Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Christy Clark, Stuck in the 90`s Dinosaur!

It never stops hurting, these horrific scenes of nature being killed by oil, 4.5 million litres of oil, 28,000 barrels of heavy crude leaked from a pipeline into a wetland near little Buffalo, look at that picture, what good can these white-suited workers do now, wandering around looking at their poison pretending to be able to mitigate damages, this little story garnered no air play during the last Federal election, the spill happened on Friday before the Monday Federal election....

Jason Kenney Alberta Conservative MP has been promoting pipelines including the Enbridge pipeline which would bring not only pipelines to British Columbia but also oil tankers on our dangerous northern coast, the pipeline disaster that took place last week was but a slight drop in pipeline pressure and in a blink of an eyes 28,000 barrels of poison are puked into the wetlands, ducks, beavers and moose have been killed by the oil, the same company puked 8,700 barrels of oil into Stave lake in 2006, could you imagine an oil spill in BC...

Not a spill into a slow moving wetland but a spill into the fast moving headwaters of our salmon bearing rivers, by the time anyone shut down the spill hundreds of miles of pristine salmon rivers and fresh water would be gone forever, what can Jason Kenney do now, the damage is done, people are getting sick and dinosaurs like Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney could care less, in fact you can add the name Christy Clark to the list of pipeline promoters....

 How many more species are we going to eliminate, how many more scenes of environmental destruction must we endure, Christy Clark is not only in favour of the destruction of Fish lake and turning it into a toxic tailing pond Clark is also in favour of the Enbridge pipeline and it amazes me, Christy is running in Point Grey, the long time home of David Suzuki, a group of self-proclaimed well educated green urbanites who election after election mark an X beside the candidate hell bent on destroying nature....And what about David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman, I recall those two corporate green frauds campaigning against the NDP over the useless carbon tax but as for gas flaring, prosperity mine and the hideous Enbridge pipeline and a wanna-be premier who is actively promoting these projects they have gone into a deafening silence....

The Enbridge pipeline would have to cross not a few rivers but hundreds of rivers, hundreds of different environments, mountains, snowfalls, avalanches, earthquakes, terrorism, oil tankers, the Exxon Valdez spill still lingers today, $ billions of dollars in unpaid fines still languish in the courts, Exxon oil remains in the rocks and is detectable in the animal life, the Valdez was a tiny oil spill in a calm channel, the waters outside Kitimat are known as the Grave yard of the Pacific, hurricane force winds come up many times per year and seas of 13 meters plus are not rare, it`s a recipe for disaster, it`s not a question of if but when the disaster happens.....

I wrote this story about the lingering Exxon Valdez, how they still battle in court today, how the oil companies have lawyers on permanent retainer and they litigate litigate litigate until you die and through both time and the value of the dollar the penalty or fines shrink away too nothing..

It angers me that we pay carbon taxes while big oil poisons and kills, it really angers me that school money is siphoned off and given to Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark`s friends at Pacific Carbon Trust, can you imagine, every school district is forced to pay Encana gas and Lafarge concrete money for new equipment, these highly profitable companies are taking from the education budget for their bottom line, the new Cabin gas plant will be adding 3% to BC`s total greenhouse gas emissions, one project, one profitable private company adds more emission in one fell swoop than all the reductions by everyone combined and they pay nothing but little old you and I have to pay.....Even the Federal Conservatives during the last election said it point blank, if you charge industry a carbon tax they will pass it on, the fear mongering about higher gas prices......

Christy Clark wants to triple our coal exports to China, no carbon tax, Jason Kenney, Christy Clark and Stephen Harper want to risk our coastline for what, so Encana can increase their profits, we can`t drink oil...The Enbridge Kalamazoo oil disaster.....The Gulf oil spill, now it`s reported that clean-up workers and local residents are getting sick, levels of Benzine and other toxins at levels 35 times the normal.......And if you haven`t heard British Petroleum has gone to court to fight their penalties, they owe $billions in fines but BP is attempting to reduce the fines to but a few $million dollars, the court battle will last decades, British Petroleum has now gone into litigation mode and silenced the environmentalists in what can only be called a sophisticated Goebells type carpet bombing of economic spin...In fact very few in-depth articles about the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill have been written, yes it`s early on but the long-term signs are scary and the long term species loss is staggering, the best article written that pulls no punches was written by no other than AlJazeera news.....This article is a 5***** read, it will make you sad and angry...

Hell, British Petroleum is still fighting their 2006 oil spill in Prudeau bay, the BP owned pipeline puked oil for 5 days before anyone even noticed......Whether it is Enbridge, Exxon Mobile or British Petroleum, they can`t prevent leaks, spills and disasters, they will continue to eliminate animal, fish and plant species, they will never stop destroying watersheds and making people sick with their poison....Have a look at this chart and you will see these accidents happen everywhere and the majority of the causes are human error and that can never be eliminated, the Exxon Valdez was a tiny oil spill, a fraction of the size of the big oil spills, if a super tanker breaks up on the north coast we will lose our salmon and the Orca, the Orca will vanish from earth forever, how can anyone risk what they don`t own and can never replace, how can anyone vote for Christy Clark who promotes coal exports, oil pipelines and super tankers, how can David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman remain so silent, how can Point Grey voters look themselves in the mirror for endorsing planet killers.

The day is coming, an army of British Columbian residents armed with rifles, firebombs, and technology standing up defending the land against the assault from corporations and their own Governments, blood will run, I vow to all of you that the Enbridge pipeline will be a battle to the death, the people of Point Grey could start by sending Christy Clark a message but I suspect they will bend over and ask for another lashing!......

P.S......Doug Pyper reminded me that........We don`t know what we had until it`s gone!

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Anonymous said...

Like most canadian,s I'll take the abuse than let the socialist take control I remember the 90,s.

Anonymous said...

I remember the 90's. Property values were rising. Provincial debt was half of what we have now. (Approaching 60 billion by 2013.) Real jobs, not McJobs. Substantially lower taxes all around. We owned our own resources. Gas was not carbon taxed to death. Ferries were made in Canada and fuel effecient. B.C. Rail was part of B.C. without Basi/Virk corruption scandal and 6 million dollar lawyer bailout. Kash Heed was just a bad cop. No mla's were convicted of being drunk. Restaurants were opening up left and right. If I remember correctly, tax on restaurant food was less, and at one time non existent. No HST. Lower MSP payments. Auto fuel was less than 60 cents per litre. Teachers were not the enemy. Roads were in pretty good shape. No tolls in the Lower Mainland. Affordable parking everywhere. Should I continue?
I made a shitload of money in the nineties and retired a millionaire. Good luck doing that in the 21st Century, loser.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were abused as a child. Get help!

Anonymous said...

What is going on in this country I believe Harper said, started back in 1945.

Harper was bad enough with a minority. With his majority, kiss Canada good-bye.

Enbridge pipeline will be forced. The dirty Chinese oil tankers will happen.

There will be gas and oil wells, drilled off BC's coast.

Christy is stopping pesticides being used on, lawns and gardens, however, dumping toxic mine waste into Fish Lake, is totally acceptable to her. Besides which, Harper had left the back door open, for the Prosperity Mine expansion. It can be reapplied for.

Campbell destroyed BC, to fit in with Harper's agenda. None of our assets and resources, Campbell thieved and sold, have given the BC people, not one penny of relief. Nor, will we ever benefit from BC's vast resources.

Is anon 2:20 Gordon Campbell? Sure sounds like him.

Doug Pyper said...

Of the above two comments I'd have to say it's fairly easy to recognize which one has real intelligence and has done his homework. It's a shame that comments can be Anonymous...since uneducated morons don't have to disclose their indentity. I challenge the mindless commenter who couldn't spell Canada with a capital "C' to comment again and disclose his indentity.

I've always believed if something is worth saying, it's something worth signing.

I challenge ALL those who comment anonymously. Where's your balls???

Doug Pyper

istvan said...

We hear you Doug.

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell, Michael Campbell, Harper, Gynn Morgan are all sociopaths. They lack empathy and remorse. I remember hearing Michael Campbell on CKNW ranting that dioxin was benign. Crusty sees no difference between oil tankers on the St Lawrence and the BC Coast. Harper is a supporter of GMO's and Gordo ruined the best Hydro Co on the planet. Morgan is a right wing Christian, Fraser Institute wack job and Crusties campaign manager. Yet, the mainstream press kooks present these mental cases as the only alternative. They should all looked up in the psych ward for there crimes against humanity.

kootcoot said...

"Clark is also in favour of the Enbridge pipeline and it amazes me,"

This shouldn't be too surprising as one of Cluck Clucks closest advisors happens to be the CEO of Encana - Gwynn somebody or other. What a coinky dinky!

Doug Pyper said...

Hey Koot,

You've said it all in few words. If the smiling puppet Christy Clark heads up the government after the next provincial election I give up ...on Canadians and British Columbians(and our hope to save the environment from the likes of Encana's Gwyn Morgan and others).

If we all don't turn off their TV's at Evening News(propagnada)time and stop reading the corporate News Feed (i.e. mainstream media..Vancouver Sun et al) it's a hopeless situation.


I hear the echo of the Joni Mitchell song "guess ya don't know what you've got till it's gone"...freedom, democracy and our environment(aka global environment)....Stephen Harper style.

It's a sad time in this country. I travel a lot internationally. I used to be proud to be a Canadian and felt respected in other countries I visited. It's no longer so.

We are now being painted with the same brush as the USA..with our own personal George Bush...Prime Minister(strong stable majority fascism)Harper.

It's a sad time for Canada..and the world.

It's time to educate and unite.


Anonymous said...

Please don't start posting the creeps. I can go to the cbc/globe/tyee... forums to read the paid posts. It is really refreshing not to see them here.

Evil Eye said...

Why do we claim that the 90's were bad? Certainly the commodity markets were flat, other than that, business was good.

I operated a store in Vancouver from '84 to 2005 and I can say that the 1990's were very good. We had good flows of international tourists, who actually spent money, unlike the Chinese tourists of today from mainland China who make the word "frugal" look extravagant.

9-11 killed off the tourist trade and the City of Vancouver is a city one drives through, rather than stop.

It is an illusion that the 90's were bad, supported by the likes of Bill Boring, Baldrey the rat, Palmer the lick-spittle and bullshit Bula.

We now live in the age of the government enriched, where friends of the government are given dollops of taxpayers money to build mega projects so the bought-off mainstream media can write fawning stories about how good the economy is.

Bring back the bad old 90's, I want to make money again!

Anonymous said...

Kevin O'Leary of 'greed is good and I love money', said that BP lawsuits were the way to go. It is the best tactic money can buy keeping the whole mess up in the courts for ten years. See? That is the thinking of the greedy captains of finance. Oil spills are not to be cleaned up, but to be argued over for years to come and by then it won't seem as bad and they can hopefully get out of any monetary obligations.

Only 15% of spilled oil is on average ever cleaned up.

kootcoot said...

"It's time to educate and unite.

Or if that continues to work as well as it has been, in other words - not at all, we may have to exercise our democratic rights like Egyptians, Syrians etc. or resort to what I like to call Latin American Democracy, otherwise known as One Bullet = One Vote!

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons for remaining anonymous.

The possession of "balls" has very little to do with it in my case.

My voice would be silenced if it where not for this profile.

I would no sooner cast my vote openly, in front of strangers, than express my opinion in a format which does not offer the option to comment freely and anonymously.

The life-blood of polling companies relies for the most part, on the opinions of those who remain anonymous.

If these opinions from a faceless selection of citizens had no merit or interest why would the media and political parties drop big money on them?

Respectfully, I suggest to those that find no credence in the expressions and opinions of those who prefer to remain anonymous to please scroll down to comments that are signed.

Doug Pyper said...

With regard to Enbridge Pipeline and oil tanker traffic on our pristine coastline....

I will be travelling to Kitimat and Hartley Bay to photograph the people and culture of the Great Bear Rainforest..those most directly affected by the proposed project. (in early June)

jaydee said...

Excellent post Grant.

I predict Cluck Cluck will win the VPG byelection by a healthy margin.

With a corrupt Elections B.C. and the corrupt B.C. Liberals 'in charge' I believe the election will be rigged. Likewise for the federal election, I believe Harper has control over Elections Canada also, so again a rigged election.

I do not believe that Russ Hated Hiebert won with 14,000+ votes, Susan Keeping with 8,000+ votes and Hardy Staub with only 2,000+. The voters down here are not all old gray hairs any more, many, many younger people and families have moved here in the past several years, the ones who cannot afford to buy in Vancouver. So the oldsters' Con vote would not pull as many votes like in the years past. The people have been sending letters to the editor for several years, all against Flyin' Russ.

Like any dictatorship elections, if held, are always rigged.

The HST useless referendum will be rigged as will the next provincial election.

BC Mary said...

First of all ... condolences today March 12 to everybody in BC. Everybody. Where do these LINO people keep coming from?

But then I began to think how much strength is also showing in recent events including the Point Grey by-election. Christy Clark isn't fooling anybody, it seems. It's almost OK to speak favourably of Jack Layton these days. It's almost OK to say that we voted NDP (I didn't; in this locality I voted Liberal hoping it would help knock Harper off his perch). Although admittedly it's not OK yet for people to say that they're socialists (seeking to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number.

How do they do it: take over people's minds and put a whole new program in place? It never worked for me ... beginning at age 5 when I was sent to Sunday School to show respect for the retired old missionary who had come to live among us, having spent her life in public service; she told the story of the parting of the Red Sea. Like hell, I thought. Har de har, I thought. Age 5, I was.

However ... on May 11, 2011,

it seemed to me that there's good strength arising from recent debacles. Eby took an awful shellacking from the media and came through it convincingly. Vaughn Palmer, this morning, isn't entirely capable of holding up the LINO fig leaf any longer. And more ...

This might be a prime time to get back into the contest. Looks to me as if the truth is beginning to show.

As for Christy's sudden spurt at the very end of the Pt Grey vote-count, what is it that SPECTRE1 keeps saying? Oh yes: They only cheat when they can't win.

cherylb said...

It kills me to remember how vindictive the greenies were towards the NDP and logging practises in the 90's. At least the forest industry provided good jobs and trees grow back in a few years. Where are those outraged voices now with the Tories and the Libs? The things that have been done in the past 10 years, and that are being done today, what with mining and the oil sands, far outweigh any damage the forest industry inflicted on this province in over 100 years! Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

BC Mary said...

About the "Anonymous" thing ... I wish people would simply pick their own unique USER NAME so that (on my blog) I can tell if I'm talking to the same person 6 times, or 6 different people.

I don't need to know exactly who each commenter is ... but I do appreciate being able to acknowledge a pleasant relationship with someone who writes to my blog.

One example: Someone I know only as "E.M." sends me wonderful items which add a lot of useful information. After a while, I enjoy feeling like I know E.M., even if I don't know who they are.

The thing is: it makes a difference: a warmer, more human difference, whereas "Anonymous" often feels like a door is being slammed in my face.

But "Anonymous" remains faceless and uninteresting.