Saturday, January 15, 2011

I want my MTV

Now look at them yo-yo`s that`s the way you do it, you play the geetar on the MTV, that ain`t working, that`s the way you do it, money for nothin` chicks for free....

Well, bit by bit the system sanitizes us, don`t drink, don`t speak, don`t dare touch and now, and now big brother wants you to close your ears, twenty five plus years after a song soared to number 1 on the hit charts we are now being told we can`t listen to it, or more precisely Canadian radio stations can`t play the Dire Straits song "Money for Nothing"

 I shoulda learned to play the geetar, I shoulda leaned to play them drums, look at that mama, she got it stickin` in the camera, man we could have some fun, and he`s up there, what`s that? Hawaiian noises, Bangin` on the bongoes like a chimpanzee, that ain`t workin`, that`s the way you do it, you play the geetar on the MTV...

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC)...Red tape run amok, for those that don`t know what the CBSC does, or what their supposed to do....What they are is a so-called independent body where one can take and or file complaints against TV or radio broadcasters regarding something they have broadcast, complaints can range from inaccuracy, to racism, to hate speech even lies can be reported, we here at the Straight Goods are well aware of the range the CBSC gives or doesn`t give, for example, news broadcasts must be accurate, the bar is set higher for formal programs, yet with say radio opinion show hosts, like say Christy Clark or Bill Good,  they can lie with almost a blanket immunity, as far as the CBSC you can`t prove a radio host was deliberately lying or just plain old stupid, in the case of Chrity Clark she merely had to retract and the CBSC considered the case resolved, but with music....A 25 year old song with lyrics that could be interpreted any number of ways......There was one person in eastern Canada who complained over the F word, no, not that f word this one....

Faggot......What bothers me is some useless regulatory body, in this case the CBSC has decided that they will now let me know what is and isn`t offensive, one person, why did the CBSC allow this ruling, why are the rights of the one individual above the rights of the many....It reminds me of the Craig James story(Election`s BC ) ...Craig James by himself decided to change the Oxford dictionary meaning of what a "Acronym" is...One person,....Why didn`t the CBSC deny the plaintiff the ruling, the logical answer the CBSC should have given the complainer was....

Look to the dictionary......

Instead of shoeing the nut away the CBSC lowered the standard and stripped another part of freedom from us, ...I know from movies and television that in England a FAG is another name for a cigarette, can I still say cigarette, certainly the CBSC could have used the dictionary as a defense.....

It`s a nothing story and I wasn`t going to write about it but then, but then I got to thinking about the bigger picture, instead of the CBSC even attempting to fight for free speech and fairness they without a moment`s hesitation decided to cede to the nut case and take another strip of democracy from us....Think about it, Christy Clark and Bill Good, Balderdash and Palmer can lie their face off in the form of mis-information and made up history and even when challenged all they have to do is act stupid and claim ignorance, and believe me, they have been claiming ignorance everyday......

The point I am getting at is why even have a CBSC, they are useless in stopping Christy Clark and Bill Good from lying on the radio....That is where the public is harmed, the lies for political purposes, the propaganda from the Vancouver Sun and Global news, the bias reporting and if one complains they claim ignorance and the issue is gone yet when some crazy music hater makes a frivolous complaint the CBSC takes away our past memories with a stroke of a pen rather than taking the fight to the complainer because believe me folks this is an open and shut slam dunk case that the CBSC couldn`t lose.....So instead of fighting for Canadian rights they took the cheap way out and caved in!

OK, you think the word FAG is not the same as "FAGGOT"...You would be correct, recently down in the USA re-prints of Mark Twain`s novels have been purging the word "Nigger" and replaced it with the word "Slave"...Again folks, who is trying to change history, Mark Twain used the word nigger in the same context that the people of that time in history used the word, and furthermore, I personally would rather be called a nigger than a slave, who decides this garbage, who wants to sanitize not only who we are but how we got here.

"See the little Faggot with the earring and the make-up, yeah buddy that`s his own hair, that little faggot got his own jet airplane, that little faggot he`s a millionaire"

You see friends there are many meaning of words, every year new words are added to the list, here`s a word you people might not be familiar with...The word describes an English Meatball, remember Archie Bunker, the All in the Family show, remember what Archie Bunker called his son-in-law, I do....He called him..."Meathead".....

Let`s change some lyrics...."See the little meathead with the earring and the make-up, yeah buddy that`s his own hair, that little meathead got his own jet airplane, that little meathead is a millionaire"

Because friends, the truth be known, I love potatoes, peas and Faggots for dinner, that`s the name of the above pictured dinner, the Oxford dictionary also uses as a definition of the word Faggot as...and I quote..

"An English meatball"
Faggot is a very old word in English, deriving through the French fagot from the Latin facus, meaning a bundle.
  • A faggot is a bundle of sticks or branches, usually bound together. It is most commonly used in reference to wood intended for use as firewood.
  • In metallurgy, faggot refers to a bundle of iron pieces destined to be worked into bars by hammering or rolling at a high enough temperature to fuse them together.
  • A faggot is a type of food eaten mainly in the United Kingdom
The simplist of fights put up by the CBSC could have preserved a little integrity but no, they folded like a cheap suit when a first year lawyer could have have won, no one individual can define the meaning or intent of a word, not the complainant who filed his grievance to the CBSC or Craig James who makes up rules and word meaning`s on the fly.

We have headed down a slippery slope and I don`t like it!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

It sure seems that CBSC and theBC Liberal party supporters don't kniow their own language properly. It shows just how petty and stupid some people canb e and actually are.

Craig James is nothing more than a pompous ar**hole who keeps his brains in the crotch of his trousers.

Gotta agree with what you have said Grant.

We can deal with James publicly, when the government changes - he will be so upset his ego will have a job handling the shit that gets thrown at him - and justly deserved too.


Anonymous said...

I think the kids these days would use "douche bag"... it has two syllables.

Changing Huck Fin of the N word is the same. Life happens in a context. Hatred is part of our history, cleansing our history of the evidence of our darker selves serves no one.

istvan said...

How about (the Sultans Of Swing) 'swing 'could be a problem .I mean this album cut is rarely played any how.Give us a break CBSC! Go after the clucker.

Anonymous said...

Craig James is a very foolish person. Does he think, Campbell won't cut his throat, as he cut Basi, Virks, Neufeld and Johnson's. He would, in a New York minute, to save his own skin. He has used the F-bomb words at his ministers. He is so full of, hate, spite, malice and so vindictive, his sanity is highly suspect. He needs to go to an anger management clinic. He is so vindictive, it is said, the ministers won't cross him, we already know how he has treated others, who have opposed him. His rage and foul temper is, right out of line. But, typical of all cowards, he gets everyone else to do his dirty work for him. Campbell, is all about, behind your back sort of a person. He is all about, dirty tactics. He lied twice to be re-elected. Not even that is beneath his dignity. Good, decent people, just don't cheat to win. Because, to any person with honor, that is no win at all. However, someone like Campbell, is proud of, his lies, deceit and cheating to win. There lies the sickness.

jaydee said...


This is a far cry from a nothing thing. After I heard it on CTV I have sat myself down so many times to comment here but it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Censoring something that is not bad at all is exactly what the Harper/Campbell governments intend to show us, that they can do anything they want to whoever they want. I don't believe that there was 'one' person who complained...they don't 'need' one person. We must not forget we are living in China with the governments already in complete control of our lives, and I don't say that lightly.

When Tamara Taggart (her dad was a good friend of mine and I believe she is a sweet, nice person, not like the rest of the media) read about 'that bad song' it was obvious to me that she didn't like what she had to say, having had to act out of character. She was only barely allowed to spit a few words out about that 'bad, bad song' and CTV played barely 3 notes of it, 'it's just that bad'.

The irony of it all is that her husband is Dave Genn and his band is 54-40. That kinda says it all about how upset she and her husband would be too, in my opinion. I would say neither one of them would agree with 'censorship' of a song. It's just a good thing they have a very loving, strong relationship that can't be that easily destroyed. Compare this song to the filth and crap that get's played to young (and all) today and all the filth and gore on TV. This is purposely 'allowed' to further desensitize us.

I worry even about commenters on these blogs and especially people like you, Laila, Kootcoot, Gary E, etc. Big bro could put any one of us in the poor house in a blink and there is nothing, absolutely nothing we could do about it. Lawlessness and corruption rules.

I also feel when they start stuff like this song it is meant for us to spend way too much time on silly details and detract us from the bigger picture, bait and switch.

It is indeed a scary world we live in.

Thanks for all you do Grant,


jaydee said...


NONE of these players are fools, they know e-x-a-c-t-l-y what they are doing in my opinion and the rewards are huge. Sick? Yup.

jaydee said...


If you think it is in my best interests to not post my comment then I appreciate that. I have considerable to lose.

I will post again when my stomach settles down and my hands stop shaking, about that tacky blogger and what I think/believe he is up to.


jaydee said...

....and dangerous? Yup.

Anonymous said...

Don't take Harper's preaching of global governance lightly either. Campbell's invite to the Bilderberg group, was for specific reasons. Campbell is the perfect person, for their evil agenda. If what Jesse Ventura says is true about the Bilderberg group. We are indeed, living in evil times. I first thought, this is too far fetched to be true. However, when you connect the dots, with the terrible things going on, it is starting to fit. The U.S.A. and Canada, are falling in line. The American people say, there was not one reason for this recession. They said, they caught on long before, we complacent Canadians did. Well, I am getting old. I hope I die before something like this does happen. However, I do worry about my boys and my grandchildren. What kind of hell, will they live in? Sick world, indeed!!!

Elwood said...

Grant, I thought that I may interject some humour here! Remember Keith Baldreydash of the infamous "Cutting Edge of the Ledge" fame - with Bill "Bad"?

Well, here's a pic of Keith wearing a sporting "70 t-shirt" and long hair, when he was around a 14-year old goof along with his dad.

Baldreydash's sister, Debra, posted the pic on her Facebook page. And then Baldreydash posted a comment thereto:

"Thanks, Actually, people have suggested I look more like Andy Gibb of the Bee Gees."

ROFLMAO - "Andy Gibb of the Bee Gees"!

Post the following link (pic) into your web browser for a good laugh! We certainly all need one these days! LOL



jaydee said...

Anon 8:28 pm,

Campbell is a small, evil vehicle in this, his invite was actually addressed to...Prime Minister...Gordon Campbell, he is Harpers's/Canada's Bilderberg rep. The dots connect very well for me.

Another good watch of JV's is his go see, green theory research being that human beings have no effect on global warming, it is the sun which controls it. In the 70's it was global cooling, now it is global warming. Scientific reports which state this, contrary to the beliefs we are having stuffed down our throats, are having their facts deleted from their research. The Al Gore's are getting very rich off this (he is very heavily invested in all things green) and so are all the very rich. Telling us to go/buy green will make them trillions of our dollars to accomplish nothing else. I believe the scientists. Mother Nature rules!

Another good watch, his theory and go see research about the underground bunkers being built in the U.S. to protect only the very rich, if and when the Mayan theory plays out in 2012, when they say the sun will implode *to burn inward*. Keiwit of the Golden Ears Bridge fame, etc. and a favorite of Campbell's/Harper's is one of the builders.

Ventura's show is on tonite at 10 pm here on OLN, channel 49, and channels 20 in Delta/Coast and Shaw Island 24. It's usually a repeat from the prior Friday which I could not watch so I don't know what the topic is.

The American's are correct, all recessions are made and created and well planned out by the governments and the very rich. Rothschild, for example, 95 years old and truly evil is worth $500 TRILLION which is half of all the wealth on this planet and control of everything. Haiti left without even cholera meds, all trees chopped down just to survive nothing left standing to save them from flooding and starvation, Burma, etc.,etc.,......all very purposely left to rot which need not be if it weren't for the very rich and greedy hoarding their wealth. Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is. We haven't seen anything in Canada yet, the worst is yet to come, the low interest rate when they decide to raise it will cause the same crash as it did there and all else U.S. will follow. Harper has it all perfectly planned.

At the sake of sounding really over the top I also think WikiLeaks is essential reading if he hasn't already been silenced.

jaydee said...


Congratulations on your membership sign-ups, too bad Moe the Foe stabbed the NDP in the heart again, closing down new member sign-ups, as of tomorrow I believe. A full 3 months before their hopefully not rigged leadership vote and unlike the B.C. Liberal gang, signing teenagers and all, right up to the last day prior to their Feb. 'leadership' rat race. MOE MUST GO AND GO NOW. He is I believe the rat in the camp.
Go Horgan Go!

jaydee said...

Me, tea, TV and JV at 10!

Don F. said...

This post has certainly brought forth some emotion. It really is absurd that someone can sensor a song some 25 years later and tell us like we are a bunch of small children that we can no longer listen to it. That just plain makes me angry! There is a lot of anger in the respnses here and rightfully so.
I watched the fifth estate today about some guy in the USA that has a wife and family and in his spare time this guy poses as a female nurse on suicide sites on the internet where he talks kids into suicide and using a webcam so he can watch, there is a woman in England who took notice years ago and even has his address but authorities ignore her and say they don't have enough to go on and present a case, yet they somehow can zone in on a 25 year old song ban it? I am more so everyday embarrassed to say I belong amongst a society so warped.You have certainly hit some nerves with this one.
Thanks Grant

Grant G said...

Yea Don...Make noise over a word, re-write history, yet we can`t keep (hear me well Jim Taylor) toxic cat food, lead paint, poisonous milk or cardboard pork buns from entering our stores via the Orient express...

Real crimes, the pretend nurse who gets his rocks off by pretending to be a young girl wanting to make suicide pacts with troubled teens over the net...Real crimes get ignored and Canada is a sell out nation that can`t make cat food or coffee cups...

Real crimes like stealing a railway..."Money ain`t for nothing"

I`ll keep banging on the bongoes like a chimpanzee


jaydee said...

Don F. 10:23 pm

With all due respect, consider everything media corrupt, absolutely, public enemy #1.

I do not believe the fifth estate anymore than I believe any mainstream media. As I stated earlier here on Grant's blog that I would like to post my thoughts about 'that tacky blogger' who Grant is really onto. I believe he is a kingpin in the move to 'regulate' aka censor the internet in Canada. I believe that he only started his blog a mere one year ago...oh if only I had Grant's photographic memory...but alas, here goes anyway....

First, Grant could outdo him in any debate, hands down. He replies to some of his really outrageous posts, always like it is and factually. The KP responds with another one of his phantom facts and followers, Grant links him, his readership goes up, albeit temporarily, it doesn't take long for people to see him for what he is. Since Obama and I believe Harper, in step, have declared war (regulation is necessary 'because too many amateur bloggers are ranting on about too many government 'untruths') on the internet bloggers. Governments internationally Canada and U.S. are paying us a lot of attention first because of the HST success and they are running very, very scared. It is the only place people can get the 'straight goods'. The tacky blogger then baits Laila, who still had him listed on her fave blogs, unfairly and vicously attacks her, more readership follows her and thus reads the KP. He has attacked every credible (sic) blogger here, the most recent being Robin Mathews, Mathew replies, another outstanding blogger that he is, more readership and KP feeds all the people more garbage.

The move is on to censor the internet and I believe that KP was never a real blogger but he is a front for the governments, fakes a real hate-on for Campbell but still loves the rest of his tribe. All this 9 years after the destruction began.

Long story short, KP's blogs of late are sounding more and more like the PAB, the Libs and Harper ever day. I believe it always was PAB. Not to mention the Mayor Moonbeam crap which is not even readable. PAB gives themselves away with all their spelling errors ie. Mathews is spelled correctly only once in KP/PAB's BS and so on. They even refer to Robin Mathews as a female if I remember right.

The internet as we know it is on it's way out and yes, KP is the only one featured on TV and media, aside from Laila who has only been heard on a very small radio station, not heard by most except her very large blog followers....and yes tacky blogger will be allowed to carry on.

Let me assure you that we will hear millions more 'bad stuff about internet posters' to further render us completely voiceless.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Grant, I'm sure you know of which blog I refer to, please read it and re-read it, it's deadly stuff. 'A Classic Example of the Pen-Envy....."

EO&E! and IMO...

jaydee said...

Grant, In China everything is de-regulated.

jaydee said...

PS, If anybody wants to read the great Robin Mathews he posts at B.C. Mary's. KP conveniently neglects to mention the fact that there was a ban on all things B.C. Railgate 'trial', including barring Robins Mathews.

jaydee said...

That phantom blog about Brian G. is bogus and them and the B.C. Liberals actually use his 'signature' the straight goods because he is that good.

jaydee said...

Well, well, well you can imagine my shock when I just decided to check in on Mary's blog and Robin Mathews before going to bed. I was anxious to see if RM had replied yet to tacky blogger's 'A Classic Example....' and YES he has....a must read. Don F. is over there too....and Mary, even the south Asians are blogging about railgate.

Grant G said...

Well friends, I don`t know that I`m very good, passionate yes..

I can`t tell how much the support means to me..

Blogging, how did we get here?

It pains me so much when my opinion and stories upset my cyber friends...

Who`s mad at me? Who isn`t is the question..

Schrek..Reid, the Tyee, CKNW, PAB, Vancouver Sun and Province, Global.....

And a whole bunch of disgruntled NDPers, you know who you are...

Folks, you will have to trust me, or like my dad says...

"In for a penny in for a pound"

We are going to take power in this Province, we are going to have a public inquiry and John Horgan will make a great premier.

And as for you rattled pundits...

Welcome to the Straight Goods, the people`s blog.

"We will never surrender, whatever the cost may be"

Thanks for letting me narrate YOUR stories.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

kootcoot said...

What the CBSC doesn't "get" about the lyrics to Mark Knopler's song is that he isn't promoting any kind of anti-gay agenda. Indeed he is mocking that kind of talk by presenting a vignette of an overheard conversation - that's how dumb those who would censor are.

What is also classic in this is where are the heroes of the "tacky blogger" like Ezra "the wienie" Levant? I guess he and his ilk only defend free speech when it is actually genuine hate speech.

And Jean though I appreciate your concern re:

"I worry even about commenters on these blogs and especially people like you, Laila, Kootcoot, Gary E, etc. Big bro could put any one of us in the poor house in a blink and there is nothing, absolutely nothing we could do about it. Lawlessness and corruption rules."

Don't worry about me as I'm already in the poor house having more or less taken a voluntary vow of poverty and I refuse to worship materialism. As Kris Kristofferson said "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." I've always had the things I need and value. They can't take away what I do have, a big part of which is a really bad attitude!

Kim said...

Exactly Koot, Knopfler was poking fun at the ignorant homophobic. "That little faggot has his own jet airplane, that little faggot is a millionaire". This ruling is stupid. Especially given that it's perfectly acceptable to agressively advertise products to children that have an incredibley deletorius effect on children's health, both physical and mental. THAT is the perversion in this society.

Yeah Jean, I'm in the poorhouse too and I have nothing to lose. Except for one thing. My freedom, my voice. We have to watch this CRTC. They have been making lots of bad for the public policy decisions lately. One of the big ones is in charging large for broadband, who loses first? The poor. Who has time to really follow world affairs? The disabled, the retired and the underemployed. Who blogs about progressive politics the most? You got it.

Kim said...

Oh by the way,

John will be on CKNW with Sean Leslie at 4:30pm. Call in with your questions or to lend your voice to the overwhelming show of support that John has seen and heard over the past week! (604) 280-9898 or 1 (877) 399-9898 toll free. /sp

via facebook, if anyone wants to ask John a question.

Anonymous said...

Note, this ruling was not done by the CRTC, but the CBSC, which is fully independant as Grant wrote above. Not government run.

JIM TAYLOR (no ... not the famous one!) said...

Where have you been the last few decades? The unelected (judges, bureaucrats etc.) have been making decisions for years and as long as you agree with their choices, everyone keeps their mouth shout.
As soon as they make a decision you don't like ... that's a different story.

Grant G said...

Jim Taylor(Not the famous one, or the intelligent one)

What is your problem?

You come here to comment, try adding something besides SNARK!

Don F. said...

To Jim Taylor,[no... not the famous one]

It's the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results!
Perhaps this proves some of us are in fact sane and would like to see different results.
Perhaps this is the one that broke the camel's back because it is so absurdly ridiculous!
I'll tell you what really is a problem, Eric Borhnman applying to practice law and they even let him get so far as a hearing after being proven a briber of Government officials, now that would be worth bringing to everyone's attention!
I for one listened to that song for 25+ years and will continue to do so all the time without ever an anti gay sentiment. I have always just seen the humor in what Mr. Knopfler was pointing out, money for nothing and your chicks for free.
Let's please get our priorities straight or God help us.

Grant G said...

@Jim Taylor...I wasn`t trying to be nasty, from your comments you appear to be well versed in many topics, and I think that`s great...

However, you also appear to be angry at me for not fighting for the "Cause" over the last few decades, how do you know I haven`t?

The world of internet news, blogs, individual voices is relatively new, we`re growing in size and influence, get on board, add to the debate, help find a solution...

Let`s start fresh.