Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Christy Clark Promises to Shift $2 Billion Dollars in Taxes Back to Corporations(when pigs fly)

Well well well, the big announcement, the highly vaunted HST fix, Christy Clark made a big announcement two weeks ago about making today`s big announcement, what could it be, can Christy Clark Campbell throw a Hail Mary and turn lemons into lemonade, the answer is no, in fact I believe Christy Clark just pulled a Gordo...Lookee here, lookee there, nothing up my sleeve, no strings, no wires or mirrors just a desperate lying Government who just had a 70%  negative rating on ethics and accountability in a recent Ipsos Reid poll isasking us to "Trust Them"....Sheesh, does Christy cluck cluck Clark really think she could pull off a "Gordo" type televised 15% tax cut or a "Gordo" type carbon tax $100 dollar cheques.....Only time will tell...

Bill Good is already blowing the trumpet and touting Government success, yes indeed folks, Billy Boy Good is full BC Liberal Kool-Aid over the "Clark Fix"....The $175 dollar one-time rebate for families with one child, $350 dollars one-time rebate for families with two children.....But that is where Bill Good and the media first started lying, for if you have three children or four or five children under 18 years of age you max out at the same $350 dollar one-time rebate and yes, if your children are 19..20...25...30...35  and live at home you get nothing, if you are a single middleclass worker you get nothing, so now this fix has created more gaps, also, if you are making $millions per year and living in the British properties and have children under 18 years of age that person will receive the same up to $350 dollar one-time rebate, Bill Good and others have been saying every child under 18 will receive $175 rebate, that is not how the documents read, the rebates are for "Families".....The Dinning report stated that quote "Families" are out $350 dollars per year, Dinning and the BC Government don`t distingquish a difference between a family of 2 children against a family of 8 children, ......So already the BC Government is playing loosey goosey with the facts,.....

So theorectically Christy Clark is asking the same voters who got stabbed in the back by Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals time and time again from carbon taxes, ferry fares, MSP premiums, hydro rates and an HST that wasn`t on anyone`s radar to trust her to lower the rate by 1 % percentage point in July 2012 and then remove another 1% percentage point by 2014 .....I do believe that Christy is begging us to trust her to lower the HST by 2% percentage points in 3 years and to offset the loss of revenue Christy Clark and the Big Business backed BC Liberals are going to raise corporate tax rates by 2% points...

HA HA...That is too funny, the pure hypocrisy, let`s examine a few quick facts, the BC Liar party  claimed that BC had to adopt the HST or we would be crushed by Ontario in a competitive market, we were also told that business NEEDED the HST to compete in a "Global economic world"..We were told that we must improve the business and investment atmosphere in BC and lower business taxes and adopt a VAT tax that every other country in the world has already done(Not Alberta or the U.S.A.  our nearest neighbors)....

So on one hand the Christy Clark Liberals lied about the need for the HST, they lied about it being revenue neutral, they lied about negotiating with Ottawa on the HST before the last election, and now the party that lives off of corporate donations is expecting us to believe that the BC Liberal Government is going to "Shift"  nearly $2billion dollars per year on the backs of their corporate friends to pay for the 1% then 1% (By 2014)..HA HA.....Are you kidding me!...

Don`t you see how pathetic this is, this will most certainly backfire and as far as I`m concerned it makes the BC Liberals look fiscal idiots, Gordon Campbell shifted $2 billion dollar from business onto the the backs of the middle class and now the BC Liberals are claiming they are going to shift $2 billion dollars back to big business....Are you kidding me....Why did they shift in the first place and why isn`t big business and industry howling about this announcement today, the BC Liberals just promised to lower taxes in the future for middleclass people and make big business pay the shortfall...HA HA...Big business isn`t howling because they don`t believe a word of it, big business knows a political public con-job when they hear one, this bullshit announcement doesn`t address the earlier claims about the HST paying for increased health and education budgets and now....

And now when the the Province of BC is running multi $billion dollar deficits last year, this year, next year and magically the Christy clucking Liberals are promising lower tax rates for families and higher rates for business, first off every political party throughout history has promised lower taxes and very few have ever delivered and there is one more thing that makes my blood boil, Kevin Falcon, Colin Hansen, Bill Good, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, what have they been telling us for years?..."Big business doesn`t pay taxes, the consumer does, if business taxes are raised they pass on that increase to consumers"....Now the Liberals claim they are going to tax their political donors to pay for middleclass tax cuts, that`s ridiculous on so many levels, number one, the BC Liberals will never raise corporate tax rates, all those arguments about corporations passing on taxes to consumers, that was the whole argument for the HST .....This merry-Go-Round is getting pathetic, we have the BC Government bribing us with our own tax dollars and threatening to raise corporate taxes by $billions per year and all you have to do is vote for keeping the HST and "trust" Christy Gordon Campbell Clark......

On a final note, the original Gordon Campbell/Stephen Harper HST deal they signed, in the agreement the BC Government had the option of lowering the rate by 1% percentage point in 2012...(Go figure)...And in the original deal the BC Government could reduce the HST(Provincial PST side) by a further 1% percentage point by 2014 (go figure again).....In other words, Christy Clark`s amazing Hail Mary pass is nothing but a recital of potential possibilities that exist in the original BC Liberal/Federal Conservative HST deal.....Those options already exist....And if the world economy and the BC economy aren`t clicking every promise is thrown out the window,...."Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"...Fool me and lie to me a 100 times and you must be a BC Liberal...

Sorry Cluck Cluck, this move will backfire, the public will never believe that you will raise corporate taxes so you can lower people taxes, that was the whole argument for the HST in the first place, a $2 billion dollar per year tax shift from business to consumers and now you promise to shift the taxes back to corporations....

And what type of disaster will this create in the new housing market, what about families with no kids, what about families with 10 kids, kids that are 18..19...20....What about sending out cheques to millionaires, it`s no wonder your stints in universities garnered you nothing but "Incomplete grades"....The same grade I`m giving you phony HST fix.

Now this really would be a headline for the ages...."BC Liberals raise corporate taxes"...

"When pigs fly"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


cherylb said...

Oh well. Billy Boy also predicted the Citizens' Initiative would fail and he was wrong about that too!

I have never seen a government so desperate in my life. When was the last time a single issue took up so much energy for so long? Scared, scared, scared and because they have been caught lying so many times they can't win.

Anonymous said...

Right Grant.

Big businesses paid big bucks to Campbell, to fight to keep the HST. The lying, the dirty tactics used against the BC people, by Campbell and the BC Liberals, funded by Hochstein and etal. Hmmmm. Well the reduction of the HST isn't in this century. What is Campbell's partner in crime, Harper going to say about this?

BC Mary said...

SPECTRE1 says:

The last two weeks have seen and heard our "cute & perky" premier run parallel media coverage with the Vancouver Canucks' quest for Lord Stanley's, or more appropriately for BC . . . The Christy Cup.
In the meantime the NDP and its leader Adrian Who have disappeared from the hearts and minds of God Fearing BC Hockey Fans faster than the Ottawa Senators.
Now that its the finals, BC's Evita Peron/Madonna (aka Christy Clark) . . . will be sticking so close to the Canucks on their crusade for the holy grail of hockey . . . you would think they all were sharing the same thong.

It is no stretch to consider the BC Liberal caucus and cabinet meeting directly from the corporate box at Roger's Arena.
For those away from home games, the team will likely at taxpayer's expense have BC's Queen of Hockey and her son Hamish Gretzky helping to guide the Canucks to victory.
And we may even see Canada's King of Hockey and greatest strategist of all time, Stephen the First, in Vancouver also sharing a corporate box and battle plan or two with the future first female Conservative Prime Minister of Canada.

But why all this line of hockey crap??!!

Hockey in Canada is like Bibles, Guns and the Flag in America, and recent political-history has taught us you can never get enough of any of this on either side of the 49th.
So if the Canucks win . . . The Christy Cup you can bet the BC Liberals and the Queen of Hockey will pick up 50,000+ extra puck-head votes in the upcoming election.
If the Canucks lose then watch Christy dump her stick in the Delta Landfill and become BC's Queen of Football, standing hip to hip with Dennis Skulsky and his BC Lions of capitalism.

Anonymous said...

I think you are giving the BC public too much credit. I'm guessing the HST and th BC Libs will be sticking around... That's my prediction. Not my preference.

Crankypants said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, but I also think that this "FIX" was brought out in this fashion for another reason.

After seeing clips of Falcon flapping his gums, the message was that the Liberals support a 10% HST while the NDP support a 12% combined GST/PST. I think that the Liberals are laying the groundwork for the next general election. When you consider that they have already purloined NDP ideas such as increasing the minimum wage, cancelling pay parking in Provincial parks and floating the idea of using the carbon tax for transit, they have been positioning themselves for the next election. Think about it, would the Liberals rather lose the HST vote and retain power by winning the next election or win the HST vote and lose their grip on power.

The revenue losses by losing the HST could easily be made up by the stealth taxes they have employed in the past using the Crown Corporations as their vehicle of choice. If anyone thinks that the trial balloon tossed out by ICBC regarding having motorists losing their safe driving discounts by getting one moving violation was the idea of ICBC's executives alone, then I've still probably got some BCRIC shares to sell you. Yes, Shirley Bond may have not known about it, but I will bet anything that her predecessor was in on it from the getgo. Unfortunately our vaunted MSM reporters are either too lazy, too stupid, or too biased to get the real story. As a matter of fact, the quick cancellation of this ploy also played into the hands of the BC Liberals. It makes Christy Clark and Shirley Bond look like heroes and fits right in with Christy's families first agenda.

There is an old saying "to beware of people bearing gifts", and as far as I'm concerned, when they come from a politician's mouth, the recommended response is to run as fast as one can.


Anonymous said...

Willy says:

I have noticed that,if you take the eye glasses off Kevan Falcon,and put a black moustache on him..then mute the TV...he has the same antics as Adolf Hitler

What goes around,comes around....

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals totally lack dignity. They lie, you dare not take their word for any endeavor. Such as the HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar. Hansen's stacked HST panel. Watching Hansen in the Legislature, turned my stomach. The BC Liberals have no respect for the legislature, what-so-ever.

Underhanded tactics are obvious, in all their dealings with the BC people. Campbell thought nothing of, thieving the BCR and selling it. Campbell thieved and sold, everything he could get his hands on. The trial of the BCR, was a total farce. held in a corrupt court. Presided over, by a corrupt judge, who allowed, the brain dead witness, Martyn Brown.

Even the Liberal criminal charges, don't even phase them. How many BC ministers have been, under investigation, from Campbell's time in office and on? I have actually lost count.

Christy is every bit as underhanded as Campbell is. She cheats to win too. Resorting to have a photo shoot, outside the election hall doors. Calling Eby dirty names, that was most disgusting. Well we know from other postings, Christy is no lady. She totally lacks any dignity.

The corruption of, Craig James of Elections BC. We can't trust him on any of the votes. Falcon and De Jong are disgusting. In fact the BC Liberals are disgusting, period. They fully deserve our contempt.

How were these people brought up? Why do they have such a lack, of good character? It just boggles me.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself:

Lies and deceit just continues with the corrupt bunch in charge.
Read your referendum ballot VERY CAREFULLY when it arrives. YES, I want the HST gone.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals still lack any credibility. You simply cannot debate with liars and the only way to solve this whole issue is to get rid of the HST and go from there. Putting Christy Campbell's face on it doesn't change a thing.

Elwood said...

Grant, I heard Brian about to speak to the three stooges Friday on 'NW's 'Edge of the Ledge' and was looking forward to having Brian take the three stooges down but then the phone line went dead.

What happened?!!!

Anonymous said...

The government brought in HST under false pretences. It lied about talking to the federal government about HST during the last election campaign, and about its intentions to bring in the HST afterward. The people of British Columbia were not given the chance to have a fair discussion about the merits of this tax, because the game was rigged against them. We genuinely need to identify and clear away the crimes against democracy committed by the BC government. That’s what this is about. Only after that will it be appropriate to sit down and discuss whether HST or GST+PST is a better deal for the people of BC.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Vote to get rid of the HST, read the question carefully.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Grant.

I am listening to the Legislature today. I am stunned by the blatant lies, coming out of the BC Liberals mouths. Leckstrom, now favors the HST. Christy refused to answer the questions on, Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR. Falcon said, he has had countless calls, from restaurant owners really loving the HST. Mr. Mikes and The Pantry restaurants are closing their doors, the HST has killed them.

I really doubt the referendum, will be honest on the BC Liberals side. Leckstrom has said, not to judge the HST on our emotions, but on facts. We know the facts. We are forced to live with these facts. The HST is killing, Christy's families she has said, come first with her. Seniors can't make ends meet. The blue collar family's are struggling.

We are hearing all of the lies, the HST ads are peddling on TV. The people are coming around and loving the HST. Can you believe that? We are going to have to think of something to combat the BC Liberals. If anything, the lies are getting worse and worse.

How were these BC Liberals, brought up at home? If i were one of their parents, i would be totally ashamed of them.

Anonymous said...

What the young people are watching:

"RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America "

Grant G said...

Yea I know Elwood...Those effing Friday stooges cut me off again...They know they can`t ban me from the airwaves....So what they do is put me on the air and cut me off after I begin to speak...

Bill Good had a real Good chuckle with Nick Osinski after they cut my phone line...Palmer..Baldrey and Billy Good are gutless cowards...

They know they can`t compete with me...So they cheat...

I finally got my new computer running again...

New post tomorrow..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

notdarkyet has said the following, and I couldn't have said it any better:

It is all about trust

I am trying my best to see both sides of the HST. Because I cannot see one side being more convincing than the other, I have to look at who is telling me what.

Do I believe the Liberals who have lied since 2001?

Do I believe big corporations as they stare into my eyes and say "we are here for the little guy; profits mean nothing to us."

Do I believe all those business council ads on TV who would have us believe that their gain will eventually help us?

Or do I believe the anti-HST crowd who seem to have nothing personal to gain from their stance?

And I am particularly angry at our "new" premier who turns every statement into a families first comment as if the rest of the world is anti-family.

She is a joke.

And my comment: The lieberals cannot be trusted. Will we learn from the past 10 years? Costs of everything up, tolls, fees, etc. Lie upon lie.

Anonymous said...


Google Blogger gang still won't let me post at your site, just sends my comment back to Goggle Blogger over and over. I also cannot read your post May 30, read it once and now it's gone too.

I am trying Anonymous again.


Anonymous said...

From Jean:

TOWN HALL MEETING RE HST with Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney

Thursday, June 2
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

At: Kwantlen Polytechnic University
12666 – 72 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.

Vote YES, to get rid of the HST.