Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BC Legislature, House of Horrors

I can`t help but feel lost and confused, surely the public hasn`t fallen for this foolishness, here we are in a brand new session of the BC Legislature, Christy Clark made her public debut in the house, the media applauded and declared Crusty the winner over Adrian Dix with her non-answer on funding legal services for downtown eastside residents who want their voices heard in the Picton inquiry.....

Christy Clark made a speech in response to a question in question period from Adrian Dix and the media never even blinked an eye over the fact she avoided answering the question, same old Gordon Campbell only in a skirt, then the following day Christy Clark uses closure and shuts down debate on the so-called "HST fix"....The BC Liberals are also shutting down the entire legislature this Thursday ...That means no debate and or in-depth questioning during estimate debates, for gawd sakes, the Legislature has barely been open three weeks in the last year and when Christy Clark can finally answer questions she no sooner soaked up some applause then ordered the shuttering of the people`s house.....

I watched the legislature channel today including question period, when Adrian Dix asked Christy a question on her HST fix she avoided the question, she made a speech and finished off her non-answer with..."The NDP want a 12% tax and we Liberals want a 10% tax"......Christy played the same non-answer game as Campbell always did, all the BC Liberals play the non-answer game, the question doesn`t matter, the seriousness, nothing matters except playing the game, when Christy Clark made her "shelve the twelve" remark in her non-answer speech during question period the entire BC Liberal caucus erupted in applause.....

The same group of spineless jellyfish who lied for the last year about the HST being revenue neutral, the same liars who claimed prices would drop, jobs would be created are now applauding Christy Clark for "fixing" the HST and making it better....Better?...Really?...The Dinning report said families are out $350 dollars per year on "basic expenditures" excluding big ticket labour extensive purchases or new real estate.....So this so called fix....

Dinning claims families are out $350 dollars per year, but Dinning doesn`t specify what a family is so a one child family(under 18) will receive a one-time $175 cheque in the mail,(sometime late this year)....So a one child family only receives $175...How come?...A two child family will receive a cheque for $350 dollars if both children are under 18 years of age.....So a three person family only gets half of what a four person family receives...Why?..They are three quarters of the four person family....Also, it hasn`t been advertised but large families max out at $350 dollars too...The BC Liberals have been real vague on that aspect of this "fix"...Families with 8 kids under 18 years of age will not receive $1400 dollars...It`s $350 dollars per family max, unless you have one child then it turns into $175 dollars, most families have but 1 child today,...

Harvey Oberfeld and a few other bloggers have been quick to point out that.....The Dinning report claims families(unspecified) are out $350 dollars per year on daily normal purchases, well.....We will have had the HST for a year come this July, there`s the first $350 dollars what about July 1 2011 through July 1 2012, what about the second year`s worth $350 dollars?...What about 2013 and 2014...That number in the Dinning report goes down to $175 dollars for two more years(if the HST gets lowered to 11^%), so even if you want to believe Dinning`s numbers ($350 per year per family)...We will have two years worth of $350..$350....and two more years of $175...$175....For a grand total of $1050 dollars excluding any major purchases involving labour or service....$1050 out of your pocket on "normal Daily" purchases and Christy cluck cluck Clark is returning $350 back....

So I`m watching the legislature channel...The camera pans the house, ....John Les with his upside down smile,...Kash Heed stood to present a petition....Kevin Falcon stares at Christy like she`s a God,...Jane Thorthwaite has chair duty for estimate debates(a $12K per year perk)...In fact all the BC Liberals are getting perks outside their cabinet pay, MLA pay,....Then there is Don McCrae from the Comox valley, the man must be on drugs, he rolls his eyes and laughs, it`s like he is playing in a comedy skit, perhaps he is, I suggest McCrae get tested for heavy pharmaceutical use....It really is funny in a way, Pat Bell, Shirley Bond, Falcon, Ida Chong, they applaud all the non-answers in the house like trained monkeys, they laugh and tee-hee like the legislature is a joke, the NDP attempt to raise serious issues and the grueling Government makes a mockery of Democracy....And the saddest part is how the media gives them a free pass on everything...

The audacity of the lying BC Liberals to stand and crow about fixing an HST that they have lied about for the last year, they were caught red-handed lying over and over again about the HST and now they crow away about a 10% HST that won`t ever arrive in BC and the non-existent press in BC let them get away with it...How stupid are the people, I would personally like to slap Baldrey, Palmer, Bill Good, all of them....They come across like this tiny fix has made people whole and improved their lives,....I must be dreaming, no cheques have been sent out, the tax hasn`t been lowered, the tax will never be lowered to 10% by the BC Liberals yet the media are claiming not only are the people whole but they are claiming the public will be ahead $120 dollars per year come 2015.....2015, are you kidding me!....My Gawd people, my Gawd media, how effing stupid do you think we are....The next election is scheduled for May of 2013 so theoretically you would have to vote for another BC Liberal majority in 2013 to see the so-called "fix" to come too fruition...Sheesh.

But what I find hilarious....Christy Clark used closure in the house and rammed through her HST "fix" bill and closed debate...Are you kidding me!...They waste legislative time in another ultra short session and ram through an HST fix-it bill that doesn`t even start until 2012 and doesn`t complete until 2014....Are you kidding me..What was the importance of this phony HST "fix"...There was no importance except for the media, the media have jumped on board with "shelve the twelve" slogan, oh indeed, the dreaded NDP want a 12% combined tax and the BC Liberals want a 10% tax...Can the media really be that sad, can they really promote something over three years away as fact or a done deal...Look how quickly Gordon Campbell went on TV and announced a 15%  income tax cut when he was in trouble, look how quickly that tax measure got taken away when the public rebuked Gordo, easy come easy go, HST tax changes don`t need 4 years of preparation, the entirety of the "fix" bill was nothing but an exercise of using a compliant media to hoodwink an obvious gullible public..

Christy Clark has flip-flopped on the HST so many times, she said she wouldn`t bribe the voters ahead of the 3 month long referendum with promising lowering the rates or rebates, perhaps she hasn`t bribed the voters, after all everything is way off in the future.....Bill Good argued with callers last week who said that Clark and the BC Liberals will never lower the HST to 10% or raise corporate taxes..... then Billy Good pipes up with  "the BC Liberal Government would never go back on their word, it would be political suicide"...Really Bill Good, like not selling BC Rail or tearing up contracts or bringing us the HST....What really bothers me with our useless media is....Why no criticism of Government on taxation, taxation should never be forecast for the future, for if, make that when the world falls back into recession Government revenues will plummet, corporations won`t pay any tax and gather up loses which they will use for future tax write-offs....

For the media to applaud taxation promises 4 years and another election date away is bordering on the absurd!...Can anyone tell me what the Christy Clark HST fix is?  Can anyone tell me what Christy Clark has done with her HST "fix"....She has no money now to send the public, these $175 for a three person half family and $350 dollar for a whole family aren`t being sent out until the end of the year, that`s funny, the BC Government is waiting for the final installment of the HST bribe from Ottawa, we are set to receive the $675 million dollar final payment in November,....The gall of scaring the public with fears of slash and burning of services if we have to pay back Ottawa the HST bribe after we reject the HST in the referendum .....After fear mongering for months on returning the bribe money to Ottawa to use the same bribe money and splash it around the province in an effort to curry support for the job killing economy stifling tax.....The hypocrisy is utterly amazing.....Wakey wakey media!

When Adrian Dix proposed raising corporate taxes the BC Liberals including Cluck cluck Clark and especially Kevin Falcon cried how investment would leave the province, jobs would be lost, how totally incompetent the NDP are to even consider raising corporate taxes and now that Christy Clark has mused about raising corporate taxes Falcon has embraced the tax raising(It will never happen)...Why hasn`t Marc Jaccard come out swinging, what about the Fraser institute, what about small business getting their income tax rate reduction "Promise" from the BC Liberals from two years ago taken away, small business was promised a 0% small business tax, that promise has just been broken, why aren`t the media hollering about that broken tax promise.....That`s another reason why taxes and tax rates changes should never be promised off into the future, shit happens, economies rise and fall as do Government revenues.

I feel like I am beating my head against a wall, I write these stories, I point out the hypocrisy, the flip-flops, the lies, Jack Mintz..Marc Jaccard..Michael Levy..Michael Campbell...Sam and all the other "economists"....How many of these "economists" predicted the Wall street rip off, where were the warnings about sub prime loans, $trillions in triple AAA securities sold around the world that are worthless, where were the "economists"...How good are the VAT tax countries doing, economists, rating agencies, OPEC, when have economists ever had it right?....Remember the original GST tax?..It too was supposed to be revenue neutral, it raised $30 billion per year for the Feds, the HST is the same damn thing, $billions in new taxation, $billions taken from the public, $billions that won`t come back to BC because....With any tax thousands of little guys collect the tax, they send it off and for whatever reason they don`t claim it or under claim it, The Canada revenue agency (CRA) doesn`t volunteer tax advice and inform clients how to max out...The BC tax dollars will pile up in Ottawa and you can thank the BC Liberals for that.

Yes indeed, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python and the silly walk, we have our silly legislature, questions are asked and no answers returned, promises are made that never see the light of day, the chamber of commerce, the board of trade, Phil Hocstein, John Winters, Vancouver Sun, Global, CTV, CKNW...All of them will sing the BC Liberal Chorus and never criticize while if the NDP ever said corporate taxes will rise, minimum wage will rise, they would be blasted in every media circle and called fiscal idiots....

The HST is a fraud, I will vote YES to extinguishing the HST, as will my entire family.

The HST rate reduction will never happen under the BC Liberals and I for one will not applaud promises that won`t take affect for almost 4 years from now...."Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"

The new sensation, the BC Liberals killed debate on another bill, the Yale treaty, a whole 3 hours were allowed to debate the bill, the HST "fix" bill had debate cut off and Thursday evening the Legislature will be closed again until fall or even later, could you imagine if the NDP used closure on these contentious bills, shut the legislature down, refused to answer questions.....The media in BC are complicit with aiding and abetting criminals and thus should be punished, no penalty or punishment would be too harsh, including death!

P.S....On the news tonight the Evergreen line has been postponed for another year, how many times was that promised, almost as many times as the long promised new Surrey hospital that was supposed to be built and up and running by 2009....2011 and still nothing...!

It`s going to take a loss of life before the media and politicians stop lying and screwing the public, the blatant lying in the legislature, the non answers, a compliant media waving pom poms while they actively work at harming the public in a mass fraud....The day will come when someone snaps, media and Government continue to present the lamest excuses and lies and expect the public to lap it up....Case in point, the BC media promoting an HST fix for 2014....

It doesn`t get any lamer than that!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

Reality is that Question Period has become nothing more than theatre. If the Speaker was truly acting as a neutral entity, he would demand that the person questioned answer the query, not pontificate.

I am much more concerned about the use of closure on debates. We, the taxpayer and voter, pay an inordinate amount of our earnings to support the operation of the Legislature and elect people that are supposed to represent our interests. As I see it, the Legislature may as well be torn down due to the lack of use. We would be better served if the government utilized a few portables such as those many of our kids get educated in nowadays for the few days they are actually dealing with the governance of British Columbia.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting facts on the British Poll Tax of 1990 - which, it is believed, led to the downfall of Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister.


Similar events and methods need to be applied here in British Columbia since the BC Liberal government are documented liars and cannot be trusted. When a dishonest government pulls out all the stops to hang on to power, anything goes. They will corrupt all within their power to achieve the desired results - hence the ineffectual and biased Elections BC.

People need to take this protest of the HST tax very seriously. It has been shown (in the UK) that protest works.

If the people of BC aren't prepared to take on the crooked government and the business leaders, then they (the public) deserve the screwing they will get.

After a Decade of Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit - one would hope that the public would have learned by now. Just complaining and bellyaching will achieve nothing but raising blood pressures.

Whatever happens now - is as much the fault of the public as it is the BC Liberal government.

Time for BC people to take back it's province from the clutches of greedy business and a crooked and corupt government.

Read the backround on the British Poll Tax and the ensuing rioting - it worked.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Legislature building should be sold. I don't even want to know how many millions it costs tax payers, to maintain the Legislature building. The Liberals should just rent an Elks hall, once a year for a sitting, or once every two years. The lies i heard coming out of the Liberals mouths, was sickening. The BC Liberals have made a mockery of the Legislature, and everything it is supposed to stand for. The BC citizens are in a fascist dictatorship regime. We don't need a Legislature building. This is another situation of, the BC Liberals pissing our tax dollars away.

I too watched the Legislature. Seems Falcon had every restaurant in BC calling him, to say how much they love the HST. Mr. Mikes and The Pantry, are closing down their chains all across BC. The HST killed them too.

People from all over the province, are telling the BC Liberals, how much they love the HST. Leckstrom, now loves the HST too. The BC Liberals, are stuck in a love mold. What a farce.

BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. The BC Liberals are the worst, most corrupt and evil politicians, ever known in recorded history.

I really think, there should be a petition, to sell the Legislature building. It's a useless waste of our tax dollars. The BC Liberal crime family, has thieved enough from the people.

Anonymous said...

The only debate I look foreward to is an election this fall. Spin that, Chrispy!

Anonymous said...


And the lying, deception continue to this day!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And thanks to Ian over at Real Story:

I’m on my way to Toronto to see the new docs Monday. We can use the first class lounge as the husband flies so much he has one of those cards that does that.

I don’t drink in the morning. I don’t drink after chemo so the lounge in the morning means free yoghurt and granola plus a banana and the papers but I’m very okay with that.

And I get to hang with the business types talking a little too loudly on their cells, but damnit this morning I’m surrounded by them, in particular a woman and a guy wandering around the chair pods describing in minute detail some meeting last night. Can’t concentrate on the paper, might as well listen.

So I concentrate on the woman who’s describing a meeting. An HST meeting. No, she organized the meeting. She’s in fact surrounded by the team that organized the meeting. It’s the government’s team of consultants working on the HST.

The HST team is flying first class. This project is well funded by the people of BC. I pick out Sam Corea who used to work at Vanoc and ICBC. There’s four more I think.

Back to the meeting: “we got our folks out… there were a couple NDP.” The Senator gave him shit, went up one side…” Nancy Green Raine was in Kamploops to give VZ shit.

Listening for ten minutes I take away this impression: Behind the “You decide” branding is a different, highly political strategy. The real strategy is motivate our side, set up attacks on their side. Key attendees are recruited to serve that strategy and they guide the conversation not the neutral meeting faces.

The meeting organizers talk about “our” side and “their” side and most attendees appear to be heavily recruited from lists used like I would use an election list, focusing on their persuadables. Maybe I’m wrong but this group sure talked that way.

Anonymous said...

It seems, the BC Liberal reign of, corruption, and terror will never end.

Laila Yuile's site has an excellent article, of another cut Christy has done, while she thieves our tax dollars, for the asinine HST stick men ads.

Anonymous said...

Corruption spreads like the flu. They should invent a vaccine for the corrupt government in BC. If BC is the most corrupt Province in Canada, I wonder what the most corrupt Municipality in BC is?

Grant G said...

That answer is easy...Vancouver...

Gregor Robertson and the NPA and others..

There is a silent pact to keep quiet about the athletes village..

That boondoggle cost Vancouver $300 million dollars minimum..

I don`t blame Gregor..But all those Bozos pretend the Athletes village cost Vancouver $50 million..

They decided to not include, the emergency legislature in Victoria, all the audits, liens, lawyers, the oversight, and they placed Zero value on the land when there were two other builders and athlete village bidders with $180 million cash(in hand) for the land...

It`s one of those everyone is guilty wink nod fool the public we all come out ahead.

Anonymous said...

The most corrupt Municipality in BC must be the Village of Queen Charlotte on Haida Gwaii. There is nothing like being trapped on a remote Island with a lawless fascist dictatorship, which includes the local doctors and hospital administrator in collusion with the Municipality. They will threaten denied access to health care and refusal to arrange or else delay emergency medical transfer for the dissidents. There are no ER transfer policies or triage scale, so the docs can do as they please. The mayor will over ride the building code and permit catastrophic geotechnical hazards, allow people to build on easements etc. If you challenge them - they take away your job without due process, deny access to medical care and threaten you. It is like playing a game of survivor with a bunch of bullies who do not play by any rules. The community sent a petition to the Premier's Office citing conflict of interest and abuse of power the same day the story was in the local paper about the name change to Haida Gwaii. This location has to be the most corrupt locations in Canada with just a handful of people running roughshod over the rest. To see this lawless corruption move into front line health care with the support of a corrupt to the core Northern Health Authority - is as low as it gets. I truly hope there will be some criminal charges, since they just do not get it no matter what the evidence is. The mayor makes false claims to be a Registered Nurse with a BSc and then pushes the most unethical agenda using health care as an avenue for retaliation and oppression. The hospital is rife with bullying, abuse and cover ups. The Municipality and hospital are fear mongering with threat of lawless retaliation toward anyone who challenges them. They are the driving force behind multiple human rights violations. The people who live there are in peril as a result.