...

So here`s the deal, Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen and all the BC Liberals lied about the HST being revenue neutral, they lied about not negotiating with Ottawa over the HST before the 2009 election ...They lied about the net benefit, they lied about the new investment, they lied about the projected job numbers and after 1 year of HST...

Hundreds of restaurants are closing and sales are down 15% to 22%, thousands of layoffs....No prices have been lowered by business....BC has lost over 30,000 full time jobs since the HST came in...Cross border shopping has never been bigger, huge line-ups heading south every weekend...An underground economy growing by $ billions because of the HST and....

And any jobs being created by the HST are costing taxpayers over $600,000.00 per job.

Jim Dinning and Christy Clark love the HST or should I say their big corporate party donors love the HST, they talk about all the other countries around the world that have the HST, 160 OECD countries, 160 countries who are bankrupt, we would anyone copy a bankrupt nation`s tax policy?...And until our neighbors in Alberta and our Southern neighbors the Americans adopt the HST it will continue to be a big phony bust that stagnates BC`s economy, the proof is in the empirical data...Lost jobs, consumers prices up and $billions of dollars flying east and south..

And lastly...A special message to Christy Clark....What Provinces did the Liberal vote collapse in?..The answer..BC and Ontario...What happened in those Provinces?...Provincial LIBERAL Governments shoved the HST down the people`s throat, it was the HST that destroyed the Federal Liberal machine, Federal Liberals, Provincial Liberals, the public didn`t distinguish and difference....McGuinty will be tossed from office come September of this year(next Ontario Provincial election)...BC will remove Christy Clark and the lying Liberals as soon as we go to the polls!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Lumberron said...

They, the independant panel(snicker) also said it was about $350.00 per family.But they don't mention and in the fine print that a family can be 1 person.My family of 4 is paying at least $2000.00.That doesn't include the extras like the deck that needs repair or the new roof which is needed.That's at least another$800.00.These so called average costs for the average family are a little skewed.We are just trying to survive in this Liberal era and my wife and I both work in decent paying jos and are going backwards.I long for the days when my father worked.Mom stayed at home and we had money for a car,house and summer vacations with 1 decent union wage.Some people cry about the big bad unions but this government has done their job and got rid of these big bad unions.They still harp about the NDP being in the pocket of the pesky unions and they certainly have a lot of the public believing the shit they spread through the msm. But I'll take the old days back in a second and I've worked both sides of the labour market,both union and as an non union owner operator and there is nothing to fear folks.People should just quit believing that work of art Phil Hochstein and the shit he spews.Shouldn't he be up in a tree with a nest cam with that big beak of his.God help us if he ever gets rid of the stash.I hope it's not passed on down.His poor kids.LOL

Anonymous said...

I also like David Schreck in his blog Strategic Thoughts
"HST Panel Report Full of Errors"

JonH said...

Crusty and the BC Liberals biggest fear is if the youth turn out to vote in the next Provincial election. Judging by the way my 17 year old son and his friends talk they're tired of the BC Liberal corruption, lies, and golden handshakes, as well as the future well being that Crusty and her friends have completely destroyed for them. It's really sad that people who vote according to the six o'clock news are the only ones that turn out to vote and the BC Liberals know this.

Anonymous said...

It is not the objective of Harper and Campbell, to do good for the citizens, nor the country. Campbell and Harper have worked hand in hand for, the greediest giant corporations in the world.

What good did Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, do for the citizens? Nothing. What good did Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers do for the citizens? That purpose was, Campbell and his business buddies self greed. Our hydro will go up to 53% higher.

The every day BC people and Canadians, are of no value. To Harper and Campbell, we are only objects to thieve from , to give to big business. None of BC peoples assets and resources, were for the citizens.

Don't think the Enbridge pipeline or the dirty Chinese tankers, will benefit the BC people either. They have their experienced pipeline workers. BC takes all the risks of oil spills, and gains nothing. We certainly know pipelines burst. We know tankers spill. Harper and Campbell work very closely with China. We also know China bought a huge chunk of the tar sands. Believe you me, this is all for China, and Harper, and nothing for the citizens.

We know Campbell is a criminal. Harper had a convicted felon working for him. The Conservatives are in contempt of the House. Both of them use very dirty tactics.

I doubt Canada will stay a sovereign country. Harper is giving Canada to, the huge company's, he and Campbell work for.

Anonymous said...

I remember the family laughing about, Hansen's stacked HST panel. We all knew the outcome, right from day one. That was as much of a farce as, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial was. The BC people knew, the HST would kill the province and the people, and it did.

Campbell, Hansen and Harper, are rotten to the core with corruption. And, Harper tries to pass himself off as a Christian. That is the joke of the century.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that now, like most people who can, I avoid paying any tax at all. Thanks to the extreme shortsightedness of the incompetent BC Liberal government, I now buy out of province or from the US and save thousands of dollar.

Yes, previously I would have bought in BC and helped the BC economy - but there is no way I will help fund the illegitimate BC Liberal government or it's greedy trough feeding big business supporters.

Wherever possible I buy out of province now. I have some home improvements coming up - I will have to pay HST on the materials. I will do the work myself or hire someone to do the work and the BC government will lose out as no further tax is going to be paid.

The underground economy is growing at a fast rate - everyone wants to work for cash nowadays. The government is loosing money big time and screwing the people of British Columbia at the same time.

That is what happens when a dishonest, incompetent and corrupt government gets into power.


Anonymous said...

What really chokes me is, the BC judges demanding salary increases right over the top. I think the BC judges should be purged, to get rid of their corruption. Some deserve to be fired, and should be.

Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was a total farce. Tried in a corrupt court, by a corrupt judge.

The judges in BC should be getting a salary cut, not a raise. The judges letting the RCMP off for their crimes, should also be fired. A raise indeed, I certainly hope not.

Anonymous said...

The giant corporations don't care where we shop, they own it all.

BC is pretty much stripped down to the bones. Our assets and natural resources, go to the huge company's, we citizens gain nothing. Even our rivers were thieved and sold. All we gain from that, is our hydro will go up 53%.

The Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China. This invasion does nothing for the people, and it is our province that will bear the brunt of the oil spill.

Same as Harper and Campbell plotting on, drilling oil and gas wells off BC's coast. Again it is the huge corporations, Harper works for, that benefit. The fact there was a 6.1 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte's, doesn't deter them a jot.

Harper had also left the back door open, for the expansion of the Prosperity mine. That can be reapplied for.

I find a lot of humor, we are not going to be allowed to use pesticides, on our lawns and gardens. But, it's fine to dump toxic mine waste into a lake. It's fine to spill oil in rivers and oceans.

I wonder what they have to say about, the Alberta dirty tar sands? The caribou are dying. First Nations people are dying of cancer. Athabasca Lake has deformed fish. The mighty Athabasca River has oil in it. The Athabasca watershed is now contaminated. Another flock of ducks died landing in the tar sands filthy sludge. But, no, no, no, absolutely no pesticides in our yards. I don't use them anyway. I get info off the net for natural remedies. But, does that not proove, just how stupid our governments are.

Crankypants said...

Colin Hansen and Gordo both extolled the benefits the HST would have on the cost of goods. Well, they have obviously lied. If anything, prices have escalated since July 1,2010.

What makes it even more depressing is the fact that in early 2009 the Canadian dollar was valued at a little over $.60 compared to the US dollar. Since then, our dollar is now above par and yet prices fail to fall. Prices should have fallen regardless of whether we had the HST or not, and yet nada. That would lead me to believe that the business sector will charge whatever the public will bear regardless of taxation policies.

The HST is based on BS baffles brains, and nothing more. It must be voted down during the referendum.


SteelGate said...

"...countries around the world that have the HST, 160 OECD countries, 160 countries who are bankrupt..."

I am only aware of 34 members of OECD. I'm curious on where you get 160?
Check it out here ->,3417,en_36734052_36761800_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Hugh said...

If the HST is so great, why does the Federal Govt have to bribe the provinces to implement it?

Grant G said...

Actually...Kevin Falcon uses the phrase

"140 countries around including most OECD countries all use a value added tax system"

The point being,you can`t have it both ways...On one hand both the Feds and the Province claim we are in better shape than any country in the world...On the other they claim we must adopt the regressive HST or be left behind.

Your attitude Steelgate is alarming..

The Christy Clark Liberals lied about everything on the HST, the cost, the economic benefit, the consumer hit, revenue neutral, future jobs..

We don`t manufacture anything, our neighbors have no such tax, it`s a bad tax period and you are worried about 140 or 160 countries...

Go tell Kevin Fuckhead Falcon to stop lying on everything ...The HST doesn`t lower the price of our exports, that`s a lie...Our exports are tied too world commodity prices period and big mac burgers cost the same in every Province in Canada whether they have HST or not, not one price has dropped or will drop because of the HST, you can drink the Kool-Aid, I won`t..

Good Day

JonH said...

Grant, SteelGate seems to prove the point of my previous post. Most of the people whom are voting in this Province believe everything the BC Liberals say on their infomercial 6 o'clock MSM Newshour without question but when someone questions the facts behind the statements that person must be wrong because "I heard it on the news so it must be true". I swear it's becoming more apparent in this Province that once you're over fifty years of age (like myself) the majority of us loose all logic, get set in our ways and have the attitude of "I'm doing fine so don't change anything". Without any regard for anyone else, the children's future or the well being of the less fortunate.

SteelGate said...

Grant, I agree that BC Liberals are pathetic liars on about anything they speak. You were embellishing the facts when you went from Kevin Falcon's quote:
"140 countries around including most OECD countries all use a value added tax system"


"...countries around the world that have the HST, 160 OECD countries, 160 countries who are bankrupt..."

This is no different than what the Liberals do.

I find it amusing that you find my desire for truth & facts alarming.

Good day to you sir.

Anonymous said...

I think what Wikileaks said about, the N.A.U. is going to be initiated, is very, very scary.

The U.S.A. will have Canada as their largest state. They said, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, will be the North American Union. The currency will be, the Amero dollar.

It was said, there will be aqua ducts built, to send water to the states. Canada already supplies water to some of the states and Mexico. Water is becoming, liquid gold. Canada seems to be determined to poison our clean drinking water. The Athabasca water shed, has been poisoned by the Alberta dirty tar sands.

I hope Wikileaks got this wrong. But, what has been going on, all falls into line and fits like a glove.

I also read, the internet will be monitored. I know politicians hate the internet. They don't want their corruption, to be shared among the citizens. Harper, especially hates the net.

Harper did say, by the time he was finished with Canada, we won't recognize our country. How true, there will be no Canada left to recognize.

Anonymous said...

Long-term neocon goal:

Anonymous said...

What decent citizens are up against, is almost overwhelming.

We have corrupt government officials. Corrupt courts, corrupt judges, corrupt police, BC Elections is corrupt, media propaganda machines, for the lying politicians, henchmen sent to stop students from voting, dirty tactics, ballots marked in pencil, unfair taxes, dictatorship, our ignored Constitution, Civil Rights and Liberties taken away from us. Democracy obliterated.

Harper dragged Canada into two wars, to stop our kind of crap from happening in other country's. I think Harper needs to clean himself and this country's own backyard up, before he dictates to other country's, to stop their corruption, and their undemocratic styles of government. What an utter farce.


spellcheck said...

Clark's campaign twitter feed showed up on government website today:

A minor furore showed up on Twitter (#bcpoli) about this.

Feed has been removed now, but, as you can see, campaigning on a government website did happen today.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this:

Anonymous said...

Chuckle of the month.

Christy is going to ban the use of pesticides, on our lawns and gardens. However, she is going to push for the expansion of, the Prosperity mine. Dumping poison in a lake is acceptable to her, but, no pesticides on our property's.

I wonder what Christy's thoughts on, the dirty tar sands are? Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China, could be one hell of a pesticide. Everything in the oils path, perishes. The pipeline burst out of Edmonton, the burst into a Michigan river, all leaches into the eco system. Tanker spills are common these days. The Gulf spill, was a huge pesticide. So are explosions, in the off shore wells.

I use non toxic natural pesticides. There are many recipes on the net.